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Around 2 years ago I've created this post which is about the unofficial timeline for the world in My Colony.

Since then, our favorite dev @bastecklein had referenced a lot of things in that post when expanding the actual lore of My Colony, eventually My Colony Universe is officially born which connected various My Colony spin-off games together.

Now I've reviewed my long and old post which isn't really something refined (and somehow grammatically terrible), I've decided to create an revised version of it. While refining and altering some context and contents, there will also be few new major events as new additions.
Another major change is about events during the Old Earth era and the time transitioning to United Earth, which I would like to make them slightly more reasonable, though the progress would still be relatively accelerated compared to reality.


This post is very long - it will take some time to read.

Not all details have been officially included canon or actually took place in any games related to My Colony Universe. The actual events may also vary with those mentioned in this post.
Anyways, it's just for reference, I recommend reading it in a relaxing manner. :P
The unit of time measurement is based on Earth calendar.

Time of the Ancients
(Uncertain, estimated to be billions of years before Alpha Draconians)

Once upon a time there was an thriving civilization ruled over the Milky Way Galaxy, which now they are called The Ancients. Even in the Royal Libraries of Alpha Draconians, not much documentations of their unimaginably long history has been recovered, but many of them become legends and folklore among various old and elder civilizations across the Milky Way. The following events are what known to the present-day Milky Way.

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Time of the Ancients
The Old Holy Galactic Empire
The oldest trace of The Ancients that can be found in present-day.

Some artifacts from this period reflected worship of pure energy entities, which its sophisticated pantheon have shown distant relationship and influence to cultural and religious beliefs of some races of Milky Way.
Titan War
Perhaps the most well-known conflict in the Ancients' period, it took place around the late Holy Galactic Empire period - A legend of two dominant galactic powers battle for their total domination of Milky Way.
The Titanis was the sole opponent of the Old Galactic Empire at that time, it is a collective of races under the rule of Titans, a race of colossal entities. However, unable to surpass Empire in terms of the ability to manipulate raw energy and matter, the Titans end up defeated and extinct after the war.

Various wartime relics form both Empire and Titanis are discovered. However the reliability of several Titan relics (particularly some Titan remains) are doubted by modern historians and scientists (and even some New Galactic Empire scholars) and the debates still goes on today.
Grand Division of Pharan Empire
Phara was the largest ally of Old Galactic Empire and strongest of the minor powers during the Titan War. However, after a chain of internal political events, the Pharan Empire split into divided Dynasties ruled by their respective Grand Houses.

Most ancient Pharan documentations were permanently lost during the event.
Dark Galactic Empire
The period after the Old Galactic Empire crushed their sole rival of the galaxy and achieved galactic dominance.

For some reason, the Old Galactic Empire abandoned their belief of energy entities, instead, near-fanatical dedication exploring ultimate possibilities of dark matter becomes the major feature of this period.

Despite it is the period after the Holy Empire, unfortunately, information of this period is relatively more scarce - The multidimensional complexity of their relics keeps information in them highly difficult to be discovered and extracted.
Reptilian Exodus to the Milky Way
The first records of Reptilian immigrants into the Milky Way from another galaxy was during the Dark Galactic Empire period. From some documents of Alpha Draconians, Reptilian ancestors started as nomads with only mostly low tech equipment when their "primitive" intergalactic transport landed on the Outer Rim Region.
Empire-Reptilian Conflict
While Reptilians tried to make themselves a new home at Outer Rim Region, Old Galactic Empire was unwelcoming towards the continuous immigration of the Reptilians. As a result several conflicts broke out, but none never end up into a major war.

After several head-on confrontations and negotiations, Reptilians signed permanent truce with the Old Galactic Empire and earned their space of survival, however, the Empire barricaded all the remaining immigrants from entering Milky Way, which the fates of these immigrants remained unknown.
Second Pharan Empire
After millenniums of internal conflicts, Pharans barely reunited themselves, the Second Pharan Empire was established and maintained relative cohesion and peace between Grand Houses for the long period afterwards.
Vanishing of The Ancients
One of the largest mysteries in Milky Way history, which the entire population and objects of the Old Galactic Empire, vanished.
There had been many hypothesizes trying to explain the event, the most popular one being The Ancients successfully achieved certain breakthroughs in science and transcended into higher beings unrestricted by physical plane.

Radioisotopic raw ether are discovered at planets that were once Imperial settlements, which seemed to be remains of physical biomass of Ancients, or a by-product of the process causing the entire vanishing.

Interbellum, Rise of Reptilians and Draconian Era
(4 million years ~ 2 million years before human history)

After the vanishing of the Ancients, over 80% of the Milky Way became unoccupied and abandoned. This is the period many young races rose to reshape the galactic balance of power, but only the Reptilians became the most successful - From the foundations and physical legacies left by the Ancients, Reptilians thrived as the new superpower of the Galaxy, the Alpha Draconians.

Rise of Reptilians
Early Atlanians and Kingdom of Aqua
Atlanians was an aquatic race that managed to civilize themselves during the Interbellum, and evolved into amphibious creatures that has strong adaptive ability to both dry land and aquatic environments.
Kingdom of Aqua was the first period of Atlanian history they begin space exploration and primitive extraterrestrial colonization.
Reptilian Kingdoms
As the scout ships returned bizarre news that the Ancients had ceased to exist, the Reptilians saw their long waited opportunity expanding towards the Central Vortex. Deeply inspired by the Old Galactic Empire, many Reptilians dreamed of building their own powerful interstellar regime. As a result numerous Reptilian Kingdoms with relatively primitive organization were established, completely replacing their original nomadic society within few decades.
Great Reptilian Expedition
After years of preparation, various Kingdoms launched their expedition to the deeper regions of the Galaxy, returning with generous amount of salvaged bounties from ancient ruins and locations of the abandoned Ancient cities.

Later, Reptilians colonized the Ancient cities as their new settlements.
Bowuland Insectoid Hive Tribes
The earliest form of Bowuland Insectoid (Later Zolarg Insectoids) civilization known. Before the period of Zolarg Empire, Bowuland Insectoid breeds were relatively mild and much less invasive, and achieved developing a society with great self sufficiency and sustainability of food, with knowledge of primitive metallurgy.

With no ideas and ambitions beyond their home Gaia World planet, Insectoids of the period had never entered process of industrialization and space exploration.
Unity Movement of the Atlanians
According to an Atlanian legend, conflicts between Atlanian colony Kingdoms were very common, until inspired by the idea of balance and peaceful coexistence started an peaceful unification movement which led to founding of the present-day Confederation of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Age of the Warring Lords
Reptilians had shown great interest upon the relics and artifacts they salvaged form Ancient sites, and discovered the unimaginable potency they hold. Impressed by the power of ancient technology, it gave rise to Reptilian ambitions of interstellar conquest.
Seek to destroy other potential internal rivals, Reptilians entered a long period of most merciless infighting, just to control the Ancient artifacts they have yet to understand how to use them.
Reptilian Unification War and founding of Alpha Draconians
Kingdom of Draconis had long been one of the weakest kingdom among the Reptilians, until the time of the genius leader Lord Alphari - Draconis strength and influence rose to new heights, on par with the strongest Reptilian Lords. Lord Alphari defeated all other Reptilian Lords just in 10 years, successfully achieved true unification of the entire Reptilian race for the first time in Milky Way Reptilian history since the immigration.
As the unification had completed, Alphari crowned himself as the first Overlord, establishing the Reptilian empire of Alpha Draconians which marked the beginning of Reptilian golden age.
National motto of Alpha Draconians, "Rising from the Harshest to be the Strongest", was also given by Alphari himself, as an reflection to his early life struggles and success.
First Successful Decoding of the Ancient Artifacts
The Ancient Alien research was one of another most impactful achievements and legacies of Overlord Alphari during his reign, for he had greater insight over the usage of alien artifacts. Alpha Draconians was also among the first ones establishing an dedicated and successful institute studying Ancient artifacts and relics, which Overlord Alphari also personally participated in it in addition to providing material and political support.
From the further understanding over these ancient gadgets, Alpha Draconians effectively reverse-engineered Ancient advancements for their own purpose. The absolute technological supremacy of Alpha Draconians gained from Ancient knowledge effectively turned the Reptilian empire into the sole and most brutal galactic superpower of the time.
Reptilian Galactic Conquest
The next and the largest conquest of Reptilians took place during the reign of fourth Overlord Ks'khip, the infamous Scourge of the Galaxy who led the Draconian legions spread destruction across half of the Milky Way galaxy.
Many of the territories conquered by Overlord Ks'khip formed the foundations of core Alpha Draconian regions in Milky Way Galaxy. In addition, the subjugation of various alien races including Bowuland Insectoids which provided Alpha Draconians productive slave laborers for millenniums.

The conquest was an important point of history which Reptilian power and influence reached its peaks, the time when Reptilians began call themselves ‘the descendants of the Ancients’.
Mystic Galactic Domination Doctrine
While Overlord Ks'khip ruled by brutally asserting direct Draconian dominance over half of the Milky Way, his successor Ka'kropp had a completely different idea, advocating a complete different doctrine of ruling the Reptilian empire.
In a more secretive and unsuspecting approach, Alpha Draconians maintain control over conquered territories with minimal public personnel and have most of the actual administration and enforcement done covertly. Through asserting the ideas that Alpha Draconians were unreachable and all-powerful deity beyond their intellect, subjugated objects and vassals would never dare to resist and defect.
Disassembly of Second Pharan Empire
While the Second Pharan Empire remained relatively unchanged and peaceful since its establishment, many aspects of the Empire itself declines day by day. Eventually, the Pharan Empire officially dissolved themselves.

Pharans are permanently divided into hundreds of independent tribes and scattered across the stars, rapidly degenerating into theocratic medieval civilization technologically and culturally.
Reptilian-Atlanian Conflicts
Years since the Great Conquest, Reptilians had several attempts throwing invasion on the aquatic homelands of Atlanian Kingdoms, however heavy local resistance of Atlanians turned most of the attempts thwarted and to no anvil.
At the end of this series of conflicts over the millennium, Alpha Draconians withdrawn their forces from Atlanian territory and never mentioned invading Atlanian planets since after.

The Revival of Insectoid Civilization
(Parallel to 19th~20th century of Human timeline)

Ever since the Alpha Draconians subjugated the Bowuland Insectoids, the history of being enslaved for millions of years was the darkest history of Insectoids. However, from countless of torture and survival struggles, Bowland Insectoids had evolved into highly expansive and adaptive breeds of wide variety. Meanwhile, years without significant challenges or greater ambitions had also turned Alpha Draconians internally corrupt and indolent.
Parallel to the 19th to 20th century of mankind, an slave uprising in Alpha Draconains marked another major turning point of Milky Way history.

The Revival of Insectoid Civilization

Draconis-12 Uprising
In the distant slave farm colony of wetland planet Draconis-12, to no Reptilians' expectation, the Alpha Draconian colony was overthrown by a planetary-scale Insectoid slave uprising led by an enlightened Insectoid named Zolarg, all Draconian personnel either purged or missing.

The first group of freed Insectoids renamed the planet to Zolarg Prime after their leader, which became the new home world of the Insectoid civilization. At the same time, the uprising leader Zolarg himself was crowned emperor for life of the people of Zolarg Prime, and Zolarg Empire is established.
Insectoid Uprising Movements
While Alpha Draconians attempted to cover up the incident, words of Draconis-12 uprising spread quickly among the Insectoids of other Draconian slave colonies.
Encouraged and inspired by the Zolarg's success, other Insectoids followed similar path. Though not all had been successful, the series of uprising movements successfully took over large numbers of Alpha Draconian colonies and cities. Most of the Insectoids who earned their freedom joined the Zolarg Empire's cause in the sacred war toppling their ancestral enemy.
Insectoid Revival War
Soon Alpha Draconians took retaliatory actions against the uprising movements, attempting regain control of the slaves by sheer might of regular military forces. In this 27 year long war of attrition, both sides took heavy losses, however, despite technologically superior, Draconian forces never managed to outmatch Zolarg forces in numbers and replenishment rate. Eventually, Draconian forces were forced to withdraw from Zolarg-controlled territory to regroup after local war reserves had been depleted.
The War ended with Zolarg victory. Zolarg Empire earned their needed time and space to redevelop their civilization, while the internal declining of Alpha Draconians were exposed to the galaxy.
‘Groot Opwekkingsplan’
This period was also known as the ‘Great Revival Period’, the period when Emperor Zolarg formulated the policies and plans for early Zolarg Empire focusing on reconstruction, redevelopment and expansion of the Insectoid civilization, with the ultimate goal acquiring capability to confront Alpha Draconians head-on.
Combining sheer workforce volume of Insectoids, rediscovered ancestral knowledge and industrial knowledge acquired form Alpha Draconian machines, Zolarg Empire quickly established their industrial and technological foundations and rose as a supernova of galactic power.
Declaration of Insectoid Liberation
After the ‘Groot Opwekkingsplan closed with stunning success, Emperor Zolarg made a declaration on behalf of Insectoids to Alpha Draconians - the Zolarg Empire, will liberate the remaining brothers and sisters under the unrightful Draconian slavery at all costs.
The Declaration officially established the ultimate objective of the wars against Alpha Draconians.

The Old Earth Era
(Year -2051)

The Old Earth Era is defined as the period before United Earth in human history. The late Old Earth Era is the time when humans begin exploring the deeper space and other stars, as well as beginning extensive colonization beyond Earth.

The Old Earth Era

Jameson Theories (2027)
The quantum physics scientist Professor Lob E. Jameson published a paper about theories associated with space continuum mechanics which provided basis for future development of long range space travel between systems.
First Practical Fusion Propulsion Engine (2031)
As the first commercial-use fusion reactors achieved success in the late 2020s, it provided valuable experience for developing further uses of nuclear fusion power, including the innovative idea to use it for propulsion. First practical fusion propulsion engine for spacecrafts was built in 2031.
First Probe exiting Solar System (2033)
USP Discovery was the first successful probe that traveled beyond boundaries of Solar System and reached another star system (Alpha Centauri). It's launched from Earth at 2033, returning valuable data of planets of Alpha Centauri system starting from 2037.
Space Colonization Race of Solar System (2032-2047)
With long range space travelling became more possible at the time, it kickstarted a space race at larger scale. It was one historical milestone for humanity - first attempts of an extensive space colonization in history.
Both directly and indirectly, at least 65% nations of the world participated in it. Among the governmental bodies and independent organizations in the race, some seek for wealth and influence, some seek for opportunities and a new start, some seek for knowledge and discovery.
At the peak period of the space race, colony activities could be found around and on mainly Moon and Mars, and to certain extent, Venus and Jupiter.
However, the space race came to complete halt around late 2040s, hampered by instability on Earth caused by Earth Resource Crisis.
Earth Resource Crisis (2039-2057)
Catalyzed by political and commercial rivalries on Earth, the space race had escalated to higher levels within a decade. Various parties increased their bets and investments into their colonization projects, leading to resource consumption increasing to unprecedented levels for the following years. Worries regarding depletion of known resource reserves on Earth arises starting from mid 2039, and became actual problems in the 2040s.
In the meantime, uncontrolled industrial activities of the space race had also accelerated climate change which catastrophically turned Earth much less habitable. The climate impacts were strongly associated to occurrence of famine and abnormal morality in major countries starting from 2043.
At 2047, by the severe shortage of various resources, social instability on Earth reached critical levels.
The crisis seen no sign of alleviation until 2057.
The Grand Collapse (2051)
Severely affected by the Earth Resource Crisis, major governmental bodies on Earth lost their economic and political capability to maintain basic functions on an nation, end up either overthrown by displeased mobs of starving people, or disband themselves under pressure. In a chain reaction, similar events happened to nations all across the globe, which all turned into lands of anarchy and chaos.
This event is often referred as the end point of Old Earth era.

The United Earth Era

Right after the Grand Collapse, on Earth was the absolute chaos of no law and order where civilization degenerates and anarchy scourges the world. In the meantime, colonies outside Earth were left stranded without contact and support, struggling survive on their own.
However, the end of an old era is also the beginning of an new greater era - This is the era when United Earth rises to power and reunify humanity, and elevating human civilization to the greater levels, to beyond Solar System, to the distant stars.

The United Earth Era
Dissolution of United Nations and Formation of United Earth Movement (UEM) (2051-2052)
Without any existing members at all, and at the edge of ‘bankruptcy’, the United Nations officially dissolved, with most of the assets sold and transferred to a group of political aristocrats and plutocrats. The group absorbed the functions and assets of United Nations, and ambitiously rebranded it into United Earth Movement (UEM) during early 2052, which aimed to unify the entire humanity, and restore prosperity and order of the Old Earth era.
Earth Reunification War (2054-2055)
During the 2 years of preparation, UEM rallied manpower and resources from around the globe through black markets and government fire sales, while gaining stable bases of operations by assisting reestablishment of government on mainly Western Europe and Eastern half of North America.
At mid 2054, UEM officially initiated their military campaign with superior (but still rather limited) reserve of resources, rapidly brought major cities under control in the early months, then the cities were used as staging grounds to drive resistance of warlord and anarchists out of the region, ultimately encircling and destroying them.
Near the end of the 1.4 year long war, UEM controlled over 74% of the world. With no hope to topple a rising power, remaining resistances surrendered to UEM one by one, and generally accepted annexation in the post-war negotiations.
Official Establishment of United Earth (2056)
Few months after the Earth Reunification War, United Earth and its official governmental structure was established. United Earth took the form of a presidential republic, which the governmental body and the executive body is lead by President of United Earth, General Assembly responsible for legislation and directly responsible to the President.
The General Assembly is the decision-making centre of the United Earth, composed of representatives from different administrative regions to show a certain extent of democracy. However, the President still has absolute power to intervene or even alter the decisions of the General Assembly, in addition to a series of exclusive powers.
Earth Recovery Program (2056-2060)
While Earth became relatively stable in political conditions, as Earth Resource Crisis was still an existent and urgent issue, economic, industrial and environmental recovery became absolute priority of newly-established United Earth. In late 2056, United Earth initiated the Earth Recovery Program which involved habitat reclamation, industrial and economic reforms, prospecting new sources of resources, and reestablishing contact and activities with colonies outside Earth (to integrate external resources to assist recovery of Earth).
Under the effective and efficient coordination of resources of United Earth, only one year later, basic recovery had successfully been achieved, effectively alleviating and roughly neutralizing the impacts of Resource Crisis with no excess burden to space colonies and people on Earth.
At 2060, the economy of Earth had achieved recovery and development to beyond mid-21st century standards, the Program concluded in success.
The successful example of Earth Recovery Program also provided early basis of future terraforming research.
Reinitialization of Space Colonization Programmes (2061)
United Earth reinitialized most of the colonization projects from the Old Earth Era starting from 2061, with changed made to enhance efficiency, facilitate administration from United Earth government, and change of objectives.
The Old Earth Era plans were generally rebranded and integrated into "Earth-Sphere Development Programme (ESDP)", aimed to construct a larger socio-economic body in Solar System centering Earth. Under ESDP, Moon was developed into logistics center composed of shipyards and spaceports, while Mars became the new major industrial center. Large space stations were also built to support distant colonies on Venus and moon colonies around Jupiter.
With breakthroughs in interstellar communications technology, United Earth also set their ambitions to colonize stars beyond Solar System. Newer generation of long range space probes were also sent to other distant stars in search for new unhabited planets for colonization and exploit undiscovered resources
First Reformation of Security Council (2063-2065)
The national security agency of the United Earth, Security Council, went under a series of reformation from 2063 to 2065, improving and fostering the efficiency of peacekeeping missions on Earth and foreign colonies.
The reform included controversial establishment of military police force CLEI (Colonial Law Enforcement Initiative, nicknamed "clay") and associated high pressure security regulations over colonies.
Colonization of Alpha Centauri (2064)
The long-range colony carrier UES Ark-3 was launched from Moon shipyard at 2062, reaching Alpha Centauri and established colonies at year 2064, it was the first time in history mankind send people beyond Solar System.
Establishment of Space Marines (2068)
In order to protect foreign colonies and Earth from potential Alien threats, United Earth Space Marines (UESM) was established.
Space Marines gradually replaced Peacekeepers of the United Earth as part of the official military and security forces.
Autonomous Movements of Frontier Region (2068)
For years, colonies of frontier regions presented their concern and discontent towards the heavily bureaucratic system and excessively strict security policies of United Earth, but were never taken notice by authorities on Earth.
The situation turned into several prolonged region-wide protests demanding exclusion from the oppressive policies, after the 7th time Secretary of General Assembly refused to include the issue into agenda of next General Assembly meeting.
Refused to give up interests, United Earth attempted to pacify the discontent colonies by simple tax exemption and reassigning new colony governors, and never tried to lift the policies the colonies asked to remove.
Further angered by the "disrespectful" attitude of United Earth authorities, protests turned into anti-UE movements advocating decentralization of power form Earth. Eventually, United Earth was forced to grant few colonies status of autonomous territory to put the political crisis to end and made promises of reforming administrative and security polices on colonies.
While the movement seemed to achieve the objective to free from oppressive policies, some anti-UE movements foresee United Earth will eventually go back on their policies and unreliable promises, believing only liberation through true independence would free colonies from oppression of Earth supremacists - Which lead to founding of several underground radical anti-UE organizations.
First Official Contacts with Minor Alien Civilization (2069)
An newly established United Earth colony discovered an underdeveloped alien civilization on the planet Haken-35. United Earth officially contacted the Hakenduzians, establishing the first diplomatic relations with an alien race.
Alien Membership System (2071)
Upon discovery of more minor alien civilizations, there were opinions of establishing a proper system to handle alien diplomacy in smooth manner, while United Earth also saw an opportunity of wealth and influence. In order to convince them sharing their resources with United Earth, the Alien Membership System was established, allowing alien member states to enjoy a series of benefits including protection provided by Space Marines and preferential treatment on trades. In return, the alien member states had to pay yearly membership fees to sustain the privilege.
First Shuttlepod MK-I Entered Service (2071)
Martian Industries (MarsCorps) completed the first commercial-use model of the legendary multipurpose line of starships capable of fast long range trips, atmospheric take-off and re-entry - the Shuttlepod, which entered service in 2071.
The various innovative designs of Shuttlepod became standards of next generation starships of the following years.
Deimos Events (2072)
It was a legend of the legendary Space Marines elite squad led by Sarge, a story to save Earth from an evil artificial intelligence - though, with some confidential details which United Earth decided to keep it highly classified, rumored to be time travel to erase history of a parallel timeline.
Discovery of Terra Nova and Terra Nova Colony Rush (2074-2080)
Year 2077, a space probe discovered a planet having more than three times surface area of Earth, which its characteristics are also surprisingly extremely similar to that of Earth. Later the planet was named as Terra Nova to commemorate the remarkable discovery, it was the first earthlike planet discovered in human history.
The value and promising prospects of colonizing this planet were soon taken notice by United Earth authorities and other parties in United Earth. Soon as United Earth had officially begun the preparations for colonizing Terra Nova, largest corporations and major non-governmental entities presented their petition to participate in the project for a of major share of the planet's resources and interests.
As the United Earth authority was unable to balance the interests and requests of various parties, United Earth decided to turn this colonization project into an open competition (which United Earth end up as one of the competitors), which the shares of Terra Nova would only be granted to those who create groundbreaking achievements or shown excellent competitiveness.
Wormhole Navigation Technology (2075)
A set of technological advancements in space navigation technology allowed safe traveling of wormholes, which the wormholes act as a great shortcuts and highways of space travelling.

Human Civil War

Despite most part of the war were centered on conflict of two forces of humanity, United Earth and League of Independent States, the war had seen involvement of other major civilizations of the Milky Way Galaxy, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians. Having great impacts on the history and future political situation of Milky Way Galaxy, it was considered one of the important historical events that contributed to the beginning of New Galactic Era.

