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Hello Captains!

Here I am proudly presenting a fan guide for the starship game in My Colony Universe - My Starship.

Background of My Starship

My Starship takes place in the era that colonization of the 4 galactic powers - United Earth, League of Independent States, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians, gradually occupied most corners of the galaxy, which the galactic powers will have more interaction between. Trade, commerce, diplomatic missions, or war.
The new era of new possibilities are providing irreplaceable opportunities for those who dreamed to own a starship. Now, you're one of them - How would you write your legend as a starship captain?

What you can do in the v0.14.0 version of the game

This game has lots of planned features but not all of them have been implemented yet. You can check the overall development progress of the game here.

In v0.14.0....
  • You can accept contacts and missions (that could possibly change the galaxy) from planets to earn yourself primarily some handy cash... And reputation in a long run.
  • Trade resources to earn profit - which will also boost the industrial development of the planets!
  • If you wish to be a space pirate, here you goes - You can raid ships and plunder their cargos (if you can maintain the ship's integrity and they can surrender).
  • Are you a collector? Why not have a full collection of ships from all corners of the galaxy!

Out of fuel? Advices on fuel management!

In this game, you'll always need to keep an eye on your fuel meter. Transversing over the galaxy will need quite a lot of fuel.
And what would be the fuel? Uranium.
If your ship is out of fuel, you are immobilized. But if you're lucky, you'll find some uranium tanker ships (yet only United Earth has this type of vessels) coming to solve your desperate situation, offering you some cheap fuel deals when they bypass.
If you planned on a long range trip, you'll probably want to buy a bulk of fuel just in case. Or you can also refuel along your trip route if the planets can offer the fuels.

Resources in the game

Resources are still one of the core elements of the game. They are not only goods to make wealth, your starship will need some of them too.
Raw resources are indicated by [RAW] here. They can produce without industries.
  • Food [RAW]
    Who want some patties?

    Food, of course, are important - vital to anybody's survival. At this version, food is only a commercial good only needed by inhabited planets, but expect more in later updates - they will also be what your ship crews (and yourself) needed.
  • Water [RAW]

    Like food, they are vital basic supplies. And yes, water will also be one of the necessities on your starship in future versions.
  • Rum
    You jub?

    These strong alcoholic drinks are still popular in the galaxy. At this moment, a commercial good. In the future, starship crew happiness upkeep cost.
  • Uranium [RAW]
    Let's just top off my fuel tanks with some fresh uranium today.

    Every starship in the game uses nuclear engines for powering the ship up, Uranium will be used as a fuel. Always keep an eye on the fuel meter, you'll never want your ship adrift in the dark space alone.
  • Starship Parts
    Hey! Who have taken my hyperdrive away! That's reserved for a customer!

    Starship parts are necessary resources for upgrading your ship, as well constructing new ships in space docks of some planets.
  • Ore [RAW]
    One of the most common industrial raw material. What else I can say?
  • Gold [RAW]
    Gold. Not only they are valuable because they are shiny, but also a raw ingredient for creating modern electronic components.
  • Steel
    Basically processed ore.
  • Aluminium [RAW]
    A vital construction material for starting high tier industries.
  • Oil [RAW]
    Though they are less common fuel nowadays, they are still important for creating plastics.
  • Plastic
    In current version it is not yet used by any industries.
  • Microchips
    One of the vital construction material for constructing any industries, as well used in high end products like starship parts.
  • Spices [RAW]
    A recently added new resource with high price. Not sure what it is for.

Starships in the game

Every civilization will have different starships, from small cargo ships to military vessels. Here I'll introduce some concepts about them.

Let's begin with the statistics of a starship.
  • Hull Plating is the raw hitpoints of a starship. It will not regenerate, so if your ship is damaged you can only recover by having some repairs at space docks.
    If your hull integrity reached 0, game over.
  • Speed rating affects how fast your starship can travel, and also the fuel efficiency (since fuel consumption is counted by traveling time length instead of distance).
  • Fuel tank capacity is a special cargo space for fuel (uranium) only. Uranium in fuel tanks will not occupy rooms of the main cargo bay on the ship.
  • Cargo capacity shows the maximum cargo you can have on your ship, excluding fuel that are already inside the fuel tank.
  • Shields are primary, regenerative protection barriers of your ship. They can absorb a proportion of damage in combats as long as the shield does not go down.
  • Attack Rating refers to your attack strength in the combat.
  • Radar Range defines working radius for detecting nearby ships.
  • Communication Range defines how far you can recieve the rough information of the planet, primarily fuel availability on the planet.
  • Hanger Bay capacity defines how many minor vessels your ship can carry. Not yet used in v0.14.0.
  • Passenger Capacity defines how many guests you can carry in your ship - which affects the types of requests you can recieve.

Now, I'll introduce the special types of vessels.
  • Government Ships are ships that represents and defends a planet, or the civilization of it belongs if it comes from the capital city of a civilization. If you saved them from adrift, you'll earn some reputation especially on the home planet of the adrift vessel. If you raided them, you'll have a bad name.
  • Uranium Tankers are ships for primarily transporting uranium around the planets of its home faction. They will also respond to any adrift vessels they have spotted.

Last but not least, the special features of starships of each faction.
Ships of United Earth and League of Independent States usually have better hull plating than other factions, otherwise they have very average performance.
Most of Zolarg Empire's vessels may not have quality and requires more ship crews to run, however are more modifiable than others, and they can carry more cargo.
Alpha Draconian starships are small and lightly armored, but they are more nimble, equipped with more powerful weapons, and most importantly, all ships are equipped with regenerative shields. They are the least modifiable, though.

Industries on the Planets

The planets will build up industries according to primarily their available resource stocks and secondarily what they can produce at the moment.
Rum Distillery will always be built, however. No matter do they lack food and water or not.
If the planet produces ores, they will probably build a ore refinery to produce steel.
Some industries like Ore Fracking and Gold Synth. Labs can produces raw resources that the planet does not produce. Planets may choose to build them.
Sometimes they will try build other industries that they don't have the raw resources to run, but they are usually high tier industries.

The demand from the industry can affect the commodity prices on the planet.
Based on this, you can actually create extra business opportunities yourself. If you are able to invest some resources like ores, steel and microchips onto this planet, you can sell other resource on the invested planet for larger profit later when new industries have been constructed.

Time for some quests!

Doing contracts and tasks can be a good start. The initial cost only comes from the fuel, but you can earn big money if you can complete them on time and successfully.
Some quests can be unstable, though. There are possibilities of a additional follow-up quests, which it will be a good bonus additional. You'll also have chance to fail the quests as some accidents takes place. This can affect the fate of your journey - will it end it here with a death warrant, or there will be a twist?
The outcome of a quest will not be simply money payments. It will affect your relations with the stakeholders of the event, either positively or negatively.

Hopefully the guide can help you enjoying the game. Thank you.
H3110 guys!

This is an idea for the largest entertainment event in the Galaxy - The Starship Race! 🚀

What’s Starship Race?
Starship race is a racing sports event using modified starships, performing extreme races at sub-lightspeed! This expensive race, has been one of the greatest tourist attractions!

Building Ideas!
• Starship Race Live-streaming Station - Let your colonists (and tourists) enjoy the exciting starship race, on live! Earns lots of income, consumes tons of rum and food.
• Starship Racer Quarters - Having your own team for the Starship Race! Your epic team will participate in the races and bring awards and mountains of cash back! Consumes starship fuel, starships and robots.
• Starship Racing Mid-Station - This facility act as mid-stations for starship race, besides race live-streaming, it also provides expensive refueling and expensive repairs for the racing starships! And spectators can see the real racing starships and feel the strength of their blasting engines! Consumes starships, starship fuel, rum, food and microchips.
• Starship Racing Terminal Station - What’s the greatest honour for participating in a Starship Race? It’s being chosen as the last station, Terminal Station! Here you can see the most exciting part of the race - Who’s the champion! Consumes lots of rum and food, more microchips and starship fuel, as well slightly more starships, along with cloth, for paving the red mat road of champion!

Remarks: To know where you can get the starship fuel, please read another post and find Starship Fuel Refinery.
I have started putting together an early concept for a new game I have been thinking about for a few years now called My Starship, which is loosely modeled on an old Android game I used to play called Star Traders RPG. In My Starship, you captain a ship and must make money by conducting favorable trades between colonies and by going on missions for the various planetary governments. The game map, planets, missions, and interplanetary relations are all procedurally generated, and no two playthroughs will ever be the same. You can find up to date download links at the following address, or try the game on the Ape Apps Launcher.

The game is currently in a very early beta state, and as of yet, there is still not much to do. The purpose of this thread is to take comments and suggestions of things to add to the game. I will also keep this post updated with my current plans/to-do/progress list. I want to say up front though, that there are no plans to tie My Starship in to the My Colony server. I have decided that this would be better off as a stand-alone game.

The purpose of this early beta is to get feedback and suggestions on where to take the game, and also to guage interest so I can know how much time to put into development. The beta will be available for testing on Web, Android, Desktop, and Windows 10 at first, with an iOS release coming once the game is further along.

Current Build: v0.15.0

Current To-Do List (in no particular order):
  • Save game progress.
  • Choose your own starting civilization and ship, captain name, ship color, etc.
  • Interaction with other ships, including trade, missions, battle, piracy, capture, etc.
  • Captain skills progression, stats, leveling up, etc.
  • Planet stardocks with ship upgrades, buy/sell new ships, ship repairs, etc.
  • Resource harvesting on empty planets.
  • Distress call when ship out of fuel, or:
  • Escape pod when ship out of fuel or loses a battle.
  • Attack, bombard, or blockade a planet.
  • Capture, take control of a planet and it's industrial output.
  • Hire starship crew, manage crew relations, keep them happy, prevent mutiny.
  • Factories on planets which produce additional resources. Planets AI automatically upgrade themselves, conduct their own trades with passing ships.
  • Military ships controlled by the main factions which patrol their own space, protect their colonies, respond to distress calls.
  • Gamepad + Android TV/Amazon Fire TV/Xbox One support
  • Local (LAN/Wifi) Multiplayer
So here you can see my basic idea, what I am/will be working on, and the general direction I see for this concept as of right now. Everything is subject to change based on player feedback. I am basically working on this game because it is something that I personally want to play. The purpose of releasing the concept is to see whether or not others want to play something like this as well, which will determine how much time and effort I want to put into the idea. This is similar to the approach I used when creating My Colony, and as a whole, I think that it turned out alright.

So anyway, this thread is the place for all things My Starship related, as of right now. I will be embedding a link to the thread from within the game, and will be keeping the top post updated as I make progress and updates to the game. If the idea gains any users or traction, I will upgrade it to it's own forum section, but it is really not necessary at the moment. I plan on working on the game every week or so, or whenever I have time. That will increase or decrease based on the reception (or lack thereof) of the concept. Enjoy!


