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Bug Reporting Changes

I have made some changes to the Bug Reporting sections for both My Colony and My Colony 2 to hopefully make it a bit easier to track bugs and their progress. This was done by making a new "Bug Tracker" page type, which looks like this:

New bugs can be created by any user, and the author of the bug (or a page moderator) has the ability to mark issues as closed or to re open them. Anyway, it's fairly simplistic at the moment, but it might be expanded later on, so if you have suggestions on things I should add to the new bug tracker sections, feel free to reply to this post and let me know!
the open / closed flag is a nice touch.

Instead to create several section for each problem, a icon for easy display the problem section? Like persistent error connection, or save problem, or graphic, UI, game mechanisms, crash, ecc,

Maybe something related to the gravity, a little graphic glitch isn't like a game crashed every 5min destroying all saved game. But.. perhaps only mod/admin should have this ability. like 0 to 7: 0 is nothing , 1-3 annoying problem, 4-6 big problem, 7 apocalypses level bug.

Also a small counter, where players can just click a button, to see how many players have encountered the same problem.

So.. what you prefer to see, in the page, for easy see and filter the topic?
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