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chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0

chrome 1.0.0 new bug i have like ten citys the newest one in this region every time payroll comes due the number of colonists living in the city is reset to 0 .
basicly along with the fats repeating payroll the colony will gte around 3000 colonists then payroll is recived when i click pay the number colonist goto 0 .
as i am using the upgraded cloning plant is why i can even get that many befor the number is reset
ps wile tring to declare independence does nothing the cost is now showing 192000 for it .
if a colony is independent then this bug probly wont effect it
note this bug isn only effecting the new city in this region i when to another city payroll came and it did not reset colonists numbers that city has 12000 colonists
cant say why its just the one new city i may delete it then try rebuilding it and see
i made a new city in this same region and the same thing is happing the thing is in all the older citys it does not .
it did not start happing untill i bought transendence teck PS sorry for spelling .
lord games compleatly busted opened my main city region ( not the one i posted about here a much older one with all teck unlocked and millions in every resource and independent as well . when pay roll came the colonists number was reset .
so every few minits when payrolll comes colonists are reset along with payroll comeing very fasat within mints sometime
it must be tied in with buying the high teck rescearch stuff as this was not happing when the colony did not yet have transendence
i even tried setting all pay to 0 and when payroll comes it shows 0 owed for the 14 k new colonists i got and it still reset the colonists nuber to zero and again this is happing in two Different regions so its not just one being messed up
Mine is doing the same thing. every time I pay payroll. my number of colonists go way down. This is a well established colony. even with the cloning on, my numbers are going down.
well i made a entirely new region and started a city and as soon as payroll hit colonists went to 0
a bigger colony with tons of cloning plants and 300 k colonists will just keep lousing chunks of colonists enough coloning plants does reduce the bug a bit
I can't figure out how you guys are making this happen. I have started tons of colonies on 1.0 for testing now and done payroll many, many times with no issue. I have went all the way to independence with no problem.
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You know it just dawned on me guys, I don't think it's the payroll that is killing your colonists, it is probably the lack of medical facilities, since the birth/death calculations also happen on the same time interval as payroll. Make sure you have enough medical facilities in your colony.
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Same, the only way to "destroy" the colony population is to don't have food/water, or clinic. Once i got food/water and make the correct utility (fun/clinic/school) the pop is fine.
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