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[FFF] and Commonwealth of NewRedland.

Hey noble explorers, looking for new adventure? My Colony is a great place to find one. And there is no better way to play than to be part of a Commonwealth. so join NewRedland and start a thriving colony with me.
charter code:RuV23xQG
Why me? Well there are two types of commonwealths in this game, first the ones who give you everything, consequently that takes the experience away from you, Second: those who give you nothing, allowing you to experience the game in its good and bad time. so what kind of commonwealth am I? I find myself in the middle, ill offer generous starting packs to get you past the doldrums of the beginning while also letting you figure out how to play.
also join the First Future Federation, a discord community full of friendly and helpful people. here is the link
hope to see ya soon
My Colony

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