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[Idea] Gossips and Intel - My Starship

Hello captains!

Having a good ability to listen will help you obtaining some useful information from gossips and chatters.
These useful information and intel can include some special opportunities, from discounts to politics, which they will ultimately help you accompanied larger goals.

Let's begin with, how and where you can obtain some information.
  • Visiting a Tavern
    Sometimes visiting a tavern is not only for mugs of beverage and entertainment. These places are often best locations to collect some random intel. However quality and quantity depends on how good your and your crewmates' listening abilities.
  • Black Market Intel Traders (If applicable)
    Looking for some secrets in the Galaxy? Black markets can offer them to you for a ‘modest’ price!
  • Quest
    There can be some exclusive intel collected during or after the missions.

Next, the types of intel you can collect and their purposes.
  • Trade
    You'll never want to miss any opportunities that a planet is selling something at low price or offer a big sum of money on something.
  • Black Market Locations (if applicable)
    In order to access to black markets, you'll need to know where they are first.
  • Rumors
    Rumors about a random governor or someone that haven't spread out yet. You can ignore it or use it for your own purpose...
  • Politics
    Can be about some political conspiracy or policies of a planet.
  • Ship Sale
    Useful if you're looking for where you can get a specific type of starship at a best price.
  • Faction
    Information about a faction. Such as way to earn their trust and what they don't want to see. For some sneaky ones, maybe the way to contact them for missions or special offers.
  • Talented Specialists (if applicable)
    Want to know which astronomy university you can get some talented crewmates? This type of information can help!
  • Artifacts (if applicable)
    First step of looking for some epic relics: knowing what it is and where they are.

It may not be a refined idea at all, but hopefully this will be a good addition to My Starship.
Your thoughts?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
This sounds like an interesting idea
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