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Android Draconians

Currently on android version of the game, I'm running a regions game and no matter how you save and exit the game the resources reset to as if you just started a draco colony.
(1500 of alu, any, alu, and ura)

Happened before and after update.

Running with cloud save off autosave frequent and compression on

Go away.
So is it happening on every colony you play, or is it specific to this region? Wondering if it is something with the particular regions file or the entire game. Obviously if nobody was able to save resource progress on Android this would be a giant issue blowing up my inbox and the forum, so I am wondering what could be specific about this map?

What is your charter code? Are your stats getting updated to the server properly, or is that killed also? Maybe there is an issue causing it to not sync to the server properly, and keeps pulling down old resource levels from the server?
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