Human Civil War

Independent Terra (2068)
Independent Terra is the foundational ideology adopted by League of Independent States (and its predeceasing entities).
In the years since the Autonomous Movements broke out, explicit forms of independentist ideas were given rise in the frontier regions, some branches were eventually developed into radical ideologies adopted by anti-UE entities, including the most well-known ideology of "Independent Terra", which advocates independence revolution against centralists and Earth supremacists, ultimately liberating mankind by overthrowing United Earth and re-establish a new true liberal government on Earth that respects human rights and treat individual colonies as equals.
As colonists were often considered to be the far lower echelons of society than native residents of Earth, the ideas of Independent Terra were even openly welcomed by some colonies beyond frontier regions that were also dissatisfied with authorities on Earth.
Discovery of Terra Nova, the first earthlike planet discovered by humanity in outer space, in 2074 applied an significant impact on the core ideas of Independent Terra ideology, which led to an ideological split within - Pro-revolutionist which continued the original idea of uproot ruling class on Earth, and Second-Terra-ist (SeT-ist) that suggests rivaling Earth influence by establishing liberal government on Terra Nova.
Independence Coalition (2072)
The potential instability associated to the spread of independentist ideologies during the Autonomous Movement were not left unnoticed by United Earth government. Immediately identifying such ideologies as dangers to governmental and political interests, the Security Council increased CLEI presence in frontier regions and colony sectors with high risk of ideological infiltration, to completely outlaw anti-UE entities.
Soon the anti-UE organizations and Independent Terra supporters found operating campaigns became increasingly difficult under the close watch of CLEI secret police.
In 2072, representatives of anti-UE entities of mainly from the frontier region secretly gathered at Terra Nova, forming the Independence Coalition - the predecessor of League of Independent States, establishing cooperation of running campaigns against UE under the nose of United Earth.
First Contact between humanity and Zolarg Empire (2077)
While the first official contact between United Earth and Zolarg Empire took place at 2080, the actual initial contact took place 3 years earlier (2077), during an encounter in uncharted regions between a black market convoy and a Zolarg prospection ship.
The rumors of the encounter spread quickly in black markets, eventually the piece of intel reached the Independence Coalition. Intrigued, the Coalition concluded with an risky decision - sending a secret diplomatic dispatchment to the Zolarg Ship via the black market vessel, in attempt to establish early relations which could help obtaining crucial support for future military campaign against United Earth.
In 2079, the dispatchment returned with cooperation agreements and an unofficial-and-non-disclosed diplomatic and military cooperation pact from Zolarg Empire, which the Coalition offers human technologies to Zolarg scholars in exchange for material and possible military support of Zolarg expeditionary forces.
The Alpha Draconian Conspiracy and Invasion Plan (~2085)
Since the Insectoid uprising events, Alpha Draconians had been in a difficult situation. The economy over-reliant on expansive and expendable insectoid slave labor had been severely hampered, while the reptilians began questioning the faith and pride of their "all-time invincible" empire.
Taking the Insectoid uprising events as the greatest shame to Alpha Draconians, on Alpha Draconis the dissatisfied reptilian lords and nobles urged Overlord Betah'an taking the responsibility to address the crisis.
To the Lords of Inner Circle (who power, ambitions, cunning and brutality were second to only the Overlord), it was a sign of weakened Overlord. Seeing that as an opportunity to seize the Overlord's power rightfully, the Lords of Inner Circle schemed to remove Overlord Betah'an form the throne.
To Overlord Betah'an, the most effective way silencing his political opponents form the Inner Circle and regaining support from nobles while addressing the crisis at the same time, was to start another conquest. The Overloard carefully selected the most suitable target of conquest - United Earth, which was industrially and economically developed but militarily inferior, non-aware of Alpha Draconians' existance, and possible sowing of internal conflict which allows minimal military efforts to eradicate further resistances.
Terra Nova Incident and Battle of Terra Nova (2087)
Burdened by outrageous taxation set by United Earth over the colonies outside Solar-Sphere region since 2079, Terra Nova was the first colony openly boycotting the tax policies of United Earth, refused to deliver tax payments to General Assembly. General Assembly responded the boycotting by enforcing embargo over Terra Nova, followed by immigration interdiction and military blockade, however all failed with little effect on this almost self-efficient colony.
The Independence Coalition, after years of covered military preparation, saw the incident on Terra Nova provided a narrow but the best opportunity to start what they had planned long ago - a revolutionary war to liberate colonies from tyranny of United Earth. Before the military blockade was enforced, the Coalition sneaked additional military personnel to their branch in Terra Nova.
Heat of the debates over follow-up actions against rebellious acts of Terra Nova lasted for months in General Assembly, politicians arguing the effectiveness of measures used to force Terra Nova giving in, while anti-UE organizations on Terra Nova kept provoking United Earth by rallying local people protesting around governmental administrative facilities. Eventually in 2087, with support of politicians who worried Terra Nova incident would evolve into a copy of of Autonomous Movement in 2068, along with manipulation by Alpha Draconian covert agents - By reason of "open revolt against United Earth", President Ronald Tracy issued order to mobilize Space Marines 35th Regiment for military occupation of and martial law enforcement on Terra Nova, marking the outbreak of Human Civil War.
Main forces of Space Marines occupied the capital city of Terra Nova and dispersed protesters with minimal resistance within 2 hours of operation. However, few minutes after the complete occupation, the main forces were ambushed and encircled by local militia forces led by commander Beuford P. Tots in the city. By element of surprise and home turf advantage of militia forces, the well-equipped Space Marines in the capital city took a heavy casualty rate of 63% and were forced to retreat by escaping to troop ship in planetary orbit.
Other militia forces on Terra Nova driven Space Marine and UE garrisons of military facilities into defeat in the subsequent skirmishes over the week. Gaining control over majority of surface-to-orbit defense weapons on the planet, Terra Nova militias forced complete withdrawal of Space Marines 35th Regiment and blockade fleet from Terra Nova at the end of Battle of Terra Nova.
After the battle, the colonial congress replaced the original colonial government. The congress officially sent an formal declaration of independence to Earth, which declared Terra Nova is no longer a chartered colony of United Earth, the once "second earth" was then renamed "Independent State".
Founding of the League of Independent States (2087)
Following the stunning success in Battle of Terra Nova, Terra Nova became the common symbol of freedom and liberty. The rest member organizations and entities of Independence Coalition, along with colonies of neighboring colony sectors inspired by the incident, followed by overthrowing local colonial government and sever ties with United Earth.
The independent colonies and members of Independence Coalition then officially founded the League of Independent States on Terra Nova.
Terra-to-Earth Campaign (2087-2088)
With support of Beaconburg Fleet and arms supplier BSA from Independent State of Beaconburg (previously Autonomous Colony of Beaconburg), mercenaries recruited from black markets and volunteers from liberated colonies, the newly founded League quickly launched the first military campaign against United Earth - the "Terra-to-Earth Campaign" (In United Earth perspective, "The Defense of Solar System"), targeting core territories of United Earth around Solar System.
Despite United Earth ordered nationwide general mobilization against LIS offensive, the mobilization progresses at sluggish pace. This had left LIS gaining most of the strategic initiative and speed advantage in the early to mid stage of the campaign, the scattered and underprepared United Earth forces were being wiped out by LIS with relative ease.
Zolarg Entry into War (2088)
In late 2087, United Earth completed the strategic defense planning, finished preparations of constructing solid defenses by concentrating majority of military assets in sectors near Solar System.
LIS forces launched the Ragnarok Offensive in early 2088 spearheaded by veteran units form the earlier stages of Terra-to-Earth Campaign, in hope to break the defense lines. However, outmatched by United Earth in terms of superior quantity of troops and supplies, the warfare of attrition eventually blunt the LIS offensive, which LIS forces took significant losses.
Knowing crippled forces stood little chance against possible full strategic counterattack of United Earth, LIS urgently needed to delay United Earth from taking initiative. Shortly after the setback, LIS decided to play their trump card - their secret ally, Zolarg Empire.
Using the missile base (deployed with newly built IWSM which its strike range can reach and cover the entire Solar System) established by LIS and (unexpected) assassination of United Earth President Ronald Tracy as distraction, Zolarg Empire responded to LIS call, sent a full battegroup of Expeditionary Force attacking the other side of United Earth territory, forcing United Earth to fight a war of two fronts.
Despite the two-front strategy did divert pressure from LIS, however, as neither side held major advantage over another, the war turned into a stalemate.
Barracuda Blues Event and Preludes to Alpha Draconian Invasion (2088)
In the heat of Human Civil War, Alpha Draconians sneaked groups of pioneer probes into human territory, constructed portal gates in the unnoticed corners where strongholds were set up for preparations of Overlord's surprise invasion plans.
Lords of Inner Circle had been trying to foil the Overlord's plan from the beginning. By a margin of rare opportunity, one covert operative affiliated to Lords of Inner Circle managed to sabotage the cloak device in secret base on planet Barracuda Blues, exposing the dormant portal and droid battlegroup at the site to United Earth and LIS military.
Upon the discovery of the unknown alien facility on Barracuda Blues, both United Earth and LIS dispatched their own task force trying to seize the alien technology that could change the tide of battle. Violent skirmishes broke out between two sides, contesting control of the facility.
As the news on Barracuda Blues were delivered to Zolarg Expeditionary Force. Familiar with Alpha Draconian cunning strategies, the Insectoids immediately identified the alien facility an Alpha Draconian invasion base. The Zolarg Expeditionary Force then sent their urgent message to LIS ally, warned that such discovery was a curse rather than blessing, and presented worries of this war involved orchestrations of Alpha Draconians, the greater evil they were yet to know.
Already at the edge of dishonoring the reptilian ancestors, the sabotage in invasion base on Barracuda Blues and earlier unexpected entry of Zolarg Empire into the war had left Overlord Betah'an with no choice other than launching a premature invasion.
Battle Against Alpha Draconians (2088-2089)
Caught off guard by surprise, near half of the human forces were obliterated by superior war machines of Alpha Draconians during the initial stage of Alpha Draconian invasion.
With a common enemy, military and political representatives of United Earth, LIS and Zolarg Expeditionary Force met on Earth. Shortly, ceasefire agreements were reached, and an temporary alliance against Alpha Draconian invasion was formed.
The alliance organized several joint operations to strategically delay Alpha Draconian invaders with varying outcome, buying time for LIS and United Earth to replenish losses and regroup respective fighting forces.
In mid 2089, United Earth finished reconstruction of the space armadas, later achieved decisive victories in several space battles against Alpha Draconian warfleets, regaining the space superiority and the tables turned to alliance's favor.
With support from United Earth fleets and exploiting the weakness of long replenishment cycle and inferior quantity of Alpha Draconian forces, alliance forces successfully overwhelmed Alpha Draconian forces, storming major invasion bases. The destruction of the largest but last portal gate stronghold during Battle of Barracuda Blues marked the decisive defeat of Alpha Draconian invaders.
Continuation of Human Civil War (2089)
As Alpha Draconians called their fleets back to home territory and aborted control of droid armies following the defeat at Barracuda Blues, the temporary alliance finished its purpose and was then dismissed, both sides returned to status of conflict.
However, exhausted and tired of war, it was impossible to continue the war at the original massive, interstellar scale, both sides came up with conclusion that the war must be ended by an decisive battle as soon as possible.
Zolarg Empire then exited war by signing a white peace with United Earth weeks after the alliance had been dismissed.
At last, remaining main forces of United Earth and LIS coincidentally met near the strategically important wormhole highway node, over the planet of Kaiserground. After a week of fierce back-and-forth battle on the planet and in the orbit, United Earth gained complete control of the planet, setting LIS forces on a full retreat, concluding the final major battle in Human Civil War.

New Galactic Era

Following the end Human Civil War, marked a major shift in geopolitical patterns of the Milky Way Galaxy - Division of human civilization, decline of Alpha Draconian dominance, rise of the mysterious New Galactic Empire, various smaller civilizations began playing important roles in maintaining galactic balance......
Increasing importance of galactic-scale affairs in this era had reshaped the Milky Way Galaxy, which once again after billions of millenniums, the Milky Way Galaxy thrives under the interaction between civilizations.

New Galactic Era

Armistice of Hoxton (2089)
The Armistice of Hoxton officially ended the Human Civil War, despite an armistice in nature.
The armistice defined the United Earth-LIS border in the future, which the border line was known as the Hoxton Line.
To conclude, nobody achieved total victory in the Human Civil War, however, each side had their objectives completed respectively - United Earth won a tactical victory which LIS could no longer threaten United Earth territory, while LIS achieved their primary aim of independence and establishing a liberal, decentralized government.
Official establishment of League of Independent States (2089)
The main body of the League of the Independent States, the League Council, was officially established 3 months after the Armistice of Hoxton was in effect. By the Joint Declaration of Independent States based on the core ideas of Independent Terra, The League promised fairness, respect, autonomy and freedom to member states.
The League of the Independent States had no actual leader in power. Instead, each member state cooperates under the common principles and shared pacts, bearing the common responsibilities protecting the free people of the League.
Though the establishment of LIS was officially recognized by their ally Zolarg Empire, the United Earth General Assembly declared they would never accept any form of human regime other than itself, the League being an unlawful existence that would threaten the unity and prosperity of mankind.
The Midnight Coup (2089)
With the total defeat of invasion campaign, the core Reptilian society of Alpha Draconians lost all confidence in Overlord Betah'an. Shortly after the end of invasion the Overlord was assassinated by Inner Circle covert agents.
Following the death of the Overlord, the seat of supreme power of Alpha Draconians was then empty. Yet as every Lords of the Inner Circle wished to claim the ultimate trophy of power, political crises escalated to uncontrolled levels by the internal conflicts of the Inner Circle, which later spread all across the administrative body of Alpha Draconians, rendering all but basic administrations of the reptilian empire non-functional.
Catalyzed by the the absence of Overlord and internal political instability, order in Alpha Draconian society was barely maintained, leading to high crime rates and decreased domestic productivity in the following decades.
As a result, dominance of Alpha Draconians began to decline.
Emergence of New Galactic Empire (2089)
Several weeks after the Midnight Coup which had thrown Alpha Draconians into the tarpit of neverending political infighting, control and dominance over the foreign territories of Alpha Draconians were loosened which allowed several vassals and colony broke away with no immediate consequence.
However, majority of these territories were then annexed by another power, which emerged from the Central Vortex region of the Milky Way Galaxy - The New Galactic Empire.
Calling themselves the true descendants of the Ancients, they claimed themselves bearing the destiny to bring the entire galaxy under their grace, a mission of revival to bring the once lost glory of Old Galactic Empire back to life.
Despite lacking the dominating power to contest other major civilizations, the New Galactic Empire had actively been expanding their sphere of influence, and rumored to have unprecedented capacity harnessing the powers of the universe beyond the Ancient technologies.
Bradley's Military Reform (2089-2094)
The new head of the United Earth Security Council, Bradley the Grand Marshal (which was the supreme commander throughout the Human Civil War), threw up a massive military reformation aimed to maintain superiority over the military capabilities of LIS, including expansion and reorganization of Space Marines, modernization of United Earth space fleets, introducing newer professionalism elements in military while maintaining the traditional expansive nature of United Earth military, and incorporation of newer doctrines derived from recent experiences in Civil War.
League Guild of Black Markets (2090)
As United Earth denied LIS from formal foreign trade outside the League territory by blockades along LIS border, LIS had to resort to black markets to maintain crucial supplies of high-end materials and economic activities, given different post-war difficulties suffered member states.
In 2090, the League Guild of Black Markets was established under the League Trade Authority to coordinate external trade beyond United Earth blockade, and management of domestic black market networks.
Restoration of Overlord (2110)
Tired of political turmoils and displeased with absence of powerful supreme ruler, traditionalist nobles on Alpha Draconis collectively put pressure on the Inner Circle for restoration of Overlord, or risk denounced and outlawed by defiling the ancestors.
Fearing the wrath of ancestors, the Inner Circle reluctantly brought Delta'an the exiled brother of Betah'an back to Alpha Draconis, crowning Delta'an the next Overlord.
Despite an Overlord, Delta'an was merely a puppet of the Inner Circle, however, did brought relative stability to disorganized Alpha Draconian society at the time.
Zolarg Scholars Journey to United Earth (2113)
A team of scholars from the Zolarg Empire, led by the Imperial High Scholar Abbamber, set off to United Earth for friendly diplomatic and scientific mission.
Scholars and scientists of the United Earth and the Zolarg Empire exchanged each other's technological advances and cultural knowledge. While Zolarg scholars earned precious knowledge which could help the technological development of the Zolarg Empire, the trip had also ceased the tensions since the Human Civil War between Zolarg and United Earth.
Insectoid Mind Network Technology (2116)
A breakthrough in neuroscience research in the Zolarg Empire had led to an innovation - the Insectoid Mind Network, designed to foster understanding of consciousness and thinking mechanisms, and enhancing advanced, direct communication and coordination within Insectoid society.
Cyberonic Transcendence (2119)
A private United Earth research institute Transcendent Technology successfully prototyped Neuro-microchips (NMC), which were compatible with human neuro systems, small in size, but ten times more efficient than average human brains.
Such inventions initiated a new technological revolution in human civilization in artificial augmentations, impacting all aspects of life.

Who knows what the future holds?

Note that these are just my own interpretations over the events, it is not official reference, but hopefully enhance your understanding over the My Colony Universe, and had fun reading it.

Thank you for reading!
H3110 guys!

Space is borderless. There can be infinite possibilities in the space - From aliens to supernatural discoveries. So here I will introduce the idea of mine.
BTW, apart from reading mine, you can read the post also regarding the same stuff by @Ansom - , we both share the same concept.

New Technologies!
  • Advanced Astronomy
    Learn about the outside world around your little planet, as well how to explore it.
    A technology that requires Low Gravity Oil Production, Nuclear Physics and Basic Education.
  • Outer Galaxy Astronomy
    Learn how to build long range starships that will bring you beyond the borders of the galaxy.
    This tech requires Faster Than Light Travel and Superfuels.
  • Superfuels
    Learn how to produce fuels that is sustainable and super strong that allows starships hyperjump to the borders of galaxy in just a few seconds!

Advanced Astronomy is necessary for accessing to the space exploration, which unlocks the Agency of Extraterrestrial Exploration (AEE) (human), Space Command (insectnoids), or Expandition Department (Alpha Dracos). They are highest command centres for all kinds of space missions, and only this kind of buildings can launch a space mission - and unlock the space mission interface.

This is the comnon sense - In outer space the surroundings can be dangerous. You might need very skillful and smart mission crews in order to accompaish the missions safely - so here I’ll introduce two buildings - Astronaut Barracks and Astronaut Academy.
The Astronaut Academy will train your colonists to qualify the requirements to be an astronaut.
Qualified colonists can be hired in this special building - Astronaut Barracks. When they are hired here, their status will show Astronaut (idle), which means they are available for space mission.
One Astronaut Barracks hires at most 20 astronauts.

Because I planned it is available at the early mid stage, there is a need for a spacecraft construction facility other than the late-to-endgame stuff starships - Space Dock.
This is simply a shipyard that does not produce high tech starships, but it can build various early-to-mid-stage cheapy spacecrafts such as Shuttles and Space Probes.
Of course, I have some samples for the spacecrafts.
  • Small Classic Shuttle
    A small shuttle capable of performing small scale space missions near the planet.
    Durability : 10
    Crew : 5
    Storage Cap. : 100k
    Fuel : Oil, 500 per 100 km
    Fuel Tank Cap. : 2500
    Mining Power : 1
    Velocity : 3 mins/grid
  • Short range scout probe
    A small space probe specialized for scouting the surrounding regions.
    Durability : 6
    Crew : 0
    Fuel : Oil, 50 per 100 km
    Fuel Tank Cap. : 200
    Velocity : 0.5 min/grid
    Exploration time is shortened by 50%.
So what does the stats mean?
Durability means how long it can be used, counted by missions (i.e, single two way trips). Once the usage life has ended, those spacecrafts will require repairs that costs around 30~50% of their building price.
Crews means number of astronauts required to operate the spacecraft.
Storage Cap means how many booties, at most, can the spacecraft bring back.
Fuel shows the fuel type and consumption rate of it over distance.
Fuel tank cap determines how far the spacecraft can travel at most.
Velocity shows how fast the spacecraft can travel over a grid.
Mining power determines the type of resources that the spacecraft can extract.
Creating spacecrafts costs a-lot, so you are suggested to have high production rate of resources, especially microchips, steel and oil in order to launch more space missions.

Once you have idle team, idle spacecrafts, here you can start the missions!
Missions takes time. During missions using manned spacecrafts, you have to pre-supply the food and water just enough for the entire mission. Astronauts' status also shows Astronaut (on mission), at this status, they will not appear in the colony and consumes nothing. Their happiness and energy remains unchanged until they come back.
After a successful mission or combat retreat, they requires some rest and are not available for missions until they are 100%-prepared (100% energy, >80% health, >40% happiness).
Also, here are types of missions you can perform:
  • Exploration
    Always the first mission you perform. This reveals new regions in starmap.
  • Harvesting
    Some spacemap grids have asteroid belts, space scrap, planets, e.t.c, that allows you to harvest resources from them. May yield different resources.
  • Outpost construction
    If you wish to establish external supply lines for your colony, building outposts on resourceful locations can be a choice. Once a outpost is established the outpost will begin supply your colony with resources, with very minor resource consumption (depends on how far away the outpost is) than sending spacecrafts for one-time harvest, however the astronaut team that establishes the outpost will be gone forever and station at the outpost permanently.
    Outpost don't require any management, but you can upgrade them through the mission just below this.
  • Outpost Expansion
    This mission upgrades your outpost to output more resources, but will not have your team gone.
  • Combat
    Sometimes you may encounter pirate camps or spacebeast hives on the starmap and your spacecraft may get robbed or even taken down by these hostile things if your route is close to them, giving disturbance on exploration; and outpost supply and trade routes is also debuffed when these routes are too close too. In this case you may send astronauts or combat probes or even a fleet to clean them up. May cause death, death reports will be reported when the team/fleet returned.
  • Diplomatic
    Sometimes there are city state planets or space stations in the starmap. You can make friends with them, or bring them under your rule, or destroy it for tons of booties. Improve relations with them can help, because they can offer cheaper trades and they may even supply resources to your colony when they are asked to, everything depends on your prestige and reputation. Diplomatic missions helps you to increase your regional reputation.

Though they aren't part of the missions but missions helps build them up. Supply lines are established by outposts and runs all the time. Trade routes are established by city state planets and space stations (if they accepts your trade, they can cancel your trade route if you are hostile towards them). Spacecrafts also travels faster on these routes by 50%.
If you have a GBT built you'll have a International Trade Route on the starmap. Outposts near it will be benefited and they will generate more money to your colony.
All routes except the international trade lines has to be maintained transport vessels such as unmanned cargo conveys (very cheap and basic one) and galactic freight carriers.
Hello guys!

May I proudly present my fan lore about the history of My Colony Universe!
This post is very long - it will take some time to read.

Not all details have been confirmed or included as canon by @bastecklein or happened in any games related to My Colony Universe yet. The actual events may vary with those mentioned in this post.
Anyways, don't take that as 100% canon!

The calendars and year used would be Earth ones.

Time of the Ancients (??? ~ 1.2 billion years before Alpha Draconians)
Once there was a thriving old civilization ruled over the Milky Way Galaxy, which now they are called the Ancients. Even for the Alpha Draconians, there are limited documents about their history. The following will state the events recorded and decoded so far.
  • The Old Holy Galactic Empire (???).
    That was the oldest trace of the Ancients found.
  • Galaxian-Titan War (???).
    There were very old literature records about this war. The war between the Holy Empire and the warlike colossus Titan civilization. There are still some rare Titan relics found in the Milky Way, though some historians doubted the reliability of them.
    The war was supposed to put the Titans to extinction.
  • The Old Dark Galactic Empire (???).
    Somehow the old Empire turned to the dark side. From this time on, the documents about them are more difficult to find.
  • Reptilian Exodus to the Milky Way (~3 billion years ago before Alpha Draconians).
    The first record of Reptilian immigrants into the Milky Way from another galaxy. Some documents from Alpha Draconians stated their ancestors were nomads with only mostly low tech equipment.
  • Galaxian-Reptilian Wars (~2.3 billion years ago before Alpha Draconians).
    The continuous immigration of Reptilians caused conflicts between these new migrants and the master of the Galaxy. However, the Reptilians were not expelled from the Milky Way successfully, an armistice was signed after prolonged warfare. Reptilians stopped immigration in exchange for peace.
  • Disappearance of the Old Galactic Empire (~1.2 billion years before Alpha Draconians).
    The largest mystery of galactic history - the disappearance of the Ancients. Most existence of the vast Empire vanished just in a… flash, leaving most parts of the Milky Way Galaxy abandoned. Some radioisotopic dating recorded most ether pollutants of abandoned Ancient cities appeared since the event.

Rise of Reptilians (~4.1 ~ 2.8 million years before human history)
The Disappearance of the Ancients gave rise to the Reptilian immigrants, though discovered a bit lately, they began expanding further into the empty Milky Way Galaxy. Later the Reptilian Empire of Alpha Draconians was formed on the foundations of the disappeared Empire.
  • The Reptilian Kingdoms (~0.6 million years before Alpha Draconians).
    The Reptilians recognized the disappearance of The Ancients as scout ships were sent after years losing contact with them. Seeing this as an opportunity to expand their borders without anybody to stop them, the nomadic Reptilians soon reorganized themselves as the Reptilian Kingdoms.
  • Great Reptilian Expeditions (~0.5 million years before Alpha Draconians ~ 0.3 million years before Alpha Draconians).
    Hundreds of expeditions were conducted by various Lords during the Kingdoms era. They salvaged most remaining technologies of the Ancients, however unable to decode all the data at this moment as their limited knowledge of these high end technologies. Some new Reptilian major cities rose from these ruins.
  • The Warring Lords (~0.3 million years before Alpha Draconians ~ 10 years before Alpha Draconians).
    The powerful artifacts of the Ancients impressed the Reptilians - those supposed to bring prosperity to the entire race, however, became the source of ambitions for the Reptilian Lords. Thousand years of wars, were only for scrambling for these powerful gadgets.
  • Reptilian Unification War (~10 years before Alpha Draconians).
    Kingdom of Draconis was the weakest kingdom among the Reptilians, until the time of Lord Alphari - influence of Draconis rose to new heights, threatening the strongest Reptilian Lords. Lord Alphari defeated all the Reptilian Lords in a 10-year long war, successfully unifying the entire Reptilian race for the first time since the immigration.
  • Birth of the Reptilian Empire - Alpha Draconians (~3.5 million years before human history).
    Lord Alphari established the new unified Empire of the Reptilians, named Alpha Draconians, with the national motto ‘Rising from the Harshest to be the Strongest’. Alphari was the first Overlord of the Empire.
  • Successful Decoding of the Ancient Artifacts (~3.5 million years before human history).
    One of another most impactful achievements of Overlord Alphari was, he supported, and later personally participated in the research of Ancient language decoding. With more plentiful resource support than ever, most major elements of the Ancient language were decoded, which allowed the Alpha Draconians to reverse-engineer these technologies, turning the undeveloped Reptilian civilization into one of the most brutal Galactic superpower, inherited with the most powerful technologies.
  • Glorious Conquests (~2.8 million years before human history).
    Another greatest conquest of Alpha Draconians took place under the rule of Overlord Ks'khip. This famous Overlord of Destruction put an end to and enslaved thousands of minor civilizations scattered in the Milky Way Galaxy, which one of the civilizations includes Insectoids, providing highly reproductive slaves. This conquest created the foundation of core Alpha Draconian territory.
    Right after such a successful conquest which brought Alpha Draconians to the peak golden age, the Reptilians began referring to themselves as ‘the descendants of the Ancients’.
  • Secretive Galactic Domination Doctrine (~2.8 million years before human history).
    This doctrine formulated by the Overlord Ks'krupp, the descendant of Ks'khip, advocated the secretive way ruling the vast territory of the Empire spreading and maintaining influence by utilizing covert agents to control regions with minimal signs, which helps shaping the image of Alpha Draconians as an unreachable deity. Such doctrine impacted the future development of Alpha Draconians.

The Revival of Insectoid Civilization (~20th century of Human timeline)
Insectoids were being enslaved by Alpha Draconians for millions of years. However, an uprising changed the fate of the Insectoids, which led to the revival of the long lost Insectoid civilization, in the form of the Zolarg Empire.
  • The Uprising on Draconis 12 (~1920s of Human timeline).
    It was a historical turning point for both Alpha Draconians and Insectoids. The uprising led by the Insectoid Zolarg successfully overwhelmed the colonial government, and purged all the Reptilian existence on the planet. Freed from slavery, these first group of freedom fighters formed Zolarg Empire right on this planet - which the planet was renamed Zolarg Prime, and the uprising leader Zolarg became the first Emperor of the revivaled Insectoid civilization. The uprising also first revealed the corrupted, weakened national strength of the seemingly invincible Alpha Draconians, who were still blinded by their national pride.
  • The Insectoid Uprising Movements (1920~1950s of Human timeline).
    Encouraged and inspired by the success of Zolarg's uprising, Insectoid slaves over Alpha Draconians also followed the same path revolting against slavery. Though not all had been successful, the Insectoids successfully took over an unimaginable number of Alpha Draconian colonies and cities. Most of the Insectoids who earned their freedom joined the Zolarg Empire to fight against the enemy of their ancestors.
  • The Revival War (1950~1970s of Human timeline).
    Despite the success overcoming the slavery forces of their slave camps, the Insectoids had something more overwhelming to handle - the formidable regular forces of Alpha Draconians, trying to regain control on their slaves. Yet under the united command under Emperor Zolarg, they managed to defeat Alpha Draconian regular forces in this 27 year long war, using the new subterranean guerilla tactics. The war recorded heavy casualties of both sides, however, Alpha Draconians stalled their operations against the Insectoids, which earned extra time for the Zolarg Empire to fortify themselves and settle down some basic administration matters.
  • ‘Groot Opwekkingsplan’ (1970~2010s of human timeline).
    This period was also known as the ‘Great Revival Period’, the period when Emperor Zolarg formulated the policies for the early Zolarg Empire, to rebuild, strengthen and revive the Insectoid civilization, to restore the dignity of the Insectoid race. Under the common efforts of the Insectoids, with the help from both knowledge from the ancestors and some basic industrial knowledge from Alpha Draconians, the foundations of the Zolarg Empire were built up. The fast-rising Zolarg Empire became a supernova of galactic power at the end of the Revival Plan.
  • Declaration of Insectoid Liberation (~1990s of human timeline).
    Emperor Zolarg made a declaration on behalf of his Empire to Alpha Draconians - the Zolarg Empire, will liberate the remaining brothers and sisters under slavery at all costs. The Declaration established the long term aim of the wars against Alpha Draconians.

