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Arcades to use up some resources.

Hello Everyone!

As you see we have lots of resources in the game now and if you have had a colony for more than 6 months it probably has a ton resources sitting around waiting to be used. How about an arcade?

Small Arcade
Power usage 300
Constantly uses Microchips, Toys, and Food
Employees +6
Generates $1 every few ticks
10 guests
20 tourists
I like the idea @bertant, but I think that $1 every few ticks would cause a lot of processes to be done for just one building. For every round a building makes, it has to process information, so having a round happen every few ticks for say, 600 arcades might cause toms of lag. Instead of $1 every 3 or 4 ticks, let's do $50 every 10 seconds, or $100 every 20 seconds, and that would reduce the amount of processes that each arcade takes up.

Either way, if this building gets added it's going to make people tons of money.
that's not correct. It doesn't causes any lag if the round is shorter or longer....
Its me Lego.
How do you know. Is it because you tried stringing together a bunch of low round buildings and having them work, or did bast personally tell you that they don't do it? An explanation is warranted.
or you can add a big casino
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