20210418 - v0.15.0
Added some Chinese translations
Updated menu icons to conform to ADL
Addressed "Cargo is Full" bug
Added Harvest Resources to the planet popup window on uninhabited planets

20200922 - v0.14.0
AI fuel tankers now have a chance to just get more fuel
Player is now warned if cargo is full while harvesting
Added Aluminum requirement to the Uranium Enrichment Facility
Started migrating ship stats screen format into a My Colony-like general stats window
New Resources Added:
- Spice
- Oil
- Plastic
Added Factory:
- Plastic Factory

20200508 - v0.13.0
You can no longer buy/steal goods above your cargo hold space
New Upgrades Added:
- Shield Module Mk2
- Torpedo Tubes
New Ships Added:
- Strut MkVI
- Torpedojager
- Draconian Destroyer
New Resource Added:
- Aluminum

20191118 - v0.12.0
Planets in comm range will show a fuel icon now if they have available fuel for sale
Added a 'Quick Refuel' option to planet options box
Expanded information on the Ship Stats screen
Ships can now travel at diagonal angles

20191010 - v0.11.0
Added Combat!
- You can attack anyship you come across
- Each attack turn you can Fight, try to Run, or attempt to Board
- Boarding let's you take their resources
Added Captain game object, each ship now represented by a Captain
Captains are pulled from roaming tokens from My Tokens
Player automatically assigned to their account default Token
Ships for sale at dock are now sorted by price
Docks now offer starship repair services
Planets now show civilization, contracts, and dock indicators
Civilization capitol now shows an indicator
When zoomed out, Map shows current ship marker and lines between civs
The Planet Stats popup now finally works
Added a pending contract display to the main hud

20190826 - v0.10.0
Planets with a Dock and enough money/parts will now construct new starships
Planets will commission new starships under their flag
You can now buy new starships from the Docks of a planet that has starship inventory
You can now only see other ships that are in your radar range
You can now harvest natural resources from uninhabited planets
- the AI ships will also do this
Ships out of fuel (including yours) will now send out a distress signal within their communications range
AI fuel tankers and government ships will now respond to distress calls
AI ships will now trade with each other
Added back button handling (for devices with a back button)
New ship classes:
- Galactic Freight Hauler
- Galactic Freight Heavy
- Space Jumper
New upgrade modules:
- Shield Module
- Laser Cannons
- Small Hangar Bay
- Guest Pod
- Improved Radar
- Transceiver Upgrade
Added Factories:
- Uranium Enrichment Facility
- Gold Synthesis Lab
- Ore Fraking Operation

20190301 - v0.9.0
Minor bug fix release

20180925 - v0.8.0
Planets will now build Ports when they have the resources
AI ships now conduct expanded business with planets
Fuel Tankers now purchase significantly more fuel from planets
Ships can now purchase upgrades from star ports
First upgrades are:
- Hyperdrive Upgrade
- Cargo Pods
- Hull Plating

20180825 - v0.7.0
Last saved game now appears on title screen
Added Factories, which planets will automatically construct when they meet certain conditions
First factories are:
- Ore Refinery
- Microchip Factory
- Rum Distillery
- Starship Parts Factory
Added Resource:
- Starship Parts

20180611 - v0.6.0
Games can now be saved/loaded
User now prompted to name ship at new game
Civilization governments now start with their own ship fleets
Changes to AI ship movement, destination selection
Government ships will not do quests, but will conduct trades between other government planets
Independent traders will now trade in other goods besides fuel, if the price is good
Added Ship Classes:
- Light Fighter
- Patrouilleschip
- Draconian Patrol
New Missions:
- Compromising Position
- No Laughing Matter
- Emergency Treatment

20180512 - v0.5.0
Implemented Gamepad control support
You can now interact with planets that are within 1 tile by clicking/tapping on them
Added new Ship Stats screen
You can now rename your ship
You can now change ship color
AI ships are now assigned a random ship color
Different ship classes can now start with specific resource overrides
Added Ship Classes:
- Klein Vrachtschip
- Draconian Cutter
- Uranium Tanker
New Missions:
- Conspiracy
- Proof of Loyalty
- Death Celebration
- Body Part Delivery
- Trojan Horse Attack
- Making Amends

20180507 - v0.4.0
Bug fixes
Engine now supports "Linked" missions
Contract timeout fails now work
Added 'Pending Contracts' option to main menu
Added Missions:
- Starvation
- Poisonous Revenge
- Wedding Delivery
Added Ship Classes:
- Delta Runner

20180503 - v0.3.0
Added Ship Contact screen when coming in contact with another ship
Can now conduct ship to ship trades
Global resource prices now slowly and randomly fluctuate over time
Raised the number of independent traders in the galaxy
Game ticks now keep happening when ship runs out of fuel
New planet type: Water World

20180430 - v0.2.0
Resource icon now shows up on trade menus
Changed the Fuel/Cargo readout bars on larger screens
Starting AI merchant ships are now picked from a random ship class
Added Settings button to the top UI bar
Added Resources:
- Ore
- Gold
- Steel
- Microchip
Added Ship Class:
- Draconian Sloop
- Ruimteschip
Added Mission:
- Rum Party
6y ago
H3110 guys!

@bastecklein has developed an awesome My Colony spin-off My Starships, and I definitely like this spin-off game that brings adventures like Star Trek!

Today I’ll present my first batch of ideas regarding the game.

New Classes of Ships!
• Galactic Commecial Freighter Class - Like its cousin Uranium Tanker Class and unlike, this big ship carries industrial goods around the galaxy.
• Armored Freighter Class - An armed freighter makes it not an easy target for robbery.
• SpaceJumper Class - A lighter starship, which it has less storage but higher mobility.
• Ironclad Class - A more armoured starship with more weapon compactibility, providing modest protection from pirate attacks.
• Light Curiser Class - It’s generally a better all-round starship, having modest defense, storage and speed.
• Destroyer Class - Strong starships for national defense.
• Galactic Ferry Class - A commercial starship, having large capacity of goods while having a medium speed advantage.
• Mobile Lab - Want some exclusive upgrades? Try to catch it up and talk with the engineers!
• Mobile Market Class - A super-large commercial use ship, for selling goods and providing supplies.

Ideas for Weapons
• Torpedo Launcher - Has high accuacy that other weapons cannot achieve, although not very strong at all.
• Lazer Turret - Default weapon, with modest strength. Slightly penetrates shield.
• Plasma Bazooka - It does deal lots of damage, smashes shield, but low accuacies has been a problem.
• EMP Torpedo Launcher - Paralyse enemy starship for a short while.
• Thermit Torpedo Launcher - Can seal enemy weapon by chance, but it majorly concentrates on its damage.
• Lazer Gatling Turret - Definitely an ideal heavy weapon!
• Beam Cannon - It 100% penetrates shield and deal direct damage to enemy vessel!
• Boarding Craft - These quick boarding crafts carries bomb drones and destroys enemy ship from inside.
• Mini-Inceptor - Automaticlly attacks enemy per turn (if battle system is turn based)
• Hammerhead - A melee weapon that greatly increase ram damage.

New Gameplay Mechanics?
Introducing the Specialists System!
You can hire specialists from some planets with specialist markets. They can help you in various ways, here are some examples.
• Trade Bargainer - Every trade will have discounts!
• Engine Specialist - Increases engine speed!
• Security Officier - Your starship takes less damage in combats!

Pirate Attacks!
There’ll be pirate ship on the map, some are noticeable but some not. Try to get prepared all the time and avoid travelling in open space.
I just had an amazing discussion with @Luker124 about what will happen in Colony Wars.
Here, I'm presenting the ideas about the story of Colony Wars, involving all 4 civilizations.

In the vast Milky Way Galaxy, lies 3 great civilizations - The Humans, the Insectoids, and the Reptilians.

Humans are the new rising galactic power - The establishment of United Earth government changed everything. The rebirth of humanity from the disastrous failure, with all the humans together. Making achievements beyond what Roman Empire had, the extensive colonization has brought new unimagined opportunities and prosperity.
However, the corruption does not disappear as the dawn of a new era shines on the humans - the desire of the powerful politicians are endless. Further tightened security policy on member colonies, unreasonably heavy taxations, and even legitimating exploitation of labour, all these are just for benefiting those with power, at the cost of those powerless, and breaking their promise of a free and fair society (though the promise had always been a lie since the beginning).
Ruled by a corrupt government, with no will to reform, more and more people of this new commonwealth, especially from the lower classes and colonies, were not happy with this situation. With some of them having strong anti-commonwealth sentiment and advocating overthrowing the General Assembly through revolting against.
The General Assembly, of course, were always prepared to suppress resistance in their colonies using their proud Space Marines, and always actively search and destroy any hidden insurgents in their vast commonwealth. Despite their efforts, the opposition was not silenced, it was growing stronger and stronger, under the support of an organisation they had not discovered yet - LIS.
Meanwhile, with their neglecting attitude on galactic politics, they were not aware that another new threat from afar had already been approaching them.

League of Independent States, abbreviated as LIS, had been working in the shadows for decades, waiting and preparing for a best chance starting a decisive independence war, to free people from tyranny under the United Earth General Assembly.
There was not yet any concrete information about where and when this organisation was founded. Only one thing is surely correct about them - Where people suffer, where they are, and they're here to resist tyranny.
Despite United Earth government already expecting there would be ‘insurgents’, however, their influence were far beyond than they expected, especially in colonies with strong opinions opposing policies of United Earth - LIS influence grew through means of secret propagandas, cooperation with black markets, and even providing planning support to anti-commonwealth activities.
Unlike United Earth, they were aware of the importance of galactic diplomacy, they understood they were not able to fight Space Marines without sufficient external support, even having thousands and millions of militias ready to fight. They had one potent choice, known from the black market intel - Zolarg Empire, which LIS recently established contact with them.

The Insectoid Empire of Zolarg, or simply Zolarg Empire, was also a recent rising power. Once enslaved by Alpha Draconians, they revolted against slavery a century ago and retrieved their civilization from the hands of Reptilians, under the leadership of their wise and brave leader - Emperor Zolarg.
Emperor Zolarg is eager to develop their civilization to a new level, for restoring the dignity of their race, and stop the history of being conquered by anybody else. Through their agricultural knowledge from their ancestors, industrial knowledge stolen from Alpha Draconians, and their own newly pioneered bioengineering, their hard power had been thousand times stronger than the beginning. In the same time, the social and cultural development of the Empire had reached new heights, with ancient religious traditions and technological advancements coexisting in harmony (except the use of… ‘soulless’ robots still under debate), and a successful communal society for large populations.
The new page of Insectoid history was indeed glorious, but not easy. Even they successfully set foot to become a supernova of galactic power, it did not mean Alpha Draconians won't take their revenge someday, sooner or later, and also most of their brothers still not freed from slavery. Their primary mission was still further strengthening their national power, and if possible, finding an ally, in order to fight against the almost all-powerful Alpha Draconians.

The Reptilian Empire of Alpha Draconians, or more referred to as Alpha Draconians, is an old warlike civilization with a strong national pride, that existed longer than other civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy before The Ancients (that disappeared for unknown reasons). One of their possible origins was they were migrant Reptilians from another galaxy, as told in their historical documents.
Alpha Draconians had vast territories in the Galaxy obtained from conquests and annexation, but their name was not well known in the galaxy - Due to their secret style of ruling. Only some powerful political figures, and those under direct rule, know about their existence. Their spies and covert agents widespread across the Galaxy, watching over people, controlling propagandas, delivering absolute orders to their puppet governments, and assassinating any opposition or disobeyed, everything were under the will of the Inner Circle of Lords, and the supreme leader Overlord.
Not just having a strong secret influence, most of their national power are unmatched. Having the most superior technologies, sophisticated industrial machines, most educated elites and a ruthless robot army (that is especially feared by the Zolarg Empire). What are these national powers being built on? The effort of others - slaves, tributes and stealing.
The old empire might still look well, but with more and more problems rising within. Since the Insectoid Uprising and establishment of the Zolarg Empire, they are losing more cities and slaves, shaking their economy and national pride to their foundations. With economy performance dropping year by year, and the core Reptilian society began questioning the ‘invincibility’ of the empire, the Overlord had been facing heavy pressure. Meanwhile, another political crisis was emerging between the Inner Circle and the Overlord - the competition for the throne of absolute power.
Overlord, eager to strengthen his power, planned to begin another conquest, to search for manpower and resources, and, of course, attempt to prove Alpha Draconians was still invincible. And their eyes were set on a civilization - Humans. At the blink of a civil war, and having a corrupt government, a perfect target for Alpha Draconians to secretly intervene, disrupt, and ultimately, conquer them with the might of war machines once they were exhausted fighting.

The Beginning of the War - Terra Nova Incident
Coincidentally, both LIS and Alpha Draconians were looking for a good chance to start a war, but for different aims, different ways, and they had no connections.
The tension between human colony Terra Nova and the United Earth General Assembly had created an opportunity for them.
Terra Nova was a colony under United Earth, yet with the presence of LIS. People of Terra Nova, from workers to their governor, agreed that the United Earth government was too corrupted to rule them, decided to take action in a non violent way, becoming the first colony ever to refuse paying tax to the General Assembly.
Alpha Draconians understood what LIS was trying to do - try to provoke United Earth to take the strongest military actions ever against their people, to be a reasonable excuse to start the war. To ‘accomodate’ the needs of LIS and make progress on Overlord's plan, Alpha Draconian covert agents in the General Assembly began their covert operations, paving path to the military actions step by step, through persuading works, blackmailing and misinformation campaigns. An embargo was first being passed in 4 days, and then a blockade was passed a week later. And after 3 months of ‘debate’ and ‘arguments’, and the ‘Friday Coup’ (controlled by Alpha Draconian agent) happened within the period that caused the cleanse campaign on the opposition party, a decisive pass was made on the decision taking violent military actions against Terra Nova, ‘without’ any objections, leading to the Terra Nova Incident.