Old Earth Era (year --~2051)
The Old Earth Era is the time of human history before United Earth. The Old Earth Era is when humans begin exploring more parts of the galaxy, as well as beginning extensive colonization on new planets.
  • The Jameson Formulas (2027).
    The genius scientist Professor ‘Einstein Jr.’ Lob Jameson published a paper about special formulas of space continuum mechanics. These formulas make a breakthrough on long range space traveling technologies.
  • First Practical Hyperdrive Engine (2030).
    With the help of Jameson Formulas, the first practical hyperdrive engine in human history was created by the team of Project Next Sun. The innovation was named Jameson Engine.
  • Journey of USP Discovery (2031-2033).
    The USP Discovery is a test object for the Jameson Engine. The probe was launched by NASA of the USA in the year 2035. It had successfully taken photos and data recording of stars and planets at locations about a lightyear away, and at last hyperjumped back to Earth after 3 years of missions, with excellent integrity conditions maintained.
  • Planetary Decay Theory (2031)
    Ecologists and geologists discovered a strange phenomenon taking place on Earth, the important resources, from the minerals to the oil, began decaying into unrecyclable, unusable forms. It was suspected that this decaying was catalysed by climate change.
    A theory was formulated predicting the depletion of vital resources within years and this must be stopped. However, most people did not believe this theory to be true, until the Global Resource Crisis.
  • The Space Colonization Race (2032-2047)
    With long range space travelling became more possible at that time, a new space race was ignited globally - from the global powers to the most underdeveloped countries, from government bodies to independent organisations, they had their own aims. Some seek for wealth and resources, some seek for opportunities and a new start, some seek for knowledge and discovery. It was a milestone for humanity - first attempts for an extensive space colonization in history.
  • Global Resource Crisis (2038-2050)
    The worries stated in the Planetary Decay Theory was proven a fact in 2038, beginning with the abnormal depletion of oil fields in Arabia - the black gold turned into black, harmful, indecomposable sludges.
    For the coming years, more vital resources from iron ores to rare earth metals decayed into sand and dust, which greatly impacted the global economy at the foundations. Which eventually caused all space colonization programmes abandoned by Earth in the year 2047.
  • Miracle Formula (2050)
    The Project SEED ecologists from colonies discovered the Miracle Formula, which included a method to reverse the process of planetary decay. It was sent to Earth in the year 2050.
  • Restoration of Earth (2051)
    Terraforming devices derived from the Miracle Formula successfully restored Earth back to the conditions about 150 years ago within a year, which saved the entire humanity on the Earth.
  • The Grand Collapse (2051)
    Although Earth had been saved from a catastrophe, however, the existing governments no longer had any capabilities maintaining the nations, after years hammered by the economic impacts from such a disaster. The world fell into the status of anarchy.

Rebirth of Humanity (2051-2061)
Right after the Grand Collapse which marked the end of the Old Earth Era, humanity on Earth was in massive chaos, while most colonies outside Earth were deserted and had to survive on their own. Until the United Earth reunited humanity.
  • United Nations Dissolved (2051)
    Without any valid members at all, and at risk of ‘bankruptcy’, the United Nations officially dissolved, with all its assets sold at the end of the year, to a group of plutocrats who had survived the crisis.
  • Formation of United Earth (2052)
    The legacies of the United Nations were reused by these plutocrats, they rebranded the old international governmental body into a new organisation the United Earth, aimed to restore prosperity and order of the Old Earth.
  • Earth Reunification War (2054-2055)
    After 2 years of preparation though gathering weapons and manpower from black markets and government fire sales, the global military campaign was launched by United Earth. In the 1.4 year long war, United Earth brought the major cities and regions under their control.
    The rise of United Earth was inevitable to the rest of the world. It had pressured the remaining regions, no matter at war or not, surrendered and accepted annexation at the end of the war.
  • Official Establishment of United Earth (2056)
    A month after the end of the Reunification War, the main official governmental structure of United Earth was established - The President taking the leader role of the government, with the General Assembly responsible to the President.
    The General Assembly is the decision making centre of the United Earth, composed of representatives from different administrative regions to show a certain extent of democracy. However, the President still has absolute veto power in the General Assembly, in addition to a series of exclusive powers.
  • Restarting of Colonization Programmes (2061)
    With the Earth gradually stabilized and having the economy restored back to early 21th century standards, United Earth announced the recontinuation of space colonization projects abandoned by the Old Earth. This included re-establishing control on the remaining surviving Old Earth era colonies.
    The restarting of colonization was regarded as the dawn of the United Earth era in human history - from that time on, human civilization began to develop and expand faster than ever.

Rise of Humanity (2061-2083)
The New Era referred to the early times of United Earth after the recovery from the Old Earth era disaster. It was another golden age in human history, human civilization beginning to rise quickly in the Milky Way Galaxy. Despite opportunities, there were also new unknown challenges.
  • First Reformation of Security Council (2063-2065)
    The national security agency of the United Earth, Security Council, went under a series of reformation from 2063 to 2065, improving and fostering the efficiency of peacekeeping missions on Earth and foreign colonies, as well as established a controversial high pressure security regulation called AEGIS Protocol.
  • Formation of Space Marines (2068)
    In order to protect foreign colonies and Earth from potential Alien threats, United Earth Space Marines (UESM) was formed.
    Space Marines gradually replaced Peacekeepers security forces of the United Earth as the official military.
  • First Official Contacts with Minor Alien Civilization (2069)
    United Earth colonization fleets discovered an underdeveloped alien civilization on the planet Hakenduz-35. United Earth officially contacted the Hakenduzians, establishing the first diplomatic relations with an alien race.
  • Alien Membership System (2071)
    With more and more minor alien civilizations discovered, United Earth saw that as an opportunity of wealth and influence. In order to convince them sharing their resources with United Earth, an Alien Membership System was established, allowing alien member states to enjoy a series of benefits including protection from Space Marines and preferential treatment on trades. In return, the alien member states had to pay yearly membership fees.
  • First Starship in Human History (2071)
    The first starship of United Earth, UES Ark, finished construction in 2071, Martian Industries shipyard on Mars orbit. UES Ark was a prototype long range colony ship, built for exploration and colonization of the Icarus System.
  • Deimos Events (2072)
    It was a legend of the legendary Space Marines elite squad led by Sarge, a story to save Earth from an evil artificial intelligence - though, with some confidential details which United Earth decided to keep it secret, rumored to be time travel to erase history of a parallel timeline.
  • Wormhole Navigation Technology (2075)
    A set of technological advancements in space navigation technology allowed safe traveling of wormholes, which the wormholes act as a great shortcut for expanding into further regions.

Human Civil War (2083-2084)
This was one of the most impactful wars in the Galaxy. Yes, it's name is Human Civil War, however, things were not simple as most thought at that time - it eventually involved the 3 major civilizations of the Galaxy, and also gave birth to the fourth major civilization. The war also impacted the future patterns in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Secret Independence Society (~2068)
    The Secret Independence Society (SIS) was the predecessor of the League of Independent States. It was established shortly after United Earth began using high pressure policies to tighten control on the colonies. The SIS worked in secret, cooperated with suppressed people and black markets. Their ultimate aim was to bring true freedom to humanity, freeing them from the internally corrupted ‘tyranny’ of United Earth. They are also one of the earliest groups of humans who made contact with another major civilization in the Galaxy (to be specific, Zolarg Empire) far before United Earth even acknowledged their existence.
    Their existence remained very much not known by the United Earth until the outbreak of the Civil War.
  • The Alpha Draconian Conspiracy (around a few months before the outbreak of war)
    It had been a tough time for Alpha Draconians since the Insectoid slave uprising events. To restore the national pride of Alpha Draconians and to find resources repairing the badly impacted economy, Overlord Betahan decided to prepare a secret invasion on humans, picking the timing humans were at the blink of civil war.
    At the same time, another conspiracy took place internally - the rivalry between the Overlord and the Lords of Inner Circle.
  • Terra Nova Incident (2083)
    The Incident was the fuse of this war. Everything started with Terra Nova boycotting the heavy taxation of United Earth. Unable to bring the situation under control through conventional routines, United Earth decided to take the most violent military action against Terra Nova (which such decision was partly due to Alpha Draconian covert agents secretly intervened the General Assembly, to accelerate the outbreak of war).
    The incident provided an excellent excuse and opportunity for SIS to throw up a nationwide independence war. SIS militias ambushed the Space Marines in Terra Nova, liberated the colony, and officially declared war on United Earth.
    From that time on SIS was officially renamed as the League of Independent States (LIS).
  • Zolarg Empire Entry into the War (2083)
    Before the war, LIS secretly signed an alliance pact with the Zolarg Empire a few months ago (for different aims respectively, but both sides were seeking bilateral support).
    LIS called for Zolarg reinforcements under strong countermeasures of the United Earth. The entry of the Zolarg Empire into the Human Civil War had successfully put the United Earth into a war of two fronts, however the overall situation had not improved very much, the war turned into a stalemate afterwards.
  • Barracuda Blues Events, and Alpha Draconian Invasion (2084)
    United Earth discovered an Alpha Draconian secret stronghold with an army of war droids (built for invading humans) in the colony Barracuda Blues, mistaken as an abandoned military research facility. United Earth sent scientists to the site in order to obtain unknown technologies that could help them win the war against LIS.
    The discovery at Barracuda Blues was the result of political rivalry in Alpha Draconians, the Inner Circle attempted to sabotage Overlord's invasion plans.
    The true identity of the facility and the ‘mysterious machines’ was not known by humans, until similar Alpha Draconian war machines of similar models popped out from nowhere, attacking human colonies and cities - The beginning of Alpha Draconian Invasion, an unexpected event during the civil war.
  • Battles Against Alpha Draconians (2084)
    At the beginning of the Invasion, Alpha Draconians had been successful that they had occupied over half of United Earth territory.
    Under a common threat from afar, the United Earth, LIS and the Zolarg Empire agreed to put a pause on the civil war, and formed a temporary alliance to expel Alpha Draconian intruders. Their joint operations successfully recapture human territory one by one, slowly setting the intruders back.
    Alpha Draconian Invasion ends after the decisive Battle of Barracuda Blues, the last main portal stronghold destroyed by the alliance, all the Alpha Draconian forces in human territory were shortly destroyed.
  • Continuation Human Civil War (2084)
    The civil war was not over.
    Despite victories repelling Alpha Draconian invasion, the forces of United Earth, LIS and Zolarg were almost exhausted in fierce battles with Alpha Draconians (especially after the Siege of Barracuda Blues), little resources they had to continue a large scale war.
    While the Zolarg Empire quitted the war by signing a white peace with the United Earth, both LIS and United Earth sought an opportunity to conclude the war in a single battle.
    The Battle of Kaisergrounds was the end point of the Human Civil War, the only but the last battle after the Invasion event. Kaisergrounds was a strategic stronghold which was the important gateway to the core economic regions of United Earth. The battle ended with the United Earth forces regained control of the planet, it had contributed United Earth a strategic victory.

New Galactic Era of the Milky Way Galaxy (From 2084 on)
The Human Civil War and the Alpha Draconian Invasion during the war, had drawn the major civilizations closer. The New Galactic Era was the time things in the Milky Way began developing in galactic scale and perspectives.
  • Armistice of Hoxton (2084)
    The Armistice of Hoxton officially ended the Human Civil War, despite it being just an armistice. The armistice defined the United Earth-LIS border in the future, which the border line was known as the Hoxton Line.
    To conclude, nobody had won a total victory in the Human Civil War, however, each side won alternatively - United Earth won a strategic victory which LIS could no longer push deeply into the core territories, while LIS achieved their primary aim of gaining independence.
  • Official Establishment of League of Independent States (2084)
    The League of the Independent States was officially established 3 months after the Armistice of Hoxton was in effect. The League promised fairness, autonomy and freedom to the member states as stated in the Declaration of Independence.
    The League of the Independent States had no actual leader in power. Instead, each member state cooperates under the common principles, bearing the common responsibilities protecting people of the League.
    Though the establishment of LIS was officially recognized by their ally Zolarg Empire, the United Earth General Assembly declared they would never accept any rogue states in their ethnic territory.
  • The Midnight Coup (~2084)
    With the failure of invasion on humans, the core Reptilian society of Alpha Draconians lost all confidence in Overlord Betahan. Shortly after the end of invasion the Overlord was assassinated by Inner Circle covert agents.
    However, it did not put an end on the political crisis in Alpha Draconians, the coup further made everything worse instead. Every Lord of Inner Circle schemed to reach the throne of ultimate power, however there could only be one supreme ruler in Alpha Draconians. In order to secure the thrones for selves, the Lords fell into a status of internal political war.
    The absence of Overlord, and the internal political instability, catalysed the decay of Alpha Draconian influence in the Galaxy.
  • Emerging of New Galactic Empire (2086)
    The decayed Alpha Draconian influence after the Midnight Coup were not able to maintain control on a number of puppet states and territories, they began to break away from the Alpha Draconians.
    This had also given rise to the mysterious organization New Galactic Empire, who then annexed part of the states that broke away from Alpha Draconians. They called themselves the true descendants of the Old Galactic Empire, who carried the ‘inevitable destiny’ reviving the old Imperial glory.
    Though the ambitious organisation lacked strength to compete with any of the galactic powers in the Milky Way at the moment, the powers actually worried the ‘New Empire’ could be a large threat to them in the future, given their capabilities spreading influence at an unprecedented rate.
  • Further Discoveries in Barracuda Blues (2086)
    United Earth sent another research team investigating the remains of the Alpha Draconian stronghold and facilities. The team revealed a fact about Alpha Draconian technologies - they were derived from the Ancient technologies recorded on the ancient artifacts.
    The discovery further fostered the research and decoding on the information on the artifacts of the Ancients in United Earth.
  • Bradley's Military Reform (2086-2093)
    The new head of the United Earth Security Council, Marshal Bradley (which was the supreme commander throughout the Human Civil War), threw up a massive military reformation in order to suppress the military capabilities of LIS, including expanding the scale of Space Marines and especially the Starfleet (which the number of starships during the Civil War barely met demands on the battlefields), written a new professionalism military doctrine, and supported the development of new generation starships.
  • LIS Black Market Trade Union (2088)
    The blockades and embargo on LIS by United Earth had cut down most of the methods for LIS to contact the outside world. In order to survive and maintain development under the difficult conditions, LIS officially established the LIS Black Market Trade Union which facilitates external and domestic trade of their member states.
  • Galactic Colonization Race (2102~???)
    Seeking for further power in the Milky Way Galaxy for their own aims, the 4 civilizations of the Galaxy entered the galactic colonization race one by one. Alpha Draconians started the race, who were desperate to restore their ‘superiority’ in the Galaxy despite political instability.
    From the centre of the Galaxy to the Outer Rims, they were all targets of colonization.
  • United Earth Ancient Archives (2109)
    The Archives is a department of United Earth which is responsible for regulating research and usage related to Ancient alien technologies. Apart from regulations, they also take part in the research of the ancient technologies. Since the Archives existed United Earth had better progress extracting ancient knowledge with better organisation.
  • Chaos in Alpha Draconis and Restoration of Overlord (2112)
    Oligarchists in Alpha Draconis had been dissatisfied with the absence of Overlord for a period of time. With the old culture of Reptilians being harmed, these angry nobles stirred up chaos in the capital city, urging the restoration of Overlord.
    Without any other ways to suppress or pacify them, the Lords of the Inner Circle could only do as what these (lower) nobles asked them to (well, since their own plans were also disrupted due to the chaos).
    The exiled younger brother of the previous Overlord Betahan, Deltahan, was put to the throne. Despite being an Overlord, most actual powers were still in the hands of the Inner Circle, Deltahan was just nothing more than a puppet.
  • Zolarg Scholars Journey to United Earth (2113)
    A team of scholars from the Zolarg Empire, led by the Imperial High Scholar Abbe Amber, set off to United Earth for a study trip of human technologies.
    Scholars and scientists of the United Earth and the Zolarg Empire exchanged each other's knowledge and culture. While Zolarg scholars earned a bunch of precious knowledge which could help the technological development of the Zolarg Empire, the trip had also fostered the understanding between the United Earth and the Zolarg Empire, easing the tension since the Human Civil War a bit.
  • Insectoid Mind Network Technology (2116)
    A breakthrough in neuroscience research in the Zolarg Empire had led to an innovation - the Insectoid Mind Network, designed to foster understanding of consciousness and thinking, and enhancing advanced, direct communication and coordination of Insectoid society.
  • Cyberonic Transcendence (2119)
    A private United Earth research institute Transcendent Technology successfully prototyped Neuro-microchips (NMC), which were compatible with human neuro systems, small in size, but ten times more efficient than average human brains.
    The technology contributed to turning the futuristic cyberonic transcendence reality among humans.

Who knows what the future holds?

Hopefully the timeline looked decent and reasonable for My Colony Universe!
Thanks for reading!

Notes: not all events are 100% accurate.
H3110 guys!

Have yo ever think about something that, when we have occupied every space we can use on the planet, where we can seek for? And search for even more resources?
This time, we are going somewhere above the sky -
The Space.👨‍🚀
I am not kidding. Of cause this is the age of space colonization, but I think something is missing - Interaction with the outer space, and more space industries. This time we will develop into the space, and face the infinite possibilities of, and from the outer worlds.

There are
SEVEN NEW SYSTEMS I’ll introduce in the upcoming series of my posts:
  • Random Colony Events - Once you have built an consulate you have to deal with the matters not just with the commonwealth but also the outside world. There can be interstellar guests, great people, and famous merchants, or disasters, pirates, and more.
  • Security & Crimes - Accompanied with the random events, as PIRATES!!! may attack your colony you have to get yourself well prepared. Also, this is the new thing that contributes to governance. A low security level leads to crime outbreaks.
  • Orbital Construction - Yep, we are going into the space and build our epic orbital stations, huge starships, or even a Death Star (just kiddin)!
  • Outer Space Missions - Train your astronauts, prepare your starships, and begin exploring the outer space and search for good stuff!
  • The Great Artifacts - Want to have some epic things that you can show them to the entire galaxy? Collect the great artifacts! Besides they will be put into the showroom, it reveals new technology and buildings, as well bring your colony unique buffs!
  • The Grand Tournaments & Races - The evil Galactic Emperor wanted to have a series of galaxy-wide tournaments and events for long, so as to encourage the colonies to compete each other, in non-violence manner. In these events, you may earn resources as awards, and the most importantly, the new reputation resource that is required to build the epic wonders and ultimate functional buildings! (bast has his plan already :p)
  • Requests and Orders - So when there is no Grand Races, how you can earn a minor amount of reputation is through finishing the Requests made by NPCs and special visitors from Random Events. (bast has his plan already :p)
  • Galactic Diplomacy - Accompanies with Random Events and Quests, this allows other colonies to be one part of diplomacy... (similar thing is introduced in space missions)

And also, numerous buildings and new technologies...

It might be a largest series of ideas I have ever had... But if you want to express further ideas and improvements towards this, welcome for it!

For discussion!

Links of the posts here:
H3110 guys!

In the ultra-wide galaxy, there might be something you can collect from outer space explorations and brings your colony great advantages from normal gameplay to the Galactic Emperor’s Quests planned by @bastecklein.

Here we goes!

  • Imperial Relics
    The Galactic Empire had a very long history since long, long, long time ago. Find out their old story and their powers from the artifacts and relics of the Empire!
    100% Collection Bonus - For every Imperial Quest finished, they yields 50% more points.
    • The Scepter of the Holy Powers
      Before the Galactic Empire goes evil, these scepters are the signs of power of the Old Holy Empire, enchanted with the holy powers as the myths said.
    • Lost Pages of Imperial Codex of Justice
      For ages, nobody would disagree the legendary Imperial Codex of Justice is the most perfect codex in the history. However most of the pages are lost during the Imperial War of Holy and Evil.
    • Legendary Imperial Saber of Imperial Generals
      The Imperial Sabers are approvements of bravery by the Emperor. Only the legendary generals can own this kind of stuff, it’s a tradition.
    • The Unholy Crown of the Evil Empire
      These crowns are proved used by Emperors in early days of Evil Era of the Galactic Empire. Only the Insectnoids knows how to forge these crowns - these crowns can be only forged using Antaura. However after the Alpha Draconians had enslaved the entire Insectnoid population the recipe for forging the crown had become a forgotten history since then.
  • Remains of Titan Civilization
    Titan civilization are one of the Ancient civilizations of the Galaxy as historians defined. The Titans, known as the Megasapians, was the strongest civilization in the old days because of their terrible strength their colossal body size. However their civilization came to the end after the rise of Galactic Empire. There are still something powerful from their old relics.
    100% Collection Bonus - Reveals Ancient Titan technology branch.
    • Amber Pendent of Titan Saints
      The Saints were supposed something like Titan priests. Every of them wore one of those Amber Pendents, which magically have powers of healing any physical injuries, it's truly an mythical artifact.
    • Fine Triantanium Chestplate of a Titan Mercenary
      Don’t think the Titans were only able to make rough, unpolised stuff. They were the masters of metallurgy that their skills of refining metals was something even the present-day Alpha Draconians cannot be as good as them - They were actually the one who have discovered triantanium alloy. Its quality is even better than those made by the modern major triantanium producer - The humans.
    • Warship Scraps of Titan Fleet
      You should be able to imagine how large their starships, their average warship size could be as massive as a present day NovaMariner Space Dreadnaught. the Although these scraps were not complete pieces, there are some useful shipbuilding technology to be rediscovered from those parts.
    • Neutronium Drills of Titan Outposts
      Yes, they were the second civilization in the galaxy that succeeded extracting pure neutronium and make them into alloys. Those neutronium drills can even penetrate materials and rocks harder than triantanium without much wearing off, it was the strongest (and the most expensive) drill in the Galaxy before the rise of beam drills (which is cheaper). Was commonly used in their mining industry.
  • The Human Relics of Space Expendition
    For long years ago since the Soviet Union launched their first satillite, Humans on Earth had launched lots of experimental space projects and left lots remains of those forgotten, discontinued, and dead projects scattered across the galaxy.
    100% Collection bonus - All space mission time are shortened by 75%.
    • Shipwrecks of Pioneer Colonist Ship
      Pioneer Colonist Ship, known as Pioneer MKI, is the earliest yet largest long-range space colonization vessels of human history since year 2031 and later modified into some other space vessels such as Pioneer Tanker and Pioneer Cargo Ship. However they are discontinued since 2051, the Global Economy Apocalypse of Earth, the governments are not able to finance constructing and running any of them now, and the blueprint was even lost after a little accident before United Earth restored the order. All of those remains are still adrift now, or had crashed on another planet somewhere in the galaxy. Despite there is only the shipwrecks left, their brilliant internal designs are irreplaceable - Those large ships have all sorts of facilities you may imagine, from farm to commercial centers.
    • Blueprints of Prototype Quantum Engine
      Once around 2036 and 2038, known as the Age of Quantum-mania, many scientists from various space colonies and Earth begin their insane competition building quantum hyperjump engines, which would be capable to hyperjump any space vessel to any corners of the galaxy. However this project got banned and scrapd after the Quantum Explosion of New Paris (a French controlled colony in Solar System) , which have turned the entire colony and even the planet into something like the type Abandoned World planets - Radiation hazards everywhere, overgrown of plants, and carcinogenic Ether leaking everywhere.
    • Abandoned MegaRover LCR-07
      Literally they are the prototypes of Mega Builder rovers. These big complex machines, assembled using nanogears, are used for mines and quarries and dig those minerals needed without the need of any manual controls, and are able to construct most facilities when given commands. However eventually they faced the same fate as the Pioneer Colonist Ships - they were also shut down in 2051 and left rusting for ages as the Earth provided no financial assistance and supplies for the colonies and space projects.
    • Sector-Range Space Telescope
      These robust and highly sensitive space telescopes were developed during 2020-2035 for space research. And since 2032, their importance raised as they are important for positioning in the galaxy and keep the colony vessels and fleets well-guided, until 2048, they were shut down and replaced by the brand new Galaxy Positioning System.
  • The Artifacts of Ancientbots
    Ancientbots were the cyborg research and industry servants of the Old Holy Galactic Empire. After the Holy Empire’s total defeat, Ancientbots were banished by the present-day Evil Empire and then chased by Alpha Draconians that wished to steal technology from their artifacts, which now only few of those artifacts scattered over the galaxy. The Ancientbots are supposed alive, but probably somewhere secret in the Far Lands.
    100% Collection Bonus - Reveals Ancientbot technology branch.
    • Crates of Prototype Artifacts
      Believe or what, these Ancientbots are the inventors and creators of the first generation Alien Artifacts. They involved very complex quantum knowledge and structures that a human brain needs an entire life to study them all! Study those bulky stuffs might help learn how to create artifacts - beginning with the raws.
    • Ancient Cube of Crafters
      Don't think it's an useless scrap metal cube, it's the mighty multitool cube of the Ancientbots! This Cube of Crafters can be transformed into any tools and gadgets you need, if you know how to use this little high tech cube.
    • Blueprints of 2nd Generation Ancient Tech
      The Ancientbots originally developed the improved version for all alien tech stuff, before they have finalized designs, the takeover of the Evil Empire forced them to gave up their blueprints. Although the Imperial Department of Engineers continued those projects, however due to extreme complexity of the blueprints that nobody but the Ancientbots can read, the projects were wasted and their blueprints were distributed and sold like lumps of useless papers.
    • Molecular Forge
      The molecular forge can make anything from anything you've put into it. This industrial innovation once brought glory to the Old Holy Empire, however because building one of them costed very expensive at that time which requires lots of rare materials, there was no new molecular forges built after it had invented for ten years.

Remarks - For every artifact you've collected, you will begin with some points at the beginning of every event.

More ideas are coming soon!
I just had an amazing discussion with @Luker124 about what will happen in Colony Wars.
Here, I'm presenting the ideas about the story of Colony Wars, involving all 4 civilizations.

In the vast Milky Way Galaxy, lies 3 great civilizations - The Humans, the Insectoids, and the Reptilians.

