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Rover Pathfinding is decently "fricked"

#1 2019-07-03 21:35:08
So yeah, pathfinding seems to have been updated ot something, but it would seem that Rovers don't follow their regular "collect nearest accessible ressource" instead they collect the "nearest ressource in the neighborhood". Best part is, they don't look if it is accessible, so sometimes I end up with e.g. Extrem Ore Bugs trying to harvest Syntethic Crystalline that is behind other Synthetic Crystalline deposits, which, of course, is not possible. Mostly they just search for other options, which I observed some time and it sometimes takes over 50 searches to find them, but sometimes they get stubornly stuck and won't harvest anymore untill the path is cleared.
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#2 2019-07-08 03:41:18

Ive been hearing alot about this bug lately. I've also noticed it myself when building alot of buildings at once
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