The dispatch of Space Marines 35th Regiment (SM35) had angered hundreds of colonies, and people of Terra Nova as well. Things had progressed as LIS wished, they began rallying up resistance fighters in the hideouts in Terra Nova, preparing for their final phase to begin the first phase of war - a surprise attack.
Without much resistance, SM35 occupied Terra Nova under the lead of Colonel Harold Franklin. Soon Space Marines recognised they were in a weird situation - Terra Nova did not strongly resist at all as they arrived. However, it was too late. Just a few minutes after they had noticed that, LIS militias led by a militia officer Admiral Beuford P. Tots ambushed all major forces of SM35 at every street and alleys of the city, causing heavy loss of well-equipped marines. At the same time, LIS revealed themselves in the public for the first time, declaring war on United Earth - marked the beginning of the Human Civil War.
Very soon United Earth's forces retreated from Terra Nova, leaving the colony under LIS control. LIS declared independence of this colony a day after, renamed it Independent State. This city was the command centre of LIS throughout the war, which will be the capital city of LIS after the war.

Early Human Civil War
The United Earth Security Council was in a big chaos after the Terra Nova Incident - unexpectedly attacked by an enemy and almost lost the entire SM35, and little the Security Council knew about LIS. Even though garrisons and national guards were immediately told to prepare and mobilize to respond any possible LIS attacks, however, still not able to stop LIS - either fighting at broken morale or without enough time for full preparations - Since they had no idea where LIS forces would start their attack, and these rebels were well prepared already.
LIS, taking this advantage, launched a series of scattered yet successful attacks in neighbouring systems. Just within the first two weeks of the war, United Earth lost 15 colonies, 45 main trade routes or supplies, and countless soldiers either captured or killed.
However, LIS did not have the upper hand for long - especially after the original Security Council Chairman, Bofors Kaiserton, was replaced by an experienced Marshal called Bradley R. Johnson. The Security Council was soon reorganized by Bradley to stabilise the mess, launched propaganda campaigns to restore the morale of United Earth forces, and began studying the tactics of LIS forces, which the studies could had begun at the first day of war, but got delayed to 5 days later (day 6), due to Bofors unable to stabilise the chaos.
Around 3 weeks later, under the coordination of the Security Council, LIS began losing their ambush advantage, due to their patterns being tracked by Security Council and United Earth forces began being able to predominate the battlegrounds before LIS did so, forcing LIS forces to fight against United Earth forces directly. The Battle of Ferris Mountains on day 37 was a major defeat for LIS, which the local United Earth garrison of Ferris Mountains, instead of being ambushed, baited LIS forces to their doom. The next day (day 38), LIS changed their general combat tactics from sneak-and-attack based to direct confrontation based. Since that battle the loss of United Earth was stabilized at a lower rate. The civil war reached the second stage, the period when major battles were fought.

Mid Human Civil War
Despite losing early advantages, with the introduction of newer weapons and black market technologies LIS forces were still able to maintain their offensive pose in the war for a while, still surprising United Earth forces, in various battles pushing their front straight towards the Solar System.
The most well known new weapon LIS introduced during the war was the Apollo-3500 Beam Emitter, which were equipped by their heavy infantries and installed on specially designed combat vehicles, the weapon itself is able to melt most armour into slags by emitting high energy beams. They caused large troubles to traditional armoured combat vehicles, especially proven in the Battle of Harbinger Greenlands (which led to United Earth giving up the Ares-4 System) that the 196 th Armour Regiment of United Earth experienced a brutal defeat under devastating laser fire of 44F Laser Battalion and 44G Laser Battalion of LIS.
Another major battle featuring LIS new weaponry was the Siege of New Paris that lasted for 15 days. The introduction of Javelin-E ‘Incognito’ Missiles in the last day (though a bit too late) decisively ended the battle, these missiles were designed not interceptable by AEGIS Theater Missile Defense System used by United Earth and successfully breached the fortifications of New Paris Citadel in an almost effortless way.
Meanwhile, 49 more colonies revolted against United Earth rule under LIS support, providing minor battlefronts for LIS to push forward further into United Earth territory.
Amount of LIS territory occupied reached a peak on day 59, which over one-fifth of United Earth territory was taken over.
The offensive pose of LIS lasted until United Earth, though later, also began introducing (a limited number of) experimental weapons into the battles, and the return of Space Marines Corps with upgraded equipment, reorganization and replenished manpower. From that time on, the tide of war had changed favouring United Earth, they began pushing LIS back.
Just 2 days after New Paris was occupied by LIS, this city was back in the hands of United Earth, under the strong firepower of Space Marines 12th Regiment, and LIS forces here were still too tired to fight. After the Second Battle of New Paris on day 73, LIS lost a large proportion of major forces and the overall offensive formation breached. In later times, LIS major forces were defeated one by one, setting LIS forces back quickly.
With that moment the situation largely disfavored them, LIS decided to take a risky move - Reveal and use their secret weapon stationed in New Bavaria, either to devastate United Earth capital city that would put United Earth into mess again, or at least buy some time to find a foreign ally.
The risky move was well known as the ‘Interstellar Missile Crisis’ event. On day 88, LIS broadcasted a message through hijacking the communication hub in Coloniae Leon, threatening they had a secret mass destruction weapon that could never be intercepted once launched, and its range could cover all United Earth territories - Interstellar Warp-Speed Missile (IWSM) with Disaster Warheads derived from Instant Terraforming Bomb Project data found in occupied government labs. And, the first missile, to be launched within 24 hours, would fly straight to the capital city of United Earth - planet Earth.
United Earth offensive operations were halted due to the short chaos caused by the seemed inevitable threat. The United Earth Security Council soon ordered the search for their missile base as the countdown had begun. 7 hours later they located the missile base, and 9 hours later Space Marines 2th Division arrived in New Bavaria. The battle in New Bavaria lasted for 7 hours, at the last hour the missile base was captured, with most of the IWSMs destroyed at the site immediately.
LIS did not waste the time by sacrificing their secret weapons. During the Crisis, LIS secretly contacted the Zolarg Empire and shortly reached an alliance agreement with them - for their common pursuit of freedom and liberating people from suffering, and they needed each other. The entry of the Zolarg Empire would bring the war to the third stage, the time when things had been becoming more complicated than just a civil war between Humans.
What about Alpha Draconians? The Overlord was pleased by the situation so far, the plan had been successful. While humans were busy killing each other, the Overlord ordered mobilizing their robot armies into the back of United Earth territory through means of secret portals prepared by covert agents. While Alpha Draconians were making preparations for the takeover plan, one thing the Overlord was not expected to, and not knowing would happen - the Zolarg Empire, their nemesis, would interfere with the war very soon. On the other hand, the political enemies from the Inner Circle, were scheming a plan to pull Overlord off his throne.

More Than Just a Civil War
Just when people of United Earth thought the war would be over soon with the defeat of LIS. 8 days after the Interstellar Missile Crisis (day 96), the Zolarg Empire declared war on United Earth, in the name of helping their allies - LIS, and officially began mobilizing their troops to the borders of United Earth.
War from another civilization put the United Earth under mass panic. Not just because the war that was supposed to end soon would become even longer, such a scale of invasion from another civilization of a different race was something humanity never had experienced.
Zolarg forces flanked United Earth from the other side, putting United Earth in an unfavorable situation - A war of two fronts. The back of the United Earth was left underdefended (not undefended) due to major forces being put into LIS fronts, leaving the borders only garrisoned with only a small number of troops. Even though the Security Council ordered splitting the troops to the borders in order to stop the Zolarg offensive, the border defenses were breached faster than imagined, garrisons were unable to hold the line before reinforcements had arrived. When the reinforcements reached the Zolarg fronts, a couple of cities and colonies had already been occupied by the new enemy.
At first United Earth forces on the Zolarg fronts attempted to make quick offensives against Zolarg forces in order to re-concentrate on LIS again. However, after a few offensives they found Zolarg forces were difficult to remove - Everytime an Insectoid base was ‘removed’, a new base was rebuilt quickly and pumping out loads of new troops as nothing had happened. Later they found out it was due to the Insectoids established complicated yet useful subterranean tunnel networks that allowed rapid reinforcement on the planets, with entrances hard to be detected using traditional sensors. United Earth troops on Zolarg fronts quickly changed their tactics to mainly defensive with very minimal offensive progress, until their sappers were equipped with new tunnel sensors they began able to retake some territories.
Meanwhile on the LIS fronts. Thanks to the Zolarg Empire entry into war, LIS now faced much less pressure from United Earth forces. Now they were able to at least sustain their defensive lines. After their IWPM were modified to smaller missiles and cheaper designs and put under use, they were able to make small offensive progress for a few days, still threatening some of the strategic locations of United Earth. However, the LIS fronts fell into a stalemate for the rest of time.
The unexpected news of the Zolarg Empire's intervention in the Human Civil War delivered to Alpha Draconians. Overlord was not informed about that until 6 days after the entry of the Zolarg Empire into the war - his political enemies from the Inner Circle controlled information flow in Overlord’s chamber through bribing the Imperial Informats (internal messengers of Overlord’s Chamber). The Overlord, knowing schemed by his political enemies, was angered, but also worried about his plans to secure his position in the throne. The Zolarg fronts in United Earth was exactly the location where the secret mobilization concentrated at. At this rate, his great plan would fail easily if the troops were discovered by either humans or insectoids, and it was just a matter of time, sooner or later.
With his ominous worries, the Overlord assigned extra supervisors into the Ministry of Expedition in order to secure his control on the conquest of the human race. However the Inner Circle had an upper hand - the Ministry had already been hijacked by their covert agents. The newly assigned supervisors of Overlord were soon silenced and puppeted by the Inner Circle.
The Lords of Inner Circle now had control of the Overlord’s expeditionary forces in United Earth - With just a slight attention created by the expeditionary forces to let Zolarg forces to notice, it was enough to ruin the plans of the Overlord, to further destroy his reputation, and ultimately pulling him off the throne.

