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I can't create an empty NetHood folder because my pc says I already have one. I can't seem to find it or access it in any way, but I seem to have it.
3y ago
Bast can you please get back to me. I am trying every day to fix this issue, but I'm not that capable with computers to know what the problem is.

I have tried a clean installation of My Colony more than ten times now and I haven't been able to fix my problem. The screen is stuck at "Loading". I waited for hours to see if my PC is slow, but it won't go past the loading screen.

Please help me because I'm at my wit's end with this problem and I haven't played My Colony since v0.69
3y ago
Sorry... I've done everything I can with no luck

I've wiped clean all My Colony files from my computer and reinstalled a fresh 0.76 version. It won't go past the loading screen.

Until this issue is resolved, I won't be able to play My Colony :(
3y ago
bastecklein said:Is there anything about your home folder setup that isn't "standard"

Not that I know of. I will update to 0.76 and I'll let you know if that fixes anything.

Thanks for always replying to issues Bast.
3y ago

v0.75.0 1542026253292 fs.js: 143 Uncaught Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat 'C:\Users\CompleX999/NetHood'

What can I do to fix this?
3y ago
I downloaded the new update and when I start the game, it gets stuck on the loading screen.
I tried waiting a while, but after a complete hour its still not moving past loading.
I tried running as administrator, no luck.
I tried exiting Steam, because I thought it might interfere somehow, but still no luck.

Please Help!!!!
3y ago
My own adress. the one that is linked to my profile
3y ago
Yes I used the .amk file but I don't have it anymore. Did I make a mistake with deleting the file?
3y ago
I doesn't show the premium and I don't have ad-blocker

I am currently playing my Windows version and it has premium. My web version doesn't. I don't understand why?
3y ago
I bought premium a long time ago, but only my Windows version and my Android version have premium.

I logged in with the same account on Web but it says that I don't have premium.

Can anyone help me please?
3y ago
3y ago

As of tonight, I can't access my online saves anymore. I tried basically everything.
Also I can't start another online game no matter how much I try.

Help me Bastecklein, you're my only hope!
3y ago
As ever e great update, but I have noticed one thing for the last 3 updates now and it is still not fixed: The green bar on the windows version that shows the download status of the update, when its ready and I try to click it, nothing happens. I had to download the last 3 versions of the game from beginning because of this. I wrote about this but I think I was not heard. Anyways, it would be nice of you to fix this please.
3y ago
Bast can you check the 32bit download link please??? I am having problems downloading this update. 404 comes up every time I try clicking.
4y ago
Bast can u take a look at the embassy button on the 32bit windows version.
I have an embassy request from my friend, but the "handshake button" at the bottom right is not clickable at all.
Also when I try to send an embassy request I get stuck on the resource information window. I cant click send only cancel.
4y ago
bastecklein said:Moving on, I have released a 32bit build for My Colony native client on Windows 7/8/10, which you can download on the Ape Market website here: .

As soon as I get my paycheck, I'm paying for this game.
You kept your promise and I'll keep mine

Thanks Bast for this making this game and updating it as much as you can.
4y ago
colbya said: Guess that leaves out 10 or 20 k players who still have 32 bit pcs

I feel ya bro. If a 32bit desktop version comes out, I will buy the premium immediately. That's a promise
4y ago
bastecklein said:I didn't think it was possible, but I just did a bit of research and I think it might be. I will look into it.

Thanks for the reply. It would mean the world to me (and possibly many other "Colonists") if you could come up with a 32bit version.
I have been playing My Colony for more than a year now and I think that is the only drawback. Otherwise, the whole game is amazing and genius, and that you my friend deserve some kind of medal or maybe a statue that we can built in-game for you.
4y ago
Some of us still have an ancient PC and don't actually have a 64bit Windows.
Can a 32 bit version be released or is it too much hassle to even try (I'm not a developer so I have no idea how hard or easy might this be)?
4y ago
The idea is that the particle accelerator will "create" any resource you like (you can set it on a specific resource) but will use an ungodly amount of power and workers to maintain it. It will only be available on very late stage of the game, will produce research as a byproduct and it will allow for MAYBE another resource to be spawned: Antimatter.
Will be available for humans only.

Antimatter would serve a single purpose: Power generation.
It will be used same as Helium 3 is used on the Alien Power Tower but it would produce much much more power.

As for the Particle Accelerator to be built you would need:
10 x 10 space
100,000 power (or even higher)
2000 workers
150000000 money
2000000 ore
1500000 steel
1500000 gold
1000000 aluminum (yeah that's right)
1000000 microchips
200000 robots
100000 antanium
50000 triantanium
50000 alien artifact
and 1 million civics to ensure that you are indeed a mighty civilization that can handle such technology

Production would maybe be in 1000 per round, but the speed of the round would depend on the resource itself (ex. fastest would be water or food and slowest would be alien artifact or triantanium)
4y ago


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