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[Idea] Diamondbug and Uraniumbug

I feel it would be nice for the Zolarg faction to have a worker type so then we can remove Diamond deposits on worlds the Zolarg can live on, which generate with those deposits.

I feel bad when it comes to removing the deposits, they're just a nuisance, you know? Yet they could be worth some decent money, or at least worth sending to another colony as a gift of some kind.

Same for Uranium, again, even if just to remove them without wasting resources. If the Zolarg won't ever have a use for diamonds or uranium, could make the worker for either one as some kind of "cleaner" sort of worker. One devoted to clearing land being used by "useless resources"

Then again, that's probly coming in future content updates, who knows right?
zolarg are a work in progress matter of fact so is LIS .
bast stays bussie doing tons of programming sooner or later the game will be completed .
As for UR bugs well i hear roaches can stand over 5000 rads of radation compared to a human being dead at about 550 - 600 .

But the badest bug of all is called a bug bear ( aka water bear ) and they can go into Space go out of the ship and they are just fine and dandy can stand boiling water being frozen to - 300 F
and well the hard rads of space give them a great tan .

As for diamond not even bug bears could handle that nothing natural on earth can .

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