The Incident that Changed the War - Barracuda Blues Events
On day 165 of the war, an event took place on colony Barracuda Blues, a colony lying behind the Zolarg fronts, inside the territories of United Earth. This incident had changed the entire war - from confrontations between mainly United Earth and LIS, to a war that 3 civilizations together defending against Alpha Draconian invasion.
Just within a night, the base on Barracuda Blues disappeared, with remains of weared-off tank armour and charred grounds indicating there was combat. The only thing left was reports about unknown alien contact of hostile inorganic objects and strong energy sources detected by base on neighbouring planets. The United Earth Security Council received the reports 8 hours after the incident had taken place. A global investigation on Barracuda Blues was ordered 2 hours later.
4 days after the investigation had launched, inspectors reported an unimaginable discovery - a hidden facility, camouflaged by cutting-edge field generators of unknown origin, full of unidentified machines in dormant status, and a colossal device suspected to be a long range stargate portal that was the origin of energy detected.
Informed about such discovery, the United Earth Security Council (cautiously) saw that as an opportunity to obtain superior military technologies that could help break the stalemate of the war. Scientist teams and more military staff were sent to the site for further secret investigation.
Despite the news being a secret, the information about such ‘discovery’ had reached the ears of LIS, their hackers intercepted the intel. The intel was shared to forces of the Zolarg Empire, in order to figure out what it was.
Zolarg forces seemed to know something - Just a couple of hours later LIS received replies from the Zolarg Empire, about warnings of a common threat from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy had infiltrated into human civilization - Alpha Draconians. The Zolarg Empire had also sent a similar message to United Earth, and demanded evacuating the investigation site and destroying it as soon as possible.
The United Earth Security Council, at first, did not take the warning seriously, suspecting it was just a deception from both LIS and Zolarg Empire, trying to prevent United Earth from obtaining technologies that could help them win the war. Later events proved them wrong - 2 days later, the site was under attack - not by LIS, not by Zolarg Empire, but those unidentified machines they were supposed investigating. The machines were suddenly animated, hovered into the air, and revealed what they were - war machines, with the emblem of Alpha Draconians. Almost all staff at the site were killed in the matter of minutes, only a group of soldiers managed to escape, and reported their terrible story (with solid evidence recorded) to the Security Council.
Heard of such an event taking place, and reconsidering warnings from the Zolarg Empire, the Security Council decided to have the big issue discussed in the General Assembly, hopefully they could recognise the dangerous situation they were in.
Meanwhile, LIS and Zolarg Empire had also begun their search for Alpha Draconian existence within their occupation zones, and counter-ops against Alpha Draconian influence.
Under a common threat that could not be repelled with the power of a nation, three participant nations of this civil war held a close-door summit on day 178 in an United Earth city Neo Floridas under maximum security measures. On the next day, all leaders of the military came to an agreement - a ceasefire treaty that put a pause on the civil war, and a temporary alliance pact - known as ‘Delta Alliance’ by humans - that would last until the Alpha Draconians were repelled.
Exposures of Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces and the formation of a temporary alliance were quickly reported to Overlord by the covert agents within the United Earth General Assembly. Shocked to know his plan had gone wrong, the Overlord, immediately contacted his supervisors in the Ministry of Expedition. Without any response, the Overlord understood what had happened - His plan had been hijacked by the Inner Circle.
Indeed, the exposure of expeditionary forces in Barracuda Blues was the order of the Inner Circle, through the Ministry of Expedition which was under their control.
The Inner Circle also received reports of their successful sabotage on the Overlord’s plan. With now they knew the Overlord was in trouble, they began spreading the scandals of the Overlord ‘might even be unable to conquer a lesser civilization’, to cut down Overlord’s support from core Reptilian society. Now, with the information of this invasion leaked to both humans and Insectoids, and further pressured by the scandals, the Overlord had only one choice left for the invasion plan - launch the attacks immediately.

Alpha Draconian Invasion
On day 186, the day known as the ‘Invasion Day’, the remaining dormant expeditionary forces of Alpha Draconians inside human territory were activated under the orders of the Overlord himself, launched the Invasion of Humans, beginning from Barracuda Blues where their forces and one of their main portals were exposed.
The Allies were prepared, they had located and destroyed a few hidden Alpha Draconian facilities, and shared any intelligence known about Alpha Draconians. Yet were not on the upper hand. The cutting-edge war machines of Alpha Draconians was not something humans were able to deal with easily, the superior armour strength and stealth capabilities of Alpha Draconian forces had caused some significant loss of Allied forces.
On the other hand, Overlord tried to keep Zolarg Empire forces outside the war theater of human territory as first priority, preventing the Zolarg Empire from assisting humans with their intelligence and troops. Alpha Draconians inserted blockade fleets in neutral zones between the Zolarg Empire and United Earth, as well began rallying troops at Zolarg borders. The Zolarg Empire not just had difficulty helping humans defending against the invasion as their forces in United Earth were encircled, intensified conflicts and battles at Alpha Draconian borders were something they had to put more focus onto.
The invasion broke out from the inside spread like wildfire in human territory as the Zolarg Empire was not able to provide assistance. Just within a week, Alpha Draconian presence was reported in all human territories (in terms of before the civil war broke out). 58% of original human territories were occupied by Alpha Draconians within a week, mainly the areas around the Zolarg fronts.
Humans had no chances of counter strike at this moment, as the Overlord predicted. However, the Overlord had underestimated humanity. Instead of keeping an eye, he ‘confidently’ set the expeditionary to spontaneous mode, promising the core Reptilian society that humans would be brought under Alpha Draconians in no time (in order to retain his supporters).

The Counter Strike
Alpha Draconian domination on the battlefield lasted until United Earth deployed their new superweapon.
United Earth lacked new weapons of instant destruction needed to change the tide of war since the total decommission of the nuclear arsenal right after the establishment of the United Earth General Assembly. Considering reactivating the nuclear arsenal project would cause large discontent from both the General Assembly and the public due to the long term consequence of detonating nuclear weapons, the Security Council, long ago reviewed older military research projects to seek for a powerful weapon with minimal impacts upon use. And when the invasion broke out, they already had a weapon project at almost completion that came into handy - Particle Cannon. The research of this surgical-space-strike (accurate strike instead of mass destruction) weapon was greatly accelerated by the data from Alpha Draconian facility on Barracuda Blues. 14 days after the Invasion Day (day 200), the first Space Strike group had completed construction at United Earth’s capital shipyard on Earth orbit, assigned into and escorted by the only 3 main starship fleets.
Upon the new weapons were ready, Marshal Bradley of the United Earth Security Council authorized the largest military campaign in the war - Operation Zeus, which began from day 205, aimed to retake territories beyond the Zolarg fronts occupied by Alpha Draconians. Mobilizing over 54 land forces divisions, 6 Space Marines divisions, 31 space fighter wings and 2 starship fleets.
The first use of Particle Cannon was used in Battle of Leo-34, showing the impressive firepower to the entire humanity. The Alpha Draconian stronghold on the planet was reduced to scraps in the matter of a few Particle Cannon bombardments of the 3th Starship Fleet.
The particle cannon also shone on other major battles, including the largest starship battle Battle of Kelvin Rings that the superweapon put the end to Alpha Draconian ‘Eradicator’ class battleship (though that was not their strongest warship in service), and Siege of Venet-35 that the weapon critically broke the siege of Alpha Draconian forces on the colony.
Operation Zeus had achieved a massive success within two months. The Operation recovered 21% of original territories, and some post-war statistics estimated that the Operation had also destroyed almost half of the Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces.
LIS had also achieved victories after their deployment of Type-X EMP warheads that effectively paralyses robot-based Alpha Draconian forces and facilities upon detonation. Just within half of a month after the deployment, LIS was able to uproot all Alpha Draconian facilities and portals within their occupation zones and freed up a large amount of troops for offensive operations beyond their territories (to ‘liberate’ more colonies, of course). At the same time, LIS had also completed an counterintelligence research Project Beacon that analyses the activities and signals of Alpha Draconian covert agents and communications (using information provided by Zolarg and harnessing their expert knowledge of cybertechnology), greatly preventing further Alpha Draconian sabotages on Allied forces, and made the hidden movements of Alpha Draconians predictable from that time on.
The human counterattack progress stopped at regions around Barracuda Blues. At this moment Barracuda Blues was one of the last strategic locations for these intruders - where their last functional long range portal was located, the only available reinforcement station for them. However, also the most fortified position of Alpha Draconian intruders - not only the main portal was protected by the state-of-the-art fortress setup, other strongholds around Barracuda Blues formed a complete exterior defense system that was able to stop any starships approaching this critical site.
The counterattack of humans was reported back to the Ministry of Expedition for multiple times, however nobody read the report - The fierce political competition inside the Ministry between Overlord loyalist and Inner Circle had disrupted literally everything, ignited a few days after the blockade on the Zolarg Empire. Military officers and staff were being assassinated or replaced by the two parties very frequently, they had no time and effort to care about any operations of the expeditionary forces but tried to protect themselves or seek extra interest in this internal political rivalry.
As the regular functioning of the Ministry of Expedition came to a halt, the blockade fleet between Zolarg Empire and United Earth was soon out of control, without any coordination the blockade was breached by Zolarg fleets, like the blockade fleet was just a dull asteroid belt. Regaining the supply line to their occupation zones, the Zolarg Empire began sending their fleet and elite force Imperial Templars to the battlefronts in human territory against Alpha Draconians.
Overlord regained information and control of his expedition plan after Overlord loyalists successfully retaken control of the Ministry of Expedition as a series of bloody political events took place. Knowing his miscalculation on humans and he had missed a lot of events during the Ministry was handicapped, the Overlord ordered a regroup of all remaining expeditionary forces at Barracuda Blues, as well as authorising the expeditionary force access to advanced reserves of Alpha Draconian war machines, the Apocalypse Order, to terminate human resistance before it was too late to remedy the situation. An invasion fleet was also ordered to dispatch for securing the invasion plans, either backing the reinforcement up, or in case the last portal falls the fleet could still devastate the remaining human forces and do the occupation.

The Battle of Barracuda Blues - Twilight of the Intruders
All human major forces from both the United Earth and LIS, and later a small number of Zolarg forces from occupation zones, gathered near minor strongholds around Barracuda Blues. Deployments began on day 274, preparing for the last battle to stop Alpha Draconian invasion - which Allied forces had thrown literally everything they had into it, almost all of their major forces and types of weapons.
Alpha Draonians had gathered a majority of the first group of Apocalypse Order from Alpha Draconia arrived at Barracuda Blues, standing by at the site.
The Battle of Barracuda Blues broke out on day 277. The 2nd Vanguard Group led by United Earth Space Marines 1st Division secured a minor portal stronghold on Baston-36, under the support of the United Earth 3th Starship Fleet and Particle Cannons. Hackers from LIS performed a follow-up hacking of the portal control immediately, opening up a route to Barracuda Blues for major forces after 4.5 hours.
Commando platoon headed by the legendary United Earth elite Sarge led the charge into the Barracuda Blues through the portal, securing an area on the east wing of the main portal stronghold. The remaining forces of 2nd Vanguard Group established a forward base for providing support, with Main Battle Command led by Marshal Bradley of United Earth responsible for the main offensive operations following behind.
Other battle groups were told to tie up other minor strongholds to prevent their reinforcements to Barracuda Blues, and if possible, take over the portals in the minor strongholds.
The first attempts of siege, on the same day, had been unsuccessful. The defense of the main fortress complex was far more defended than imagined. The point laser defense system rendered conventional artillery fire useless, the firepower of the newly arrived Apocalypse Order outrunned offensives of the Allied forces, even the Allied forces were supported by 5th Battle Group later which successfully broke into the south wing through the portal of another stronghold. At the end of the day, the offensive operations had been temporarily halted under the order of Marshal Bradley to prevent further losses.
On day 288 Allied forces detected a larger group of Apocalypse Order reinforced Alpha Draconian forces in the fortress. Few hours later, Alpha Draconians began taking offensives targeting the Allied Main Command Group. Facing even stronger enemies than before, main forces of the Main Command Group were tied at their forward base and fell into a badly passive status, until 5th Battle Group received EMP missiles from LIS and sent help to break the enemy offensives.
On day 289, the 3rd Battle Group composed mainly of Zolarg forces entered the battle at the southern forward base, launching subterranean infiltration attacks into the west part of the fortress. Although the infiltration forces experienced heavy casualties as they broke into, however, provided an important internal structure intel of the main stronghold - there was an antenna structure acting as an command node of stronghold defense, which when sabotaged, it could weaken the coordination of, or even paralysing, the stronghold defenses. However, the infiltration forces also reported there was a massive energy flow towards the centre part of the facility, where the main portal was located, presumably sending in core forces, or worse, a destruction device known as ‘Annihilator’ by Zolarg forces which capable of releasing an energy blast that could destroy any non-Alpha Draconian machines and living being within 50 lightyears radius. The enemy reinforcement was predicted to arrive in three or four days.
The reports from the infiltration forces had put the Main Command into an anxious mood, since this meant not much time was left for them - longer the battle goes, worse the situation becomes. The Main Command Group decided to take another offensive the next day, after the United Earth 1st Starship Fleet sent Particle Cannons to provide heavy bombardments.
Still, Alpha Draconians were prepared, they had set up energy barriers to neutralize Particle Cannon fire. With even the superweapon of United Earth proven ineffective on this base, the Main Command Group offensive once again ended up with extra losses.
On the other hand, the portal stronghold connecting the Allied forward base on the south wing was under attack by Alpha Draconian forces from another minor stronghold, the 5th Battle Group and the 3th Battle group had their most convenient supply lines cut and now had to rely supplies from either the 1st Starship Fleet or the Main Command.
During the hardest times having almost no means to break the fortifications of this stronghold, the hackers and engineers controlling the portal in Baston-36 brought a good news in the late night of day 232, they managed to hack into the heavily encrypted internal portal system and obtained a segment of access code that allowed them to teleport at most a commando squad into the stronghold (due to limitations of incomplete access codes), which this chance could be used to sabotage the command node, allow the major forces destroying the fortification when it was disrupted. However, the code was estimated to be expired in approximately 7 hours.
In the same night, but a bit earlier, a small group of Zolarg Imperial Templars joined the Main Command Group, providing limited but valuable replenishment of Allied forces.
With an irreplaceable opportunity to break into this almost invincible fortress, the Main Command immediately reorganized the existing forces, preparing for an all-out attack in the next day - It was either the Alpha Draconians or humanity being defeated, this would be the last assault to terminate their ambitions, once and for all.
4 hours later, a squad with the best commandos from United Earth, LIS and Zolarg was organized for the most dangerous mission, they were teleported to the west block of the stronghold, and later assisted by another Zolarg subterranean assault force from the 3th Battle Group. Meanwhile, all the other Allied forces on Barracuda Blues, advancing towards the stronghold.
The major forces expected the defenses to be disarmed as they reached the enemy defense lines. Yet the infiltration forces had trouble making their way to the command node, encircled by the stronghold guards as the Allied forces entered the alert zones around the stronghold. The main forces could only hold their position, forced to fight with the enemy elite forces, until the commandos finished their task.
After approximately an hour of brutal battles inside and outside the stronghold, the commando squad, finally made their way to the command node, and installed a disruption device onto it.
The defenses of the stronghold were immediately turned down under the effect of the disruption device, including turrets, energy barriers and point laser defense system. The stronghold, now vulnerable to any human and Insectoid weaponry, soon the main defense was destroyed under intensive artillery barrage bombardments. Alpha Draconian forces were also affected by the disruption effects, their combat efficiency was greatly lowered - the coordination errors broke their formation, these steel machines of destruction began ramming into each other. At this moment, Alpha Draconians had lost their overwhelming advantage in this battle, every force defending the fortress were soon eliminated by the Allied forces, leaving the central portal defendless. Allied forces very quickly flooded into the stronghold, reaching their ultimate target of the battle - the main portal, which was seen charging up for receiving new reinforcements - that could make short work on the last human forces if unstopped.
The decisive battle defining the date of humans, ended with a Particle Cannon strike onto the portal, tearing the portal into pieces of scraps. The dawn on Barracuda Blues after the particle beam dissipated, marked the victory of the Allies.
Remaining Alpha Draconian threats in human territory were eliminated within two days after the victory in Battle of Barracuda Blues under the efforts of human forces. For the first time, the entire humanity successfully repelled an massive alien invasion.
The invasion had not ended yet, Alpha Draconian invasion fleet was still advancing towards human territory. It was until Zolarg fleets attacked Alpha Draconian starbases that forced Overlord to draw the entire fleet back for defense and postpone the invasion… infinitely.

