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Space Industries! Vol.1

H3110 guys!

Yup, just in the older few updates My Colony has stepped a big step into the space in the starship update.
Time to break through the planet atmosphere, guys! Like a starship!
Today I’ll share some of my ideas regarding stuff for the space industries!

Starship Fuel Refinery produces Hyperfuels out of oil, helium-3 and uranium! These ultimate fuels are neccessary for intergalactic-distance travels! (also investigating whether it can be also use as generator fuels)
Starship Racer Club that will let your colony participate in the most expensive entertainment in the galaxy, the exciting yet quite deadly Starship Race! Your crews will bring back glory, fame, and most importantly, MONEY!
Orbit Station Land Terminal that connects to the orbit station in the space, which the orbit station provides all sorts of services for starships, including repair and refuel; the station also serves as a larger starport in the space, managing larger trades and tourists, as well immigration! The station is connected by a maglev vaccum tube train.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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