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Resource harvesting bug VERSION .51 Chrome

#1 2017-12-01 14:58:53
.51 Chrome When a resource gets filled and bots are still harvesting the games resources stop counting and many types of bots frezz .
Stopping the bots from harvesting and the game once again works .

This is a critical bug as a new colony will have very limited water storage and when water storage gets full the bug happens but stopping the water bots from harvesting is a bad option as a few k storage empty's quickly .
BOTS can NOT IDLE harvest - full storage causes this bug but water bots need to be able to harvest .

Try and see start a new colony put in 2 water storage build a few water bots fill teh storage and watch and bots mining ore the ore will show no ingress any bots building say solar cells will still build BUT again show no ore usage .

and like i say it also causes bots to frezz mainly the higher lv bots every thing above the green bot frezzes .

PS TO the MOD the programmer needs to know of the bug if you delete Real bug post he may not know of the bug .
#2 2017-12-01 17:38:43
Thank you @colbya this was a good bug report with exact steps to reproduce.
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