Battle of Kaisergrounds - Conclusion Battle to the Human Civil War
The invasion was over, ending with the defeat of Alpha Draconians.
But not everything was over. The Delta Alliance Pact had expired, now United Earth and LIS had to put their focus back onto their civil war… only after they had taken a necessary break from a month of fierce battles.
The Zolarg Empire had most of their forces tired of the battles in human territory, and they needed more forces and officiers to manage their conflicts between them and Alpha Draconians. On day 312, about a month after the end of the invasion, they agreed to withdraw from the Human Civil War, returning all occupied territories to the United Earth and evacuate all their forces after taking some necessary responsibility (mostly repairing damages they had made), as requested by the United Earth General Assembly and agreed by LIS. The civil war was now and finally kept just between humans.
Things had been peaceful (if not considering some minor skirmishes on conflict site planets) until the war was continued with the last major battle broke out on day 351 - the Battle of Kaisergrouds, which both sides hoped to ‘conclude’ the war in this battle (as not much war supplies were left for large scale conflicts), on this strategic stronghold occupied by LIS - To LIS, a foothold for liberating the core economic regions of United Earth in the future. To United Earth, an important barrier to keep LIS away from the most resourceful colonies.
The extremely rare ion fog winters of Kaisergrounds disrupted communication devices and sensors, which however favoured United Earth offensive - their landing forces could sneak onto the planet without triggering the alarms of LIS forces.
It was not clear how the battle had fought due to the unavailability of communications and battlefield monitoring in ion fogs. However, two outcomes were confirmed for sure - First, it might have been a ‘fierce’ battle, in which United Earth recorded 78% losses of troops in the battle while LIS recorded 85% loss of their forces. Either killed or (less likely) lost in fogs. Second, it was the victory of United Earth, after 4 days of battle United Earth 12th Space Marines Regiment managed to take control of the entire planet and sent a shuttle for delivering a battle report.

10 days after the last battle (day 365), the military leaders of two sides met in the Roundtable Summit in the colony of New London.
The Armistice of Hoxton was signed, with the following details:
  • Armistice: Military actions must not be taken inside territories of the United Earth and LIS for the upcoming 100 years.
  • Border Regulations: Border lines between United Earth and LIS, named Hoxton Line, are maintained. No space vessels should cross the line, both sides have the right to shoot down any vessels that crossed the line, unless the vessel has authorised access.
  • Embargo: Trades and shipments to and from LIS are forbidden. United Earth will enforce a blockade fleet along the Hoxton Line.
  • Colonization restriction: LIS must not carry out colonization near or along the Hoxton Line.
  • Trade Route Protection: Any LIS vessels with armaments equal to or more than corvettes will be regarded as violating United Earth trade routes.
  • Violation of any of these regulations will be regarded as breaking the treaty.
  • Any forms of independence by LIS will not be recognized and accepted by the United Earth General Assembly.
Though this is an armistice treaty, it had indeed ended the Human Civil War - at least it had ended direct military confrontations, another civil war is just a matter of time.
Eventually nobody achieved total victory in the Human Civil War, however, LIS actually ‘won’ the war. Colonies and cities occupied by LIS are no longer under the control of United Earth bureaucrats, they are freed from any forms of suppression and exploits, at least a better life can be started with ture fairness and autonomy guaranteed by the League.
Yet United Earth has also earned a ‘strategic’ victory, since they successfully defended most major regions, leaving LIS only able to have mostly barren planets of outer territories. The Armistice of Hoxton also allowed them to have limited control on the development of LIS.
The United Earth General Assembly was not satisfied with the outcome of the war - They understood that LIS had achieved their aim in the war. Now, the capabilities of the United Earth military were being questioned nationwide, even managed to repel the Alpha Draconian invasion - It shall be stopped to restore the reputation of the General Assembly. The General Assembly originally wanted to ‘retire’ Marshal Bradley to pacify the doubts of people, but changed their mind after reconsidering his achievements repelling an alien Invasion and read about his big military project to retake territories occupied by LIS, which the plan actually helped people put a larger confidence onto the military than before.
Speaking of the support, a tragedy for the Overlord of Alpha Draconians. The Overlord tried to cover up the failures of his expedition plans, however, the Inner Circle intercepted the intel. The scandal was soon delivered to all members of core Reptilian society, they now lost all confidence in the ‘weak’ Overlord that had completely ruined their national pride. Several days later, the Overlord was assassinated in a coup planned by the Inner Circle.
The seat of ultimate power was empty, but that is not a seat for many. A more intense, almost endless political rivalry took place between the Lords of Inner Circles beginning right after the death of Overlord, leading the entire empire into a state of political instability. Without a stable and powerful leader to rule the vast empire, the corruption in administration of Alpha Draconians is getting ten times more serious than before. Social order also began to collapse, leading to the disparity between the nobles and common civilians, and social unrests.
The instability of Alpha Draconians, and one more defeat for their seemed invincible military, gave confidence to the conspiracists hidden all over the empire. Some puppet regions began attempting to break away from Alpha Draconians. Though not all of them had been successful, more new powers have risen - Especially the New Galactic Empire, thirsted for galactic domination, is slowly overtaking the influence of Alpha Draconians in the shadows.
The Zolarg Empire finally found themselves a powerful ally to support each other against Alpha Draconian influence - Humans’ capability defending themselves against Alpha Draconian forces impressed not only the Insectoids of every hive, the Emperor is also glad to see this. A few months after the end of the Human Civil War, Zolarg Empire signed diplomatic memorandums with both LIS and United Earth, on the basis of cooperation during the invasion, to begin official peaceful interaction between Insectoids and Humans.
Zolarg forces returned from human territory also brought back some human technologies along with them. The inspiring foreign knowledge have stimulated further development of the Zolarg Empire in terms of economy, science, society and military, and indirectly led to an innovative invention of Insectoids - Mind Network.
While the human cities and colonies were rebuilding, humans also obtained interesting information from the remains of Alpha Draconian machines in Barracuda Blues. These cutting-edge machines have some linkage with the ancient aliens, which the scientists and archaeologists figured out these engines are derived from the ancient alien knowledge recorded on the artifacts scattered all around the galaxy. This discovery will bring drastic changes to human history, a new era of future technologies is predictable in the future not so far away.
Understanding they are not alone in the Galaxy, United Earth begin recognizing the importance of galactic diplomacy, in order to protect themselves (from Alpha Draconians that might return someday in a larger war), as well as seeking for new opportunities. they begin establishing contacts between alien civilizations as they colonize new planets, not just the major civilization like the Zolarg Empire, but also more minor ones.

The Milky Way Galaxy had changed a lot - although there had been wars, costing thousands of lives. Does the war worth anything in the end? Nobody will have an ultimate conclusion, what we know is, war, is always changing our history.

We also hope @bastecklein can leave some comments on the story idea so far.
My Starship has just been updated to v0.7.0, the full changelog of which you can see in the original post for this thread.

This update adds critical infrastructure to the game, and because of work completed with this release, the game is about to get a lot more exciting in the coming versions.

My Starship v0.7.0 adds the concept of Factories, and the critical new resource Starship Parts. These two new features, when combined, are going to allow for some of the most requested additions to the game in the coming updates, namely ship upgrades and the purchase and sell of starships.

The Factories also add a new dynamic, as planets begin to convert raw materials like Ore and Gold into manufactured materials like Steel, Microchips, and Starship Parts. This alters the mix of which resources are needed at each planet, opening up new pricing structures and trade opportunities, when a player learns which resources are needed at which planets.

For users playing an existing game, existing planets will construct new factories as the necessary resources become available. That said, it is suggested that you start a new game with this release, as planets will begin with several factories right at the start, greatly speeding up the time required to get the new resource production mechanisms up and running.
5y ago
H3110 guys!

I’m finding more possibilities using nuclear technology for performing wierd and crazy means of production.
And yup, I’m pretty crazy now.

Before talking my main ideas:
Nuclear waste idea redeveloped from @Luker124’s post:
Starship fuel idea takes reference from @Totillity1’s idea from his post: ; and also the game developed by Bast - My Starship.

Okay here it begins!

• Nuclear waste (nw) -These radioactive and harmful waste are produced from nuclear reactors and alien class productions using uranium (except enrichments). Toxic level is 500, so you have better keep an eye on its quantity.
• Starship fuel (sf) - Ordinary fuels like oil are not strong enough to achieve faster than light travel. Something stronger has to be used. Its life can be lengthened with uranium.

Notes: green building names indicates the building produces nuclear waste.
• Ether Refinery - Refining oil with some uranium and crystalline will give one of the most expensive resource (as ether market is dominated by the evil Alpha Draconians) in the galaxy - Ether.
• Crystalline Plant - Here’s the way you can obtain crystalline without bothering your rovers - You can actually grow crystals in a lab emviornment, which radiation used for catalysing the growth. Consumes rum and crystalline with some uranium.
• Nuclear Waste Radioactive Decay Chamber - A lead-sealed chamber, which gives the standard (and the slowest) way to dispose nuclear waste safely.
• Nuclear Fuel Regeneration Facility - Bring uranium back by fusion reactions using helium-3 and nuclear wastes.
• Starship Fuel Refinery - A large refinery, which are specialized for synthesizing starship fuels using ether, uranium and helium-3.
• Radioactive Food Enrichment Facility - It sounds evil and mad, but the food produced are safe as strict de-radiation process is performed and ensure there’s no harmful radiation left. Produces more food using nuclear waste and sugar.
• Nuclear Decay Reactor - Decay of nuclear wastes also releases some energy. Make use of it to kill two birds with one stone by disposing nuclear waste and generate electricity.
• Radiotherapy Centre
• 2nd Generation Alien Uranium Enrichment Facility - Make use of quantum technology and complicated quantum computing, to obtain much more uranium, while also converts nuclear wastes. (to know what’s 2nd Generation Alien Tech, please have a look in this post: )
• MegaFood Lab - Make use of radiation to mutate crops into gigantic plants, which increases food productivity by at least 50 times! (P.S. food safety may not be secured) Consumes water and uranium.
• Mutation Lab (Alpha Draconians) - (warning: evilness included) A secret facility, it looks like a spa centre, but actually it is a lab for performing mutation experiements. Consumes uranium to generate research.

