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Revamped Galactic Board of Trade

Hey all,
So in my recent trading ventures I have noticed a lot of things that could be done better with the GBT.
1. With some resources there are contracts by the thousands. Who knows how old these contracts are. I even found some of my contracts that are months old. So my suggestion is after a period maybe a day, week, or month, the contract, if not purchased, is returned to the sender. I am sure there might be some problems with that, but I can't think of any so please let me know what those problems may be.
2. Some resources are incredibly expensive, my solution, a resource barter system in addition to the current currency system. In this system you can barter you goods for other goods without paying hundreds of millions and or tens of billions of dollars for 100 of x. this way people can perform interplanetary trade better. For instance a Zolarg based planets could trad antium, or ant paste for a resource they cannot readily acquire.
contracts expire after 3 days, and prices depends on the value. If a resource is hard to produce or rare, it costs much. of its easy to produce and common, it doesn't costs much. that's how trading works
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