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You also can't close a regional metro that has been set to open.
4y ago
Yeah, I had. Now it's up though.
4y ago
What is your stance on people making content mods?

I think I may have figured out, or part of how to do it (thanks to Notepad++ and some poking around with it) but I'd like to ask just in case anyways. Unsure if I'll do anything with this info, but someone may. I imagine the stance is "If it works, I'm fine with it" but I'd like to ask anyways

From what I can tell, the game is based on or made using Javascript (in that it uses .js files) and they can specifically be found in AppData\Roaming\Ape Apps Launcher\apps\My Colony\appdata\ .
The files in question, from what I can tell, are only script.js, and game.js.

Some parts seem to be unused if you look at the game while doing some looking at the text of either one.

However, I've got no idea of how one would go about loading content mods outside of just adding those parts to the end of game.js itself, and swapping versions of it. Perhaps one day there may be the ability to add a .js file's contents in the game itself, even allowing Steam Workshop support too.
4y ago
For some reason I'm unable to access multiplayer regions, were they turned off for some kind of update or maintenance?
I was working on my Mars reptilian colony and tried importing Rum, when it said "no contracts are available" and when I left to the region map, it spat me out to the main menu stating my game had to be connected to the internet in order to access online content.

I can't even access my Region colonies which are online.
4y ago
Also, all things ignored entirely...

Premium is not a scam, it's an option one can use to support the developer to make sure he can still keep developing My Colony, and also to let him know possibly where the interest is in his games, despite having a few now.

As someone who enjoys My Colony genuinely, I had no problem essentially getting Premium twice, once for Android, once for Desktop, and then buying it on Steam.

Not to mention, I'm also working on a mod for it. Slowly, but surely.

You don't have to get Premium, in fact, it's entirely unneeded to reaching the end game as any faction (tho the reptilians could use a non-premium patrician's den). And, while you do get some perks for it, it's not a scam. The only platforms that have ever had you "buy one game, get it on all others" is any game on GoG which has the library transferral permission toggled, bought on a supported other platform, and that's about it.

Tho Knucklecracker DID do that with the Creeper World series, those who bought a non-DRM copy of any of the games could recieve it freely on Steam if they politely wrote Virgil about it.
4y ago
So, I've found that vehicles and rovers are often refusing to move onto the outermost border of the map as if it doesn't exist. At the same time, those outer borders pop in and out of visible existence very regularly.
Other times, they will just get stuck and basically are completely unable to move from where they are, despite having current commands to move, harvest, or build.

Also I've notice that, while colonists have reasons for not staffing a building at all, reasons beyond IQ requirements and not fitting those requirements, the reasons are completely unclear.

But even then... With thousands of colonists, the game still has problems with staffing buildings properly or at all.

Restarting the game or reloading the save, does help with this, but the worker/vehicle problems will often persist despite reloading the game multiple times. Only thing that works most often in fixing builder problems, is killing them and making more, which isn't a great solution.
5y ago
I used a Fire Drill a while back in my Zolarg colony, and about 10-15% of my population aren't being used at all for manning buildings, while some buildings are empty, and others aren't filled completely.

I used Fire Drill 10+ in-game hours ago, if it takes a while, it shouldn't take THIS long. An in-game hour at absolute maximum, anything more is too much.
6y ago
I feel it would be nice for the Zolarg faction to have a worker type so then we can remove Diamond deposits on worlds the Zolarg can live on, which generate with those deposits.

I feel bad when it comes to removing the deposits, they're just a nuisance, you know? Yet they could be worth some decent money, or at least worth sending to another colony as a gift of some kind.

Same for Uranium, again, even if just to remove them without wasting resources. If the Zolarg won't ever have a use for diamonds or uranium, could make the worker for either one as some kind of "cleaner" sort of worker. One devoted to clearing land being used by "useless resources"

Then again, that's probly coming in future content updates, who knows right?
6y ago
Yeah, I actually am also playing an Ice World Zolarg colony, and I have synthetic Crystalline that takes up roughly a quarter of the colony.

It's now growing so fast, i literally cannot outpace it's spread rate. xD

I absolutely love it.
6y ago

Just a funny thing I woke up to.

I leave my Colony open before my colonies get to the point where they can basically spam buildings due to mass production of every resource possible, I typically play below medium because my computer can't really handle it.

Woke up to find a threat almost as bad as Lava, Sugarcane is everywhere with my lumberbugs continually trying to harvest wood elsewhere to no avail.

Absolutely hilarious.
6y ago
Just wanted to bring this up incase Bast forgot, or maybe has as a different idea to implement later, buuuuut...

United Earth cannot build Tundra Rovers, the only human builder capable of building Synthetic Crystalline Deposits.

Or the flaw is the fact United Earth can even research the tech to allow Synthetic Crystalline to begin with.