Humans are the new rising galactic power - The establishment of United Earth government changed everything. The rebirth of humanity from the disastrous failure, with all the humans together. Making achievements beyond what Roman Empire had, the extensive colonization has brought new unimagined opportunities and prosperity.
However, the corruption does not disappear as the dawn of a new era shines on the humans - the desire of the powerful politicians are endless. Further tightened security policy on member colonies, unreasonably heavy taxations, and even legitimating exploitation of labour, all these are just for benefiting those with power, at the cost of those powerless, and breaking their promise of a free and fair society (though the promise had always been a lie since the beginning).
Ruled by a corrupt government, with no will to reform, more and more people of this new commonwealth, especially from the lower classes and colonies, were not happy with this situation. With some of them having strong anti-commonwealth sentiment and advocating overthrowing the General Assembly through revolting against.
The General Assembly, of course, were always prepared to suppress resistance in their colonies using their proud Space Marines, and always actively search and destroy any hidden insurgents in their vast commonwealth. Despite their efforts, the opposition was not silenced, it was growing stronger and stronger, under the support of an organisation they had not discovered yet - LIS.
Meanwhile, with their neglecting attitude on galactic politics, they were not aware that another new threat from afar had already been approaching them.

League of Independent States, abbreviated as LIS, had been working in the shadows for decades, waiting and preparing for a best chance starting a decisive independence war, to free people from tyranny under the United Earth General Assembly.
There was not yet any concrete information about where and when this organisation was founded. Only one thing is surely correct about them - Where people suffer, where they are, and they're here to resist tyranny.
Despite United Earth government already expecting there would be ‘insurgents’, however, their influence were far beyond than they expected, especially in colonies with strong opinions opposing policies of United Earth - LIS influence grew through means of secret propagandas, cooperation with black markets, and even providing planning support to anti-commonwealth activities.
Unlike United Earth, they were aware of the importance of galactic diplomacy, they understood they were not able to fight Space Marines without sufficient external support, even having thousands and millions of militias ready to fight. They had one potent choice, known from the black market intel - Zolarg Empire, which LIS recently established contact with them.

The Insectoid Empire of Zolarg, or simply Zolarg Empire, was also a recent rising power. Once enslaved by Alpha Draconians, they revolted against slavery a century ago and retrieved their civilization from the hands of Reptilians, under the leadership of their wise and brave leader - Emperor Zolarg.
Emperor Zolarg is eager to develop their civilization to a new level, for restoring the dignity of their race, and stop the history of being conquered by anybody else. Through their agricultural knowledge from their ancestors, industrial knowledge stolen from Alpha Draconians, and their own newly pioneered bioengineering, their hard power had been thousand times stronger than the beginning. In the same time, the social and cultural development of the Empire had reached new heights, with ancient religious traditions and technological advancements coexisting in harmony (except the use of… ‘soulless’ robots still under debate), and a successful communal society for large populations.
The new page of Insectoid history was indeed glorious, but not easy. Even they successfully set foot to become a supernova of galactic power, it did not mean Alpha Draconians won't take their revenge someday, sooner or later, and also most of their brothers still not freed from slavery. Their primary mission was still further strengthening their national power, and if possible, finding an ally, in order to fight against the almost all-powerful Alpha Draconians.

The Reptilian Empire of Alpha Draconians, or more referred to as Alpha Draconians, is an old warlike civilization with a strong national pride, that existed longer than other civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy before The Ancients (that disappeared for unknown reasons). One of their possible origins was they were migrant Reptilians from another galaxy, as told in their historical documents.
Alpha Draconians had vast territories in the Galaxy obtained from conquests and annexation, but their name was not well known in the galaxy - Due to their secret style of ruling. Only some powerful political figures, and those under direct rule, know about their existence. Their spies and covert agents widespread across the Galaxy, watching over people, controlling propagandas, delivering absolute orders to their puppet governments, and assassinating any opposition or disobeyed, everything were under the will of the Inner Circle of Lords, and the supreme leader Overlord.
Not just having a strong secret influence, most of their national power are unmatched. Having the most superior technologies, sophisticated industrial machines, most educated elites and a ruthless robot army (that is especially feared by the Zolarg Empire). What are these national powers being built on? The effort of others - slaves, tributes and stealing.
The old empire might still look well, but with more and more problems rising within. Since the Insectoid Uprising and establishment of the Zolarg Empire, they are losing more cities and slaves, shaking their economy and national pride to their foundations. With economy performance dropping year by year, and the core Reptilian society began questioning the ‘invincibility’ of the empire, the Overlord had been facing heavy pressure. Meanwhile, another political crisis was emerging between the Inner Circle and the Overlord - the competition for the throne of absolute power.
Overlord, eager to strengthen his power, planned to begin another conquest, to search for manpower and resources, and, of course, attempt to prove Alpha Draconians was still invincible. And their eyes were set on a civilization - Humans. At the blink of a civil war, and having a corrupt government, a perfect target for Alpha Draconians to secretly intervene, disrupt, and ultimately, conquer them with the might of war machines once they were exhausted fighting.

The Beginning of the War - Terra Nova Incident
Coincidentally, both LIS and Alpha Draconians were looking for a good chance to start a war, but for different aims, different ways, and they had no connections.
The tension between human colony Terra Nova and the United Earth General Assembly had created an opportunity for them.
Terra Nova was a colony under United Earth, yet with the presence of LIS. People of Terra Nova, from workers to their governor, agreed that the United Earth government was too corrupted to rule them, decided to take action in a non violent way, becoming the first colony ever to refuse paying tax to the General Assembly.
Alpha Draconians understood what LIS was trying to do - try to provoke United Earth to take the strongest military actions ever against their people, to be a reasonable excuse to start the war. To ‘accomodate’ the needs of LIS and make progress on Overlord's plan, Alpha Draconian covert agents in the General Assembly began their covert operations, paving path to the military actions step by step, through persuading works, blackmailing and misinformation campaigns. An embargo was first being passed in 4 days, and then a blockade was passed a week later. And after 3 months of ‘debate’ and ‘arguments’, and the ‘Friday Coup’ (controlled by Alpha Draconian agent) happened within the period that caused the cleanse campaign on the opposition party, a decisive pass was made on the decision taking violent military actions against Terra Nova, ‘without’ any objections, leading to the Terra Nova Incident.

The dispatch of Space Marines 35th Regiment (SM35) had angered hundreds of colonies, and people of Terra Nova as well. Things had progressed as LIS wished, they began rallying up resistance fighters in the hideouts in Terra Nova, preparing for their final phase to begin the first phase of war - a surprise attack.
Without much resistance, SM35 occupied Terra Nova under the lead of Colonel Harold Franklin. Soon Space Marines recognised they were in a weird situation - Terra Nova did not strongly resist at all as they arrived. However, it was too late. Just a few minutes after they had noticed that, LIS militias led by a militia officer Admiral Beuford P. Tots ambushed all major forces of SM35 at every street and alleys of the city, causing heavy loss of well-equipped marines. At the same time, LIS revealed themselves in the public for the first time, declaring war on United Earth - marked the beginning of the Human Civil War.
Very soon United Earth's forces retreated from Terra Nova, leaving the colony under LIS control. LIS declared independence of this colony a day after, renamed it Independent State. This city was the command centre of LIS throughout the war, which will be the capital city of LIS after the war.

Early Human Civil War
The United Earth Security Council was in a big chaos after the Terra Nova Incident - unexpectedly attacked by an enemy and almost lost the entire SM35, and little the Security Council knew about LIS. Even though garrisons and national guards were immediately told to prepare and mobilize to respond any possible LIS attacks, however, still not able to stop LIS - either fighting at broken morale or without enough time for full preparations - Since they had no idea where LIS forces would start their attack, and these rebels were well prepared already.
LIS, taking this advantage, launched a series of scattered yet successful attacks in neighbouring systems. Just within the first two weeks of the war, United Earth lost 15 colonies, 45 main trade routes or supplies, and countless soldiers either captured or killed.
However, LIS did not have the upper hand for long - especially after the original Security Council Chairman, Bofors Kaiserton, was replaced by an experienced Marshal called Bradley R. Johnson. The Security Council was soon reorganized by Bradley to stabilise the mess, launched propaganda campaigns to restore the morale of United Earth forces, and began studying the tactics of LIS forces, which the studies could had begun at the first day of war, but got delayed to 5 days later (day 6), due to Bofors unable to stabilise the chaos.
Around 3 weeks later, under the coordination of the Security Council, LIS began losing their ambush advantage, due to their patterns being tracked by Security Council and United Earth forces began being able to predominate the battlegrounds before LIS did so, forcing LIS forces to fight against United Earth forces directly. The Battle of Ferris Mountains on day 37 was a major defeat for LIS, which the local United Earth garrison of Ferris Mountains, instead of being ambushed, baited LIS forces to their doom. The next day (day 38), LIS changed their general combat tactics from sneak-and-attack based to direct confrontation based. Since that battle the loss of United Earth was stabilized at a lower rate. The civil war reached the second stage, the period when major battles were fought.

Mid Human Civil War
Despite losing early advantages, with the introduction of newer weapons and black market technologies LIS forces were still able to maintain their offensive pose in the war for a while, still surprising United Earth forces, in various battles pushing their front straight towards the Solar System.
The most well known new weapon LIS introduced during the war was the Apollo-3500 Beam Emitter, which were equipped by their heavy infantries and installed on specially designed combat vehicles, the weapon itself is able to melt most armour into slags by emitting high energy beams. They caused large troubles to traditional armoured combat vehicles, especially proven in the Battle of Harbinger Greenlands (which led to United Earth giving up the Ares-4 System) that the 196 th Armour Regiment of United Earth experienced a brutal defeat under devastating laser fire of 44F Laser Battalion and 44G Laser Battalion of LIS.
Another major battle featuring LIS new weaponry was the Siege of New Paris that lasted for 15 days. The introduction of Javelin-E ‘Incognito’ Missiles in the last day (though a bit too late) decisively ended the battle, these missiles were designed not interceptable by AEGIS Theater Missile Defense System used by United Earth and successfully breached the fortifications of New Paris Citadel in an almost effortless way.
Meanwhile, 49 more colonies revolted against United Earth rule under LIS support, providing minor battlefronts for LIS to push forward further into United Earth territory.
Amount of LIS territory occupied reached a peak on day 59, which over one-fifth of United Earth territory was taken over.
The offensive pose of LIS lasted until United Earth, though later, also began introducing (a limited number of) experimental weapons into the battles, and the return of Space Marines Corps with upgraded equipment, reorganization and replenished manpower. From that time on, the tide of war had changed favouring United Earth, they began pushing LIS back.
Just 2 days after New Paris was occupied by LIS, this city was back in the hands of United Earth, under the strong firepower of Space Marines 12th Regiment, and LIS forces here were still too tired to fight. After the Second Battle of New Paris on day 73, LIS lost a large proportion of major forces and the overall offensive formation breached. In later times, LIS major forces were defeated one by one, setting LIS forces back quickly.
With that moment the situation largely disfavored them, LIS decided to take a risky move - Reveal and use their secret weapon stationed in New Bavaria, either to devastate United Earth capital city that would put United Earth into mess again, or at least buy some time to find a foreign ally.
The risky move was well known as the ‘Interstellar Missile Crisis’ event. On day 88, LIS broadcasted a message through hijacking the communication hub in Coloniae Leon, threatening they had a secret mass destruction weapon that could never be intercepted once launched, and its range could cover all United Earth territories - Interstellar Warp-Speed Missile (IWSM) with Disaster Warheads derived from Instant Terraforming Bomb Project data found in occupied government labs. And, the first missile, to be launched within 24 hours, would fly straight to the capital city of United Earth - planet Earth.
United Earth offensive operations were halted due to the short chaos caused by the seemed inevitable threat. The United Earth Security Council soon ordered the search for their missile base as the countdown had begun. 7 hours later they located the missile base, and 9 hours later Space Marines 2th Division arrived in New Bavaria. The battle in New Bavaria lasted for 7 hours, at the last hour the missile base was captured, with most of the IWSMs destroyed at the site immediately.
LIS did not waste the time by sacrificing their secret weapons. During the Crisis, LIS secretly contacted the Zolarg Empire and shortly reached an alliance agreement with them - for their common pursuit of freedom and liberating people from suffering, and they needed each other. The entry of the Zolarg Empire would bring the war to the third stage, the time when things had been becoming more complicated than just a civil war between Humans.
What about Alpha Draconians? The Overlord was pleased by the situation so far, the plan had been successful. While humans were busy killing each other, the Overlord ordered mobilizing their robot armies into the back of United Earth territory through means of secret portals prepared by covert agents. While Alpha Draconians were making preparations for the takeover plan, one thing the Overlord was not expected to, and not knowing would happen - the Zolarg Empire, their nemesis, would interfere with the war very soon. On the other hand, the political enemies from the Inner Circle, were scheming a plan to pull Overlord off his throne.

More Than Just a Civil War
Just when people of United Earth thought the war would be over soon with the defeat of LIS. 8 days after the Interstellar Missile Crisis (day 96), the Zolarg Empire declared war on United Earth, in the name of helping their allies - LIS, and officially began mobilizing their troops to the borders of United Earth.
War from another civilization put the United Earth under mass panic. Not just because the war that was supposed to end soon would become even longer, such a scale of invasion from another civilization of a different race was something humanity never had experienced.
Zolarg forces flanked United Earth from the other side, putting United Earth in an unfavorable situation - A war of two fronts. The back of the United Earth was left underdefended (not undefended) due to major forces being put into LIS fronts, leaving the borders only garrisoned with only a small number of troops. Even though the Security Council ordered splitting the troops to the borders in order to stop the Zolarg offensive, the border defenses were breached faster than imagined, garrisons were unable to hold the line before reinforcements had arrived. When the reinforcements reached the Zolarg fronts, a couple of cities and colonies had already been occupied by the new enemy.
At first United Earth forces on the Zolarg fronts attempted to make quick offensives against Zolarg forces in order to re-concentrate on LIS again. However, after a few offensives they found Zolarg forces were difficult to remove - Everytime an Insectoid base was ‘removed’, a new base was rebuilt quickly and pumping out loads of new troops as nothing had happened. Later they found out it was due to the Insectoids established complicated yet useful subterranean tunnel networks that allowed rapid reinforcement on the planets, with entrances hard to be detected using traditional sensors. United Earth troops on Zolarg fronts quickly changed their tactics to mainly defensive with very minimal offensive progress, until their sappers were equipped with new tunnel sensors they began able to retake some territories.
Meanwhile on the LIS fronts. Thanks to the Zolarg Empire entry into war, LIS now faced much less pressure from United Earth forces. Now they were able to at least sustain their defensive lines. After their IWPM were modified to smaller missiles and cheaper designs and put under use, they were able to make small offensive progress for a few days, still threatening some of the strategic locations of United Earth. However, the LIS fronts fell into a stalemate for the rest of time.
The unexpected news of the Zolarg Empire's intervention in the Human Civil War delivered to Alpha Draconians. Overlord was not informed about that until 6 days after the entry of the Zolarg Empire into the war - his political enemies from the Inner Circle controlled information flow in Overlord’s chamber through bribing the Imperial Informats (internal messengers of Overlord’s Chamber). The Overlord, knowing schemed by his political enemies, was angered, but also worried about his plans to secure his position in the throne. The Zolarg fronts in United Earth was exactly the location where the secret mobilization concentrated at. At this rate, his great plan would fail easily if the troops were discovered by either humans or insectoids, and it was just a matter of time, sooner or later.
With his ominous worries, the Overlord assigned extra supervisors into the Ministry of Expedition in order to secure his control on the conquest of the human race. However the Inner Circle had an upper hand - the Ministry had already been hijacked by their covert agents. The newly assigned supervisors of Overlord were soon silenced and puppeted by the Inner Circle.
The Lords of Inner Circle now had control of the Overlord’s expeditionary forces in United Earth - With just a slight attention created by the expeditionary forces to let Zolarg forces to notice, it was enough to ruin the plans of the Overlord, to further destroy his reputation, and ultimately pulling him off the throne.

The Incident that Changed the War - Barracuda Blues Events
On day 165 of the war, an event took place on colony Barracuda Blues, a colony lying behind the Zolarg fronts, inside the territories of United Earth. This incident had changed the entire war - from confrontations between mainly United Earth and LIS, to a war that 3 civilizations together defending against Alpha Draconian invasion.
Just within a night, the base on Barracuda Blues disappeared, with remains of weared-off tank armour and charred grounds indicating there was combat. The only thing left was reports about unknown alien contact of hostile inorganic objects and strong energy sources detected by base on neighbouring planets. The United Earth Security Council received the reports 8 hours after the incident had taken place. A global investigation on Barracuda Blues was ordered 2 hours later.
4 days after the investigation had launched, inspectors reported an unimaginable discovery - a hidden facility, camouflaged by cutting-edge field generators of unknown origin, full of unidentified machines in dormant status, and a colossal device suspected to be a long range stargate portal that was the origin of energy detected.
Informed about such discovery, the United Earth Security Council (cautiously) saw that as an opportunity to obtain superior military technologies that could help break the stalemate of the war. Scientist teams and more military staff were sent to the site for further secret investigation.
Despite the news being a secret, the information about such ‘discovery’ had reached the ears of LIS, their hackers intercepted the intel. The intel was shared to forces of the Zolarg Empire, in order to figure out what it was.
Zolarg forces seemed to know something - Just a couple of hours later LIS received replies from the Zolarg Empire, about warnings of a common threat from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy had infiltrated into human civilization - Alpha Draconians. The Zolarg Empire had also sent a similar message to United Earth, and demanded evacuating the investigation site and destroying it as soon as possible.
The United Earth Security Council, at first, did not take the warning seriously, suspecting it was just a deception from both LIS and Zolarg Empire, trying to prevent United Earth from obtaining technologies that could help them win the war. Later events proved them wrong - 2 days later, the site was under attack - not by LIS, not by Zolarg Empire, but those unidentified machines they were supposed investigating. The machines were suddenly animated, hovered into the air, and revealed what they were - war machines, with the emblem of Alpha Draconians. Almost all staff at the site were killed in the matter of minutes, only a group of soldiers managed to escape, and reported their terrible story (with solid evidence recorded) to the Security Council.
Heard of such an event taking place, and reconsidering warnings from the Zolarg Empire, the Security Council decided to have the big issue discussed in the General Assembly, hopefully they could recognise the dangerous situation they were in.
Meanwhile, LIS and Zolarg Empire had also begun their search for Alpha Draconian existence within their occupation zones, and counter-ops against Alpha Draconian influence.
Under a common threat that could not be repelled with the power of a nation, three participant nations of this civil war held a close-door summit on day 178 in an United Earth city Neo Floridas under maximum security measures. On the next day, all leaders of the military came to an agreement - a ceasefire treaty that put a pause on the civil war, and a temporary alliance pact - known as ‘Delta Alliance’ by humans - that would last until the Alpha Draconians were repelled.
Exposures of Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces and the formation of a temporary alliance were quickly reported to Overlord by the covert agents within the United Earth General Assembly. Shocked to know his plan had gone wrong, the Overlord, immediately contacted his supervisors in the Ministry of Expedition. Without any response, the Overlord understood what had happened - His plan had been hijacked by the Inner Circle.
Indeed, the exposure of expeditionary forces in Barracuda Blues was the order of the Inner Circle, through the Ministry of Expedition which was under their control.
The Inner Circle also received reports of their successful sabotage on the Overlord’s plan. With now they knew the Overlord was in trouble, they began spreading the scandals of the Overlord ‘might even be unable to conquer a lesser civilization’, to cut down Overlord’s support from core Reptilian society. Now, with the information of this invasion leaked to both humans and Insectoids, and further pressured by the scandals, the Overlord had only one choice left for the invasion plan - launch the attacks immediately.

Alpha Draconian Invasion
On day 186, the day known as the ‘Invasion Day’, the remaining dormant expeditionary forces of Alpha Draconians inside human territory were activated under the orders of the Overlord himself, launched the Invasion of Humans, beginning from Barracuda Blues where their forces and one of their main portals were exposed.
The Allies were prepared, they had located and destroyed a few hidden Alpha Draconian facilities, and shared any intelligence known about Alpha Draconians. Yet were not on the upper hand. The cutting-edge war machines of Alpha Draconians was not something humans were able to deal with easily, the superior armour strength and stealth capabilities of Alpha Draconian forces had caused some significant loss of Allied forces.
On the other hand, Overlord tried to keep Zolarg Empire forces outside the war theater of human territory as first priority, preventing the Zolarg Empire from assisting humans with their intelligence and troops. Alpha Draconians inserted blockade fleets in neutral zones between the Zolarg Empire and United Earth, as well began rallying troops at Zolarg borders. The Zolarg Empire not just had difficulty helping humans defending against the invasion as their forces in United Earth were encircled, intensified conflicts and battles at Alpha Draconian borders were something they had to put more focus onto.
The invasion broke out from the inside spread like wildfire in human territory as the Zolarg Empire was not able to provide assistance. Just within a week, Alpha Draconian presence was reported in all human territories (in terms of before the civil war broke out). 58% of original human territories were occupied by Alpha Draconians within a week, mainly the areas around the Zolarg fronts.
Humans had no chances of counter strike at this moment, as the Overlord predicted. However, the Overlord had underestimated humanity. Instead of keeping an eye, he ‘confidently’ set the expeditionary to spontaneous mode, promising the core Reptilian society that humans would be brought under Alpha Draconians in no time (in order to retain his supporters).

The Counter Strike
Alpha Draconian domination on the battlefield lasted until United Earth deployed their new superweapon.
United Earth lacked new weapons of instant destruction needed to change the tide of war since the total decommission of the nuclear arsenal right after the establishment of the United Earth General Assembly. Considering reactivating the nuclear arsenal project would cause large discontent from both the General Assembly and the public due to the long term consequence of detonating nuclear weapons, the Security Council, long ago reviewed older military research projects to seek for a powerful weapon with minimal impacts upon use. And when the invasion broke out, they already had a weapon project at almost completion that came into handy - Particle Cannon. The research of this surgical-space-strike (accurate strike instead of mass destruction) weapon was greatly accelerated by the data from Alpha Draconian facility on Barracuda Blues. 14 days after the Invasion Day (day 200), the first Space Strike group had completed construction at United Earth’s capital shipyard on Earth orbit, assigned into and escorted by the only 3 main starship fleets.
Upon the new weapons were ready, Marshal Bradley of the United Earth Security Council authorized the largest military campaign in the war - Operation Zeus, which began from day 205, aimed to retake territories beyond the Zolarg fronts occupied by Alpha Draconians. Mobilizing over 54 land forces divisions, 6 Space Marines divisions, 31 space fighter wings and 2 starship fleets.
The first use of Particle Cannon was used in Battle of Leo-34, showing the impressive firepower to the entire humanity. The Alpha Draconian stronghold on the planet was reduced to scraps in the matter of a few Particle Cannon bombardments of the 3th Starship Fleet.
The particle cannon also shone on other major battles, including the largest starship battle Battle of Kelvin Rings that the superweapon put the end to Alpha Draconian ‘Eradicator’ class battleship (though that was not their strongest warship in service), and Siege of Venet-35 that the weapon critically broke the siege of Alpha Draconian forces on the colony.
Operation Zeus had achieved a massive success within two months. The Operation recovered 21% of original territories, and some post-war statistics estimated that the Operation had also destroyed almost half of the Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces.
LIS had also achieved victories after their deployment of Type-X EMP warheads that effectively paralyses robot-based Alpha Draconian forces and facilities upon detonation. Just within half of a month after the deployment, LIS was able to uproot all Alpha Draconian facilities and portals within their occupation zones and freed up a large amount of troops for offensive operations beyond their territories (to ‘liberate’ more colonies, of course). At the same time, LIS had also completed an counterintelligence research Project Beacon that analyses the activities and signals of Alpha Draconian covert agents and communications (using information provided by Zolarg and harnessing their expert knowledge of cybertechnology), greatly preventing further Alpha Draconian sabotages on Allied forces, and made the hidden movements of Alpha Draconians predictable from that time on.
The human counterattack progress stopped at regions around Barracuda Blues. At this moment Barracuda Blues was one of the last strategic locations for these intruders - where their last functional long range portal was located, the only available reinforcement station for them. However, also the most fortified position of Alpha Draconian intruders - not only the main portal was protected by the state-of-the-art fortress setup, other strongholds around Barracuda Blues formed a complete exterior defense system that was able to stop any starships approaching this critical site.
The counterattack of humans was reported back to the Ministry of Expedition for multiple times, however nobody read the report - The fierce political competition inside the Ministry between Overlord loyalist and Inner Circle had disrupted literally everything, ignited a few days after the blockade on the Zolarg Empire. Military officers and staff were being assassinated or replaced by the two parties very frequently, they had no time and effort to care about any operations of the expeditionary forces but tried to protect themselves or seek extra interest in this internal political rivalry.
As the regular functioning of the Ministry of Expedition came to a halt, the blockade fleet between Zolarg Empire and United Earth was soon out of control, without any coordination the blockade was breached by Zolarg fleets, like the blockade fleet was just a dull asteroid belt. Regaining the supply line to their occupation zones, the Zolarg Empire began sending their fleet and elite force Imperial Templars to the battlefronts in human territory against Alpha Draconians.
Overlord regained information and control of his expedition plan after Overlord loyalists successfully retaken control of the Ministry of Expedition as a series of bloody political events took place. Knowing his miscalculation on humans and he had missed a lot of events during the Ministry was handicapped, the Overlord ordered a regroup of all remaining expeditionary forces at Barracuda Blues, as well as authorising the expeditionary force access to advanced reserves of Alpha Draconian war machines, the Apocalypse Order, to terminate human resistance before it was too late to remedy the situation. An invasion fleet was also ordered to dispatch for securing the invasion plans, either backing the reinforcement up, or in case the last portal falls the fleet could still devastate the remaining human forces and do the occupation.

