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Hey noble explorers, looking for new adventure? My Colony is a great place to find one. And there is no better way to play than to be part of a Commonwealth. so join NewRedland and start a thriving colony with me.
charter code:RuV23xQG
Why me? Well there are two types of commonwealths in this game, first the ones who give you everything, consequently that takes the experience away from you, Second: those who give you nothing, allowing you to experience the game in its good and bad time. so what kind of commonwealth am I? I find myself in the middle, ill offer generous starting packs to get you past the doldrums of the beginning while also letting you figure out how to play.
also join the First Future Federation, a discord community full of friendly and helpful people. here is the link
hope to see ya soon
6y ago
so I have been using the arcology building as housing for large blocks of buildings for example I have a central arcology and around that I have a bunch of alu generators. is this an effective way for housing or would it be better to use the tall housing tower?
6y ago
Hey!!! If you are looking to join a commonwealth that offers a good balance between getting a colony started fast and actually being able to play the game for yourself, this is the place for you. Most commonwealths give there colonies 1000%+ payroll assistance and tons of resources. I on the other hand have a good 75% payroll so you get most of your money back. Also I will gladly give you resources if you need them. Join today for a great game experience!!!
charter code: RuV23xQG
6y ago
also for your information my salary reimbursement is currently set at 75%
6y ago
Join the commonwealth of NewReddland. I try and help out as much as I can, I'm part of the First Future Federation, and I let you actually play the game instead of spoon-feeding you everything; although I have no problems giving you resources if you need them and I like to give resources to fledgling colonies to speed up the beginning of the game. anyway join me and together well rule the multiverse, charter code: RuV23xQG
terms and conditions apply; hahaha just kidding, although i will rescind charter if not active within like a year or more :P

6y ago
how much money is too much?
6y ago
so i just annexed a colony fro United Earth. this colony has 0 population, i dont know how they died. but anyway this colonies landing pads arent working. has plenty of power and lots of stockpiled resources!?!?!?
6y ago
i should probably include my charter code lol :RuV23xQG
6y ago
Welcome to The Commonwealth of NewRedland. I am currently looking for new sub-colonies AND other commonwealths to join my rudimentary Free Galactic Federation. Using in game embassy establishments we can send each other messages and resources.
- thank you for taking the time to read this post
- Nathan
6y ago
Hey all,
So in my recent trading ventures I have noticed a lot of things that could be done better with the GBT.
1. With some resources there are contracts by the thousands. Who knows how old these contracts are. I even found some of my contracts that are months old. So my suggestion is after a period maybe a day, week, or month, the contract, if not purchased, is returned to the sender. I am sure there might be some problems with that, but I can't think of any so please let me know what those problems may be.
2. Some resources are incredibly expensive, my solution, a resource barter system in addition to the current currency system. In this system you can barter you goods for other goods without paying hundreds of millions and or tens of billions of dollars for 100 of x. this way people can perform interplanetary trade better. For instance a Zolarg based planets could trad antium, or ant paste for a resource they cannot readily acquire.
6y ago
Come join this generous and prosperous commonwealth. I gift resources often, whenever needed. I also will give money to my child colonies if they are in need. I do expect child colonies to pay their taxes. If ever taxes of wages become too burdensome on an economy I will step in to make sure that colony stays afloat. COME JOIN NEWREDLAND TODAY!!!!.
6y ago


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