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In the capitol there could be a section called satellites where you could make different satellites based on how much tech you had and how many resources you have. There could be the basic satellite which you unlock just after independence that would generate research and money. Then there would be the small space station and large space station that would require colonists, food and water to make more research and money but also have an option to explore another planet as an extension of your main colony for some obscene amount of money and resources. It would require the technology "space stations" for 1,000,000 research as well as "provinces" for the missions. Then there would be the orbital battle station which would be ridiculously expensive and require 1,000 colonists as well as food and water. It would generate lots of research as well as being able to send out more missions.Also it would have the option to mass execute your colonists at the cost of a lot of happiness in the other people. It would require the tech "Orbital lasers" and "Defensive shields" Which would be 100,000,000 research each.

These structures would only hypothetically exist and not be rendered in-game. Under the satellites section there would be an option to create a satellite, manage the missions and use the satellites special features, as well as view your list of satellites. It could be a lot like the embassy section in the capitol except with no charter codes or physical buildings.

I think the basic satellite would look something like the Hubble space telescope
The small space station would look like the international space station
The large space station would look like the one from 2001: a space oddesy
The orbital battle station would look like a combination between the death star from "star wars" and the world engine from "man of steel."

Thanks for reading, I know it was a lot but i really hope that this is added to really enhance gameplay
Finally! Another Space Odyssey fan!
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