To be totally honest, I wouldn't mind if the tech was moved FAR up the tech tree near Next-Gen energy generators, and to have United Earth build structures that can fabricate Crystalline, though at a somewhat slow rate, versus say... an equivalent building for the Zolarg, Reptilians, and/or LIS, while on a planet Crystalline is native to.
6y ago
Prepare for a wall of text, throwing this to see what sticks, what doesn't.
As usual, the cost, speed, and other stats of suggested things can be and are up to the developer.

Bold names are whole Ideas, with underlined Names being each part of that idea if it has more than one.

More Reptilian Probes
The Reptilians, I feel, should eventually just move from slave labor to a mechanized workforce.
As a result, I'd like to suggest more types of Probes.

Ore Probe
Alt Name(s): Ore Mining Probe
Description: Those pesky Eruption Ores are no longer out of reach!

Purpose: To mine Ore deposits, main point of this though is that the Probe can move over obsidian and lava to get at ore deposits in the direct middle of lava planet eruptions.

Obsidian Probe
Alt Names(s): Obsidian Cutting Probe (Name is as such due to how Obsidian is irl "mined" and it's with cutting/scalpel and piercing tools).
Description: Clear lava fields of Obsidian with ease!

Purpose: To mine Obsidian deposits, like the Ore Probe, it's mainly more for going where bugs cannot.

Diabolic Probe
Alt Names(s): Crystalline Probe, Crystal Cutting Probe (I imagine Crystalline to be glass-like, only a bit tougher, but still capable of fracturing into shards and pointy edges.)
Description: Your bugs are doing a passable job. now do an amazing job of mining Crystalline.

Purpose: Again, mainly suggested for the hovering, but also this Probe will have a far higher carry capacity, to help accommodate for the fact that crystalline on lava planets eventually just gets out of control, or to help fill your storage even faster, depending on whatever PoV fits the reptilians best.

Aluminum Probe
Description: Harvest Aluminum in places Bugs can't go!

Purpose: Hovers, lets you harvest Aluminum after eruptions.

Gold Probe
Description: Collect that shiny, shiny gold in places too hazardous for Bugs.

Purpose: Hovers, can Harvest gold in lava fields.

Have a Probe for just basically every deposit a reptilian could ever need one for. I alos mention hovering, because it what Probes look like they do, even if they're probly more just flying. Probes can't do insectoid operations, however.

Faster Probes
Probes, IMO are too slow. I feel it should have the advantage of Pavement speed boosts, only all the time, since they fly. I'd like their main purpose to be an almost total replacement of your workforce for more efficient and better units. But in this process, they'd lose all bonuses for paths, save for...

Gravity-Controlled Lanes
I'd also like a special type of path that only works with probes and other Hover/Flying units, but doubles their speed, or something close to it, and infact works as an obstacle for anything that can't fly or hover, by reducing speed by just as much, with a max decrease in speed resulting in a total of 0.2 units of speed. but that's more just for consideration than a real wishlist item.
For visuals, it'd look like a purple tile with a blue glow coming off it. For stats, I figure it'd take like 50 power a piece, and would give off alot of light too. Or not.

Purpose: Literally just a 2x2 version of the Microcondenser, only far more powerful for water production, for those colonies that might one day just be building microcondensers like they're nothing.

Gold/Aluminum Grow Bed
Description: With the power of overpowered Science, placing ore, water, crystalline, and gold, somehow creates... more gold, but also aluminum!
Purpose: A combo of a gold Grower and an Aluminum Grower, but now it's either 2x2, or 3x3.

Water Pools resist Eruptions

I don't mean it'll STOP them, but it makes it less likely that an eruption happens within 8 tiles but only in locations where there's 3 tiles of water all around one tile of water.
If an eruption cannot happen because Water Pools are all blocking it from happening, the Eruption happens where the least water pools are located, the blocking effect is ignored.

Water Pools and Lava will constantly clash if directly next to one another and both are filled enough to visibly touch, reducing lava count, but also eventually destroying water pools to create obsidian.

Lava Repulsion Matrix
Description: After spending so long on such a hostile environment, robotics-enhanced and enslaved insectoids have finally created something to repel lava!

Purpose: Literally does what it says, repels lava, forcing it away rather quickly, but costing stupid amounts of energy, and it's 3x3, but has excessive range.
Or, dev, you can imagine it's a "build One" type of deal with less power usage. Sort of like a Capitol in a United Earth Colony, only it's not the government building.
Works on eruptions as well, preventing them within a smaller range.
Very Expensive though compared to everything else, and requires a large workforce, I'm thinking, someplace in the 1K-10K range of Workers.

Hell, it could be 5x5 and probly still be worth it imo, it'd be like a Wonder, takes ridiculous amounts of stuff to make, but gives you really good benefits.

