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maybe its in the Hall Of Congress?
6y ago
I like the Idea of magnetite and the blast furnace planet, but it would be cool it magnetite could be tradable and used for other kinds of buildings on different planets. The rads and core technology seem a little much to be added to the game. I feel like additions of that nature would be ideal after education and crime are added.
6y ago
I feel like the Reptilians are going to end up too overpowered. There should be a critical weakness that they should have, like having ore be super expensive to make. This would make this race more balanced with the less OP civilizations.
6y ago
Fatigue is caused by long workdays and long commute lengths. You can fix that by changing the workload to light in your consulate or re-organizing your colony to have adequate housing within 20 tiles of the work building. Fatigue is shown in individual colonists by their energy level.

Homelessness is what it is; There isn't enough housing to give each colonist somewhere to live. To solve this build more houses that are at within 20 tiles of a work building.

Poverty is caused when colonists are very poor. You can solve this by giving all colonists a stimulus package or by raising their salary.

Health is when colonists are severely fatigued or when they do not have enough food or water. You can solve this by making them happier by giving the colonists money so they will stop protesting or by building hospitals.

Unemployment is when there are not enough jobs for colonists to fill. Solve this by building buildings that need a lot of workers.

Depression is the one I am least sure on. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that its when colonists don't have enough entertainment and it can be solved by building entertainment buildings.
6y ago
Are you missing a resource needed to build it?
6y ago
I like the resource cost and the first picture. This would be a cool futuristic look for wind turbines
6y ago
I have a bunch of ideas for this game but unfortunately I have no artwork. This is just a random dump of my ideas and feel free to add some, all, or none of these.

1. Wind Turbine: This would be a structure with power generation between the solar tower and nuclear plant. There is a pretty big drop off between the expensive cost of the nuclear power and the relative cheapness of the solar towers. I propose a wind turbine that would cost double the solar tower plus some microchips for better mid-game power generation.

2. In game federations: I have been thinking about how this could be implemented for a long time now. Federations would be created using the hall of congress plus a large fee of civics. The owner could add co-owners, change the federation from public to private, and manage the federation all from inside of the congress hall. Players could join federations from their capitols.

3. Desert planet: The desert planet would be a human planet with a difficulty of medium or hard. Many of the textures already needed are in the game already. (sand, sand dune, cacti, palm tree, etc.) This would be an easy world to just plop into the game.

4: Biodome: I dont have a lot of specifics on this, but it would be a large glass dome that provided entertainment and research.

5: Energy pavement: This would be an incredibly fast upgrade to dark pavement that would speed up rovers beyond belief. It would be black with animated neon arrows on it.

6: Junkyard planet: This map would be "hard" and would be accessible by the LIS and zolarg. At the beginning of this map you start with 20 million trash and 20 million atmosphere. You would have to use a detoxification plant, (more on that later) to get clean water for your colony. The upside of this colony would be that aluminum would be very easy to find early on and there would be many "Aluminum chunks" Scattered across the map to provide you with a large starting amount.

7: A way to destroy rivers: Not really that big of a thing to add, but on the earthlike planet the river blocks a significant part of the map and it would be really useful if the water wasn't infinite.

8: Alien planet: When humanity explores space not everything will always go according to plan. This alien planet would show the strangeness that could potentially be found beyond our planet. This map would have purple soil, thermal pools that would require a detox plant to get water from, and craters that would have random minerals in them. This planet would also have strange blue trees with more wood than fir trees. The starting atmosphere on this planet would be 1 million

9. Detoxification plant: This would be a structure to generate water on toxic worlds. The first tier would be 1x1 and generate a little water. The second tier would still be 1x1 but would produce 7 times the water. After that, you could use atmosphere condensers.

10. Living planet: This map would be medium to hard. It would take the form of a moon sized organism with an atmosphere of 5 Million at the start. You would need to use a detox plant to get water from the planet. This would offer strange resources early on that would be very valuable to different races. This map would be available to UE and Zolarg.

11. Natural Gas: A new resource used for mechanical buildings and massive rovers
Thanks for being patient with my ideas and the length of them. Again, i'm sorry there's no artwork or specifics about the buildings but there's a lot of ideas and I cant use Inkscape to save my own life. Be sure to leave a comment telling me what you think of these ideas
6y ago
Merry Christmas!
6y ago
When I am sending people gifts, I often click on the report message button my accident. Could you please make this button harder to accidentally press or at least have a conformation message when you press it?
6y ago
Something that could be used for extreme atmosphere reduction could be a Carbon Sequestration Facility. Carbon sequestration is when CO2, which atmosphere in MC basically is, gets thrown underground or under the ocean to keep it from polluting the atmosphere. I think it would be cool to have a high tech well structure that would drain atmosphere very quickly for the lava world.
6y ago
This idea is so well thought out with so many pictures and ideas. I really hope that it is added to the game. I think that this has a real chance of being in 0.48. Keep up the good work!
6y ago
I really like the graphics. They look stunning!
6y ago
This is a good but difficult idea to implement. I would really like to see this added.
6y ago
I think it would be cool if there could be an ancient alien light structure for mid to late game that would light up a significant part of the map. Especially if the light was purple.
6y ago
I think that colonies need more lighting than just the small light post.
Some better lights could be
arc lamp: up from lightpost
Large lamp: 2*2 tiles better than arc lamp
Ancient alien beacon: Large area purple light used in late game.
This was made really fast and without much thought but I just noticed that the human civilization could use more lights.
6y ago
It looks really cool. I thought about a focused solar tower too but yours looks way better.
6y ago
Commonwealths are groups of nonindependent colonies. Federations are large groups of commonwealths.
6y ago
The reason the discord federations exist is to prepare for the addition of federations in the near future. So, they will be added, we just aren't sure when.
6y ago
In the capitol there could be a section called satellites where you could make different satellites based on how much tech you had and how many resources you have. There could be the basic satellite which you unlock just after independence that would generate research and money. Then there would be the small space station and large space station that would require colonists, food and water to make more research and money but also have an option to explore another planet as an extension of your main colony for some obscene amount of money and resources. It would require the technology "space stations" for 1,000,000 research as well as "provinces" for the missions. Then there would be the orbital battle station which would be ridiculously expensive and require 1,000 colonists as well as food and water. It would generate lots of research as well as being able to send out more missions.Also it would have the option to mass execute your colonists at the cost of a lot of happiness in the other people. It would require the tech "Orbital lasers" and "Defensive shields" Which would be 100,000,000 research each.

These structures would only hypothetically exist and not be rendered in-game. Under the satellites section there would be an option to create a satellite, manage the missions and use the satellites special features, as well as view your list of satellites. It could be a lot like the embassy section in the capitol except with no charter codes or physical buildings.

I think the basic satellite would look something like the Hubble space telescope
The small space station would look like the international space station
The large space station would look like the one from 2001: a space oddesy
The orbital battle station would look like a combination between the death star from "star wars" and the world engine from "man of steel."

Thanks for reading, I know it was a lot but i really hope that this is added to really enhance gameplay
6y ago


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