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Sorry for the french but this is bullshit, I have first had my research reset and wasted hours on redoing stuff I have already researched AND built with the researched items but still counted for some REASON as non-researched, and now I have gone thru 5 million atm point, which is very nice, I set up a few farms, SWITCH to my clay region, and get everything reset after getting the 5 mil, as in buildings, HOWEVER my resources DO NOT RESET, and now I have 150 cloth with no sheep farms, what a wonderful paradox the game created itself, I know this is half rage but I lost a colony that was halfway thru game at alien research doorstep because of this bug, I am playing on regions, and I litteraly have to keep my laptop on 24/7 because of this, due to the reset bug.
2y ago
colbya said:Nice as i see 3 hours running all that is colonists influx and building time all of it .

No, build a city take some minutes, is pretty fast to build 144 adv shipyard with 10-15k turbo drone. Most of the time i don't touch anything.

colbya said:and yep I can do that my self so what is your point ?

you have ask to do a similar test, you don't remember?

colbya said:as for 5 million in one city lord you must have a NASA super computer lol .

No, this is the 1.0.0 big change, colonists/worker don't take much computer power anymore.

colbya said:Now let THAT city fill STOP building and let it just RUN in city 3 hours .

Like i have already said, this is my modus operandi. Build everything, and wait until the GDP stop growing. I don't touch the game meanwhile, i don't build house all the time...

colbya said:FACT stats go up During BUILDING so it is quite easy to get a tempery 95 % rating and it WILL stay stable as LONG as you Build and add more housing .

Nop, only if you use a bad setup.

colbya said:The effects dont cause a problem until you idle the game in city . and fact is you want FULL income from resources Idling IN city or a single city you MUST do .
You sure are not getting 6 billion ore in 3 hours lol .

Again, all aging part, approval rating.. regard colonists, if the city don't have colonists, you won't have any change, don't matter if you idle for 5min or 5 weeks.

colbya said:you dont show how many colonist the city has .

Around 19-20k, now i'm making new adv shipyards map.

colbya said:But lets say there are 300 k you will have 30 k babies a hour lol .
really come on FACT babies FACT 30 k homes that DONT excist Fact now you have 30 k homeless .

Nop, few weeks ago i have create a new inv bank map, total pop around 600k, 5k total birth (and 5k death) in 4h game play. pls use real number and not number from your imagination.

colbya said:PS FACT once stats drop its darn near impossible to get them backup .

You have done it? Or is just a hypotheses?
Because i have done an hard test in my beta map, for test the aging population. After few day all building have stop functioning ( pop was to young or to old, 90% was to old for work, very few baby). Solution? i have deported all, and start again. the map was full operation in few hours. And was before the aging final tuning.

colbya said:Besides FACT for some reason Homes will randomly show zero stats THIS IS A KNOWN BUG i posted .

You have only posted 2 random screenshot. You don't have posted any real info regard the houses stats, you don't even have posted a screenshot about the houses stats. I only see 2 maps with a bad setup.

Can appen if you place 2 or more houses and you don't place the utility at the right distance. An house can use the utility placed for an other houses, and the other houses won't have anymore utility with free slots. Isn't a bug, can be easy solved with a correct city setup.

colbya said:still enjoy the game and think bast is a cool guy and think the game is fairly priced and bast is honest .

For a 4-5$? yes, the price seems honest. And for a one-man-army, is a tremendous guy... :P
You should try a game, when the devs offend players and delete any post/topic with some critics.

colbya said:this is not ment to be a rant its ment to a point of how the effects mess up game play Bast knows all of this already its been posted already before i made this post .

No, is a post from someone still don't understood the 1.0.0 changes, and how the game work now.

The game Is perfect? Of course no. Have some bug? yes, but on pc side nothing to ugly (i don't play on mobile).

colbya said:I am just a old school programmer and wont link my stuff here and Bugs well bug me lol

You know what a bug is? when something should do A, and sometime will do B, or C, or LKHJOLJDLKFJD and crash. If something should do A, and do A, isn't a bug, but i you don't like A, is a bad implementation.

In this day, on the last version (1.3.0), most "problem" aren't bug, but bad/primitive implementation. For example, now for having a map with all building 100% worker, we need to have at least 15-20% more pop, for cover the hole all the time. Is a bug? of course no.