The Battle of Barracuda Blues - Twilight of the Intruders
All human major forces from both the United Earth and LIS, and later a small number of Zolarg forces from occupation zones, gathered near minor strongholds around Barracuda Blues. Deployments began on day 274, preparing for the last battle to stop Alpha Draconian invasion - which Allied forces had thrown literally everything they had into it, almost all of their major forces and types of weapons.
Alpha Draonians had gathered a majority of the first group of Apocalypse Order from Alpha Draconia arrived at Barracuda Blues, standing by at the site.
The Battle of Barracuda Blues broke out on day 277. The 2nd Vanguard Group led by United Earth Space Marines 1st Division secured a minor portal stronghold on Baston-36, under the support of the United Earth 3th Starship Fleet and Particle Cannons. Hackers from LIS performed a follow-up hacking of the portal control immediately, opening up a route to Barracuda Blues for major forces after 4.5 hours.
Commando platoon headed by the legendary United Earth elite Sarge led the charge into the Barracuda Blues through the portal, securing an area on the east wing of the main portal stronghold. The remaining forces of 2nd Vanguard Group established a forward base for providing support, with Main Battle Command led by Marshal Bradley of United Earth responsible for the main offensive operations following behind.
Other battle groups were told to tie up other minor strongholds to prevent their reinforcements to Barracuda Blues, and if possible, take over the portals in the minor strongholds.
The first attempts of siege, on the same day, had been unsuccessful. The defense of the main fortress complex was far more defended than imagined. The point laser defense system rendered conventional artillery fire useless, the firepower of the newly arrived Apocalypse Order outrunned offensives of the Allied forces, even the Allied forces were supported by 5th Battle Group later which successfully broke into the south wing through the portal of another stronghold. At the end of the day, the offensive operations had been temporarily halted under the order of Marshal Bradley to prevent further losses.
On day 288 Allied forces detected a larger group of Apocalypse Order reinforced Alpha Draconian forces in the fortress. Few hours later, Alpha Draconians began taking offensives targeting the Allied Main Command Group. Facing even stronger enemies than before, main forces of the Main Command Group were tied at their forward base and fell into a badly passive status, until 5th Battle Group received EMP missiles from LIS and sent help to break the enemy offensives.
On day 289, the 3rd Battle Group composed mainly of Zolarg forces entered the battle at the southern forward base, launching subterranean infiltration attacks into the west part of the fortress. Although the infiltration forces experienced heavy casualties as they broke into, however, provided an important internal structure intel of the main stronghold - there was an antenna structure acting as an command node of stronghold defense, which when sabotaged, it could weaken the coordination of, or even paralysing, the stronghold defenses. However, the infiltration forces also reported there was a massive energy flow towards the centre part of the facility, where the main portal was located, presumably sending in core forces, or worse, a destruction device known as ‘Annihilator’ by Zolarg forces which capable of releasing an energy blast that could destroy any non-Alpha Draconian machines and living being within 50 lightyears radius. The enemy reinforcement was predicted to arrive in three or four days.
The reports from the infiltration forces had put the Main Command into an anxious mood, since this meant not much time was left for them - longer the battle goes, worse the situation becomes. The Main Command Group decided to take another offensive the next day, after the United Earth 1st Starship Fleet sent Particle Cannons to provide heavy bombardments.
Still, Alpha Draconians were prepared, they had set up energy barriers to neutralize Particle Cannon fire. With even the superweapon of United Earth proven ineffective on this base, the Main Command Group offensive once again ended up with extra losses.
On the other hand, the portal stronghold connecting the Allied forward base on the south wing was under attack by Alpha Draconian forces from another minor stronghold, the 5th Battle Group and the 3th Battle group had their most convenient supply lines cut and now had to rely supplies from either the 1st Starship Fleet or the Main Command.
During the hardest times having almost no means to break the fortifications of this stronghold, the hackers and engineers controlling the portal in Baston-36 brought a good news in the late night of day 232, they managed to hack into the heavily encrypted internal portal system and obtained a segment of access code that allowed them to teleport at most a commando squad into the stronghold (due to limitations of incomplete access codes), which this chance could be used to sabotage the command node, allow the major forces destroying the fortification when it was disrupted. However, the code was estimated to be expired in approximately 7 hours.
In the same night, but a bit earlier, a small group of Zolarg Imperial Templars joined the Main Command Group, providing limited but valuable replenishment of Allied forces.
With an irreplaceable opportunity to break into this almost invincible fortress, the Main Command immediately reorganized the existing forces, preparing for an all-out attack in the next day - It was either the Alpha Draconians or humanity being defeated, this would be the last assault to terminate their ambitions, once and for all.
4 hours later, a squad with the best commandos from United Earth, LIS and Zolarg was organized for the most dangerous mission, they were teleported to the west block of the stronghold, and later assisted by another Zolarg subterranean assault force from the 3th Battle Group. Meanwhile, all the other Allied forces on Barracuda Blues, advancing towards the stronghold.
The major forces expected the defenses to be disarmed as they reached the enemy defense lines. Yet the infiltration forces had trouble making their way to the command node, encircled by the stronghold guards as the Allied forces entered the alert zones around the stronghold. The main forces could only hold their position, forced to fight with the enemy elite forces, until the commandos finished their task.
After approximately an hour of brutal battles inside and outside the stronghold, the commando squad, finally made their way to the command node, and installed a disruption device onto it.
The defenses of the stronghold were immediately turned down under the effect of the disruption device, including turrets, energy barriers and point laser defense system. The stronghold, now vulnerable to any human and Insectoid weaponry, soon the main defense was destroyed under intensive artillery barrage bombardments. Alpha Draconian forces were also affected by the disruption effects, their combat efficiency was greatly lowered - the coordination errors broke their formation, these steel machines of destruction began ramming into each other. At this moment, Alpha Draconians had lost their overwhelming advantage in this battle, every force defending the fortress were soon eliminated by the Allied forces, leaving the central portal defendless. Allied forces very quickly flooded into the stronghold, reaching their ultimate target of the battle - the main portal, which was seen charging up for receiving new reinforcements - that could make short work on the last human forces if unstopped.
The decisive battle defining the date of humans, ended with a Particle Cannon strike onto the portal, tearing the portal into pieces of scraps. The dawn on Barracuda Blues after the particle beam dissipated, marked the victory of the Allies.
Remaining Alpha Draconian threats in human territory were eliminated within two days after the victory in Battle of Barracuda Blues under the efforts of human forces. For the first time, the entire humanity successfully repelled an massive alien invasion.
The invasion had not ended yet, Alpha Draconian invasion fleet was still advancing towards human territory. It was until Zolarg fleets attacked Alpha Draconian starbases that forced Overlord to draw the entire fleet back for defense and postpone the invasion… infinitely.

Battle of Kaisergrounds - Conclusion Battle to the Human Civil War
The invasion was over, ending with the defeat of Alpha Draconians.
But not everything was over. The Delta Alliance Pact had expired, now United Earth and LIS had to put their focus back onto their civil war… only after they had taken a necessary break from a month of fierce battles.
The Zolarg Empire had most of their forces tired of the battles in human territory, and they needed more forces and officiers to manage their conflicts between them and Alpha Draconians. On day 312, about a month after the end of the invasion, they agreed to withdraw from the Human Civil War, returning all occupied territories to the United Earth and evacuate all their forces after taking some necessary responsibility (mostly repairing damages they had made), as requested by the United Earth General Assembly and agreed by LIS. The civil war was now and finally kept just between humans.
Things had been peaceful (if not considering some minor skirmishes on conflict site planets) until the war was continued with the last major battle broke out on day 351 - the Battle of Kaisergrouds, which both sides hoped to ‘conclude’ the war in this battle (as not much war supplies were left for large scale conflicts), on this strategic stronghold occupied by LIS - To LIS, a foothold for liberating the core economic regions of United Earth in the future. To United Earth, an important barrier to keep LIS away from the most resourceful colonies.
The extremely rare ion fog winters of Kaisergrounds disrupted communication devices and sensors, which however favoured United Earth offensive - their landing forces could sneak onto the planet without triggering the alarms of LIS forces.
It was not clear how the battle had fought due to the unavailability of communications and battlefield monitoring in ion fogs. However, two outcomes were confirmed for sure - First, it might have been a ‘fierce’ battle, in which United Earth recorded 78% losses of troops in the battle while LIS recorded 85% loss of their forces. Either killed or (less likely) lost in fogs. Second, it was the victory of United Earth, after 4 days of battle United Earth 12th Space Marines Regiment managed to take control of the entire planet and sent a shuttle for delivering a battle report.

10 days after the last battle (day 365), the military leaders of two sides met in the Roundtable Summit in the colony of New London.
The Armistice of Hoxton was signed, with the following details:
  • Armistice: Military actions must not be taken inside territories of the United Earth and LIS for the upcoming 100 years.
  • Border Regulations: Border lines between United Earth and LIS, named Hoxton Line, are maintained. No space vessels should cross the line, both sides have the right to shoot down any vessels that crossed the line, unless the vessel has authorised access.
  • Embargo: Trades and shipments to and from LIS are forbidden. United Earth will enforce a blockade fleet along the Hoxton Line.
  • Colonization restriction: LIS must not carry out colonization near or along the Hoxton Line.
  • Trade Route Protection: Any LIS vessels with armaments equal to or more than corvettes will be regarded as violating United Earth trade routes.
  • Violation of any of these regulations will be regarded as breaking the treaty.
  • Any forms of independence by LIS will not be recognized and accepted by the United Earth General Assembly.
Though this is an armistice treaty, it had indeed ended the Human Civil War - at least it had ended direct military confrontations, another civil war is just a matter of time.
Eventually nobody achieved total victory in the Human Civil War, however, LIS actually ‘won’ the war. Colonies and cities occupied by LIS are no longer under the control of United Earth bureaucrats, they are freed from any forms of suppression and exploits, at least a better life can be started with ture fairness and autonomy guaranteed by the League.
Yet United Earth has also earned a ‘strategic’ victory, since they successfully defended most major regions, leaving LIS only able to have mostly barren planets of outer territories. The Armistice of Hoxton also allowed them to have limited control on the development of LIS.
The United Earth General Assembly was not satisfied with the outcome of the war - They understood that LIS had achieved their aim in the war. Now, the capabilities of the United Earth military were being questioned nationwide, even managed to repel the Alpha Draconian invasion - It shall be stopped to restore the reputation of the General Assembly. The General Assembly originally wanted to ‘retire’ Marshal Bradley to pacify the doubts of people, but changed their mind after reconsidering his achievements repelling an alien Invasion and read about his big military project to retake territories occupied by LIS, which the plan actually helped people put a larger confidence onto the military than before.
Speaking of the support, a tragedy for the Overlord of Alpha Draconians. The Overlord tried to cover up the failures of his expedition plans, however, the Inner Circle intercepted the intel. The scandal was soon delivered to all members of core Reptilian society, they now lost all confidence in the ‘weak’ Overlord that had completely ruined their national pride. Several days later, the Overlord was assassinated in a coup planned by the Inner Circle.
The seat of ultimate power was empty, but that is not a seat for many. A more intense, almost endless political rivalry took place between the Lords of Inner Circles beginning right after the death of Overlord, leading the entire empire into a state of political instability. Without a stable and powerful leader to rule the vast empire, the corruption in administration of Alpha Draconians is getting ten times more serious than before. Social order also began to collapse, leading to the disparity between the nobles and common civilians, and social unrests.
The instability of Alpha Draconians, and one more defeat for their seemed invincible military, gave confidence to the conspiracists hidden all over the empire. Some puppet regions began attempting to break away from Alpha Draconians. Though not all of them had been successful, more new powers have risen - Especially the New Galactic Empire, thirsted for galactic domination, is slowly overtaking the influence of Alpha Draconians in the shadows.
The Zolarg Empire finally found themselves a powerful ally to support each other against Alpha Draconian influence - Humans’ capability defending themselves against Alpha Draconian forces impressed not only the Insectoids of every hive, the Emperor is also glad to see this. A few months after the end of the Human Civil War, Zolarg Empire signed diplomatic memorandums with both LIS and United Earth, on the basis of cooperation during the invasion, to begin official peaceful interaction between Insectoids and Humans.
Zolarg forces returned from human territory also brought back some human technologies along with them. The inspiring foreign knowledge have stimulated further development of the Zolarg Empire in terms of economy, science, society and military, and indirectly led to an innovative invention of Insectoids - Mind Network.
While the human cities and colonies were rebuilding, humans also obtained interesting information from the remains of Alpha Draconian machines in Barracuda Blues. These cutting-edge machines have some linkage with the ancient aliens, which the scientists and archaeologists figured out these engines are derived from the ancient alien knowledge recorded on the artifacts scattered all around the galaxy. This discovery will bring drastic changes to human history, a new era of future technologies is predictable in the future not so far away.
Understanding they are not alone in the Galaxy, United Earth begin recognizing the importance of galactic diplomacy, in order to protect themselves (from Alpha Draconians that might return someday in a larger war), as well as seeking for new opportunities. they begin establishing contacts between alien civilizations as they colonize new planets, not just the major civilization like the Zolarg Empire, but also more minor ones.

The Milky Way Galaxy had changed a lot - although there had been wars, costing thousands of lives. Does the war worth anything in the end? Nobody will have an ultimate conclusion, what we know is, war, is always changing our history.

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Hello guys!

Here may I proudly present my fan voxel art of some starships!

The 250-ton transport Shuttlepod has the most classic design among all United Earth starships - this style can be dated back to the Old Earth era. Shuttlepod is one of the most common civilian trade vessel in United Earth, LIS and some independent human settlements.

The 280-ton transport Delta Runner is a newer generation of starship for traders, a young potential successor of Shuttlepod equipped with stronger engines and a larger cargo bay.

Modified from Delta Runner, the 200-ton modified transport Space Jumper is known to be one of the fastest vessels built by humans, which are pretty popular among city states as a minor diplomatic vessel.

The Type-2 Interceptor, or more known as Light Fighter, is an all-round patrol craft built for protecting the human territories.

Type-5 Assault Fighter is designed to devastate enemy vessels using its large railgun, served United Earth since the Great War.

Type-6 Heavy Fighter may not famous as their lightweight cousin, but these all-purpose heavy duty fighters are more commonly equipped - they are never excluded from any fleet squadrons.

The Type-6B is a variant of the Heavy Fighter which it is modified into a dedicated torpedo fighter-bomber.

The 700-ton Standard Uranium Tanker is essentially a mobile refuel station, deployed by United Earth in large quantities to support long range trips of traders, transports and fleets.

The 900-ton Galactic Freight Hauler are most commonly used as a long range cargo transport for bulk trades across the galaxy, one of the largest cargo ship built by humans.

The 875-ton (Armed) Galactic Freight Heavy Hauler is a special variant of the standard Haulers, which a few defensive guns are installed onto for self protection.

United Earth retired Franklin MKVIII class Frigate after the Great War in favor of Strut MKVI Destroyers. Yet that's not the end of their service, their successor Franklin MKIX Patrol Frigate are still used by LIS and some independent city states.

Strut MKVI class Destroyers are the major capital ships under United Earth service. These modernized destroyers participated in most battles and escort missions of United Earth.

Named after the legendary general of United Earth, Marshal Bradley R. Johnson, the new generation of cruiser are the backbone of the new United Earth Starfleet.
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Coloniae is a website where you can access a large variety of services about the game.
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Why the name Coloniae?
Wikipedia explains it well:
A Roman colonia (plural coloniae) was originally a Roman outpost established in conquered territory to secure it. Eventually, however, the term came to denote the highest status of a Roman city.
It is also the origin of the modern term colony.

Post your question below and maybe it'll go in the FAQ.

Alright, it is here: a more organized ones

The New Era - Space Race
US and EU established a FutureTech Alliance and successfully colonized Mars, in a much faster rate than expected. Such envying success unfavoured the old Eastern powers, China and Russia, they established Red Satellite Treaty Union for a direct rivalry to FutureTech Alliance.
On the other hand, many third-world nations broke off from United Nations with the help of a unknown religious organization, forming the Brotherhood of Polaris. They aimed to bring themselves the ‘Promised Land’ in the space race.
The space race was supported at the cost of ecological destruction, this had brought up the worries by ecologists and eco-friendly supporters. They did not join the space race, but they decided to make use of the space race to save the species on Earth from possible ecological calamity - That's why they established Project SEED.

Venet-55 - Main Theatre of the Space Race
Venet-55 is a large system discovered to have the richest amount of industrial raw resources known to humans, it become the centre of space race between Alliance and Union.
At the beginning Union was on upper hand, their mass production capabilities had brought them a largest colonization fleet among all factions, they quickly gained influence in Venet-55. With the first escorted supply line established by Union, the Union expanded very quickly.
However, corruption cases are revealed among Union colonies, setting them back temporarily. Alliance taken the chance to reduce difference between the Union and themselves.
As the Venet-55 was totally colonized, the competition turns from colonization to influence. Alliance had taken over half of the system. Union launched a massive propaganda campaign, it turned out to be successful that the space race in Venet-55 became a stalemate.

Earth Firestorm Crisis
As the increased resource exploitations on Earth, the ecological destruction was catalysed.
After the stalemete on Venet-55, it had been more serious - The intensified conflicts in Venet-55 had caused both factions sending extra supplies to Venet-55, it means more ecosystems had to be destroyed.
The ecological calamity struck Earth for the first time. Project SEED's headquarters on Earth recorded the first Firestorm in human history. However, distracted by the space race, the powers didn't seen it as a problem, until the Firestorm begun turning the lands into ashes and desert.
The Firestorm killed lots of people on Earth, led to global riot opposing the space race. Alliance and Union halted all assistances to their colonies at the same time in order to deal with the ecological crisis.
Without supplies, over half of the colonies in Venet-55 died. The remaining colonies in Venet-55 agreed on a permanent ceasefire treaty in order to survive.
The Firestorm crisis was not solved until the last SEED colony delivered the Miracle Formula obtained from the terraforming failure. Yes, the Earth was saved, but the powers were all exhausted, with the destruction of most humanity. The civilizations began to collapse uncontrollably.
What about colonies in Venet-55? They were deserted by their home world, forgotten in human history. Their survival was still uncertain.

The Exodus - Path to the Promised Land
The Brotherhood of Polaris, though officially as a space race rival to the other two, however they choose to stay far away from the centre of conflicts - Their aim wad to break away from this unfair world.
Their destination of their so-called ‘Exodus’ destinated on a new system discovered by the Brotherhood - Nod-73, which it was moderately habitable.
The beginning was a great success, all their colony ships arrived Nod-73 with remarkable zero crashes. The construction of promised lands were progressed smoothly, and the colonies were working in harmony.
Indeed, the Brotherhood fights for their collective interest. However, the brith of ambitions and conspiracy cannot be stopped. In Roundtable Incident, some colony governor's ambitions were revealed - These governors, instead of building a new utopia for all, they aimed to control these resourceful colonies for their own good.
The Roundtable Incident planted the seed of the conflicts - the Brotherhood in both Nod-73 and Earth was gradually divided into seperationist camp and loyalist camp.
Eventually the Brotherhood Civil War broke out. The 5-year long war had teared the Brotherhood into fragments, with their previous efforts on the promised land almost ruined, the colonies must rely on supplies from Earth headquarters.
The Firestorm Crisis was unstoppable that Brotherhood must also put all attention on dealing with the ecological disaster, having all supply lines cut.
The Brotherhood did not survive long. Headquarters were stormed by the ecological disasters and civil war, all leaders died.
In the same fate as other deserted colonies, over half of the colonies died from a lack of necessary supplies. Even though the Brotherhood was destroyed by the ecological calamity and internal conflicts, their project of the promised lands won't be stopped. That was the unforgotten ultimate aim. What will their promised land be like? Nobody knows.

The Ark of Life - to the Next Eden?
Project SEED aimed to save species on Earth through building a new Eden where they could survive - the Ark of Life program.
Project SEED obtained limited assistances from FutureTech Alliance by promising the New Eden would also be a second home for humanity. The colony ships were spread to the habitable planets of surrounding systems.
Project SEED developed the state-of-the-art terraforming devices in the era, which theorically, it changes a planet in a controlled way, without harming local ecosystem too much.
Nothing special had taken place until SEED-03 colony's failure, caused by unexpected terraforming changes.
Besides the Ark program, Project SEED also tracked about the climate change on Earth. As expected, but far earilier, the ecological calamity caused by human activities for space race, had begun.
The Firestorm Crisis had put the headquarters in panic. The headquarters ordered to hurry the project to save the remaining species before the Firestorm destroy the planet.
Pushing the limits had led to the terraforming abnormalities more intensive, SEED colonies fallen one by one. With the further development of Firestorm Crisis, the last four colonies, tried to keep their terraformers considerably normal while rushing the project. Sadly they all failed.
Yet, the last SEED colony saved the humanity - Inspired from the terraforming failures, SEED scientists derived a Miracle Formula that can reset the condition of Earth back to as good as 20 years ago.
Heroes of humanity, their irreplaceable work will be remembered, but eventually unable to escape from the fate of destruction - the Terraformers exploded because of overloading, killing all SEED staffs. Even though, they were also dissovled in the global collapse of human civilzation, Project SEED did rescued the ecosystem and humanity in the way they didn't expect, and created a new possibility for a greater human civilzation.
And what is the possibility it referrs to? The rise of United Earth in 2050.
Red Satellite Drive Yards
The Red Satellite Drive Yards (RSDY) is an aerospace shipbuilding company from Earth which its history can be dated back to the great space race in the Old Earth Era. It is well known for its pragmatic design principles, reflected by a series of products with time-tested reliability and durability. It's products are widely utilized for civilian purposes as well as military duties, even some of their old products are still seen under service nowadays. The Galactic Freight Hauler series is the pinnacle of their ship designs, which they have been mass produced in tens and even hundred every year, serving as backbones of many logistics fleets in United Earth.

It was an aerospace engineering institute established by Red Satellite Treaty Union, specially for specialists from member countries design and construct the spacecrafts for space colonization projects, providing the Union with large scale colonization fleets for the rivalry in the late Old Earth era space race. Its operations started form Tula, where it was first headquartered in 2032, later its aerospace facilities are also established in other member countries.

Old Earth Space Race
As soon as it was established, various research had been carried out, developing the next generation aerospace vehicles for RSTU to catch up the newest technological development of the time. Several researches involved the rumored reverse-engineering of Jameson Hyperdrive Engine that provided RSTU the Tokarev Engine.
After several failed tests and redesigning, the first successful long range spacecraft of Red Satellite Drive Yards, Object-089 (Also known as "Siberian" Shuttle) was born in 2033.
Later when China officially joined the Red Satellite Treaty Union, the Yards received a large addition of Chinese specialists. In less than an year, the first mass production models of spacecraft for the space race, the Xingzhou Class and Kiev Class long range colony/freighter spacecrafts, entered production stage in 2034. These spacecrafts (and its variants & improved models) formed the colonization fleet of the RSTU.
In the same year (2034), RSTU bought down and took over the Lunar-44 Dockyards with their financial might, and this was another important shipyard of the Red Satellite Drive Yards, which was their only major shipyard outside Earth during the Old Earth era.
As the space race progress further, that the geopolitical situations in Solar System became very intense, RSTU ordered the Yards to design a ship to protect the orbits and airspace of their colonies (and take down rival trespassers). Despite some controversies, the Nakovalnya Class Orbital Interceptor Corvette was designed and put into service in 2038. The corvette was vastly deployed in the RSTU colony airspace, which the rivals became suspicious about RSTU was planning to build a war fleet take over their colonies by force, and the Corvette gained the nickname of "Russia's space T-34".
As sabotages from rivals becomes more frequent, it also increase the need for establishing effective communication and intel network for enforcing tighter security control on RSTU colonies. In the earlier year of 2035 the KR Long Range Communications Relay Satellites were also developed by the Yards to meet the demands.
At the end of the Old Earth era, due to the Great Crisis, RSTU was dissolved in 2049, and the Yards was also temporarily disbanded at the same time, which this lasted until 2054.

United Earth Era
During the Earth Reunification War, the remnant engineers of the Yards once worked in harsh labor camps of Siberian warlords. These engineers were later liberated by United Earth Movement (predecessor of United Earth government) at the end Asia campaign in 2054, and the Red Satellite Drive Yards were back into business after the assets in Tula headquarters had been retrieved by the engineers.
The Drive Yards did not receive any major aerospace engineering projects, until United Earth began preparations for reinitializing the space colonization projects, looking for newer model of vessels for colonization fleets. In a public competition for utility transport vessels Red Satellite Drive Yard's design was adopted, which the vessel is the Maximburg Class Medium Freighter/Lander Carrier that formed the early United Earth logistic and colony supply fleets. Its later highly modifiable variants were also widely utilized by civilians for various economic purposes.
In 2059, Red Satellite Yards received a direct order from United Earth government, required to design a long range, versatile heavy duty freighter ship with massive capacity, for running future supply lines between outer space colonies. It was a big challenge for the Yards at the time, due to there was no ship of similar size had been built by anyone in the past, a number of technological barriers and engineering challenges were met. With several years of research achieving engineering breakthrough and many lab incidents during tests, the first model of the Galactic Freight Hauler was successfully developed in the late 2063, became the largest ship flying under of United Earth of the time. It entered mass production stage in 2064 from their new shipyard in New Petergard, entering service in the same year.
In 2060, the Yards acquired land use patent for new major shipyards in colony of Zijing and New Petergard, both shipyards began construction in the same time.
In 2063, Zijing Shipyard finished construction and begin operate in the same year.
In the later months same year, under the strong business pressure from predatory Corporate Industries, Red Satellite Drive Yards sold their Lunar-44 Dockyards to Corporate Industries under unfavorable terms, losing their major production facility that was planned for mass production of the Galactic Freight Hauler.
In 2064, The main complex of the New Petergard Orbital Shipyards finished construction. The Red Satellite Drive Yards transferred their headquarters to New Petergard afterwards, sold their old facility on Earth at the same time. The New Petergard Orbital Shipyard is the major production facility for the Galactic Freight Hauler series (and its associated spare components), and it was one of the largest shipyards of United Earth.
In 2066, the expansion for New Petergard Orbital Shipyards was completed. This headquarter shipyard began operating at full capacity for building aerospace vessels developed by Red Satellite Drive Yards.

Major Products
Galactic Freight Hauler (long range freighter ship) series (2064-)
The pinnacle of their down-to-earth designs, the Galactic Freight Hauler series can definitely represent the quality engineering Red Satellite Drive Yards. For many years it flies in many supply lines and trade routes of United Earth, and are barely replaced by anything else form other aerospace shipbuilding corporations. Each of these ships has very long life expectancy of 50 years, even without frequent maintenance.
Earliest model has 780-ton capacity.
The current standard model is the 900-ton capacity freighter.
A heavier variant with 875-ton capacity, armed with military grade weapons, are built for military purpose and escorting dangerous cargo.
Nakovalnya Class Orbital Interceptor Corvette (2038-2045)
An old model of corvette built in the Old Earth era, when Red Satellite Drive Yards is still part of Red Satellite Treaty Union, also known as the notorious "Russia's Space T-34". Its purpose is to intercept unauthorized vessels "trespassing" RSTU colony airspace, and are often armed with military grade autocannons. They were deployed in large numbers in RSTU colonies and locations with geopolitical conflicts.
Its production was terminated in 2045 as RSTU was dissolved under the Great Crisis, however, many of these corvettes are still used by some ex-RSTU colonies for self defense nowadays.
Kiev Class Long Range Passenger/Freighter Ship series (2034-2057)
The Kiev Class was the backbone multirole transport vessel in RSTU fleets, and was one of the oldest ships from Red Satellite Drive Yards.
Later in early days of United Earth it have seen limited service, mainly repurposed as repair vessels for fixing the satellites and space elevator platforms in Earth orbit. They are later decommissioned as the newer model is available.
Xingzhou Class Long Range Passenger/Freighter Ship series (2034-2057)
Pretty much similar to Kiev Class in terms of general layout, but cannot be said as a direct variant of the Kiev Class. It was a variant by Chinese specialists of the time, compared to Kiev Class, it is more dedicated to transport passengers and life supplies. Was decommissioned at the same time as Kiev Class.
Maximburg Class Medium Freighter/Lander Carrier series (2058-2067)
The ship that replaced the Kiev Class and the Xingzhou Class in terms of bulk logistics purpose, and was one of the major vessels (Along with Shuttlepod MK1) participated in early United Earth space programs. Compared to its predecessors it was designed in more versatile manner, which, especially its later models, can be modified and repurposed easily for other needs, ranging from transporting landers and making supply runs, to satellite repairs and asteroid mining operations.
Its production was terminated in 2067 as the more advanced Phobos Class Modular Transport from Martian Industries rendered it obsolete, and the Yards decided to focus on improving their best sale GF Hauler series.
H3110 guys! (^ω^)

What’s the first step for marching into the outer space? Besides begin building starships, you might need astronauts for missions, as well to develop much stronger and longer-life starship fuels.
As well, more things that will keep you connected to the entire galaxy!

