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The Commonwealth of Big Rock Flying


Charter Code: J3l0kOP7

As we travel the universe we all seek a place to call home. However we fell in love with a big rock instead of a planet. Well it's big enough to call home. One thing leads to another and now it has fertile land and citizens. We even have mice-looking sheep that produce an excellent wool. It almost feels like silk! One thing is for sure if you join us we will help you out with any resources we can. All we ask for is a little help also. Plenty of Micey-wool for your clothing needs.

Have you thought of joining the FFF, a very active discord community? We have many colonies (200+) and will help you a lot both with your Commonwealth and with resources, advice etc. Join here -
Join the FFF -
I am also interested in Diplomacy! I have had 2 successful fair trades. Let me know what you are interested in trading for and I can see what I can provide. I currently have interest in the following items:

* Aluminum
* Robot
* Gold
* Plastic

The Big Rock Flying has increased payroll assistance to 75%!!! We have an abundance of resources now to assist with growth and trade. If you are interested in join the Commenwealth or establish a Diplomacy.
My Colony

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