If you wanna try some bug, try to do a draconian lava world...

4y ago
Today I am updating the original My Colony to v1.30.0, bringing along some fixes, minor changes, and adding Seasons to the challenges system. Let's take a look!

Edit 2023-09-25: v1.31.0 has also been pushed out which is just a minor bug fix release, so there are no new notes for that update.

The largest change you will notice is that the Trophy leaderboards have been reset, and there is a new counter showing how many days are left in the current season. Trophy seasons will now last for 30 days, after which time the colony and the federation with the most trophies in the previous season will each get one Seasonal Trophy and everything else is reset to zero. This should hopefully give some other colonies a chance to appear on the leaderboards, since it was getting to be impossible to compete with some of the larger colonies out there.

There have been issues lately with players who are modifying their game data in order to get more resources for online play. I have started issuing 2 year bans for all colonies who are participating in this behavior, meaning that you and all of your colonies will be blocked from using MC online features for two years. In addition, there are new runtime checks in the engine that will reset all of a colony's resources to 0 if resource amount modifications are detected by the game. I really hate banning players for anything, but I can't just let abuse like this run unchecked.

For colonies with super large amounts of money and resources, there is a new Q abbreviation for numbers in the Quintillions and above.

I corrected an issue where the Ore Zapper and the House of Horrors were providing incorrect resource storage.

I also fixed an issue in this update where players were unable to restore backed up save files.

Finally, there has been an issue lately where certain ad blockers were blocking My Colony from download all of it's game data files, causing the game to hang forever on the loading screen. The game will now try to detect this scenario and give a warning message, so that the player actually knows what is happening instead of just seeing an endless loading screen.

That about wraps it up for this update. Let me know what issues you have with it, and thank you for playing!

9mo ago
Well, the problem is quite simple, whenever I export AA by Star port my regional cash outflow jumps to 100-150 Millions/minute, only way I've found to reset the outflow is to have less money than it wants to take away, most of the time after that the outflow fixes itself.

I'm guessing it's hard to replicate since I might be the only one experiencing this bug.

I'm playing on windows 10 on the standard client, latest version(0.76).

I've tried multiple things to fix it but to no avail, building star port in another city in region and using that one didn't help, waiting for ~10 min after exporting to leave the map didn't change anything either, the bug occurs even before the map is closed. Tried shutting down everything besides the port, still no changes. As of now, only way to get around it is to have no money on me, since otherwise it outflows to oblivion. And the only "solution" I found doesn't always work and sometimes it takes up to an hour for the outflow to reset to it's usual value.

here's a screenshot of my money inflow/outflow after exporting 1M AA via star port (ignore the trade part, that goes away after a bit, just shows you've traded recently, isn't added to actual gain per minute)

and here are usual outflows when bug isn't present
5y ago
Ansom said:uhm, i remember a old bug, about the trash. Most of the waste manager (incinerator, micro and normal) they stop to work after some time, and the only way to "reset" the bug consisted to build a new incinerator, for activate all incinerator.

But was fixed.

I can count at least 24 Regolith Furnace and 8 micro-incinerator. If you don't have Regolith or trash, you don't have power, and with only 60 colonist you don't have much trash. If i see right, in this moment you don't have regolith and low trash.

Once you have enough resource, the game need some seconds for start again the power production.

I played the game again and you are right. I wasn't aware of power outages since it doesn't happen on my other colonies. I have been keeping the regolith supply stable and the problem doesn't occur anymore.

bastecklein said:@Elliptix it could be that the incinerators ran out of fuel (trash) and could not produce? There is a delay in the time between fuel running out and power loss.

The power outage coincidentally happens whenever im building or exiting the game; and the time delay made it look weirder so I thought it was a bug.

Problem is fixed. Thanks for the help everyone.
4y ago
Wouldn't it make more sense to have the homeless complaints reset whenever the population cap increases? Similarly have unemployment reset when the job cap increases and fatigue reset when a fire drill occurs.