New Technologies!
  • Intergalactic Astronomy
    Learn the secrets for ultra-long range intergalactic travels, which will bring you further outside world from the galaxy!
  • Neo Nuclear Physics
    One of the study goal of nuclear physics is to find how to maintain the nuclear fusion-fission cycle. Learn how to achieve it.
  • High Density Manufacturing
    Learn how to manufacture very complexed components that they are as fine as in molecular size.
  • Intergalactic Communications
    Learn how to perform communication in a intergalactic range!
  • Modular Construction
    Learn how to construct machines and buildings, in modules.

New Resources!
  • Hyperfuel
    The ultimate starship nuclear-type fuel designed for intergalactic travels using I.G.H.J.T. (Intergalactic Hyperjump Thrusters). Neccessary for launching outer space missions.
  • High Density Components (SHDG)
    These intergrated components are very fine that they are using molecules as the unit of manufacturing standards, and contains numorous tiny components. They are required for modular buildings, space industries and building better starships.

New Jobs!
  • Astronaut
    Important for performing space missions yet these jobs are very demanding. For a colonist wished to participate in astronaut occupations for space industries, not just a high IQ is required, they must obtain a Astronomy Diploma from Astronaut Academy.

    If you wish to know what a Diploma is, this is a idea from mine, visit this post for more.

New Buildings!
  • Hyperfuel Refinery
    Begin manufacturing the awesome hyperfuel from this refinery! It turns helium-3, uranium, crystalline, and plenty of oil into hyperfuel.
  • Modular Housing
    While the furniture and facilities now taking less space with the modular designs, these buildings can now housing more people than usual!
  • Modular Microchip Factory
    With modular technogy, the Ancient Alien Microchip Factory is reduced into a smaller size yet the production rate is maintained high!
  • Modular Triantanium Refinery
    Using closely-packed modular machines and appliences, using the same space it can now produce triple amounts of triantanium.
  • High Density Component Foundry
    Manufacture the finest high density components from microchips, crystalline, ant paste and triantanium.
  • Starport Exteded Landing Zone
    This is the way you can expand your starport without much cost and taking less space.
  • Starship Hangers
    A very basic way to store more starships, installed with a evelator to carry the starships into the underground hangers.
  • Ultra-Deep Hangers
    A better version of starship hangers.
  • Astronaut Academy
    Start training your astronauts here for the space industries!

More ideas are coming!
Further ideas and suggestions?
Comments please! (^ω^)
please note that I haven't done much research into this, so don't take these numbers seriously. The main idea that I'm getting across is that diamond, obsidian and triantanium would be instrumental in the construction and research of these structures. Structures that use the black hole manipulation tech will be far more capable than the most advanced human structures and would occupy much less space. They would also require far more power and water than any other structure in the game.

Unholy he3 generator - generates an unholy amount of he3 from unholy amounts of regolith using a constant supply of water and uranium. The ultimate space saver for lunar colonies.

power: 10,000
reg 200,000
he3 500,000
gold 400,000
steel 500,000
alu 10,000
dia 100,000
chips 50,000
tri 20,000
ura 50,000
obs: 25,000
arts: 2,500

tech required: black hole manipulation

Alien he3 storage - using black hole manipulation technology and strong materials, massive amounts of he3 can be stored in the same amount of space as a large he3 tank.

space 2x2
upgraded from large he3 tank
power: 500

build costs: bast can figure this one out

tech required: black hole manipulation.

Alien Hypercube - The alien hypercube uses super durable materials like diamond, triantanium and obsidian, and space compression technology to compress millions of cubic feet into a 2x2 area using a controlled singularity or black hole. The hypercube would have ten times more jobs, colonist and tourist space than the fantasy land arcology and provides enough food production and medical care to support all of it's inhabitants, the only challenge is power. Each cube would require 250k power. Also, each cube would require 500 water and 100 he3 each second, so the need for he3 would skyrocket as people start building these.

space: 2x2
power needs: 250,000
consumes: 500 water and 100 he3 per second.

build costs:
ore: 20,000,000
water: 50,000,000
alien arts:50,000
ancient instructions:100,000

Research required: Black hole manipulation

Miniature theme park - this building provides an unholy amount of entertainment for a vastly populated and overcrowded colony. Uses a controlled black hole or singularity to house roller coasters, water rides, shops, and even a lake.
entertains: 100,000
tourists: 100,000
jobs: 100,000
admission fee: $50
space: 3x3

build costs, bast can figure this one out.

Research required: Black hole manipulation

New research - Black hole manipulation - learn how to compress massive amounts of space and stuff into a tiny area.

Lete me know what you think. I'll add more to this thread as I develop the idea. It's 2am though, and I need my sleep for now.
6y ago
With the latest Podcast Bast has put out, he has brought up that he wants to create multiplayer regions. Personally, I think this is great. It has been suggested to have multiplayer in my colony for as long as I can remember.

I got excited when he finally announced that it would be coming to regions. However, the way it is I am not sure it really changes the gameplay much - and here is why:

1. Embassies and trading is already rather easy as it is. You find someone you want to trade gifts or embassies with and you trade with them through messages or embassies. The current difference Multiplayer regions have is that you can click on another person's city and trade embassies or gifts. While that is useful, it is something that is already easily done.

2. The resource pool is self contained on a per person basis, meaning each person on the multiplayer region will have their own individual resource pool - besides atmosphere which is shared. I do not really know about you guys, but when I think of multiplayer, I think of cooperative play or competitive play. Competitive play is not really the style of my colony, so things should be more cooperative. Yes, players in the region can very easily send resources to each other via gifts and trading, however how is that any different from a normal region? Why is the resource pool not shared?

3. Lastly, and arguably least important, is space. I realise that it is a region, and there is a lot of space on a region, however if there are a lot of people playing on a multiplayer region it will likely run out of space at some point. Both for the players who want many people on the same map and also the large scale players who can fill half a region on their own. Once this space is filled, there is not much else we can do about it.

If I am missing some fundamental piece of information about how these multiplayer regions will work please tell me, I am really interested in how this is going to develop after over a year or two of the idea of multiplayer thrown around.

Given that, here are some possible changes I would personally like to see in the multiplayer features:

A) I believe that shared resources would be a great addition to regions. It would give a better sense of working together instead of sharing resources - which is already possible and done across the community. I think the only reason shared resources was not the original idea is because after a certain point it becomes very easy to mass produce anything and multiple people on the same map doing that might break the game. Honestly, I do not really see that as a bad thing though, I already produce faster than I can consume and the game simply becomes expansion and collection. Multiple people contributing would progress faster and give an active sense of multiplayer.

Alternatively, this could be an opportunity to tie directly into trade routes that have been talked about for a while now. Players on a multiplayer region could set up automatic trade routes with other players. Eg trade x amount of plastic for y amount of antanium at z rates. This would cost a small amount of resources to run, later an upgraded version with increased rates could consume starships. With this method, one person could be a diamond supplier while another be a charcoal supplier and they complement each other with the auto shipments.

B) This multiplayer region applies to commonwealths and/or federations.

For commonwealths, each dependent will start on your multiplayer region map and grow next to your own. The easier method of establishing communication and gifts by clicking on another person's city from the region menu will streamline things a little more for newcomers who do not really understand how to contact people otherwise. Of course the commonwealth leader will need to be able to remove any dependent's cities in the case of a dependent becoming inactive or obnoxiously placing empty cities everywhere.

As for federations, it would work a little differently in the sense that there would be a separate region selection screen in the federation tab where each member is represented by a tile on the region. Here is where you could create trade routes to and from any given member (using the aforementioned trade route idea in the second paragraph of section A). This idea is not as developed as some others, but it is food for thought on how that may work.

C) Being able to annex more space on the region screen would solve the problem of space and allow for even more players to inhabit a single multiplayer region. As stated before, space would become more of a problem the more players are involved. Say, for instance, a federation wants to start a new multiplayer region with as many members as they could (something I actually want to try), they would rapidly run out of space then everyone would be stuck. If memory serves, when regions first came out I think it was said that if regions ever were to run out of space annexing would be made possible although I'm unsure how well it would work with a region saved online. I am not a developer so I can not really comment on if something can be done.

I think that is it for me. Longer than I expected this to be, but I got my first few thoughts of what multiplayer regions were described to be out. Do let me know what you guys think, how it could be modified, if I missed potentially vital information somewhere. I really want to see where this multiplayer feature can go 🙂
4y ago
Hello guys.

In my last post about space mining, I have mentioned about special relics you can put them into collections.

These relics have their backstory and lore, and a full set of relics collection will unlock more possibilities for your colony with hidden technologies or buildings.

Here are my ideas for the collections!

Relics of Old Colonization Era
Curiosity drives exploration and leads to discoveries as always. Even before United Earth, Humans have been launching space programmes to colonize planet of the distant worlds.
Unlocks Galactic Colonialism tech with full set.
  • <Debris of Old Colonization Starships>
    Earliest colonization starships in Human history is the Pioneer MKI. Though they are not quality as the immigrant shuttles nowadays, they are important the proofs of humans stepping into the space colonization era.
  • <Beacon-Net Space Relay Node>
    Positioning in deep space was not easy in the early days of space colonization. A crude positioning system was constructed using old-fashioned uplink satillites. Later, as the system is replaced by the new Galactic Positioning System, these arrays get abandoned and tossed away into deep space as scraps.
  • <Abandoned Reclamers>
    Somehow these old-fashioned steel behemoths of colonization get tossed into space? It doesn’t matter, it’s still a valuable relic to be - These Reclamers are AI-driven construction/mining vehicles - The protoypes of the present day new rovers.
  • <Lost Diaries of Early Astronauts>
    These diaries, contained inside lost data banks, will show how astronauts of old colonization era conduct their missions and tells how they lived in space and outposts, and also their amazing skills to survive in adverse conditions.

More sets of relics ideas will be added...
I have started putting together an early concept for a new game I have been thinking about for a few years now called My Starship, which is loosely modeled on an old Android game I used to play called Star Traders RPG. In My Starship, you captain a ship and must make money by conducting favorable trades between colonies and by going on missions for the various planetary governments. The game map, planets, missions, and interplanetary relations are all procedurally generated, and no two playthroughs will ever be the same. You can find up to date download links at the following address, or try the game on the Ape Apps Launcher.

The game is currently in a very early beta state, and as of yet, there is still not much to do. The purpose of this thread is to take comments and suggestions of things to add to the game. I will also keep this post updated with my current plans/to-do/progress list. I want to say up front though, that there are no plans to tie My Starship in to the My Colony server. I have decided that this would be better off as a stand-alone game.

The purpose of this early beta is to get feedback and suggestions on where to take the game, and also to guage interest so I can know how much time to put into development. The beta will be available for testing on Web, Android, Desktop, and Windows 10 at first, with an iOS release coming once the game is further along.

Current Build: v0.15.0

Current To-Do List (in no particular order):
  • Save game progress.
  • Choose your own starting civilization and ship, captain name, ship color, etc.
  • Interaction with other ships, including trade, missions, battle, piracy, capture, etc.
  • Captain skills progression, stats, leveling up, etc.
  • Planet stardocks with ship upgrades, buy/sell new ships, ship repairs, etc.
  • Resource harvesting on empty planets.
  • Distress call when ship out of fuel, or:
  • Escape pod when ship out of fuel or loses a battle.
  • Attack, bombard, or blockade a planet.
  • Capture, take control of a planet and it's industrial output.
  • Hire starship crew, manage crew relations, keep them happy, prevent mutiny.
  • Factories on planets which produce additional resources. Planets AI automatically upgrade themselves, conduct their own trades with passing ships.
  • Military ships controlled by the main factions which patrol their own space, protect their colonies, respond to distress calls.
  • Gamepad + Android TV/Amazon Fire TV/Xbox One support
  • Local (LAN/Wifi) Multiplayer
So here you can see my basic idea, what I am/will be working on, and the general direction I see for this concept as of right now. Everything is subject to change based on player feedback. I am basically working on this game because it is something that I personally want to play. The purpose of releasing the concept is to see whether or not others want to play something like this as well, which will determine how much time and effort I want to put into the idea. This is similar to the approach I used when creating My Colony, and as a whole, I think that it turned out alright.

So anyway, this thread is the place for all things My Starship related, as of right now. I will be embedding a link to the thread from within the game, and will be keeping the top post updated as I make progress and updates to the game. If the idea gains any users or traction, I will upgrade it to it's own forum section, but it is really not necessary at the moment. I plan on working on the game every week or so, or whenever I have time. That will increase or decrease based on the reception (or lack thereof) of the concept. Enjoy!


20210418 - v0.15.0
Added some Chinese translations
Updated menu icons to conform to ADL
Addressed "Cargo is Full" bug
Added Harvest Resources to the planet popup window on uninhabited planets

20200922 - v0.14.0
AI fuel tankers now have a chance to just get more fuel
Player is now warned if cargo is full while harvesting
Added Aluminum requirement to the Uranium Enrichment Facility
Started migrating ship stats screen format into a My Colony-like general stats window
New Resources Added:
- Spice
- Oil
- Plastic
Added Factory:
- Plastic Factory

20200508 - v0.13.0
You can no longer buy/steal goods above your cargo hold space
New Upgrades Added:
- Shield Module Mk2
- Torpedo Tubes
New Ships Added:
- Strut MkVI
- Torpedojager
- Draconian Destroyer
New Resource Added:
- Aluminum

20191118 - v0.12.0
Planets in comm range will show a fuel icon now if they have available fuel for sale
Added a 'Quick Refuel' option to planet options box
Expanded information on the Ship Stats screen
Ships can now travel at diagonal angles

20191010 - v0.11.0
Added Combat!
- You can attack anyship you come across
- Each attack turn you can Fight, try to Run, or attempt to Board
- Boarding let's you take their resources
Added Captain game object, each ship now represented by a Captain
Captains are pulled from roaming tokens from My Tokens
Player automatically assigned to their account default Token
Ships for sale at dock are now sorted by price
Docks now offer starship repair services
Planets now show civilization, contracts, and dock indicators
Civilization capitol now shows an indicator
When zoomed out, Map shows current ship marker and lines between civs
The Planet Stats popup now finally works
Added a pending contract display to the main hud

20190826 - v0.10.0
Planets with a Dock and enough money/parts will now construct new starships
Planets will commission new starships under their flag
You can now buy new starships from the Docks of a planet that has starship inventory
You can now only see other ships that are in your radar range
You can now harvest natural resources from uninhabited planets
- the AI ships will also do this
Ships out of fuel (including yours) will now send out a distress signal within their communications range
AI fuel tankers and government ships will now respond to distress calls
AI ships will now trade with each other
Added back button handling (for devices with a back button)
New ship classes:
- Galactic Freight Hauler
- Galactic Freight Heavy
- Space Jumper
New upgrade modules:
- Shield Module
- Laser Cannons
- Small Hangar Bay
- Guest Pod
- Improved Radar
- Transceiver Upgrade
Added Factories:
- Uranium Enrichment Facility
- Gold Synthesis Lab
- Ore Fraking Operation

20190301 - v0.9.0
Minor bug fix release

20180925 - v0.8.0
Planets will now build Ports when they have the resources
AI ships now conduct expanded business with planets
Fuel Tankers now purchase significantly more fuel from planets
Ships can now purchase upgrades from star ports
First upgrades are:
- Hyperdrive Upgrade
- Cargo Pods
- Hull Plating

20180825 - v0.7.0
Last saved game now appears on title screen
Added Factories, which planets will automatically construct when they meet certain conditions
First factories are:
- Ore Refinery
- Microchip Factory
- Rum Distillery
- Starship Parts Factory
Added Resource:
- Starship Parts

20180611 - v0.6.0
Games can now be saved/loaded
User now prompted to name ship at new game
Civilization governments now start with their own ship fleets
Changes to AI ship movement, destination selection
Government ships will not do quests, but will conduct trades between other government planets
Independent traders will now trade in other goods besides fuel, if the price is good
Added Ship Classes:
- Light Fighter
- Patrouilleschip
- Draconian Patrol
New Missions:
- Compromising Position
- No Laughing Matter
- Emergency Treatment

20180512 - v0.5.0
Implemented Gamepad control support
You can now interact with planets that are within 1 tile by clicking/tapping on them
Added new Ship Stats screen
You can now rename your ship
You can now change ship color
AI ships are now assigned a random ship color
Different ship classes can now start with specific resource overrides
Added Ship Classes:
- Klein Vrachtschip
- Draconian Cutter
- Uranium Tanker
New Missions:
- Conspiracy
- Proof of Loyalty
- Death Celebration
- Body Part Delivery
- Trojan Horse Attack
- Making Amends

20180507 - v0.4.0
Bug fixes
Engine now supports "Linked" missions
Contract timeout fails now work
Added 'Pending Contracts' option to main menu
Added Missions:
- Starvation
- Poisonous Revenge
- Wedding Delivery
Added Ship Classes:
- Delta Runner

20180503 - v0.3.0
Added Ship Contact screen when coming in contact with another ship
Can now conduct ship to ship trades
Global resource prices now slowly and randomly fluctuate over time
Raised the number of independent traders in the galaxy
Game ticks now keep happening when ship runs out of fuel
New planet type: Water World

20180430 - v0.2.0
Resource icon now shows up on trade menus
Changed the Fuel/Cargo readout bars on larger screens
Starting AI merchant ships are now picked from a random ship class
Added Settings button to the top UI bar
Added Resources:
- Ore
- Gold
- Steel
- Microchip
Added Ship Class:
- Draconian Sloop
- Ruimteschip
Added Mission:
- Rum Party
5y ago
In the capitol there could be a section called satellites where you could make different satellites based on how much tech you had and how many resources you have. There could be the basic satellite which you unlock just after independence that would generate research and money. Then there would be the small space station and large space station that would require colonists, food and water to make more research and money but also have an option to explore another planet as an extension of your main colony for some obscene amount of money and resources. It would require the technology "space stations" for 1,000,000 research as well as "provinces" for the missions. Then there would be the orbital battle station which would be ridiculously expensive and require 1,000 colonists as well as food and water. It would generate lots of research as well as being able to send out more missions.Also it would have the option to mass execute your colonists at the cost of a lot of happiness in the other people. It would require the tech "Orbital lasers" and "Defensive shields" Which would be 100,000,000 research each.

These structures would only hypothetically exist and not be rendered in-game. Under the satellites section there would be an option to create a satellite, manage the missions and use the satellites special features, as well as view your list of satellites. It could be a lot like the embassy section in the capitol except with no charter codes or physical buildings.

I think the basic satellite would look something like the Hubble space telescope
The small space station would look like the international space station
The large space station would look like the one from 2001: a space oddesy
The orbital battle station would look like a combination between the death star from "star wars" and the world engine from "man of steel."

Thanks for reading, I know it was a lot but i really hope that this is added to really enhance gameplay
6y ago
An idea was floated in the chat today that I wanted to post here and see what people thought of it. Is it a good idea/bad idea, suggestions/comments, etc.

Essentially, the idea is for something of a "sister" game to My Colony called My Space Station. The way it works, is an online colony in My Colony can purchase a space station contract that costs a large amount of money/resources/civics. Sort of a big end-game purchase. These contracts are placed on the server.

There is a second game called My Space Station. When a player starts a new game, they look through all of the station contracts, and pick one they want to use to start their new game (if there are no contracts available, United Earth will generate one). They then start a new space station as a member of the parent colony's commonwealth. Sort of like a sub colony, where they still pay taxes to and can trade resources with the parent colony.

The difference is that instead of a planet, you are building a space station. The station starts out as a tiny map with no resources which you must build up. The mechanics of the game can be completely different, but it plays on the same server as My Colony and even has access to the GBT, which is how the station gets the resources needed to expand.

So in each game, either the Colony or the Space Station will profit through their trade relationships with each other. The core gameplay of My Colony stays the same, while My Space Station offers a different style of play for a different audience, but still contributes to the My Colony universe.

Anyway, the idea is in its infancy, just wanting to see what people think of the concept, or what ideas you have to make it better, or if the whole thing just sucks to begin with? It could be a fun stand-alone game on its own, but also one that brings more activity/purpose to the My Colony online game.
6y ago
Ok, so wanted to update my ideas based on the recent decision to not put my starship on the mc server. Since that happened, the ability to build ships would be meaningless unless they played a role in trading and exploring anomalies for resources.

We also talked about the idea of the space station being a type of map in mc instead of being it's own game. I personally don't care which because the station would be able to carry out the same functions that it was designed for no matter if it was in mc or in it's own game.

The thing is, I think that it would be simpler and faster for bast to just implement the platform feature, since that would only require a few changes to the engine. Developing modules would take ages to finish and it would be tons of work. Yeah it would be cool, but developing modules would require multiple multiple changes to the engine, and I personally think that we shouldn't be reinventing the wheel here when we already have most of the buildings and features that we need to make the game aside from the platforms.

On another subject, consider some of these ideas off the top of my head:
-space stations need o2, which they can get from water. However, water is not a replenishable source on a space station. Therefore, water demand would skyrocket if this game becomes a reality. A byproduct of making o2 from water is hydrogen, which is used in fusion plants. Fusion plants could use lots of hydrogen and produce he3, all while producing tons of power. Hydrogen and oxygen should be producable by planetary colonies and have a place in the gbt as basic resources.
-on a space station, everything needs to be recycled so as not to lose resources, so there should be structures that turn trash into fertilizer. Fertilizer would be needed for food production. Food feeds people, and then people use the restroom, completing the cycle. The reason why fertilizer would be needed is because there is limited soil on a space station, and that soil would need to be re-enriched from time to time to keep crops alive and bearing fruit. This fertilizer resource should be producable by planetary colonies and should have a place on gbt as a basic resource.
- a space station would have more forms of entertainment that planetary colonies don't have, like a viewing deck, spacewalk rig, and zero-G chamber.
- there would also be more ways of making money. A refueling station would constantly consume oil and produce money. An energy cell factory would consume large amounts of energy and either just produce money or produce energy cells, which may have other uses.
-0G makes it difficult to work, so the player would have to build gravity generators to keep their colonists up to snuff. These generators would keep colonists moving at regular pace. Without them, colonists have to wear heavy magboots that make them walk at a fraction of the pace and production is significantly slower in buildings that aren't inside the radius of a gravity generator. It could also be a happiness factor.
-Debris from meteors is everywhere in space, and without adequate shields, buildings would be torn to shreds. Therefore, shields should be implemented to protect colonists. Meteors would be a constant thread and would heavily damage any unshielded structure/colonist/vehicle that they land on and could even destroy roads or platform tiles.

That's all I can think of for now, hopefully these ideas help.
5y ago
Here are some more thoughts of mine regarding this idea:

I still think that it would be much more efficient to include the game as part of mc instead of being it's own game. That way you're not splitting your focus on working on two games, but you are continuing to add more features to mc. I would honestly rather have a space station that can trade with other colonies than a space station that only has other space stations to trade with. The same goes for colonies being able to trade with space stations. Plus, space stations inherently have a lack of certain items that colonies do well at producing, like food, water, oil, metals, and other things that come from planets or asteroids.

The space station would be better and refining and producing high end products, and would be more efficient at making money, but would have to use that money to purchase "supply lines" with other colonies/stations. The supply line would auto-charge money from the the station and auto-ship the resources to the station at regular interval's. I think that any colony or station should be able to make supply lines with any other colony or station. This way the player doesn't spend all of their time buying resources via single transactions. The player loses a certain amount of civics each time they perform a transaction via the supply line, and when they run out of civics, all supply lines stop and the colony/station suffers. This would prevent players from spamming the creation of supply-lines, which would probably reduce server performance, and it would be more realistic since you need administration in other to handle transactions between governments or companies in real life. It also ensures that as you're governmental power grows in the station/colony, your ability to make more lucrative supply lines grows as well, provided you have to money or resources to maintain the supply lines.

The issue with the supply line feature is that there would be instances where only one of the two players doing the supply line are online when it comes time for the next scheduled transaction to take place. This is probably why this feature isn't implemented. But I guess you could do the same thing that you do for when a cw pays for it's sub-colonies' worker costs. Even if the cw is offline, when they get back online, the server sends them a message with all of the worker costs that they owe to their sub-colonies. Something similar could be done with this. Even when one player is offline, the supply line continues until both players are offline, albeit the online player will not receive money or resources from the other player while they are offline. And then when the once offline player comes back online, they are given a message with the amount of transactions that went on, how much money or resources they've recieved, and how much resources or money they owe to the other player. If both players are offline, no transactions occur. This can be a risky endeavor to enter into a supply line with another player, because that player could scam you and other people by remaining offline just to collect your payment or resource supply, and then come online and never pay you what they owe you. To combat that, I would impose a merit system that people can add or remove one point to or from. This would tell other players how trustworthy a player is.

I really hope that these thoughts are helpful in determining what to do with my space station.
5y ago
Ok, so here would be my idea of how to add this building. So, make it an upgrade to the fl arc, so it would still require an empty plot of land. Then, the building would look like a big space elevator, only with a gigantic station at the top. This station would also support massive amounts of immigration and tourism, would produce large amounts of money and civics, and would produce enough food, power, entirtainment, and jobs to support itself with a good amount of each left over to support other structures.

I would make it consume several more resources, or at least most of the durable goods since this thing would not only support lots of housing, but it would be the center of commerce. So, water, oil, uranium, he3, steel, antanium, gold, aluminum, chips, pottery, toys, cloth, rum, robots, plastic, charcoal, atmosphere. In order to build and support this thing, you would have to have built up all of those production areas. I would mak certain productions of the space station halt when certain resources are depleted. For instance, a lack of water will hault food production, a lack of uranium or he3 would halt power production, a lack of cloth would halt money production and reduce tourist space to zero, or a lack of rum would do the same but also halt civic production. These are just several examples. Even if every needed resource is depleted, housing will never be disabled as long as the power grid can still support the station when the station stops producing power. I think that this would be easily hard coded for this particular structure, so the engine should be able to run it just fine.

I would only allow up to eight to be built, but i would make it produce enogh and house enough to be totally worth building. You could also make several upgrade choices that would cause the station to focus on a particular area. I would make 10 choices: residential station focuses food and housing, commerce station focuses tourism and money, administration station focuses civics and money, funland station focuses tourism and entertainment, support station focuses power and food, luxury station focuses housing and money, data warehouse station focuses power and civics, warehouse station focuses raw and durable goods storage, research station adds and focuses research production and a lunar station allows you to gain access to the planet’s moons and terraform and annex them for additional space(this one may not be possible).