Incomplete Artificial Planet
Difficulty: A Literal Nightmare.
Description: You know nothing of Difficulty.

Resources: Steel Mounds, Aluminum Piles, Circuit Cases.
Obstacles: Pits, 0 Starting Atmosphere, and a constant reduction of Atmosphere of 1 Billion/Million per second, Very little starting resources on even Abundant settings.

Factions: Only Reptilians, OR, a purely mechanical new faction later down the road (if that'll ever happen.) I'm thinking... some kind of race that salvages other tech and canonically feared by all, even the Reptilians, due to how they literally cannibalize technology and only live in ship graveyards, or remnants of gigantic space husks of abandoned super-projects.
This faction, in my mind, would be sorta like raggedy metal robot zombies, like maybe destroyed or malfunctioning robots possessed by souls of various other factions? Could even be a horrifying remnant of the "Aliens" faction referenced by alot of United Earth and LIS buildings.
The starting unit would probably fly, with all early and even mid-game buildings looking sort of crappy and disheveled, with the motto "It just works" behind all art design, until the late-game structures which look pristine and VERY chunky/tough.

Rundown: This planet can only gain deposits from meteors landing at purely random locations, with no real discrimination when it comes to map edges, meaning corners aren't safe, unlike in Lava Planets.
Everytime a Meteor lands, it creates pit randomly, but where it doesn't, it creates various metal-based deposits and purely at random. Sometimes none is created, and alot of Pit tiles are placed instead.
A Pit is a useless tile that represents that there's literally nothing there but darkness and space. it can be replaced, but the tile to do so is very expensive.

However, wreckages could also crash into the map, creating either absurd amounts of material of only durable goods and nothing raw beyond Oil, but having a massive range to the affected area, if anything, make it so it's always blobby-in shape for spawned material piles.

Pits would spawn like massive rivers to begin with.

The Size of the map as it currently is, will increase the likelihood of meteors or wreckages smacking into the map area. Reason I don't say wreckages wouldn't make pits, is because something like the framework for a planet to give it it's gravity, a ship or even station wreck crashing into it, would stick into said framework, since said framework has to be MILES in depth.
But the Pits spawn semi-frequently, but become way more common as you increase past say... a Small map size. Pits will spawn even MORE excessively if you expand the map border.

If it was possible, I'd have an ability for the base tile type to be changed, as if making a path, but without actually blocking building upon it. Purpose of this would be to make it so that you can repair the framework, complete the artificial planet, and then just create a death planet or something, I dunno, while more complete tile types would result in both faster movement speed, building ontop of them, AND resistance to pits forming to replace said tiles.

Forgot to mention, this planet will occasionally be hit by Asteroids, which will create Lava, that after a while, create pits, unless Water pools, at that point do as I suggest, and create obsidian at the expense of sacrificing lava tiles. Asteroids will create stupid large holes of pits, but they are VERY rare, with all sorts of materials forming a wall around said holes.

Strategy: The whole map would be about placing structures at random and scattered all over, while hoarding stupid amounts of resources as all kinds crash about, with really no real sort of safe areas coming along until far in the tech tree.

Purpose: For the Ultimate Difficulty. The place would look like the framework for a low-class artificial planet left to collect dust in space, but has since drifted to the very tips of the galaxy, or even universe, which is why Pits are a solid black color.
It's to test if someone can truly move on their toes and adapt to any situation. And to also make the stubborn and masochistic suffer. >:D

Note: If this does get added to a secret list of "Things I'd love to add" then I promise, I will contribute to most if not all of the art assets, you just worry about the actual operation of the thing. :3

Upgrade Menu
A button in the bottom left of the screen, always there, but not always filled via the menu that comes up if you click on it.

It's a scroll menu, with a bar ofcourse, and it only displays in each item the [Original Building] with an arrow next to it pointing to the [Upgraded Building] and a Button next to that for Upgrade One, with the resources indicated near or on/under said button, black text being that it's all good, you can upgrade fully, and easily, and red text indicating that you can't upgrade it fully
One more button next to that, the same thing, but for Upgrade All.

Purpose of this is to allow players a way of easily viewing upgrades they have tech-access to. This includes buildings they have no resources for.

You can start the upgrade building process even with not enough resources, but a dialog could warn you that it's a bad idea if the building is crucial and you can live without it until construction is done.

Allow construction of a building without the needed resources
I never got why I can't do this tbh, I can queue up more than I can build, if I have the resources to build only one of say... vehicles, workers, or buildings.

Multiple Levels for Reptilian Government Building
I forgot the name, Sorry ^^;

Uses for Lava
This isn't even an idea to only pertain to Reptilians, I feel any that have access to the Lava World relate to this.
I think beyond waiting for it to cool into obsidian, you could use it in the late-game to collect as a resource and convert it into other resources you can't get in a Lava World, but with a ratio of at least or at most 1,000:1 of Lava into any resource not mined on Lava Planets.