Education, poverty, health, and depression all make sense as is ('historical' average), since those can't be immediately remediated by player action.
5y ago
lord games compleatly busted opened my main city region ( not the one i posted about here a much older one with all teck unlocked and millions in every resource and independent as well . when pay roll came the colonists number was reset .
so every few minits when payrolll comes colonists are reset along with payroll comeing very fasat within mints sometime
it must be tied in with buying the high teck rescearch stuff as this was not happing when the colony did not yet have transendence
i even tried setting all pay to 0 and when payroll comes it shows 0 owed for the 14 k new colonists i got and it still reset the colonists nuber to zero and again this is happing in two Different regions so its not just one being messed up
4y ago
I have another quick update to My Colony 2 now available in time for the weekend. Nothing fancy here today, just a maintenance release that adds an important feature for dedicated server operators: the ability to reset the public/private key pair for registered users.

If a user has an issue with their local client library file, they may no longer be able to access servers they were previously connected to. This is caused by the loss of their private access key, which each player has so that nobody else can access their worlds. If this has happened to you, you will get some sort of error talking about your login credentials when you try to sign in to a server. In this event, let the dedicated server operator know, and he can now reset your access credentials.

If anyone is having this issue on any of the official servers, let me know which server in this thread, and I will reset your access keys for you.

11mo ago
uhm, i remember a old bug, about the trash. Most of the waste manager (incinerator, micro and normal) they stop to work after some time, and the only way to "reset" the bug consisted to build a new incinerator, for activate all incinerator.

But was fixed.

I can count at least 24 Regolith Furnace and 8 micro-incinerator. If you don't have Regolith or trash, you don't have power, and with only 60 colonist you don't have much trash. If i see right, in this moment you don't have regolith and low trash.

Once you have enough resource, the game need some seconds for start again the power production.

4y ago
Currently the same bug is happening to me on all Region maps with the Draconian civilization. I tried different methods of exiting the game and none of them keep the resources. The moment you exit to title or desktop all the resources get reset to the starting values. This is really bothersome, if you are either collecting to get some early resource production going or are saving them for the late game technologies (not to mention the occasional path finding bug, where rovers/workers would rather try mining a deposit that they can't access instead of the one that is accessible (and nearer sometimes) or they get stuck in an endless loop of resetting their position (don't know if only visual when they are stuck or actually just resetting)).
3y ago
.51 Chrome When a resource gets filled and bots are still harvesting the games resources stop counting and many types of bots frezz .
Stopping the bots from harvesting and the game once again works .

This is a critical bug as a new colony will have very limited water storage and when water storage gets full the bug happens but stopping the water bots from harvesting is a bad option as a few k storage empty's quickly .
BOTS can NOT IDLE harvest - full storage causes this bug but water bots need to be able to harvest .

Try and see start a new colony put in 2 water storage build a few water bots fill teh storage and watch and bots mining ore the ore will show no ingress any bots building say solar cells will still build BUT again show no ore usage .

and like i say it also causes bots to frezz mainly the higher lv bots every thing above the green bot frezzes .

PS TO the MOD the programmer needs to know of the bug if you delete Real bug post he may not know of the bug .
6y ago
It seems like this is a bigger problem or I've got another bug. Today I realized that a lot of progress I made yesterday is lost, but at least the recources did not reset this time. And I definitely made sure to save the game because of the previous problem.
Is there anything more I can provide you to help finding the issue?
5y ago
chrome 1.0.0 new bug i have like ten citys the newest one in this region every time payroll comes due the number of colonists living in the city is reset to 0 .
basicly along with the fats repeating payroll the colony will gte around 3000 colonists then payroll is recived when i click pay the number colonist goto 0 .
as i am using the upgraded cloning plant is why i can even get that many befor the number is reset
4y ago
This is a KNOW bug -This post is a way to deal with the bug until its fixed ty. What happens is when you place a building it cause all buildings to -
1 louse employ's
2 show employ's as unemployed wile acutely in the building .
A Simply reload resets this problem But if it persist then a Hard reload will correct the bug for sure .
To do a hard reload (( CTRL F5 )) keys when on main game page .

