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THE GRAND SPACE SERIES Vol.1 <The Space Industries>

H3110 guys! (^ω^)

What’s the first step for marching into the outer space? Besides begin building starships, you might need astronauts for missions, as well to develop much stronger and longer-life starship fuels.
As well, more things that will keep you connected to the entire galaxy!

New Technologies!
  • Intergalactic Astronomy
    Learn the secrets for ultra-long range intergalactic travels, which will bring you further outside world from the galaxy!
  • Neo Nuclear Physics
    One of the study goal of nuclear physics is to find how to maintain the nuclear fusion-fission cycle. Learn how to achieve it.
  • High Density Manufacturing
    Learn how to manufacture very complexed components that they are as fine as in molecular size.
  • Intergalactic Communications
    Learn how to perform communication in a intergalactic range!
  • Modular Construction
    Learn how to construct machines and buildings, in modules.

New Resources!
  • Hyperfuel
    The ultimate starship nuclear-type fuel designed for intergalactic travels using I.G.H.J.T. (Intergalactic Hyperjump Thrusters). Neccessary for launching outer space missions.
  • High Density Components (SHDG)
    These intergrated components are very fine that they are using molecules as the unit of manufacturing standards, and contains numorous tiny components. They are required for modular buildings, space industries and building better starships.

New Jobs!
  • Astronaut
    Important for performing space missions yet these jobs are very demanding. For a colonist wished to participate in astronaut occupations for space industries, not just a high IQ is required, they must obtain a Astronomy Diploma from Astronaut Academy.

    If you wish to know what a Diploma is, this is a idea from mine, visit this post for more.

New Buildings!
  • Hyperfuel Refinery
    Begin manufacturing the awesome hyperfuel from this refinery! It turns helium-3, uranium, crystalline, and plenty of oil into hyperfuel.
  • Modular Housing
    While the furniture and facilities now taking less space with the modular designs, these buildings can now housing more people than usual!
  • Modular Microchip Factory
    With modular technogy, the Ancient Alien Microchip Factory is reduced into a smaller size yet the production rate is maintained high!
  • Modular Triantanium Refinery
    Using closely-packed modular machines and appliences, using the same space it can now produce triple amounts of triantanium.
  • High Density Component Foundry
    Manufacture the finest high density components from microchips, crystalline, ant paste and triantanium.
  • Starport Exteded Landing Zone
    This is the way you can expand your starport without much cost and taking less space.
  • Starship Hangers
    A very basic way to store more starships, installed with a evelator to carry the starships into the underground hangers.
  • Ultra-Deep Hangers
    A better version of starship hangers.
  • Astronaut Academy
    Start training your astronauts here for the space industries!

More ideas are coming!
Further ideas and suggestions?
Comments please! (^ω^)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
It is (literally) finished, but if you wish to have more contents or stuff, or having feedbacks regarding the ideas, please comment!
Don’t feel guilty for criticizing, it is one of the ways to push a improvement forward.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
What would the astronauts add to the game?
Would they go on missions to find resources?
Would they be needed if a trade route network is added?
Feeling lonely?
Feel free to get in touch with me via message or heading over to
cry8wolf9 said:What would the astronauts add to the game?
Would they go on missions to find resources?
Would they be needed if a trade route network is added?

Hi Wolf (^ω^)
Yes they will also go on missions to find resources, that will be mentioned in detail in the later posts regarding outer space exploration.When these colonists are in their mission, they are still counted as existing population, but will halt all activities in your the colony, which they will consume nothing from colony for a while until they accompanish their missions. Also some of them will work in the orbital space stations.
But for now, they don’t have any duty yet.
So speaking of the trade network, that’s actually a good suggestion. I think I have to take some time to research it... From in-commonwealth to inter-commonwealths...
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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