I would change the name to “orbital Space station.” The whole point of this building would be to consolidate several functions and resource productions into one single space to provide more room for bigger colonies.
6y ago
Hello guys!

Some old players like @Ansom would like to see very compact service facilities, saving places for factories while fitting into the gaps easier and helps better management, or something that can serve lots of colonists in a limited place.

You know, when lands are scarce, and you cannot expand your colony productions, while facing enormous service demands.

So this time, my big batch of idea will feature ultra compact service facilities.

  • Pure Quantum Matter Extraction
    Learn how to extract pure quantum matters, a mysterious matter tha has infinite possibility, from the long lost methods from lost civilizations.
  • Modular Engineering
    Using pure quantum and ancient alien knowledge to find out the most space-saving designs of facilities using micro-modules.
  • Quantum Dimensional Engineering
    Harness the power of quantum technology and knowledge of the dimensions, find out ways to ‘expand spaces’ inside limited space.

New Resource!
Quantum Battery (QB) is the new end-game resource for developing even compact buildings.
These quantum batteries contains pure quantum matters that requires extra care when dealing woth them, especially they are volatile under exposure to strong solar radiation.

  • Pure Quantum Extraction Lab
    Where the smartest scientists collects pure quantum matters, and seal them inside batteries.
  • Transcendent Modular Colonimulation Centre
    Harness the power of quantum technology and modular engineering, Colonimulation now introduces a even higher entertainment experience for colonists, and super-large service capacity.
  • Transcendent Modular Quantum Health Centre
    Not just it is runed using quantum matters, this facility also make use of the quantum matter for therapies, serving numerous sicks and ills quickly.
  • Transcendent Modular Education Pod Cluster
    With quantum modular education pods, more transcendent quality education can be carried out at the same time - Just hop into one of the pods, and the pods will bring you knowledge by quantum influence.
  • Transcendent Alien Power Tower
    Beyond what ancient aliens had done so far, now with the quantum modular technology, more reactors can be installed. Most importantly, easy replacement of modules makes easy maintenance.
  • Transcendent Arcology
    Imagine when we can pack even more people into a limited space using quantum-powered modular furniture, windows and walls. Everything are quantum powered.
  • Transcendent Quantum Forge
    Infinite possibilities with quantum technology. With this Transcendent Quantum Forge, Anything can be created with pure knowledge.
    An upgrade of research convertor.
  • Transcendent Modular Server
    Modular quantum processors are able to process quadzillions of terrabytes at 0.000000273 second. So why not use it for servers?
  • Gate of Utopia
    The recent advance of quantum-dimensional technology allowed us to create space. Imagine you can create a space large as a city just using the space of a room, enjoying endless entertainment and leisure, and living in ultimately relaxing homes you ever seen.
  • Gate of Heavens
    Don’t worry, you’re not dying. It’s just an artifical dimension, where the best medical technology integrates, and no disease are cureless.
  • Gate of the Endless Libraries
    Every trace of knowledge we have discovered can be found here. I’m very sure that everybody can find their clues here, and eventually become ultra-smart beings.
  • Gate of Hell
    The most realistic Hell world you have ever seen, the most terrible space for criminals.

I have some ideas about more things in the space.

Major civilizations might deploy starbases in the open space for defense.
Attacking these starbases with your ship might be foolish, they are heavily armed, and able to defend against fleet attacks.
Starbases, unlike planets, yields no resources and does not sell starships. But they can offer quests.
Captains with military passes of specific civilization can use the starbases of corresponding civilization for ship repair and refuel, at a higher cost.
Starbase model names of different civilizations:
  • United Earth : Star-fort
  • LIS : Relay Station
  • Zolarg Empire : Hive Citadel
  • Alpha Draconians : Defense Node

<Other objects in the space>
There might be other objects in the galaxy.
Such as, dangerous space minefields.
Interesting space abnormalities.
Wild aliens in space, like space squids?

Technological developments pushes civilization to another era.
And new era might unlocks more items.
My ideas for eras are like:
  1. New Colonization Era - The earliest era possible, when the 4 civilizations begins colonizing undeveloped planets of distant systems or conquer minor civilizations.
  2. Quantum Era - The rise of quantum technologies brings in the quantum engines, which long range travels becomes possible without a supply chain.
  3. Dreadnaught Era - Major civilizations begin building large starships, for logistics and military.
  4. Nanotech Era - This is an era of modular innovations - compacted components brings massive possibilities for the starships.

I'm pretty interested on how the plot of the game will be going. The first episode looks fine :)
Besides describing the current plot, I'll also make presumption on chapter 3 of the game.

As far as I know, base on information provided by @bastecklein 's messages and posts, as well from the game itself, that is the current plot.

Chapter 1: Lunar-3 Prison Facility
Frank Munson (player) is mercenary hired by LIS for conducting covert operations against United Earth military. However, 4 years ago, due to an unsuccessful mission and betrayal of his squadmate (bribed by United Earth intelligence authority), Frank ended up imprisoned in the top security block of Lunar-3 prison facility, under command of a legendary member of Space Marines, the most ruthless chief warden of this prison in history, the "Dogface Boy".
Yet Frank had not yet gave up his life and free will while his stay in the prison. Eventually he had his extremely rare chance of escape at the time when Human Civil War was at the peak. While a lonely security guard was on a regular routine checking Frank's prison cell, the guard was killed by Frank, at the blind spot.
With the pistol looted from the killed guard, Frank began his breakout from his prison cell. The top security block was surprisingly underdefended, he managed to breach the containment in no time, escaping to the other blocks of the prison. His next stop? The maintenance block where he could obtain a detailed structural map of the facility.
He got what he wanted in the maintenance block, quickly he planned his escape route, which he could maximize his chance of survival by bypassing major security checkpoints, obtain supplies he needed for breaching the security, and paralyze the critical functions of the prison facility. Just like the way he used to be in the old days when he infiltrate military facilities.
Frank's escape plan progressed successfully and did stir up large chaos in this heavily guarded facility. While most security officers were confused by the strange traces of Frank, Frank's escape had caught special attention of the chief warden of the prison facility. Dogface Boy knew the exact place Frank was heading to - The supply dock of the facility.
Eventually Frank was intercepted by the ruthless chief warden. However, after a lengthy battle, which left the corridor in front of the transporter room in complete disarray, Dogface Boy was mortally wounded when he caught a class 3 rocket square in the face.
At last, Frank escaped using the teleporter of the transporter room, sneaked into the Galactic Freight cargo ship The Pegasus - which was heading to Earth.

Chapter 2: Cargo Ship Pegasus
(detailed info not known, hence much less info is here)
Frank infiltrated into the ship and made his way to the bridge of the vessel. The captain of the ship, Wurm (ex-member of United Earth Space Marines) was shot and the ship was destroyed by Frank upon emergency landing on Washington D.C., the political capital of United Earth.

How would Chapter 3 go like? (presumption)
Here is my presumption on the plot of chapter 3. Since this is presumption, please don't take that serious.

Chapter 3: Washington D.C.
As the emergency report from Lunar-3 and the distress message from Pegasus before its destruction were received by Earth capital security agency, the military police on Earth were already prepared for recapturing the dangerous convict Frack Munson at the landing spot. However the self-destruction of Pegasus was not expected, which had distracted the military police. Frank managed to break through the first layer of containment and headed deep into the center of the city, preparing for his bold plan came up with while he was on Pegasus - assassinate the President.
Shortly the officials of the city announced a emergency situation in Washington D.C., kicking up the alert level of the city. At the same time, the capital security agency deployed a Space Marines team led by Arms McGee to guard the White House.
Every streets and alleys of the city was soon stationed with military police and heavy vehicles, nevertheless, Frank destroyed the defense lines one by one. Eventually he reached the White House, which was guarded by the Space Marines.
A tough battle was fought between the veteran mercenary and the well-equipped Space Marines. After an hour of battles that had almost torn the white house apart, Frank pushed forward to front of the bunker under the White House, however the last line of defense was guarded by Arms McGee, one of the most experienced officer of Space Marines.
A battle between two real man, as described by McGee before his last heartbeat. McGee eventually lost in the duel, he had both of his mechanical arms crumpled and his chest pierced by countless bullets.
At last, Frank broke into the bunker where the President was hiding (and livestreaming his presidential campaign), shot the President to death right at the scene.

After the assassination, using the roughly intact communication device in the bunker, Frank sent his last message to LIS and his ex-squadmates. Afterwards, he once again picked up his weapon, attempted to fight his way out of the city. At last, he was surrounded by helicopter gunships in the suburbans, reduced to ashes under intensive rocket fire and bullet showers.
United Earth, despite able to stop the rampage of Frank Munson, however what they had lost was far more than that. The tragedy of President's death demoralized the United Earth military at the battlefronts for a while. The massive casualties caused by Frank was not easily compensatable, especially the loss of 3 legendary members of Space Marines, disruption of the Lunar Run supply line due to destruction of Pegasus, and an almost nonfunctional prison facility.
Space Exploration would be a large branch of technologies stemming from Tall Construction and Advanced Network Infrastructure as a complement of the Alien Tech route. It would unlock many new buildings heavily featuring spaceflight, which acts as somewhat of a different setting for gameplay. Spaceflight mainly focuses on the construction and usage of two new entity types: Spacecraft and Satellites.

Spacecraft act as a sort of vehicle/resource hybrid, costing lots of civics and money as well as hundreds of thousands of units of other resources to construct. Some major difference between spacecraft and existing vehicles is that they actually take a large amount of in-game time to be created, and afterwards, they have to be "stored" in special buildings between missions. Many different types of spacecraft will eventually be made available through later Space Exploration techs, covering a wide variety of purposes and costs. All off-planet actions involving spacecraft take place in the form of missions, which basically comprise of you giving a spacecraft a set of instructions, providing the proper supplies, launching it, and watching the outcome. Possible missions could vary from sending infantry carriers at a rival world to constructing modular space stations in orbit to automatically delivering resource shipments to settlements who purchased your GBOT contracts. Though reusable, spacecraft consume quite a lot of resources each mission, mainly in the form of fuel. Almost all rockets run on a base fuel type simply known as Rocket Fuel derived from Oil and Crystalline. More advanced types might also use up Helium 3, Uranium, Robots, or even a small quantity of Alien Artifacts.

Satellites are a more permanent building analogue, anchored in orbit around a planet. Even more expensive than spacecraft, they also take time to be manufactured and must be stored in specialized facilities prior to deployment. There are a wide variety of satellites of different sizes and purposes, ranging from (relatively) simple telecom rigs to orbital bombardment platforms to entire research stations. For initial setup, satellites are deployed into orbit by spacecraft, but from then on, they generally require little maintenance.

As mentioned before, interplanetary trade would also be affected by these new mechanics. Rather than letting magic transfer their resources across the quadrant, settlements now have to develop rockets or outsource them in order to sell resources on the GBOT, which will also take some time to arrive at the recipient colonies. Gifting capacities now only determine gifting capacities towards other settlements on the planet. Fortunately, trade is still possible without having to touch Space Exploration at all with the help of a middleman, the Galactic Freight Corporation. With the GBOT, a new building called the Galactic Freight Cargo Pad that facilitates trade is also unlocked. Operated by the Galactic Freight Corporation, this building generates a little passive income from rent, but all of it will go back to Galactic Freight when you're paying off the exorbitant customs charged for each trade shipment. The main benefit of going with the GFC is ease of operation; you don't need to generate your own rocket fuel or use software to map out travel routes. With your own spacecraft though, you will be able to conduct higher volume trading at a faster rate as well as stave off shipping fees.

Possible research branches:
  • Astronomy (requires Tall Construction and Advanced Networking Infrastructure with a Level 2 Settlement, Space Exploration gateway tech)
  • Rocketry (requires Astronomy, unlocks rockets)
  • Satellite Construction (requires Rocketry, unlocks satellites)
  • Zero-Gravity Biology (requires Astronomy, gateway tech to other stuff including possible tourism)
  • Space Habitats (requires Zero-Gravity Biology and Satellite Construction, unlocks larger satellites and structures)
  • Advanced Spacial Defense (requires Advanced Security and Satellite Construction with a level 4 settlement, unlocks weaponized spacecraft and satellites)
Let me know what you think of this idea!
1y ago
Here's a temporary preview solution.

Space Jumper.
Delta Runner.
Uranium Tanker.
Galactic Freight Hauler.
Galactic Freight Heavy Hauler. Which is basically an armed version of standard haulers.
Strut MKVI Destroyer.
Franklin MKIX Patrol Frigate.
Bradley MKV Cruiser.
Type-2 Interceptor/Light Fighter.
Type-5 Assault Fighter.
Type-6 Heavy Fighter.
Type-6B Fighter-bomber.

Hopefully they are looking decent!
Well, like we discussed in chat yesterday, the idea of building your own ground and placing some of the same structures that are in my colony is an option. The big difference between this structure palate and the mc structure palate would be that terraformation, civil, and atmosphere dependent buildings would be left out since they would not apply on a space station. And some structures unique only to the space station game would also be added.

There would be lot's of ways to make money on the space station. For example, refining would probably be a very common way of making money, as it is a something that you can focus on throughout the entire game as you gain the ability to purchase higher and higher grade materials and refine them. A station would buy a bulk amount of resources, such as ore, refine them into a finished product, such as steel, and then sell that finished product to make a profit.

Below are some examples of functions that a space station could perform. Of course, a station could either focus on one of these or incorperate a measure of all of these functions:

- refinery station - refines one material into another, such as steel from ore, or uranium from aluminum, and sells the finished product on the market.
-solar station - harnesses and sells large amounts of solar power with the help of structures that use a lot of power to produce money. There could also be a second map called a dyson sphere that forces the player to focus on this role.
-refueling station - refuels ships that happen to pass by. Bast did mention that he was thinking of a star trader sort of game. The station could purchase oil and refine it into fuel, and then sell that fuel to ships. Or they could just purchase the fuel, and charge extra for it to make a profit, but personally i think refining it and selling it is better.
-commercial station - builds structures that entertain and sell products to tourists. This would require a wide range of materials to build these structures, from pottery to paintings, from diamonds to toys. But the payoff in the end would be worth all of the struggle to obtain all of these materials.
-Shipyard station - builds and sells ships to players playing the startrader-like game that bast is thinking about implementing. Ships could be built using a shipyard, which is a structure, and a higher tier shipyard would be able to produce more sophisticated and powerful ships. However, it takes lot's of resources to upgrade your shipyards, not to mention how much it costs to mass produce ships.
Research station - makes money by discovering and selling new technologies and patents. A new structure could be added that consumes research and produces large amounts of money. It takes a lot of high grade resources to mass produce research, but it would definately pay off in the end.
Hydroponic station - produces and sells food in massive quantities. This station would need to keep importing water constantly, since it can't be produced onsite. All colonies need food though, and when they can't produce enough, that's where you profit.

The possibilities for making a profit would be endless. Please provide feedback on this if you like the idea of a space station game.
6y ago
To build on that:
I could either way on modules, whatever is easier, but this is what I think-

My Space Station:
In My Colony you unlock the tech "Galactic Outreach"
-Requires Artificial Intelligence, Tourist Traps, Xenomaterials Research, and Galactic Imperialism.
5,000,000 Research
5,000,000 Civics
1,000 Alien Artifacts

-Unlocks Command Center
3 by 10; Contains small space elevator and embassy; Unlocks Space Station contract; Allows you to manage all space stations from here;

-By going to My Space Station, you can view all the contracts including server UE and LIS. Using a charter prompts a pop-up for name and resource abundance ONLY.

-The creation of map gives you a 5 by 5 module with for receiving tubes. Called Base Module #1, it houses 5 people, generates 100 power, and allows import/export of basic materials and purchase of basic modules. You start with $7500, 5000 ore, 2500 steel, and 1500 gold.

- To build more modules, go to "Purchase" on side menu, and click on appropriate module. Uses money and resources to buy modules.

-After purchase, go to "Inventory" on side menu, and all of the currently bought and unused modules will appear. Place on map and the constructer probe will attach it.

-Many new vehicles are available:
Constructer Probe
Ore Probe
Gold Probe
Regolith Probe
Crystal Probe
Diamond Probe
Ice Probe

-Asteroids and comets are available to harvest:
Metallic (Ore, gold, and regolith)
Rocky (Regolith)
Comet (Ice and regolith)
Rare (Diamond, crystal, and regolith)

-Map will be huge. Believe that map should be flat instead of angled.

-Hydroponic labs, research labs, solar stations, fusion and fission stations, entertainment and tourism spots, brewers, H3 producers, water plants, synthesizers, importers/exporters, and basic factories should be modules.

-Uses GBT and My Colony galactic map.Consumes

-Will be similar to My Colony in the aspect of getting started.

This is all I have for now. Please add.
5y ago
@Ansom, if you're going to vote no, could you please tell us why?

Seriously, I have a regions colony and I have to devote an entire medium map to tree farms just for my wood production to be "adequate." And I know there isn't a better wood producing building out there. So wood is a different situation than clay. I understood your opinion about clay, that there's already a better way to obtain it, but wood has been left in the dark for ages without any upgrades to further save space. Are you going to tell me that a civilization that is capable of mass producing uranium should never be able to mass-produce wood, especially being that it's one of the most used resources in the game due to the charcoal/oil/plastic/toys resource chain? Ore can be produced quickly using only small amounts of space in end-game, and even steel, gold, uranium, aluminum, water, and food can be produced in large amounts using a relatively small amount of space. So who forgot to invite wood to the space saving party?

And what of charcoal? Charcoal is needed a lot as well. Yeah, sure, we have factories that produce a pretty good amount and we don't NEED a better version, but do you honestly think we should have to devote an entire medium map to charcoal production along with wood production just to feed our oil and plastic chain? Those advanced oil factories won't feed themselves. Adding obsidian in the mix also gives obsidian another use, where right now I don't see it used very much at all.

The alien wood monolith was just a funny idea that I had that I thought would give a cool effect. My colony could always benefit from using more effects. I know that we have plenty of wood storage as is, so I understand why you would vote no on this one.

The last two were also just ideas that I thought would be pretty useful in end-game and would save space, since end-gamers need to save as much space as possible. I figured people like you who have end-game colonies would enjoy such a feature. However, the fact that they can produce diamonds and crystalline en mass if you overproduce might scare some people and I can see why you voted no.

I just want to see my colony grow into a more dynamic game. It's still trapped in a rigid square, and it needs to break out if bast wants to see more interest. I don't want to see my colony die out, and that's what I've been seeing this past year, so many people have left that this forum is practically dead. All I want to do is influence my colony for the better and pinpoint places of imbalance so that the game can improve and become more appealing. I'm not looking for a joy ride for my colony, I like a challenge, I'm just trying to help.
4y ago
Coloniae gives us now an information about how we play My Colony. Just look at those yummy cookies, I mean charts, isn't they simply gorgeous?: Game Stats.

For example it can be seen now under "Civilizations" link that United Earth still holds firmly as the most popular faction with over 76 % of all colonies. League of Independent States occupy the second place with little more than 10 %. And mighty Zolarg Empire stands in the proud third place with well over 9 % of all inhabited space.

And the sum of the population of all online colonies stays at 1.147.599.333 colonists. Compare it to estimated real population of our old good Earth: 7.794.798.739 and counting! (data: Worldometer)
4y ago
So a space station...... I have some ideas I can share here (•ω•)

  • Space Telescope
    Generates... research?
    • Photographic service
      Space telescope will also generate some revenues through selling nice pictures in the space.
    • High density scanner
      Planet surveying or research generation will be faster.
  • Mining Depot
    Some mining drones or mining vessels will bring you minerals from adrift asteroids.
    • Extra crew
      Mineral yield per production cycle will increase.
    • Advanced Beam Drill
      Faster production cycle.
  • Comet Tractor
    It captures a comet, which allows you to harvest its content.
  • Adminstration Uplink
    It allows you to accept requests, sometimes distress calls.
  • Scrap Launcher
    The most crude way to ‘manage’ your trash through seeing the space as a massive dumpyard.
  • Atmosphere Generation Module
    Generates vital air for breathing and also scrubs some exhaled air. Simple enough?
  • Zone Airlock Checkpoint
    Not all races and organisms are able to live under the same composition of air. So in order to seperate the different air and ensures everyone breathes safely, the checkpoint must be established between living zones of different races.
Hello commanders.

This post will integrate all of my previous ideas with refinement, plus some new ideas.
The ideas will be updated or added in the comments.


For the objects, the colour of the text represents the following factions.
  • United Earth (UE)
  • League of Independent States (LIS)
  • Alpha Draconians (AD)
  • Zolarg Empire (ZE)
  • Neutral

Gameplay Suggestions
  • Demolishing Buildings
    In case you don't need some of your own buildings.
  • Cancel queued productions
    In the game there's not yet any ways to cancel queue, which means inflexible financial management when you're running out of credits.
  • Area of effect damage
    You know currently we don't have a way to counter the swarming troopers besides producing lots of troopers. We need something explosive...
  • Garrisoning
    One of the classic features of C&C style RTS that will make urban warfare better!
  • Able to control buildings
    If some building is able to make research or has special actions, this is needed.
  • Make training queues building specific like in My Colony
    It is a bit difficult to manage units and unit productions if trained unit just pop up in a random barracks/factory. So I think this will make troop training process better.
  • Visible construction range
    This will help placing buildings without tapping somewhere else you cannot place building.
  • Power meter
    As the game's power mechanism is not yet complete, this is an necessary suggestion.
  • Researches
    Some research elements can change the tide of the war. This will make more amazing battles.
  • Superweapons
    Why not?

  • United Earth
    • Commonwealth Infantry (T1)
      United Earth's proud protectors of prosperity and order. These troopers are put under 3 years of various training before they come into services. With their full loyalty and strict discipline, they are one of your reliable soldiers on the battlefields.

      It is just renaming the in-game infantry.
    • Commonwealth Rocket Infantry (T1)
      Rocket Infantry Camp is one of the divisions of United Earth's military, where newbie troopers are being trained into anti-tank specialists at the battlefronts. Carrying BOAR launchers, they take out enemy vehicles and aircrafts. Best companions of infantries.

      It is just renaming the in-game rocket infantry.
    • Engineer (T2)
      Not all soldiers fight at the battlefronts. These nerdy engineers who complete their school at military universities are one of the examples. Anything about machines and computers are not a problem for these engineers, they are even able to modify alien machines.

      This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
      Can repair civilian building when garrisoned into.
    • Jetpack Infantry (T2)
      Jetpack infantries are adopted by United Earth military, due to their high mobility and aerial advantage over most units on the ground. Besides as an effective scout on battlefields with rough terrain, they can also make effective assaults on infantries.

      This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
      In addition, I want to give it a stealth detection ability.
    • Space Marines (T3)
      Elite of the elites. Space Marines Corps represents the United Earth's iron fist power, established since 2061. Entering the Space Marines Corps is definitely one of the dreams of United Earth soldiers - given the best training, able to use the high tech gadgets, paid with highest wages, and of course, chance to become hero like Sarge! Most of them are cladded with power armours, though some commandos do not to wear them.

      Tier-3 shock troopers that uses plasma guns.
    • Marines Commando (T3)
      Experienced, outstanding marines will be promoted to commandos, which they will be put into military labs to receive another 3 years of training to master various difficult skills and have some bioengineering modifications on their body. Once they have completed the course, they are SUPERSOLDIERS.

      UE commando can terminate infantries quickly with their heavy machine gun, tough as a tank, and can instantly blow up enemy buildings and vehicles using dynamites upon close contact.
    • UE Harvester (T1)
      Supply lines that are too far away from the home world are hard to maintain. In this case, local resource extraction is the mean to make supplies cheaply. That's why these mining machines get some use on the battlefields.

    • ‘Hound URV-25’ Recon Rover (T1)
      These unmanmed vehicles are not a very new stuff to military even in the year of 2051. They can be remotely controlled, which they have greatly decreased unnecessary casualties during scouting tasks. Low cost and small size is also the reason it becomes popular. Now we can even install a machine gun on it, allowing it participating in combat tasks.

      I just simply give the rover a code name. BTW @bastecklein do you plan to give it stealth detectors? :)
    • ‘Ocelot’ Light Tank (T1)
      The ‘Ocelot’ series light tank has been inside UE arsenal for more than 10 years, as one of the standardized light tank due to their balanced combat ability and a reasonable manufacturing cost.

      Code name given.
    • ‘Tigerclaw’ battle Tank (T2)
      ‘Tigerclaw’ battle tank is the bigger cousin of ‘Ocelot’ light tanks. While shares the similar chassis design, this tank is mounted with a dual 83mm gun turret, which provided the tank with better firing efficiency and firepower. There are rumours about in the first deployment of these tanks, one tank can destroy 5 enemy tanks of similar classes by average before being destroyed.

      Rename the medium tank in the game and give it a code name.
    • ‘Jaguar’ Heavy Assault Tank (T3)
      Like its code name tells, ‘Jaguar’ heavy assault tank can quickly destroy enemies with its devastating firepower. Its 134mm plasma gun can penetrate any armour, while it has a portable regenerative shield for extra protection. They are one of the backbones in most tank formations.

      Heavy tank of the
    • ‘Thunderstorm’ Missile Tank (T2)
      ‘Thunderstorm’ is the new generation of self-propelled missile launchers in UE arsenal. This mobile missile battery has two modes. Artillery mode allows it to destroy enemy from a long range. Defender mode allows it to respond to threats from the air by launching volleys of missiles.

      Depends on your needs, you can switch between two modes quickly.
    • Striker UAV (T2)
      A full development of UAV (military drones) in recent years has successfully replaced manned aircrafts, which UAV comes in with a smaller size, lighter weight, and more capabilities in ground support missions. Striker UAVs are one of the variants developed, which carries a explosive missile for hit-and-run attacks.

      Light attack aircraft. Can target both land and air.
    • Attacker UAV (T2)
      Attacker UAV specialises heavy bombardment tasks, extra plated with sturdy armour for protection. Every liberty delivery includes 3 bombs for your foes!

      Bomber craft.
    • Gunner UAV (T3)
      Gunner UAV is a hovering heavy gunship. This heavy aircraft releases pulses of plasma shots that blasts enemies into ashes, while its heavily plated armour hull can withstand lots of punishments from anti-air weapons.

      Heavy aircraft that flies and fires slowly, but with a large ammunition capacity that allows continuously bombarding the enemies using the plasma gun. The plasma gun is also anti-air.
    • ‘Angler’ Patrol Boat
      Even though not much improvements has made on these old-fashioned speedboats, they are still effective defensive recon boats in UE arsenal. It is cheap, it is nimble, and its machine gun can respond light ship attacks.

      Here also gives a code name to the in-game patrol boats.
    • ‘Grizzly’ Amphibious Transport (T1)
      Amphibious transports has its most significant importance in beachhead landings during operations in oceanic planets.

      As well, give the in-game amphibious transport a code name.
    • ‘Aegis’ Escort Ship (T2)
      The seas can be as dangerous as on the land, ships may get attacked by aircrafts and submarines. ‘Aegis’ Escort Ships are hence built to protect the shores and the seas with flak guns and torpedo launchers.