Verified many many times (was hoping it had been fixed yesterday but bug is still in effect .
I strongly recommend this .
Letting the game to run this way can cause food and water shortages as the buildings lose employ's .
To say nothing of the resources your producing decreasing inflow .
Ps update still shows .45 ( chrome ) But I know for a fact the game and my version was updated yesterday as I now have the new arts on bug world along with the rest of the new stuff .
Just to add this bug does not show up every time buildings are placed but I probably had it happen 7 times in the last 24 hours . Just be sure check your resource income offton .
6y ago
Referring the Bug to this form as no Bug forms on Antiq hopefully the mode will Understand .
version 1.3.0 Chrome
Bug 1 The game does no save when clicking save it just cycles never saving .
Bug 2 When clicking on Your own adverts for your games ( on the bottom left )
the game pages starts loading then crashes Chrome ( 3 out of 4 tries 4th time game loaded )
may not be relivent game in question is mash party .
If the mod deletes ill repost In Antiquitas But as that form is just post by post this is the best way to ensure this is seen thank you .

Ps I am aware the update was done sometime today and as such the programmer may already be aware of both these bugs But having no way of knowing for a fact the programmer knows I am posting this .
I am also aware Chrome is described as live development and again the programmer may be aware of the bug and may at this time be fixing the bugs And again Not knowing if he knows of it or not I am posting .

I post this in hopes Of helping the programmer improve the game so the games stay as liked as they are .
6y ago
yea I reported the bug ages agaio .
Good news There is a work around .
First if your losing 300 k every time the game computes resources Goto stats and resources and see what city is the one losing that money .
See what happens if your massive building say alien arts MINES they cost 10 k each and with mass building you can spend 300 k in mints thing is the game counts this as a ON GOING city effect JUST the same as say a resource the city has as income so when you leave the city the game keeps deleting the same 300 k you spent over and over .
The ONE and ONLY fix is go back into the effected city and PLACE Buildings that bring in income preferably the BUILDING thats eels Diamonds as It has no coin cost building it . All you need is a pluse income of around 50 to 70 k to OFF set the Error of the 300 k being taken .
The SAME effect can be from mass building alien arts MINES with CIVIC points as each mine cost 10 k civic points to build and again teh game Deducts the SAME civic points once you leave mass Building over a FULL cycle causes THIS effect and again the solution is BUILD buildings that produce civic points to counter the lose from that city in THE same CITY effected Using stats and resource check Which city is losing MASS coins or civic points goto said city and Rebuild to cause a work around fix .
I am sre many resources get this Bug BUT most just dont effect game play to such a large extent .
as for Bast fixing this he knows of it and well Unless we make a mass protest will iggy it when HE first added regions I found the bug and told him but as people rarely notice it he iggys it .

Me I jsut know the work around so when it happen I know the fix and also buildng More SLOWLY makes it much rarer DONT mass build stuff that take 10 k coins per building nore mass build stuff taht take ten k civic points to build .

ps atmosphere does the same thing turning off the building taht makes it has NO effect on production BUT you can balance it with scrubbers Its not easy though lol .
It was this very thing that showed me the bug .

ON a finial NOTE I never tried deleting the city with the BUG if you try deleting teh city producing the extra stufff or deleting the extra stuff let us know if it works .
4y ago
I have made some changes to the Bug Reporting sections for both My Colony and My Colony 2 to hopefully make it a bit easier to track bugs and their progress. This was done by making a new "Bug Tracker" page type, which looks like this:

New bugs can be created by any user, and the author of the bug (or a page moderator) has the ability to mark issues as closed or to re open them. Anyway, it's fairly simplistic at the moment, but it might be expanded later on, so if you have suggestions on things I should add to the new bug tracker sections, feel free to reply to this post and let me know!
2y ago
There's this bug where the power cap resets to 2 on my offline game.

Notice how the power cap is 2 even with the working furnaces at the bottom.

The bug occurs in a few ways. When loading a colony, the bug happens 100% of the time. Sometimes it happens by chance when building micromines and structures that consume power.

The only fix I found is by building a new regolith furnace. This sets the cap to the correct value and everything goes back normally.

LIS on an Ice World [Offline]
Android 8.1.0
Game version 0.99.2
4y ago

I am having the same payroll population reset bug.

I'm on Android, I just updated and started a new game an hour ago. I first experienced the bug after building my first residential complex. However, my brother updated and started a new game at the same time, using the same race (LIS), same map (asteroid), same basic strategy, same platform (android), same tablet (Samsung S6), both local games without cloud sync. He isn't getting the bug.