More ideas are coming!

Promotion here, @Totillity1 has some awesome ideas about blackhole technology and more. Read his post here:
H3110 guys!

Yup, just in the older few updates My Colony has stepped a big step into the space in the starship update.
Time to break through the planet atmosphere, guys! Like a starship!
Today I’ll share some of my ideas regarding stuff for the space industries!

• Starship Fuel Refinery produces Hyperfuels out of oil, helium-3 and uranium! These ultimate fuels are neccessary for intergalactic-distance travels! (also investigating whether it can be also use as generator fuels)
• Starship Racer Club that will let your colony participate in the most expensive entertainment in the galaxy, the exciting yet quite deadly Starship Race! Your crews will bring back glory, fame, and most importantly, MONEY!
• Orbit Station Land Terminal that connects to the orbit station in the space, which the orbit station provides all sorts of services for starships, including repair and refuel; the station also serves as a larger starport in the space, managing larger trades and tourists, as well immigration! The station is connected by a maglev vaccum tube train.

Using the region filesystem, adding a new area (like the starship game map), the "outside", with moons, comets, asteroid, meteorites. Pretty much clicking on a new icon, player will have a new over region map, all black, need to be explored (like colony war), with many thing accessible only after the site is reached by a starship.

This new area should be accessible through new structures, maybe on 2 or 3 level, with trade limit.

Base level: classic rocket launcher, base trade limit

Medium level: something like the starport, with a decent trade limit

high level: an insane structure, with insane starship storage, and insane trade limit (like 10B), like DS9.

The starship are need it for travel to the new zone, moving colonists (the only way to import worker) and for travel back to home the resources, because all new map don't have classic storage (they can't use the shared material in region map, the player need to ship colonist and material for build structure), each map should have a personal storage.

For the resourses, should be like a classic rover harvesting a rock. In this case the rover are the starship, and until are returning home, the player don't have the resources.

New map idea:
we can recycling most of the map, asteroid, ice planet (for comet), ecc

Bonus resources:
this is an other focal point, depending on the map, different zone should have different bonus material, like a zone with +500% uranium production, and other with 200% triantanium, or +1000% diamonds (yes, is a real thing).

For other structure idea, better talk to @GeneralWadaling, several space idea are very nice.

4y ago
H3110 guys! (^ω^)

What’s the first step for marching into the outer space? Besides begin building starships, you might need astronauts for missions, as well to develop much stronger and longer-life starship fuels.
As well, more things that will keep you connected to the entire galaxy!

New Technologies!
  • Intergalactic Astronomy
    Learn the secrets for ultra-long range intergalactic travels, which will bring you further outside world from the galaxy!
  • Neo Nuclear Physics
    One of the study goal of nuclear physics is to find how to maintain the nuclear fusion-fission cycle. Learn how to achieve it.
  • High Density Manufacturing
    Learn how to manufacture very complexed components that they are as fine as in molecular size.
  • Intergalactic Communications
    Learn how to perform communication in a intergalactic range!
  • Modular Construction
    Learn how to construct machines and buildings, in modules.

New Resources!
  • Hyperfuel
    The ultimate starship nuclear-type fuel designed for intergalactic travels using I.G.H.J.T. (Intergalactic Hyperjump Thrusters). Neccessary for launching outer space missions.
  • High Density Components (SHDG)
    These intergrated components are very fine that they are using molecules as the unit of manufacturing standards, and contains numorous tiny components. They are required for modular buildings, space industries and building better starships.

New Jobs!
  • Astronaut
    Important for performing space missions yet these jobs are very demanding. For a colonist wished to participate in astronaut occupations for space industries, not just a high IQ is required, they must obtain a Astronomy Diploma from Astronaut Academy.

    If you wish to know what a Diploma is, this is a idea from mine, visit this post for more.

New Buildings!
  • Hyperfuel Refinery
    Begin manufacturing the awesome hyperfuel from this refinery! It turns helium-3, uranium, crystalline, and plenty of oil into hyperfuel.
  • Modular Housing
    While the furniture and facilities now taking less space with the modular designs, these buildings can now housing more people than usual!
  • Modular Microchip Factory
    With modular technogy, the Ancient Alien Microchip Factory is reduced into a smaller size yet the production rate is maintained high!
  • Modular Triantanium Refinery
    Using closely-packed modular machines and appliences, using the same space it can now produce triple amounts of triantanium.
  • High Density Component Foundry
    Manufacture the finest high density components from microchips, crystalline, ant paste and triantanium.
  • Starport Exteded Landing Zone
    This is the way you can expand your starport without much cost and taking less space.
  • Starship Hangers
    A very basic way to store more starships, installed with a evelator to carry the starships into the underground hangers.
  • Ultra-Deep Hangers
    A better version of starship hangers.
  • Astronaut Academy
    Start training your astronauts here for the space industries!

More ideas are coming!
Further ideas and suggestions?
Comments please! (^ω^)
cry8wolf9 said:Well maybe not so quick.
Since your taking a look at models.
Are you keeping the same model for structures? Like entertainment, government, ect.
Also what about the races? Same or are there going to be different ones? Would this be a good chance to suggest new ones?
Any lore ideas yet to base the buildings and builders on?

Sorry cry, but you might get more than you bargained for with my reply.

So I am not exactly sure what you mean by "models," but I don't want the design of the game to be limited by what was there in MC1. There might be a tendency to think "well this is just MC1 with just 3d versions of the landscape and buildings," etc, but that is not my thinking at all. There is no reason that the tech or building tree has to mimic what was in MC1, and the buildings don't just have to be 3d versions of their MC1 counterparts. There is no reason why MC1 needs to have a lander, silo, solar panel, greenhouse, refinery etc, unless they make sense in the context of the game. Same thing applies to Rovers, which is why I continue to raise the question as to whether they need to exist in the same form as they do in MC1.

This is not to say that existing MC1 stuff does not belong here, what I am trying to say is that this is an entirely new game, there is nothing wrong with starting on with a new slate.

In terms of lore/races/civs/etc. My thought is that MC2 would be on one hand smaller in scale than MC1, but at the same time much larger.

What does this mean? So My Colony 1 basically encompasses a large area of the galaxy with thousands of planets and the three principal races. And all of the races are still official "lore" for the game, of course. Additionally, a "planet" in MC1 is basically limited to a small plot of land, and you can go from a lander touching down on a dead empty world to a booming metropolis in a matter of days.

I want MC2 to feel completely different, like when your lander touches down on the Red Planet (or whatever world), you are just a lander and two tiny colonists alone on a massive, dead, empty world that you must tame, and all of the resources you need will not just be sitting there waiting for you upon arrival.

Here is how I sort of see it in my head. All lore for the game universe comes principally from the following titles: Colony Wars, Colonial Tycoon, Death 3d, My Starship, Deimos, Deimos 2 - End of the Earth, Deimos 3 - High Noon, and Sarge. If you wanted to put the story in a chronological order, I think it would go like this:
  • My Colony 2
  • Deimos
  • Sarge
  • End of the Earth
  • High Noon
  • Colony Wars
  • Death 3d
  • My Colony 1
  • Colonial Tycoon
  • My Starship
I see MC2 as taking place during the first human exploration and settlement of other worlds. The Deimos series (plus Sarge) takes place in the early days of United Earth, where they have just a couple of settlements. The LIS is starting to form, but is not officially recognized yet, and has not yet broken off from U.E.. Colony Wars takes place shortly after the events of Deimos 3, where the LIS formally declared independence (in the form of a surprise attack) and fights to break away from United Earth, which they are eventually successful at with eventual aid from the Zolarg finally tipping the war in their favor. Death 3D takes place during the middle of the LIS war, and features the demise of some of the Deimos-era heroes, along with the United Earth Presidency, where power is moved over to the General Assembly instead. My Colony 1 and Colonial Tycoon are both post-LIS war, where the three civilizations and also the Alpha Draconians, which are now known to humans but have been known to the Zolarg for a long time, are all branching out and colonizing this part of the galaxy. And My Starship takes place somewhat later, where much of this part of the galaxy has been colonized and commerce/war is going on as usual between the various factions.

So that is a general overview of the MC Universe lore. The nature of My Colony 1 and 2 make them harder to place firmly on a timeline, since a game can last "years" and span throughout the whole timeline. But I do like to see My Colony 2 start at the very beginnings, not to far from our present day, because I think it would be neat to see the original few lonely colonists roughing it in hard times on a barren world, which is what going to Mars is going to be like in real life.

It has given me some ideas for some changes VS MC1 though.

In MC1 you are like a mayor or a governor starting a city. In MC2, I see the player as more of a company landing on part of a new planet for fun and for profit, but mostly for profit. You begin with a certain amount of money, and initially to get more colonists, you have to finance another launch from Earth, which results in another Lander showing up with two or three colonists. The Lander can be broken down for scrap parts once it arrives. I think you will also be able to order up a supplies lander from Earth for a lower cost, which has no colonists but whatever materials you need to order, or foot/water etc. However if another player is also on that planet and there are already colonists nearby, they may join your settlement instead of having to bring in new people. You get more money by exporting resources back to earth.

Eventually your settlement grows into a city and the nature of the game changes from one of having to ship materials to Earth for survival to a self-sustaining colony. But I think it will be a slower, more drawn out process VS MC1.

Having multiple players on a planet will also allow for a planetary economy to grow, where trade networks between settlements are made and colonists move from one player to another. Eventually a planet can be built to a point where Earth is no longer required. In MC1, each player has his own planet, but in MC2 I would rather see all players on the server on the same planet, with the planet itself being near infinite in size, with different resources and terrains on different parts on the planet. There will of course be support for multiple planets on a server, but I do not think the game will be as fun if everybody starts with their own planet, as on MC1. On MC1 it was needed because a planet was, at most, a few square miles in size. In MC2, a planet is like an actual planet.

I don't know if there will be terraforming as in MC1, or if so it will be way, way slower.

As for other civs, my plan is to just have Earth/Human. If somebody wants to create a mod with another civ built out, they are free to do so. If it's really good and they want it included in the base game, I will consider it. But it's not a part of the initial plan.
4y ago
This was my first time playing.

I beat the free version of the game in 2 hours. Im guessing premium version can be beaten even faster.

If the above picture can be shown, you will see that i'm in the 1st year 5th month when I officially stopped my clock.

The current issue is that all buildings can be made to have constant time production. Furthermore, the cost of stacking is constant. When a building is intentionally made to have a long production time and you "max" it out by making it constant production time, it's output becomes like x1000 (over exaggerating). Perhaps that scaling needs to be nerfed and that stacking costs increase the more you stack.

At some point in stacking around x30, the building will pay for its own stack price. Meaning all you need left is nothing but clicking the stack button 1000x (literally) or even infinitely and its output will even rival maxed starship.

I stopped the clock when I made the starship maxed. In other words made starship constant time. This happens at starship x55.

If I played again I could maybe beat this in 1 hour due to this exploit.
3y ago
I know I have a lot to do on my plate, but lately I have been considering a sequel as a a complete rewrite to My Starship, taking a lot of the feedback and lessons learned from the original, and making the game in 3D utilizing some of the models and other things that the great @GeneralWadaling has already provided in the past.

On one hand it would be easier just to update the existing game and try to make it 3D, but on the other hand, the current version of My Starship has a lot of issues, and a lot of design choices that I would not make again if I had to redo it all.

