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The Big Rock Flying has increased payroll assistance to 75%!!! We have an abundance of resources now to assist with growth and trade. If you are interested in join the Commenwealth or establish a Diplomacy.
6y ago
Thank you for the stats! I love stats in simulations like MyColony. The more stats you have the more I dive into it! If you want to add more stats in the game I would like to see more from the contracts sold on the GBT. I've spent more time in there looking at the ticker and pricing. I would like to see what I have sold and how much profit etc.
6y ago
Hello Everyone!

As you see we have lots of resources in the game now and if you have had a colony for more than 6 months it probably has a ton resources sitting around waiting to be used. How about an arcade?

Small Arcade
Power usage 300
Constantly uses Microchips, Toys, and Food
Employees +6
Generates $1 every few ticks
10 guests
20 tourists
6y ago
Around 10,000 atmosphere is when they complain. Keep it under 15,000. I keep it in the 5 to 9,000 range.
6y ago
I suggest the need of some type of domed grocery store maybe if you do not have enough atmosphere or just love seeing your colonist in their space helmets.
6y ago
Well there it is. An unhappy person visiting the Arcology
6y ago
Forcedminer said:colonists will only use entertainment if they're happiness is low.
when they're perfectly happy they have no reason to go to a park or pub.

while it doesn't always look like its in use chances are some colonists will use it at 99% happiness for literally a second.

Good to know. Thank you.
6y ago
I remember a few updates ago I could get a few guests to use the Internet Relay Booth (I guess they have fiber at home now) and the Green Dome when we did not have an atmosphere. However now no one is using anything except the tourists. Has it not been coded or maybe the colonists don't care?

6y ago
If you are connected online you can go to the League Trade Authority or start a Diplomacy. Diplomacy has worked well for me in this game.
6y ago
I am also interested in Diplomacy! I have had 2 successful fair trades. Let me know what you are interested in trading for and I can see what I can provide. I currently have interest in the following items:

* Aluminum
* Robot
* Gold
* Plastic

6y ago

Charter Code: J3l0kOP7

As we travel the universe we all seek a place to call home. However we fell in love with a big rock instead of a planet. Well it's big enough to call home. One thing leads to another and now it has fertile land and citizens. We even have mice-looking sheep that produce an excellent wool. It almost feels like silk! One thing is for sure if you join us we will help you out with any resources we can. All we ask for is a little help also. Plenty of Micey-wool for your clothing needs.

6y ago
bastecklein said:You also need to keep in mind that the death star isn't going to just build itself. It takes $$$$

Dolla dolla bills ya'll! LOL! Thanks for the hard work Bastecklein.
6y ago
I like it. Seems fair and sometimes I can find fair trades.
6y ago
Excellent Thank you!
6y ago
Well I just got hit with my Galactic Tax and got referred to this page. I'm always OK with updates and re-balancing. I was just starting to make money by selling goods at reasonable prices. BIG FLYING ROCK always has fair prices. We are your goto market ;-) (yep selling my planetary soul for profits).
6y ago
Yes I see. However will the Galactic Emperor come back for more of my profits? :-) I am wondering what triggers the Windfall Tax in the latest version. Has a list of updates posted for 44.0? I started playing the online mode last week and I find it more engaging with this feature turned on. Thanks by the way for all the hard work. <Sorry Just noticed the link in your reply!> Thanks again!
6y ago
I noticed that the web browser has updated to 44.0 but not the native client. So I imported my native file to the browser and got hit with a Windfall Tax. I'm OK with it. However what is the reasoning for it?

6y ago


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