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GBT quick-option

2020-11-30 22:57:39
similar to the "policies" option available in the ingame menu, when you build a gbt for the first time it would be nice to be able to access it like that, without having to build a new one in every region. Whenever I'm building a region and my storages fill i cant go to fix them until I'm done building and my production takes a hit

URGENT bug, ASAP fix required

2020-11-27 07:10:58
Its extremely easy to manipulate the prices of any item on the GBT.

Testing with an alt account and nanites, took the price from 6 million> 1.2 billion per within 10 trades.

This also works the other way, with some help the price of plastic was made 10x lower import wise, this needs to be fixed asap, as it allows you to lower the price of something to nothing, buy it at the low price, then sell it and make 10x the money.

This can also be used extremely effectively to inflate your GDP. Tested with ancient artifacts, raised the price of them by 3x and they raised my GDP considerably. Id suggest removing the import/export feature from the GBT entirely until a better algorithm can be put in place to prevent this

RE:Insectoid Mega-post

2020-11-25 21:15:49

Lava worlds- when these first came out obsidian was rare and expensive, especially when races started being able to use it. Now every race can produce it extremely well, and the price is nothing compared to its old price, combine this with lava worlds high difficulty and lava worlds are almost never used aside from something to shake it up a bit. Id like to see the challenge of a lava world be more rewarding to make up for losing 20% of your colony every so often.

A good way to do this would possibly be able to stop the eruptions on the lava world with a very high research tech, possibly utilizing many starships in order to achieve it

RE:Corruption Gameplay

2020-11-25 10:51:50
i like this

Insectoid Mega-post

2020-11-25 08:31:39
Not really mega just me typing down ideas while I get more workers, and I'm gonna split this up into the super important categories

Big topics

it's bad. really bad. It requires a 40x40 area to support two transfer nodes. There should be a much better software generation facility that still keeps true to insectoids.

Atmosphere- Zolargs have no way to remove large amounts of atmosphere, especially if they are on a sugar or water world. The crystal vaporizer on lava and ice remove a bit, but you need regions of them to keep up with growing cities.

Policies- Zolarg barely have any governmental policies, which make colonial management more difficult, as well as charter management, the deluxe command should have all the policies of the high-level human government buildings

Unholy Uranium gen- this building has always been overshadowed by the core mine, if the unholy gen had a buff it would see a lot more use

Petroplant- Has an extremely niche use, zolarg colonies have no reason to remain a charter and so this plant is almost useless, pair that with the extreme difficulty of producing oil without unholy core mines makes even dependant colonies petrol plants less useful than wood spires. If this building produced much more power it would be a very viable option

Ships- probably the biggest one on this list, zolargs have no option to store ships, meaning that ships are largely overshadowed by the hall of ancients money-wise, a dedicated starship storage site or a buff to the current storage would make starships able to produce much more money

obelisk of plenty- with the introduction of the improved hall of elders and the online communication buildings, both this structure's strongpoints are now its weak points, this structure definitely needs a buff if it's ever going to be viable again.

Obsidian burner- falls into the same category as the uranium generator, doesn't generate near enough to be viable versus a core mine. Combine with the fact it produces as much atmosphere as a paste burner this can smog up your colony extremely quickly if this is your main source of obsidian. A buff to output or the ability to make it without antaura is needed for this to become useful


Aluminum roads- they are too white, on ice worlds, you cannot see them

this is basically my two cents on some of the balance issues in insectoids. I don't really provide much of a solution to any of these issues, but at the very least I put the issues out there, and maybe someone more creative can think up a solution. I'm looking forward to ideas in the replies :)

Android Draconians

2019-04-04 11:48:01
Currently on android version of the game, I'm running a regions game and no matter how you save and exit the game the resources reset to as if you just started a draco colony.
(1500 of alu, any, alu, and ura)

Happened before and after update.

Running with cloud save off autosave frequent and compression on

RE:Multiple different saving issues

2019-03-26 15:33:23
I'm on android s8 active and cloud sync is off, online games for both

Multiple different saving issues

2019-03-26 14:43:34
I'm having alot of issues with EVERY mobile colony.

all of them related to saving

on my human region colony, I will build a building or something. No matter how I save or exit the game, exited to region then title then manually saved ETC.

All building I build disappear when I log back in but the resources I used show as if they were used to build something

On my draco world all resources reset to 1500 after a save and relog.

I cannot play the game because my statistics get reset everytime I relog

RE:Possible helium bug on mars maps

2018-02-01 20:51:52
The emperor can gift you anything he wants, it's random.
Before he could give you trash or atmosphere lol


2018-01-30 10:27:44
Oh wait. Go into the main menu.
Swipe left, tap game data.
Hit "load game for emergency situations" and try that


2018-01-30 10:26:25
Hey it's snow colony. I'm not sure how to get your save back in going to cloud save mine now

Stuck on loading

2017-12-23 00:49:28
S8 active
Game build: 0.52.0
I launched the game, played for a while then stopped.
Then about an half hour later I tried to get on and it loaded for about 10 minutes before letting me on. Then I left and came back and now it will not stop loading, I don't want to delete the game because I haven't saved my data to Facebook because I couldn't figure out how to

How do I remove offers from the galactic trade board.

2017-12-20 23:51:39
I put about 40 pottery offers on it, but I accidentally asked for pottery instead of selling it. Is there any way to remove offers?

RE:Private Message

2017-12-20 13:28:43
Do we put the suggestions here?

RE:Gas Planets

2017-12-20 13:24:41
I like this idea. Instead of a lander you have a space station which can be expanded by extracting heavy amount of gas from the atmosphere and condensing it, obtaining some metals and a bunch of helium three. The atmosphere is basically 3 trillion, lol. And once you are able to get rid of the atmosphere you have access to extremely rare ores that aren't found anywhere else in the universe, such as liquid and solid hydrogen, both stable in earthlike atmospheres.

Dude about to die

2017-12-13 21:57:46
How do I force a protester who is dying because he refuses to sleep at his house to gototo one of my 6 health centres.

Also my approval rating is 99% the 1% hates me so much to die.

I also gave him 40$ because he only had 10 and he still won't quit.

RE:Small problem.

2017-12-13 05:03:49
Do you see the bulldozer icon on the top bar? Click it and then click an object to destroy

How to send a message to another colony

2017-12-13 00:49:48
I was doing it a couple times before, but I can't do it anymore because I deleted the message.


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