Anyway, it's just a consideration/thought at this point. If you could restart/remake My Starship from scratch, what would you add/change/do differently?
2y ago
Hello everybody, and welcome to another exciting edition of the My Colony release notes! Today's update brings My Colony up to v0.63.0 and is dubbed the Two Year update. Not because of anything special with the update, but because May 16th will be the two year anniversary since My Colony was originally released. So what's new with today's update? Let's find out!

My Colony v0.63.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Alien Solar Tower, Wheel Factory, Ship Yard, Star Port, Tax Collection Agency, Chip Transporter, Advanced Microreactor, Wheelmakers Lodge, Deployed Construction Mech
  • New Resources: Wheel, Starship
  • New Techs: The Wheel, Faster than Light Travel
  • New Unit: Mobile Construction Mech
  • New Premium Content: Statue of Two
  • You can now turn on "Trade Notifications" at the GBT, which enables the GBT price and trade ticker to show up on the main play screen, even when the GBT is closed.
  • Small Vehicle Factory now slowly produces wheels
  • Added Wheel storage to Landers, Small Vehicle Factory, and all warehouses
  • Most Rovers now cost Wheels to build
  • Medium Range Star Gate can now trade Steel and Bricks
  • Customs Processing now deals in Steel
  • Having the Stats screen open now goes into the same "Power Saving" mode as when GBT is open

So this update actually introduces an early-game change, in that Rovers now require the new resource Wheels to build. Originally I added the Wheels because I thought it would be funny for the Zolarg to just now be unlocking Wheel technology. Once I added them in though, I figured I'd add them to the Human civs also. After all, how can you have a Rover without Wheels??

So at the beginning of the game, you start with enough wheels to build several rovers. Once you get the small vehicle factory, it automatically produces a few, then you can eventually build the Wheel Factory which produces a lot. So I don't expect Wheel shortages to be a problem, but the concept does somewhat nerf early game Rover spamming. There may be further balancing needed.

On the Zolarg side, the wheels bring the Zolarg into the 100th century BC, but will also start taking the Zolarg into a strange new direction over the next few updates, while they start developing Mech technology and begin dominating the landscape with giant ant shaped godzilla like mechs.

Humans gain another new ultra-expensive resource, the Starship, along with two new Starship related buildings. This is all ultra-expensive late-game stuff that will give some older colonies something to do, with more to be expanded on over the coming updates.

There are also three new Reptilian structures, further expanding their build tree. Again, there is a lot more to come with the Reptilians.

I also think I fixed a bug that was causing Rovers to just sit there and not respond to orders. Let me know if you are still having the issue.

So that is all for this update. I have also submitted this release to the Xbox One, but it is pending approval from Microsoft. I will let you guys know if it gets either confirmed or rejected. Enjoy!
6y ago
When a ship is adrift, it means they have run out of fuel. Right now the AI ships are kind of stupid and do not manage their fuel the best. At some point they will be turning on a distress call which will make the fuel tanker ships move towards their position.

Here are the current factories in the game and what their stats are. This is in raw game data format, but you should be able to tell what is what.

factories: [
name: "Ore Refinery",
icon: "refinery.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 20
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 20
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 20
production: {
output: "Steel",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 2
productionTime: 25
name: "Microchip Factory",
icon: "chipfactory.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 20
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 20
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 25
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 25
production: {
output: "Microchip",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 2
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 1
productionTime: 35
name: "Rum Distillery",
icon: "distillery.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 10
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 5
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 5
production: {
output: "Rum",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Water",
quantity: 1
resource: "Food",
quantity: 1
productionTime: 15
name: "Starship Parts Factory",
icon: "partsfactory.png",
cost: [
resource: "Ore",
quantity: 20
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 20
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 25
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 25
production: {
output: "Starship Parts",
outputQuantity: 1,
inputs: [
resource: "Gold",
quantity: 1
resource: "Steel",
quantity: 2
resource: "Microchip",
quantity: 1
productionTime: 35
5y ago
Hello! Wadaling (the madman) here.

I have some ideas for this game.

New classes of starships
Commercial Freighter - This type of ship has almost no arms, but it does carrying a quanitiy of industrial goods.
Armed Freighter - Valuables delivery requires security. This Freighter is equipped with arms and thick armour making it a difficult target for ordinery pirates to attack.
Light Warship - This type of starship is essential to national defense. You might found them patroling in their own territory, but if you attack them, you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE.
Repair Vessel - It provides repair services, as well selling some starship parts.
Research Vessel - Do you need some more awesome upgrade? You can obtain them there!

New Features
Crew Specialists - It may benefit your trip in various ways.
4y ago
I've just posted the v0.10.0 update for My Starship. You can see the full release notes in the first post of the thread, but this adds a few new things. There are 3 new starship classes, a bunch of new upgrades, and some new planet factories. You can now buy starships from the Docks (if the planet has ships in inventory). Fuel Tankers will now actually respond to ships in distress and refuel them. AI ships now trade with each other. You can now harvest resources from uninhabited worlds.

More to come!
4y ago
H3110 guys! (^ω^)

Discussions about terrafroming is rising recently in this forum, from @Ansom’s ideas about reworking on terraforming and @pecca1’s about planetary temperature.
That would sound interesting, to me.
And yeah, agree to what @Ansom has said, there’s a need to improve the existing terrafroming system such as the logics and stuff.

So here are my ideas! Hoped you like it.

It’s a bit illogical for generating breathable gas from nothing in atmosphere generators, so here I am suggesting a new resource here - Atmo-lites (atl).

Atmolites are collectively the high density volatile compounds that can be vapourized into lots of breathable gases (mostly nitrogen and oxygen) upon strong heating. More breathable gas can be obtained when these compounds are put into electrolysers.

These atmolites are used in terraforming devices that generates atmosphere (except the basic one - small atmosphere generator that instead electrolyse water), but how we can produce them? It’s very simple - Extract them from ores. I plan to have an Small Atmolite Extractor too, as a basic structure that produces those compounds from water and ore.

Next problem - What can these atmolites do after the terraforming is done?
So here’s my solutions -
  • Atmolite-boosted combustion generators?
    Traditional combust-able fuels can be ultra-efficient when you have a well-mixture of atmolite and charcoal or crude oil. Atmolite serves as very strong oxidizing agents.
  • Starship fuels?
    It may be possible, however in one of the spin offs of this game - My Starship, which has shown that starship actually uses nuclear reactions to provide ultra-strong thrust for hyperjumps. I think it’s better for manufacturing better fuels.
  • Producing other resources?
    I have thinked about can these compounds converted to a massive amount of Helium-3. Or used in better ant paste productions or more xeno-organic compounds.
  • Economy?
    Selling atmolites as ‘luxury’ products may work... Such as something like, Luxury Oxygen Inc.?

That’s it!
Ideas & Feedbacks? (>ω•)
Comments please!
v0.12.0 of My Starship is now available. Update adds a quick Refuel option to planets, fixes a host of bugs, and allows for diagonal starship travel.
4y ago
### Hey guys! Don't post much to the forums, but I believe I found a tiny, little non-impactful GUI bug muddling about with imports and exports on starports.

I was just wondering what import prices were for starships, so I naturally went to my starport's import menu. I didn't even notice it at first, but after backing out of the menu after seeing GBT offers and the "Galactic" import price, it told me my storages were full.

I instantly checked to make sure this wasn't the case, as I've been building up towards my 78 starport maps for a full 1m starship export, as well as have multiple 100k+ starship expired offers in my giftbox, and I wanted to make sure I didn't click one.

Panic aside, I only had a paltry 4k left after dumping my starships again, about 30 minutes previous.

I instantly went to global and asked around for players to check their import menus for starships (not that ANYONE would import starships), as long as they didn't have full starship storage, and they have almost all but confirmed my suspicion that this is a tiny little GUI bug in the starport import menu. Hope this helps!

Much love and appreciation,

### edited to add Luker124 as help, and add that this isn't platform specific, and we're using Build V1.6.0 these days.

4y ago
My Starship has just been updated to v0.14.0 and should be hitting all platforms over the coming days. This update fixes several outstanding issues. Also, three new resources have been added, Oil, Plastic, and Spice. A new planet upgrade/factory has also been added, the Plastic Factory. Finally, I have begin converting the ship-stats window into an overall game statistics screen similar to the one found in My Colony. Eventually, this screen will show all kinds of information about your current game.

That's it for this update, check it out and stay tuned for more!

3y ago
Hello captains!

Having a good ability to listen will help you obtaining some useful information from gossips and chatters.
These useful information and intel can include some special opportunities, from discounts to politics, which they will ultimately help you accompanied larger goals.

Let's begin with, how and where you can obtain some information.
  • Visiting a Tavern
    Sometimes visiting a tavern is not only for mugs of beverage and entertainment. These places are often best locations to collect some random intel. However quality and quantity depends on how good your and your crewmates' listening abilities.
  • Black Market Intel Traders (If applicable)
    Looking for some secrets in the Galaxy? Black markets can offer them to you for a ‘modest’ price!
  • Quest
    There can be some exclusive intel collected during or after the missions.

Next, the types of intel you can collect and their purposes.
  • Trade
    You'll never want to miss any opportunities that a planet is selling something at low price or offer a big sum of money on something.
  • Black Market Locations (if applicable)
    In order to access to black markets, you'll need to know where they are first.
  • Rumors
    Rumors about a random governor or someone that haven't spread out yet. You can ignore it or use it for your own purpose...
  • Politics
    Can be about some political conspiracy or policies of a planet.
  • Ship Sale
    Useful if you're looking for where you can get a specific type of starship at a best price.
  • Faction
    Information about a faction. Such as way to earn their trust and what they don't want to see. For some sneaky ones, maybe the way to contact them for missions or special offers.
  • Talented Specialists (if applicable)
    Want to know which astronomy university you can get some talented crewmates? This type of information can help!
  • Artifacts (if applicable)
    First step of looking for some epic relics: knowing what it is and where they are.

It may not be a refined idea at all, but hopefully this will be a good addition to My Starship.
Your thoughts?
I can not seem to produce starships fast enough, even though I fill up a ton of medium cities in my regions map full of Advanced Ship Yards. Does anyone have any ideas of potential end game starship production that can keep up with the high starship consumption of The Octogan?
1y ago
RLMYTHICALLEGEND said:Even though Bast could potentially use nanite tech and potentially simulation tech for next-tier shipyards, keep in mind that starships are supposed to be that one resource in the game that's rare and expensive, making them a luxury owning even 100 will look good to a colony. It's not supposed to be as abundant as other resources like steel or food.

I believe that DM took the starship's spot there. Starships are very important in DM production. Therefore, a DM starship building may be needed.
Huge changes are coming to My Colony 2 and this update lays the groundwork for a bunch of them. So let's just dive right in and see what is new with My Colony 2 v0.39.0, available now!

Right off the bat, there is a glitch where if you have sky textures enabled, it's always "night time." So no need to report that one, lol.

Moving on, the first thing you are certain to notice is that the games title screen has been completely revamped.

So first off, thank you to @GeneralWadaling for all of the game world models. This change to the title screen goes pretty far beyond a mere fresh coat of paint though, and actually required pretty far reaching changes under the hood. In fact, I had to end up completely rewriting most of the games' networking/multiplayer code from scratch, which ended up consuming a majority of the time I had planned to spend working on this release. Let's get into why.

I mentioned at the beginning that big changes are coming soon to My Colony 2, and these changes center around a far tighter integration to the My Colony 2 online server. Starting with v0.39.0, players are now immediately signed into and communicating with the MC2 online servers as soon as the initial loading screen clears, and in effect you are actually behind-the-scenes in-game even when you are only on the title screen.

Why is this necessary? You have maybe seen the Player Mode icon in My Colony 2 in the past, but this feature is about to be expanded in a huge way. I have mentioned before adding the ability for Player Mode characters to travel between worlds via Star Gates, but I have decided to "dream bigger" and instead go all out on this feature.

Traveling between worlds I quickly realized was going to require a tighter integration with the MC2 servers. The way MC2 worked before was that your game reconnected to the global lobby every time you loaded or joined a server. Unfortunately, this model does not work too well if you need to instantly jump from one world to another. So, I started trying to tweak the current code in order to permit the things I wanted to do, and eventually one thing led to another, and I basically ended up rewriting most of the games networking code from scratch.