Lock Obsidiobugs behind Lava World Start tech
You can't get Lava in an Ice or Desert World.

Lava Worlds can't change Atmosphere
It's not possible to reduce it visually below 500 Million, since you don't need alot of condensers, at least not atm, but with eruptions going off basically all the time, this would make sense. This way, you also don't need to balance consumption of atmosphere of Lava Worlds for new buildings, although you'd have to take Desert worlds into consideration, unless Lava Worlds got their own specialized, more unhinged condensers past the Microcondenser if that is ever a thing.

Replace Landing Pod with Surface Habitat Vessel with Human factions on inhospitable worlds. If Humans will ever get that kind of treatment to be allowed onto Ice and Lava Worlds, this is maybe how you could do it.

That's all the ideas I can both remember, and think of at the moment. Enjoying the game even still, not been too active on here, mainly due to being a tiny bit busy/distracted.
6y ago
Any building that has an upgrade unlocked for it, is moved into a new building dropdown called "Obsolete", Workers and Builders wont be included in this as there are at least decorations all builder types are useful for.

I'd also like to suggest an additional idea, Upgrade Suggestions.

Whenever you get the chance to upgrade a building to a superior form, a button will be in the bottom left corner of the game window. When you get an opportunity to use this window, the button will light up, and when clicked, it'll display a wide menu.
Each item in the menu goes as such. To the left-most side, is the original structure graphic you'll upgrade, with an arrow pointing to the upgraded structure graphic to the right side of it.

To the right of that will be upgrade buttons, wide ones at that. First is to Upgrade One, and it will display the total cost of that under the button's own text. Second is to Upgrade All, which will display the total cost of upgrading all of those, with red numbers to indicate resources you need more of to complete the upgrade.
Having not enough resources to upgrade something fr every resource the building requires, will still allow you to start the upgrade, but maybe a dialog will appear that indicates "You won't be able to finish this quickly, be sure what you are upgrading isn't massively important, or this might suck"

Ofcourse just an unrefined idea off the top of my head, so take it with some salt ofcourse, ideas are like putty, sometimes there's something you can do to make it look better. :D

Also tbh, I'd just like more dropdown menus for things like Research buildings and Communication buildings, things that don't appear outside of the All Buildings options.
6y ago
I think it'd be simple if it was just a tiled menu of buttons. Realistically, there's a TON of dead space on the road menu, and it's not like we'll have fifty road types by the end of the game's development.

You could just do it as such.
You click on the Road you want to upgrade, it shows the number of that road type, it's stats.

Then you have two buttons. Change Road and Change All Roads.
Click it, and a submenu pops up showing a scroll list for whichever button you picked.

This scroll menu is filled with buttons indicating each type of road that ISNT what the road already is, and a resource cost beside it, either colored black if it's an upgrade, or red if it means a loss of resources (in the case of say, downgrading from hardened pavement, to pavement) in the long run.

Picking an item will delete every single road, and replace them instantly with the type of road you chose, but as a building plot as if you just placed them yourself old-style.

This will be used more for people who either like the look of older path types (most likely when vehicles are only needed for building, as United Earth colonies eventually will get there, making travel speed not really a big deal when at that point, build speed is so low that a couple of early seconds doesn't mean much in one's mind versus say... premium path types).
6y ago
The bugs that reptilians have for mining obsidian, are unable or they refuse to mine obsidian. I have no problems like this for other types of enslaved bugs.

Just with Obsidian, as a result, I have no means with which I can mine Obsidian and free up space in a now-mostly-filled lava planet of mine.
6y ago
BestColony11 said:When buildings upgrade they cant become larger.

I know that. When I mention something as an upgrade, it more or less is a thing that would replace a weaker/worse thing that does less than it.
Essentially it's like replacing about 30 solar panels with a hydrogen reactor (or however the actual equivalency for power production is).
6y ago
colbya said:funny that i have it then .
You can request any amount of a resource even if you dont have storage you cant just buy it out right .
As for the poster who makes fun I posted this in response to some who asked how not every one has played the game for months .

Yeah, I can confirm that you can accept Gifts irregardless of how much storage you have available or not. I wonder where they put it all.
6y ago
I am pretty happy that we're getting more Zolarg structures. With any luck the 4 or so apparent new buildings don't include trash-related buildings.
I really want a longer tech tree for the Zolarg, they need it something badly.
6y ago
This also happens with rovers spawning from buildings. Unfortunately, the bulldozer tool also destroys colonists and vehicles before buildings for no reason.
6y ago
Regolith Furnaces also increase Crystalline storage. By 150 per furnace.

But I do agree Zolarg is still far easier, atleast there you've get unholy power spires before crystalline shortages are a real thing beyond replanting crystalline patches.
6y ago


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