      In addition, detects submarines. The big drawback of Aegis Escort Ship is it cannot attack land units.
    • ‘Tidebreaker’ Missile Cruiser (T3)
      Traditional battleships with large caliber guns are becoming obsolete in UE arsenal and are replaced by these more lightweight but stronger missile cruisers - the new generation backbone of the navy. Besides wielding higher accuracy than cannon artilleries, it can change firing modes for different situations, either the long range mode for hitting the enemies from a safe distance, or medium range mode for heavy firepower but at a reduced distance.

      Backbone warship.
  • League of Independent States
    • Militia (T1)
      These militias composes the majority of LIS infantry divisions, comes from various colonies of LIS. Though they lack professional training like soldiers of , their devotion to free the colonies from United Earth (and other autocratic sovereigns) is irreplaceable. Their motto: ‘The blood of the martyrs will water the seedlings of freedom’.

      LIS basic infantry that uses old-fashioned rifles to fight. Cheap to train, but relatively weak on battlefields.
    • Grenadier (T1)
      Grenadiers are basically militias who utilises explosives, which their grenades are effective destroying combat vehicles and buildings.

      Anti-vehicle infantry.
    • Hacker (T2)
      Not all systems can be hacked and taken over remotely, in this situation you'll need field operations. That's what these hackers are hired for, they infiltrate a building, hack into its systems, and put it under LIS's control.

      LIS equivalent of engineer, but it cannot repair buildings.
    • Saboteur (T2)
      Disruption warfare is one of the tactics of LIS, aimed to bring down normal operations of the enemy. The saboteurs do the dirty job, they sneak into the enemy's base under the help of optical stealth generators, they can steal credits from enemy silos and refineries, they can turn down generators, facilities and even weapon systems.

      Infiltrator. Stealthed all the time. Consumed when entering enemy building.
    • Laser Trooper (T2)
      Laser is one of the affordable yet powerful choice of weapons. Under years of development, LIS is capable creating devices that launches a hypercharged beam of laser capable to cut through thick alloy composite armour, even in a long range. Leading to the birth of Laser Trooper Division, it further proven LIS has independent military capability to protect themselves, and set more colonies free from United Earth.

      Shock troopers. Has a decent reload speed. Excels taking down aircrafts and tanks.
    • Blue Cross (T3)
      Blue Cross are the elite marksman of LIS military. They hide in shadows where bare eyes cannot see. They can take down armoured Space Marines effortlessly. Even drivers inside the vehicles can be killed only using one shot.

      LIS commando unit. Stealthed if stationary. Also detects stealth. If the target is a vehicle, it may turn the vehicle into a neutral, captureable status, which a UE engineer, a LIS hacker, a Zolarg missionary or a Draconian hyjacker can capture the husk to convert it to own faction.
    • ‘Marauder’ Attack Jeep (T1)
      Attack jeeps are modified from old jeep designs, they have missile pods installed on the top. The high horsepower engines remains their high mobility. When they encounter the enemy, they'll unleash a volley of rockets, devastating enemy light vehicles and aircrafts. LIS usually utilizing it for a guerilla warfare.

      Anti-vehicle anti-air light vehicle.
    • LIS Harvester (T1)
      Though they are assembled using second handed components and husks from black markets and chop shops, they still work in the same way as it should be, which its standard can compete that of United Earth's version.

      Equivalent of UE harvesters.
    • Scorch Tank (T2)
      Even though in this era, flamethrowers are still very effective destroying fortified defenses. With the improved composition of fuel used by these Scorch Tanks, almost anything can be reduced to ashes. Burn baby burn!

      Anti-infantry anti-building tank. Clears out enemy garrisons in buildings.
    • ‘Hunter’ Cruiser Tank (T2)
      Like the code name tells, it hunts for preys. These tanks utilizes strong firepower and high mobility in most terrains to destroy enemy tanks quickly at their weak spots. Though its armour is not very reliable at all.

      Battle tank of LIS.
    • ‘Lancer’ Beam Tank (T3)
      Beam cannons on these experimental beam tanks are not ordinary as you expects, its beam can vaporise anything within seconds. The beam tank not only having a strong firepower, it can switch between modes - At mobile mode it is a strong battle tank. At deployed mode, it has doubled firepower and increased firing range.

      Heavy assault vehicle of LIS.
    • ‘Rat’ Light Self-propelled Howitzer (T2)
      Cheap-to-go artillery vehicle used by LIS for siege and fire support tasks. Though it is an artillery, it can mobilize quickly for quick response.

      LIS artillery.
    • ‘Sparrow’ Patrol Copter (T1)
      These patrol aircrafts are the eyes of LIS military in the air, they effectively searching for enemies, even those hidden in somewhere not noticed by others will not be able to escape from their sensors.

      Recon aircraft. It is armed with an anti-infantry machine gun. Detects stealth. (This aircraft does not occupy aircraft landing pads.)
    • ‘Red Hawk’ Fighter Jet (T2)
      Conventional aircraft for surface support operations and enemy aircraft interception. The coaxial machine gun and the missile pods would help them manage most enemies in the battlefields.

      All-purpose fighter jet.
    • ‘Piranha' Waterbike (T1)
      ‘Piranha’ waterbikes swifts like wind, specialised raiding enemy ships using rockets. A squad of these waterbikes can be unstoppable.

      Hit-and-run light ambush vessel.
    • ‘Salmon’ Transport Submarine (T1)
      These small submarines are specialized for crossing the seas secretly, carrying an assault team inside.

      Troops may embark on or evacuate from the submarine when the submarine is surfaced. When submerged, only anti-stealth units and torpedo weapons can detect them. Detects submarines.
    • ‘Swordfish’ Corvette (T2)
      These simple corvettes composes most of the naval forces of LIS. A pair of powerful ship gun will blast enemies into the skies.

      LIS warship.
    • ‘Stingray’ Nuclear Submarine (T3)
      As the backbone of LIS navy, these submarines has high combat capabilities. While sneaking in the seas, they sink the enemies without being noticed. When they surface, they launch volleys of missiles that bombards the enemies miles away.

      Backbone warship of LIS. Stealthed when submerged. When surfaced, the missiles can also attack air units. Detects submarines.
  • Alpha Draconians
    • Extractor Drone (T1)
      Whenever you are seeing mineral fields are disappearing in an weird way, there might be stealthed Alpha Draconian mining drones digging them. Stealth device protects extractor drone in most cases.

      Alpha Draconian harvester unit. It is rather an ‘infantry’ more than a vehicle. Detects stealth.
    • Sentry Drone (T1)
      Besides on battlefields, sentry drones can be also seen in prison camps and slave camps, or in riots. The minigun equipped on them shreds the flesh of any living things.

      Basic ‘infantry’ of Alpha Draconians.
    • Ambusher Drone (T1)
      Harnessing the powerful ion beams and being stealthed when standing by, no vehicle can stand for more than few seconds when swarmed by them.

      Anti-vehicle 'infantry’ of Alpha Draconians. Stealthed when idle.
    • Hijacker Drone (T2)
      Hijacking devices on this drone are able to take over a facility within seconds, especially useful in battlefields. It also has minimal armaments for self protection against patrols.

      Equivalent of engineers and hackers.
    • Executioner Droid (T3)
      Executioner Droids are superior combat droids that their combat capabilities can be compared to a commando, only one can be assigned to one Alpha Draconian warlord. They are also the only droids given with a personnel teleporting device, which helps them bypass the defense line safely and launch sudden attack on the enemy's weakest spot, or evade from most dangerous situations.

      The droid can teleport itself at any explored location of the map. Armed with a beam gun that continuously damages enemy.
    • Modular Combat Hovercraft (T1)
      A hovering small bunker that obtains armaments from drones that it consumes. Uses anti-infantry minigun when no drones inside.

      Each MCH can only receive one drones for armament upgrade. Recieving a Sentry will obtain a double minigun turret. Recieving an Ambusher will change the main weapon into a stronger beam gun. Recieving a Extractor will give it a stationary stealth generator. Recieving a Hijacker will obtain an EMP emitter that unmobilizes the target enemy. Drones who have entered will not return, due to components being assimilated. Amphibious.
    • Piercer Hovertank (T2)
      Piercer hovertank uses a fully flexible autocannon as a weapon with two firing modes. Tank cannon mode attacks land units, while flak mode attacks air units.

      Anti-vehicle or anti-air battle tank. Amphibious.
    • Monitor Hovertank (T3)
      A new class of artillery researched by Alpha Draconian engineers, which it is installed onto a modified, stable hovertank chassis.
    • Devastator Hovertank (T2)
      Alpha Draconians has make use of their advantage of owning major ether reservoirs, leads to this infantry devastating weapon under use, at the cost of breaking 133 galactic military regulations.

      Anti-infantry vehicle. Clears out garrisons in buildings.
    • Dominator Hovermech (T3)
      Dominator Hovermech, the steel behemoth of the battlefield. Its beam-emitting eyes can stare anything to death.

      Heavy warmech.
    • Judge Gunship (T1)
      A nimble, light jet propelled gunship carrying proton launchers.

      Gunship aircraft.
    • Eliminator Saucer (T3)
      One of the ultimate destruction weapon of Alpha Draconians. The saucer unleashes a super powerful destruction beam when flies above enemies. Nothing will survive under its strong fire.

      Bomber aircraft with extremely low mobility.
  • Zolarg Empire
    • Swarmers (T1)
      Unity is the power - that's the motto of the entire Insectoid race. That is especially reflected on these swarmers, make up of various insectoid workers.

      Melee squad. Quick and cheap to train, extremely dangerous in a group, though they generally has a weak toughness
    • Rangerbug (T1)
      Insectoid militias that uses a primitive hand cannon to fight against enemies, which they are common local defense forces in Zolarg Empire.

      Ranged anti-vehicle infantry of Zolarg Empire. Can be switched to stationary mode (flak mode) that changes their attacking target from land to air.
    • Martyr (T2)
      These martyrs are suicide bombers, faithed and determined fighters of the Zolarg Empire. Fires of explosion will purify everything!

      Suicide bomber infantry. A large group can breach heavy fortifications if given appropriate support.
    • Missionary (T1)
      These religious missionaries will make way for Zolarg Empire - Influence buildings through devine powers... Somehow works.

      Equivalent of engineer, hacker and hijacker. Can heal infantries inside the same garrisoned buildings.
    • Apostle (T2)
      Apostles are usually the leaders of Zolarg militias, who ‘delivers the divine message from the Emperor’, fortifying the morale of the fellow brothers. Besides boosting morale, it also provides adequate firepower, from their heavy machine gun.

      Heavy infantry. It rides a beetle.
    • Awakened (T3)
      The insectoid warriors that have awakened their power controlling energy flow surrounding their body. They can release energy blasts from their hands, or unleash deadly melee attacks.

      Shock troopers of Zolarg Empire. Detects stealth.
    • Redeemer (T3)
      The redeemers are insectoid warriors with mastered supernatural powers. Besides able to attack like awakened, it also has a ability to brainwash a small group of enemy, permanently turning them to own side.

      Zolarg commando. Detects stealth.
    • Attack Rollercraft
      (Notes: Insectoids call wheeled vehicles ‘rollercrafts’.)
      These highly mobile attack rollers are manned with a driver and a grenadier, which explosives mixed with sticky ant paste are tossed to enemies at close range for most destructive effect.

      Anti-infantry vehicle. Can temporarily unmobilizes enemies blasted by explosives.
    • Landship (T1)
      Zolarg Landships are primitive tanks, wielding high toughness from thick armour (and a decently strong main cannon). It is also a effective infantry transport on land.

      Anti-vehicle tank. Can carry up to 8 infantries.
    • Siege Landship (T2)
      A heavier version of landship. It is not just tougher, its cannon can fire more than one type of ammunition - Cannonballs focuses on countering tanks and destroying fortifications from a long distance, while napalm will set fire that scorches the infantries.

      Note that it does not do anything carrying infantries. Napalm can clear out garrisons in buildings.
    • Boarding Party (T1)
      Boarding parties of Zolarg Empire are not just terrible in the space but also equally terrible on the seas. Their ship will quickly ram onto yours and the boarding party will soon tear your ship into useless scraps.

      Navy melee ship. It is also a troop transport, can carry up to 8 infantries.
    • Ironclad (T2)
      A rather modernized warship of Zolarg Empire. Slow, but has devastating ship cannons.

      Ranged melee ship.
    • Bumblebee Squad (T2)
      A flying group of winged Insectoids, with a duty to throw bombs onto enemy army, or sometimes aircrafts.

      The only Insectoid airforce unit.

  • UAV Control Tower (UE aircraft factory) (4 aircraft capacity)
  • Experimental Tech Centre (Tier-3 tech building)
  • Flak Pillbox (UE anti-air defense)
  • Torpedo Platform (UE heavy naval defense)
  • Plasma Cannon (UE heavy defense)
  • Propaganda Centre (UE combat support/research building)
  • Space Uplink (UE superweapon)
  • LIS Command Lander (LIS command centre)
  • Encampment (LIS barracks)
  • LIS Ore Refinery
  • Burner Generator (LIS power generator)
  • Garage (LIS vehicle factory)
  • Seaport (LIS naval yard)
  • Black Market (LIS Tier-2 tech)
  • Data Bank (LIS Tier-3 tech)
  • Bunker (LIS basic land defense, garrisonable)
  • Gunner turret (LIS basic anti-infantry anti-air defense)
  • Hacker Camp (LIS combat support/research building)
  • Airfield (LIS aircraft factory) (4 aircraft slots)
  • Laser Tower (LIS heavy defense)
  • Sea Sentry (LIS naval defense gun platform)
  • Missile Silo (LIS superweapon)
  • Depot (LIS silo)
  • Microreactor (AD power generator)
  • Central Command Hub (AD command centre)
  • Drone Pad (AD barracks)
  • Raw Material Teleporter (Refinery)
  • Launcher Node (AD basic defense)
  • Offshore Launcher Node (AD naval defense)
  • Stargate (AD vehicle & aircraft factory)
  • High Frequency Node (AD Tier-2 tech)
  • Conquest Center (AD Tier-3 tech)
  • Secret Operation Centre (AD combat support/research building)
  • Stealth Field Generator (AD special defense)
  • Ether Storm Generator (AD superweapon)
  • Home Mound (ZE command centre)
  • Forge (ZE refinery)
  • Outpost Mound (ZE barracks & basic anti-infantry defense)
  • Rangerbug Burrow (ZE anti-air defense)
  • Stockpile (ZE silo)
  • Landship Workshop (ZE vehicle factory)
  • Drydocks (ZE naval yard)
  • Command Post (ZE Tier-2 tech)
  • Shrine of Destiny (ZE Tier-3 tech)
  • War Academy (ZE combat support/research building)
  • Temple of Doom (ZE superweapon)
Hello guys.

The following information are not canon information of the game lores. You're advised not to take the plot and information below seriously.

Chronologically MC2 takes place before the establishment of United Earth in My Colony universe, according to the background settings set by @bastecklein.
Things might be less complicated than in the era taking place in My Colony (classic).
Roughly thinking, I guess we can have story campaigns in MC2.
And because it might be before the Earth Unification War, there are still independent nations. This means... A space race might occur. There might be different nations or alliances having their own special technologies.

If you are asking for more detailed items, here they are.

  • <FutureTech Alliance>
    The alliance of of the Western advances, directed by United States and the European Union. Owning the majority of world's capital and state-of-the-art talents, the Alliance pioneered the space colonization era.
  • <Red Satellites Treaty Union>
    RSTU, better known as ‘Red Union’ , the Union was formed under the influence of old Eastern powers Russia and China in order to rival the FutureTech Alliance. Their unmatched mass-production capabilities and highly developed cyber technologies are their strong foundations of space race.
  • <Brotherhood of Polaris>
    The third-world nations had been kept being neglected by the rest of the world. Instead of waiting being saved from unfairness and despair, they decided to fight for themselves. The Brotherhood had the connection to a mythical, religious organization, which the organization assisted them by fostering unification and supplying them resources needed for confronting the powerful rivals of space race, to ultimately discover the promised land they desired. Their strong faith brings them courage and endurance to overcome any difficulties.
  • <Project SEED>
    While other alliances seeks for power and wealth in the space race, only few people still put the importance on continuation of species - Which, the space race further catalysing the irreversible catastrophe of ecosystems. What Project SEED seeks for is a place to save remaining species on Earth from, meaningless competitions that will only bring calamity to everything.

  • New City of Prosperity
    The race between FutureTech Alliance and RSTU. At the late stage both factions found themselves stepping into the ecosystem calamity they had created on Earth, eventually cutting all assistances to the colonies, and abandoning all of them in the loniness... Which the colonies must survive from.
  • The Exodus
    The story of the Brotherhood finding their promised lands. The beginning was smoother than expected, however internal conflicts of the Brotherhood were incubating in the shadows, the colony must made the best choice in this crisis.
  • The Ark of Life
    The attempt of Project SEED creating a new Eden for species on Earth. The terraforming gave them tough times, failures from other SEED colonies had aroused suspicion of colleagues, however all these would lead to the discovery to save Earth from the ecosystem calamity.
Hello commanders.

Hopefully I can provide some ideas for Colony Wars Campaign!

You are a commander in Terra Nova, newly promoted as lieutenant at the outbreak of the civil war by Harold Franklin, the colonel of the colony.
Right after a short promotion process in such emergency, a LIS commander named Jackins D. Jones raid into the commander office you just receive promotion.
Harold pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Jackins, at the same time Jackins have his assault rifle pointed at Harold's chest.
You pulled out your pistol, originally pointed at Jackins and ready to pull the trigger.
But Jackins begin persuading you to join them - ‘Do you think killing more innocent people for the Union will make this corrupt world even better?’
At this moment, you begin hesitating.
‘You won't betray the Union, right?’ Harold, trying to pull you back.

At this moment, you choose the faction you wish to play.

If you choose United Earth, you'll save Harold by shooting at Jackins' arm, forcing Jackins to retreat, Harold will bring you to communications room to receive orders from Marshal Bradley R. Johnson.
If you choose LIS, you'll shoot Harold's leg, and leaving with Jackins. Jackins will bring you to the hideout, joining the resistance leader Beuford P. Tots.

United Earth
  • Emergency Retreat
    Congrats for the promotion commander, but we don't have the time to celebrate. An unknown resistance launched unexpected attack on our Space Marines dispatchment on this planet in a sudden, at this rate we'll lose all our men within hours. Here is your first task, defend the starport and evacuate all remaining Space Marines force as possible. We're counting on you!
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Defend the starport for 5 minutes. The starport must not fall!
    • At least 3 full transport shuttles must be evacuated. (12 Space Marines)
  • Red Rocks and Red Blood
    Thanks for saving the Space Marines from Terra Nova, the soldiers are paying high respect to you. But as you see, the Resistance declared war on us. They call themselves Independent State. Though this is ridiculous, they are posing problems. Chaos begin stirring up the colonies around Terra Nova. More importantly, I am sending you to Crimson Rock, where our prototype weapon archives center lies. Our coordination officer Yoshihara will tell you more details.
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    I have heard of your story in Terra Nova, it's a amazing work. Okay, here's the details. Garrisons reported strong Resistance activities in Crimson Rock. The archives center is relatively safe in suburban, here we need you to establish defense around the lab before the enemy notice the facility. Don't let the Resistance touch any documents, since these confidential weapon blueprints here will help us in the future battles. Eliminate the Resistance forces once you think the facility is secured. Good luck! Commander!
    -Yoshihara Minoru

    Mission objectives
    • Establish a base near the Archives Center.
    • The Archives Center must not fall!
    • Eliminate all LIS forces.
  • There are Crowbars in My Woods
    Hey, Commander. Nice to see you again. It's a honour to be praised as a hero in Terra Nova and get promoted as Captain… isn't it? Marshal is too busy to manage every battlegrounds, so now you are under my command again. Remember, always, remain, respect, to, your, officer.
    I need you in the jungles of Janiss-5. Resistance saboteurs broke into prison facility that I am responsible for, released some dangerous political prisoners. My force will lock the area down much as possible, while you'll search for these troublemakers soon as possible before they sneak away from us again.
    If you fail, both of our military career will be screwed up. Understand?
    What are you waiting for? Go!
    -Harold Franklin

    Mission objectives
    • Find all the Saboteurs and prisoners before the countdown strikes zero.
  • Who is the Traitor
    Good job, my commander. You have fulfilled your responsibility, as you should be. Just do one more thing for me, I'll consider submitting another promotion request for you.
    I have a rival, Ronnie. This man always gets into my way, ruining my good plans in battles. I am suspecting this bastard turned to the Resistance. Find evidence of his betrayal, and more importantly, destroy him!
    -Harold Franklin

    Mission objectives
    • Find Ronnie's base and infiltrate his radar.
    • Destroy the real traitor.
  • Operation ‘Kaiser’
    (Inspecting documents) …… I can't believe Harold betrayed the Union. The Resistance bribed him. I'm glad you are wise enough to identify who is friend or foe. You have proved your capabilities again, for this, you're promoted to Colonel.
    -Marshal R. Johnson

    (Incoming transmission)
    Marshal, our prototype weapons developed from blueprints in Crimson Rock proved effective against Resistance forces. Ronnie's forces just retrieved Fort-35 from the hands of our enemies using them.
    -Yoshihara Minoru

    Fantastic! Thanks to your blueprints, now we can plan a counterstrike on these troublesome Resistance forces. Speaking of that, now you're one part of Operation ‘Kaiser’. And you gotta take a important part of the operation. You'll lead one of our newly built tech forces to take Emper System back from our enemies. Make a wise use of them!
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Capture the Fort Command. Do not destroy it.
    • Destroy all LIS bases and forces.
  • Dangerous Encounter
    (Video records)
    Do you see that? Is that a human sized ant… Wait, it has a gun!? Everybody find a cover!
    (Goes static after the soldier being shot by a gun)
    -A poor soldier, who encountered unknown being

    That's all available records of recent alien encounter incidents. Well, kind of... Unbelievable. Something that should only happen in manga stories now take place in reality.
    -Yoshihara Minoru

    It is likely Insectoids... But where did they come from?
    Oh, commander. Sorry for not noticing you are already here!
    I appreciate your great work in Operation ‘Kaiser’, you have made remarkable contribution to the Union. The General Assembly quickly agreed to promote you to General ranks. It is a big honour!
    I bet you'll be a great Marshal better than me, in a future not so far away! (Thumbs up)
    As you see, while we are having a hard time with the Resistance, there are aliens crawling on our flanks, with intension unknown. We need you to collect more information about those aliens. For this dangerous mission, you'll have one of our best Space Marines of the Union, Sarge. I'm very sure you will cooperate with him very well.
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Keep Sarge alive.
    • Find and infiltrate the alien base.
    You need some Insecticides?
    Seriously, the Zolarg Empire of Insectoids allied up with the Resistance? THAT Zolarg Empire we just heard of its establishment recently?
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Yes, Marshal. And they sent a message to warn us - ‘Stop your action against the liberty warriors, or we'll officially declare war on you.
    -United Earth Diplomat

    Now everything just get complicated... And they call that not yet declaring war on us?
    Commander, you have just come at the right time. The Insectoids are standing on the enemies' side. Our flanks are in danger. There is one location you have to keep Insectoids away, Urano-6. We also have our strategic uranium mine here, we cannot lose this place to either Insectoids or the Resistance. Defeat the Insectoids there before they can further disrupt our battles with the Resistance. I'll send you a dispatchment of Hazard Squad to aid your mission.

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all Zolarg bases and forces.
  • Interstellar Missile Crisis
    There is an emergency situation here, Commander. The Resistance developed their own warp-speed interstellar missiles while we got distracted by Zolarg's forces. The intel satellites just detected missile bases on New Bavaria. Wonder how far can the missiles reach? They can fly straight to the Solar System! Homeworld of the glorious human civilization will be under threat! Mobilise your forces now, you need to destroy their missile arsenal before they have launched any single one - each missiles carries a disaster warhead!
    -Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all missile silos before the timer strikes zero.
  • The Last Siege
    That was close, commander. But you have just saved the General Assembly from a deadly disaster. The General Assembly is pleased.
    Now the tide of war turns to our side. The missiles of Resistance can no longer threaten any of our strategic locations, while the diplomats managed to make Zolarg signed a ceasefire treaty with us, now we can at least push the Resistance back to where they can't do much harm to us.
    Here is task for you, commander. Probably the last task. We plan to destroy the Resistance's stronghold on Basilisk-55. Once this stronghold has reduced to rubbles, we'll have a strategic victory. Our first space strike batteries will be ready for devastating fire support.
    - Marshal Bradley R. Johnson

    Mission objectives
    • Destroy all LIS base and forces.
  • Aftermath
    LIS succeeded to break away from United Earth, marked the victory of them.
    Despite LIS' success, United Earth still achieved a tactical victory, pushing LIS to the barren ends that they can no longer threaten the great Union... At least for a while.
    Marshal Bradley represented United Earth to sign a peace treaty to end the civil war.
    However, the General Assembly is dissatisfied with the outcome. After the peacemaking meeting, Bradley resigned under the pressure of General Assembly, but recommended the General Assembly let you to be the next Marshal of United Earth.
    The General Assembly agreed to promote you to Marshal of United Earth.
    Zolarg Empire also withdrawn their forces as the announcement of end of war, returned to their homelands. The first interstellar alien civilization known to humans, but worries regarding this dangerous guest had spread across the public - would this Insectoid empire be another threat to the great Union?
    Anyways, you are now known as a war hero across United Earth, who had saved the Union from being disintegrated by LIS uprising. A bright future awaits... Maybe.

Later I'll update the post for LIS campaigns.
Hello guys.

A batch of ideas, with a batch of models.

Space Era units
Future Battleship, fortresses of the high seas
Space Marines, reporting for duty!
Star fighter craft, suitable for both space and atmospheric flight

Future era units
Boy's dream. Big mechs.
Airship of war, operation is not restricted by airport availability.

Research lab for advanced research needs.
Spaceport! Provides productivity and trade.
The urban farm can provide a city a good sum of food production, at a reasonable cost.

Academy of Domination will let all units trained from this city at heroic rank.
Ultimate cultural wonder. A massive device that integrates all minds.
The Arcology provides ultimate population support, in terms of food.
The first one who owns a fusion reactor will have unmatched industrial power!
Up into the skies, for interstellar trade of limitless cash.
This laser anti-missile system can destroy all nuclear missiles at safe distance, making all cities with your SDI defense totally immune to nuclear strikes.
Honstly It sounds hard to implement .
a space station map ?? it would need to look enclosed minim and well just how big can a start be ?
are we talking death star size lol ?
expansion would reli on adding modiels . As for resources even they would need to relie on a parent colony as NO spacestation could be self selfichent .
besides the fact the perpise of a space station is communication - Research - Port for ships to big to land .
resources will always be cheaper to mine on planet or asteroid .
But maybe a space ship space factory for making larg ships could be something .

The clo
6y ago
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