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I was thinking that maybe everytime someone wants to trade on the gbt they would need to ship thier product in a starship, kind of like how in real life we need to ship our products. If they don't have a starship they will need to pay a fee to have thier goods shipped.
Neat trades does have a fee in civic points to add stuff .
But maybe trades could have a resource fee instead ,
say you are posting 10000 steel the cost would be 10 % or a 1000
You have to consider that beginner colonies won't have starships, so they won't be able to trade if all trades required at least one starship. You have to require a resource that players will have, even from the beginning of the game, like money. Now, if a trade amount goes over a certain point then I would say yes, require starships, oil, money, and civics.

That is unless bast does want to implement starships earlier in the game. You could have a building that has a very limited storage for them and creates them slowly. A mid game building could be an upgrade to the early game factory and have faster speed and more storage, and then that one could be upgraded to the current starship factory. I doubt bast would do this though as people would abuse it and trade starships over gbt, which are high-value.
yes, and then starships value would have to be decreased. The essential end-game resource is starships since they are so expensive. with regions, people would just fill maps with starship creators and they would be rich. It would just break the GDP
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