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Changes to the river spawning in regions.

#1 2019-12-25 21:19:28
Hey dear reader, as of 1.0.0 the river spawning for regions got changed so that adjacent cities actually fit together, which is great!
BUT(TšŸ™‚)! As I have seen it seems that the river spawning used for the regional map is the same as for the way smaller single city maps. That creates gigantic pieces on the regional map that are completly covered in Water/Lava/Ether and are completly useless as building space. Sure, the Lander creates a small batch of land when claiming a piece of the river, but that is not really helpful as it is barely enough to build a basic infrastructure.

TL;DR Change river spawning for regional maps by making it finer to not create Reverse-Pangea.šŸ¤
Edited by AgentC on 2019-12-25 21:19:45
#2 2019-12-30 15:29:22
Hey AgentC. I have an idea that I've already presented to bast to mitigate this. We should be able to eventually form the landscape to our liking, but it would cost a bunch of resources(such as millions of civics, money, and ore) and should be an expensive tech to research. Or, we could add an untradeable resource called land-fillers that are made in certain factories and cost many resources to make.

That's how it always is in these types of games. You don't come into a game thinking you're god in the first few minutes, you need to get your feet wet first and work your way up. Think about it, what earth-like planet doesn't have vast areas of seas and oceans? Sure, at first they get in the way and are an annoyance, but that doesn't mean we can't fill them in once we get the means to do so.
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