I've tried building a lot of utilities including medical and it hasn't made a difference. I checked the population statistics, the lost individuals don't get counted as 'dead.'
4y ago
I have just pushed the My Colony 2 v0.30.0 update to production on Ape Web Apps, and the patch should be hitting mobile platforms over the coming days. There are no new features or content additions in this update, this is a straight bug fix and performance tweak release, with the following corrections:

  • Fixed issue with Excavator crashing the game server
  • Fixed long standing issue where a reset in the Ape Apps Signaling server would put all online MC2 games offline
  • Fixed major performance issue related to unit harvesting
  • Fixed major server hangups that would occur during game saves
  • Improvements to news ticker scroll speed
  • Terrain objects on non-active chunks are now placed in a simulated state so they are not updated every singe game tick
  • Communications from game server to game clients are now bundled and sent only once per game tick to reduce network bandwidth and packet decompression times
  • Units that are located on non-active chunks no longer do elevation checks while moving

In addition, this update brings in the latest version of the Scroll3D library, which received several performance improvements and bug fixes during the last update to the My Tokens app.

Important to note: due to the new server-client packet bundling code, game clients v0.29.0 and lower can not connect to servers v0.30.0 or higher, so if you cannot join a game and you do not have the update yet, do not report this as a bug.

As I said, the update is now live on the Web and should be hitting everywhere else over the coming days. Sorry for the delay in getting the fixes out, let me know what further issues you find, and stay tuned for more!

1y ago
do you have any weird characters in your password, or did you do a password reset at some point? You dont have to say "out loud" here but maybe the website still had a cached token allowing you to stay logged in after a password change or something. You can always try doing a reset:
6y ago
Any way we could get someone to add a registration email resend option added?

My ISP magically reset my spamblocker setting to its highest and blocked the registration email. There was no way to get it resent after I reset things, but my usual email address was showing as already used.
5y ago
I have had the same issue with the human colonies. All my resources are reset at 0 every time I reload the last save.
5y ago
Update to this. I spent all day playing again with the region game that I figured I have to restart.

Any way here is what I found I could get the reset if I saved from inside a city and then leave the game. Close it out. So I try going back to the region and saved again then closed out MC. Guess what it saved the information correctly this time. So this is for region games not tried non-regions games again.

windows 64bit
MC 0.75.0
5y ago
I've tried saving from everywhere, or so I thought, and I keep getting reset. I've somewhat given up because I lost hundreds of thousands of everything and I don't know if it's worth restarting it all from zero. If this can be adjusted so we can save from anywhere, that'd be appreciated.
5y ago

When opening a save my research seems to have been reset. No matter how far down the tech tree I've gotten upon resuming the game the choices have been reset to the base technologies. I'm running the game from the App Launcher on Linux (Ubuntu). The app launcher doesn't seem to "install" but just runs, and I suspect that is part of the issue. Also when I try to use the Web version (Chrome) since using the App launcher the game hangs on the loading screen.

Thanks & Have a good one,

Ted Fox
5y ago
I downloaded the newest update and the Water World files load and operate correctly. Robots are 'botting and the files load and save correctly except for one thing instantly noticeable.
The research progress is reset to the start state every time a Water colony is loaded.
Resources and production seem intact, but all research done is reset.
5y ago
im playing online on steam in a region and just updated to .79 entered what im useing at my main base and bought some stuff off the market saved then went to desk top rebooted app and it reset just the same
5y ago
I'm having alot of issues with EVERY mobile colony.

all of them related to saving

on my human region colony, I will build a building or something. No matter how I save or exit the game, exited to region then title then manually saved ETC.

All building I build disappear when I log back in but the resources I used show as if they were used to build something

On my draco world all resources reset to 1500 after a save and relog.

I cannot play the game because my statistics get reset everytime I relog
5y ago
Has any progress been made on either of these 2 issues?

Issue 1: one of my sub cities in a region - civics build up to about 3k then reset to 0, over and over again. Other sub cities they build up correctly.

Issue 2: as Draconians, resources seem to reset to 0 after leaving the game and then returning.