Moving back into the cloud and onto the MC2 server, we are now going to be assigning global coordinates to every world, sort of how is done in the original My Colony, and soon instead of building individual My Colony 2 worlds, we are going to be building out the entire My Colony Universe! Virtually, of course.

For anyone who has played My Starship, this is where things will soon be getting interesting. The title screen is going to be morphing basically into sort of a mix between the game My Starship, and the old Galaxy Map from MC1. Since the title screen is now rendered using another Scroll3d engine instance, you will eventually be seeing all of the MC2 online worlds in their actual global coordinates, right from the title screen. When you click on the next/previous buttons, it is going to "fly" the camera between your different worlds. Note that this does not happen right now, because nothing has coordinates yet. But it is coming soon.

How is that like My Starship? Well, when you click on the (+) button on the title screen, you will see an option to create a new Player Mode Character (not yet functional).

Unlike creating a local/offline character, this is going to let you choose one of your skins from My Tokens, and then choose your initial star ship! Luckily General Wadaling had previously provided a ton of star ship models so there should be several to choose from. You will then be able to fly your star ship around the online galaxy map, right from the title screen, and choose which world you want your player to land at.

There are a lot of possibilities here, and I will leave that open for another discussion. But who knows what kinds of things you can discover out in space, beyond just other players' planets.

This new online galactic map + player mode + star ships is the primary focus of the next update, so that is the next thing I am working on. Suggestions for that implementation are very welcome. Some plans off the top of my head involve allowing players to eventually build star ships that can be controlled on the global map and used to run trade routes, or even blockades of other planets. I think the space realm will need to be more a turn based nature VS realtime (for performance reasons) but we will see. I think of it as a giant global chess board.

Next let's take a look in-game. In the Statistics window, the Nations tab that has been sitting there doing nothing from the beginning of time has been renamed to just Nation, and now it does something.

Here you will see an overview of all of your colonies and settlements in the entire MC2 universe. The title of the page will read The Colonies of your username however there is also logic in the game to make it read The Nation of your username, however that is a discussion for another day. For now I will simply say that on the MC2 server, all colonies are now labeled as being sub-colonies of United Earth.

For MC2 online, I am considering all of a players' settlements to be "united" under a single governing structure, owned by you, the player. Eventually, diplomacy (alliances, trade agreements, and even war) is going to be handled on a global basis. So for example, if a user, we will use Poumm as an example, decides to declare war on you, they are then automatically declaring war on all of your settlements as well as any other players you have formed an alliance with. And this situation will carry over into the global "space" realm as well.

Let's talk a bit about Player Mode next, because it has had a total physics rewrite, in preparation for next update's online player mode overhaul. You can now walk across bridges and onto tiles occupied by structures, and even onto structures themselves if the change in elevation is not too high. In theory a structure could be designed with a stairway all the way to the top to allow players to climb up onto roofs. I plan to add jumping and mounting vehicles in the next update as well.

Next, if you look in the Game Editor, the discerning eye may notice four new properties for Structures related to Goods:

Goods are another new feature coming soon that will have a huge impact on gameplay. There is a new item on the title screen called the Goods Editor (which does not function yet). Basically, the concept here is that players will be able to build generic factories and stores to produce and sell goods of their choosing. Factories will have production "slots" determining how many different goods they can produce, and a rate, determining how fast they make said goods. Likewise, stores will be able to sell X number of different goods at a rate of X.

So what are these Goods and where do they come from? Well that is the cool part, that Goods editor will allow players to design the Goods themselves. Basically, players can provide a model (a 3d one using Voxel Paint, or a 2d one using Pixel Paint which will be auto-converted into 3d). You can choose what materials are needed to build the Good, and you will be able to assign different properties to the good (based on the input materials). These goods will be auto-sold in stores for profit, and player mode characters will also be able to visit stores on different planets and purchase these goods directly, equipping them and using them in-game.

If the whole thing sounds complicated, that's because it is, and that is why it doesn't work yet. But it is the next thing I am implementing after the Player Mode revamp.

Moving on to some minor changes, the Wooden Bridge has had the texture update to fill in the gaps in the wooden slats, because the new Player Mode physics were allowing the player to fall to his death otherwise. Also, @GeneralWadaling has provided updated models for the Outpost and Mobile Outpost.

The general theme for all of these changes is to make the entire universe around MC2 feel more connected and alive. The goal is to transform the game into something of a city building MMO with strategy, business management, and RPG elements all baked in. Seems pretty ambitious, but it's actually not very far off from being available. Small pieces of groundwork have been laid down for months now, and we are getting close to the point where it's going to happen. Once it's all done, then I think the game will be ready for the big Steam release.

So how can you help? One thing that will be need soon are generic shops and generic factories for the new Goods system. I know there are already a couple out there, but it would be nice to have different "tiers," small cheap ones that have limited production, and mass factories for later in the game. Mom and pop shops and mega marts. We will need it all.

Ideas on how to implement the player mode stuff would be good too. I am thinking maybe having a base no-frills shuttle craft that everyone starts with and gets for free, and then if players want better ships, they will have to be constructed by Ship Yards built in the colonies. Which means we will need a ship yard. I think in MC2, Star Ships should be vastly more expensive VS MC1, and instead of being a resource that you stockpile, it should be an actual unit that can be piloted, sold to players, and positioned on the galactic map in strategic formations.

So there is a lot to be excited about, and this fall is definitely going to the season of MC2 glory. So thanks to everyone who played, keep the suggestions coming, and stay tuned for more!

And yeah, I seriously changed a ton of code in this update, so please let me know everything I borked.

11mo ago
Starship? Trading? Count me in!
6y ago
I have just posted the v0.3.0 update for My Starship.

This update adds one new planet type graphic (the water world). But more importantly, it adds a new Ship Contact screen for when your ship comes into contact with another one on the map.

Right now, it just lets you buy and sell goods with other ships. Usually ships are not as keen as doing business with you as other planets are, since they generally need their cargo for their own missions. However, another new change is that if you run out of fuel in space, other ships may pass by who are able to sell fuel to you (at inflated prices, of course).

Eventually, this ship contact screen is where battles, piracy, and other ship interactions will take place.

In addition, the global price values of all goods will now slowly rise and fall over time, which should change the profitability of certain goods over the long run.

Next I plan on adding more resources and factories to the game. Certain planets will have factories that produce different resources, and will require the input resources via trade. This should add further profitability to the buying/selling mechanic of the game.

I also plan on adding the ability (soon) to send out a collection expedition and harvest raw materials from uninhabited planets.

6y ago
Bast plans to give us the ability to make starships as a resource. These ships would be used in various ways. In my opinion, nothing should actually consume ships, but ships should be a resource like power, where a certain amount of ships are just occupied by a certain amount of buildings, kind of like how power is occupied by different buildings. In order to purchase resources from gbt, you need to have the minimum number of unoccupied ships, but the actual purchasing wouldn't occupy any ships. However, when offering resources on gbt, the gbt keeps track of your offerings and occupies ships for each offering until the offer is taken by another colony.

Unlike power, however, the amount of starships you have depends upon your starship storage, and ships are built over time, not provided instantly. The shipyard will build ships until there is no more room. Starship storage would be provided by hangars, which would store a very limited amount of starships. There would be multiple tiers of hangars, all with different storage capacities, and there should also be a few tiers of shipyards too to make it more efficient for larger colonies to make ships.

Ship purposes: (ship requirement amounts are tailored to human ships, other ships would have differen't carry capacities)
Trade - transporting goods via gbt, 1 free ship per 1,000 resources in trade trequired

Export/import - 1 free ship per 1k resources imported or exported is required.

gifting - 1 free ship per 1,000 resources gifted.

tourism/immigration - spaceport and landing pad occupy 5 ships each.

law enforcement - higher tier police stations would occupy a large number of ships in addition to consuming civics and money.

colonist transport - the department of interstellar vehicles can be established to allow for colonist consumption of ships to produce money for the colony. When a colonist purchases a ship, theywill now appear as a ship instead of a colonist and can travel through the colony free of fatigue, and their ship avatar depicts their class as well. A colonist with a ship would would consume oil according to how far they have traveled, and their license can be revoked individually from their stats menu. However, they need to meet the IQ requirements in order to buy a ship.

Terran/human ships would be built at the shipyard and require hangars to store them. These ships are built from a moderate list of components that the shipyard consumes automatically, and have proven to be the most well balanced ships out of all of the races. They are built at a moderate pace and are moderately sturdy, being able to carry 1k units of resources.
Zolarg ships would be organic and would be genetically engineered and grown at birthing yards and would be stored in lairs. The shipyard would consume sugar and water to grow them, making the ships very efficient to grow compared to other races. They are fast growing, but aren't as durable and strong as ships from other races and thus 1 ship can only carry 500 units of resource(buildings occupy twice as much ships as human building equivalents do).
Reptilian ships could be built and stored like human ships. However, they require a wide array of resources to build and are built very slowly due to their complex designs. They are so far the sturdiest of ships and can carry up to 2k resources each.
6y ago
Just updated My Starship to v0.6.0. Besides 3 new ship classes and some new quests, this update finally allows for saving game progress!
6y ago
I've just updated My Starship to v0.8.0, the full changelog of which you can see in the original post for this thread.

This update starts adding Star Docks to planets, and there are currently three upgrades available for purchase.

Also, AI ships will now conduct full trade between planets, buying and selling goods at each stop they make, if the prices are in their favor.

In the next update, I want to implement the Distress Call feature, where adrift ships will send out a distress call, that nearby fuel tankers pick up on and respond to, refueling all of the poor adrift ships that are out there.
5y ago
Some suggestions and ideas
I think that zolarg and draconian starships when on map should look different. Also, PVP should have rewards. Maybe different lvls of starship! Ability to name starship!
I think these are some good ideas also how do you get starships?
5y ago
Okay so pretty much this is some tools to help with building.

Bulldozing an area - Costs money based on the size of an area you want to bulldoze.

Favourites - There is another category in the build menu which you can add and remove buildings, this way you don't have to search for buildings you use a lot

Schematics - You can build something and use this to copy it. Costs civics based on the amount of resources the buildings cost (Your bots still have to build them and it still costs you resources) Maybe this could be an endgame research?

Teleport bots in buildings - There is a button next to the 'Return to center' button which teleports all bots that are inside buildings to the closest open space to the center (within 10 tiles). If there are no open spaces nothing will happen.

Airport - Requirements: faster than light travel, tourism - Some tourists will come from airports, a little immigration, and airports can transport rovers to any other airport for 1 starship per 100 rovers (across cities on region maps aswell, but for double price) - Uses: 50 wheels/min, 100 civics/min, 300 oil/min, 1 starship/min, 5 robots/min, 5,000 power, 400 workers - Produces: 30,000 money/min - Cost to build: 10 million oil, 5 million aluminum, 500 starships, 100 million money, 10 million civics, 25 million steel, 750 thousand robot, 25 thousand triantanium, 1 million charcoal, 1 million regolith, 500 thousand wheels - Built by construction drone
5y ago
Is rare, but can even gift 5000-5500 Starship... or 5000 water. I think is Buddhist, for him 5000 ore or 5000 Starship are a equivalent gift, perfectly balanced gifts.
5y ago
I was thinking that maybe everytime someone wants to trade on the gbt they would need to ship thier product in a starship, kind of like how in real life we need to ship our products. If they don't have a starship they will need to pay a fee to have thier goods shipped.
5y ago
You have to consider that beginner colonies won't have starships, so they won't be able to trade if all trades required at least one starship. You have to require a resource that players will have, even from the beginning of the game, like money. Now, if a trade amount goes over a certain point then I would say yes, require starships, oil, money, and civics.

That is unless bast does want to implement starships earlier in the game. You could have a building that has a very limited storage for them and creates them slowly. A mid game building could be an upgrade to the early game factory and have faster speed and more storage, and then that one could be upgraded to the current starship factory. I doubt bast would do this though as people would abuse it and trade starships over gbt, which are high-value.
5y ago
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