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Multiple different saving issues

I'm having alot of issues with EVERY mobile colony.

all of them related to saving

on my human region colony, I will build a building or something. No matter how I save or exit the game, exited to region then title then manually saved ETC.

All building I build disappear when I log back in but the resources I used show as if they were used to build something

On my draco world all resources reset to 1500 after a save and relog.

I cannot play the game because my statistics get reset everytime I relog

Go away.
@USSR can you tell me which kind of device you are using? Also if this online/offline game, and with cloudsync on or off? Thanks.
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I'm on android s8 active and cloud sync is off, online games for both

Go away.
I had the same issue on my online game for a long time, I found that if you save game, then go in statistics and click on your website url, that it'll help keep your progress
Getting this too on Draco Abandoned World, resources reset to 1500 or 0, Moto G5, Android 7.0, online game with cloudsync on.
(It does it with cloudsync off too.)
Hello, I too have had this happen. Both with the cloud save on and off. Two different made regions. It seems that it would load an old save that was back a good amount of time from actual last hard save. This seems to also happen with auto save on. Devices are iPad and iPhone.
Gore. Al ‘ot of it.
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