I've seen other people post on both of these issues as well.
4y ago
So I finally hit nanites in my zolarg colony a few days ago. I logged back in the next morning and my region was reset to a few hours prior to getting the research completed, lost research, lost resources lost buildings.

What ever, it happens, maybe I didn't hit save at the region level before closing the game or something. I waited for research points to build while restoring the one city that got wiped out.

Just researched it again, and all good. I start building nanotube mines and nanite fabrication labs. While I'm in the game, mid build, I notice I don't have the options to build nanite labs or mines anymore.

I toggled the research button and lo and behold, I have to research it again??

Screen shot so you can SEE I built nanite labs and mines. The option to build more doesn't show on the mech's build menu, and the option to research it again is showing.

What the hell?

I'm playing on an iPad Pro, latest iOS, latest My Colony build. Everything is up to date.

3y ago
Site owners are able to customize how their forum or website looks and behaves when accessed under Forum Fiend. This is an overview on the customization options available to site owners and developers.

Firstly, if absolutely no site owner action is taken at all, Forum Fiend will still attempt to derive your site's name, icon, and theme color from the meta data of your website. These items are taken from your site's title tag, it's favicon, and the theme-color meta tag.

High-Level Configuration

The easiest way to customize a site under Forum Fiend, one which requires no development experience whatsoever, is to upload a forumfiend.json file to the root directory of your site. Any site that is accessed by a fair number of users through Forum Fiend should take the time to include this simple file. The forumfiend.json file allows you to set high level parameters for your site, as well as branding logos and theme customizations. Creating the file should take no more than a couple of minutes, and you can see a complete guide in the following thread:

Complete forumfiend.json Reference

Access Methods

Forum Fiend can display a forum using either the Tapatalk API or through a custom WebView interface. Tapatalk access is based on the outdated open source version of the Tapatalk API and is no longer maintained. If your forum already uses Tapatalk, it may work just fine under Forum Fiend, and you are encouraged to test it out to be sure. Note that the Tapatalk interface has not been updated since 2014 and will not be receiving support or updates in the future, as newer versions of the API are no longer open source.

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Here is a list of available named icons you can try out. These can be used for both Toolbar and Menu items, but toolbar items require a named icon (menu icons can be a URL).
3y ago
I managed to sort of understand how to deal with the reset of resources and buildings and such, sure still a problem I have to get three my colonies running which eats 240% of my gpu, however the sacrifice gave me info, that the STUPID RESEARCH DOESNT WANT TO UPDATE FOR SOME REASON. To update buildings in a region AND check that its safe, you have to save the region 24 times BUT DO NOT EXIT, then open up another mycolony on another website ( if on mobile sucks to suck EVEN THO I ALSO HAVE IT ON MOBILE FFS) then you go into that region AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS THERE, and on app 1 you can safely go into the general map, there you save which saves resources and science resource TOO, you close the app 2 via closing the window, then you go to app one and DO NOTHING because the researched tech wont update EVEN WITH A DEATH PENALTY THREAT IT WONT DO ANYTHING. If you are a dev PLEASE for the love of god fix this thing, I litteraly cant turn my pc off pLEASE.
2y ago
I managed to sort of understand how to deal with the reset of resources and buildings and such, sure still a problem I have to get three my colonies running which eats 240% of my gpu, however the sacrifice gave me info, that the STUPID RESEARCH DOESNT WANT TO UPDATE FOR SOME REASON. To update buildings in a region AND check that its safe, you have to save the region 24 times BUT DO NOT EXIT, then open up another mycolony on another website ( if on mobile sucks to suck EVEN THO I ALSO HAVE IT ON MOBILE FFS) then you go into that region AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS THERE, and on app 1 you can safely go into the general map, there you save which saves resources and science resource TOO, you close the app 2 via closing the window, then you go to app one and DO NOTHING because the researched tech wont update EVEN WITH A DEATH PENALTY THREAT IT WONT DO ANYTHING. If you are a dev PLEASE for the love of god fix this thing, I litteraly cant turn my pc off pLEASE.
2y ago
yes.. no more anuthing that consume research.. last night i have starmyed 1 hour in each research consume city.. before left to sleep for the last city.. now.. im making too many research buildings to see.. how much is the max value before my research reset.. before.. it reset at 62 mil
2y ago
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