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2019-04-04 21:10:50
I was thinking that maybe everytime someone wants to trade on the gbt they would need to ship thier product in a starship, kind of like how in real life we need to ship our products. If they don't have a starship they will need to pay a fee to have thier goods shipped.

duplicate colonies in diplomatic bar

2019-02-15 07:34:30
version 81 ape web apps,
when I rapidly click on the diplomacy page it eventually produces a copy of all the bars in my diplomatic page, so there would be two buttons that say domination, instead of one.

RE:More dev-build footage

2019-02-09 04:34:55
might I suggest changing the robot voice that says "construction options" to auto's voice from walle or Microsoft sam, as the current voice sounds like a humans voice was put through a voice changer.

federation structures

2019-02-09 04:29:15
feds should be allowed to pick their structure type, it can be an oligarchy, a democracy or a monarchy. a fed can become an oligarchy or monarchy via a vote, or via a coup, which will take starships. This coup won't affect the individual colonies and thus nobody will lose their resources. a coup has a certain chance it will succeed, the more starships there are attacking, the more likely it is to succeed. of course, people can choose to defend their federation with their own starships, which decreases the likelihood that the coup would be successful. in an oligarchy, the richest 10 members of the federation will control every aspect of the fed. in a monarchy, the monarch controls every aspect of the fed, and in a democracy, the members vote on everything. if the monarch or oligarchs wish to change the government back to democracy they can do so by passing a law. the federation members can also stage a revolution (which is essentially just a coup in reverse) to change the federation back to democracy by pressing the revolution button. If 10 members all push the button within a week then a revolution will begin.

add a build timer

2019-01-21 03:15:02
in most games that have buildings, you have a timer that says this many days and hours are left but my colony doesn't. I think that it would save players lots of time if they knew how long each of their buildings would take to build.

Add a federation chat

2018-12-27 23:18:45
This is just like the Commonwealth chat but for federations. It should be easy to implement and will improve the gameplay a ton.

Enslaved colonists

2018-12-25 22:52:19
Once a colony has gained independence should be able to choose to enslave thier colonists and make them work for free. There would be an enslave button in the colony management section that enslaves your colonists. Of course in order to enslave your colonists you will need to build a new slave managment headquarters where robots are used to force your colonists one by one into slavery(the time it takes to enslave each colonist is 5 sec). risks of enslaving colonists include being denounced by other colonies and a chance for a slave rebelion. If a rebelion occurs it will cuase major damage to your buildings and you colonists will be freed(if it suceeded). In order for a rebellion to be superseded you will need to have enough robot policemen to supress the uprising. Robot policemen are a new rover unit made by the robot factory. They can fight multiple rioters at once.

RE:federation suggestions

2018-12-25 22:37:17
Ver .78 is coming up so now would be a good time to add it in

Diversify federation leadership

2018-12-24 05:51:31
Instead of just a president, maybe the federation could also have a vice president and a cabnet in charge of managing the diffrent aspects of the federation. For instance one cabnet member could be a treasurer in charge of managing the funds, another could be a war strategist in charge of making sure the federation trade routes are well protected, and so on. The president and vice president are elected sepereatley, but the cabnet is picked by the president. The vice president is in charge of breaking ties whenever the votes are 50 50 while most of the real power goes to the president. Also the president has the power to veto the actions of his cabnet.

federation suggestions

2018-12-13 02:57:00
so what I was thinking is that maybe federations would have their own markets accessible to their members only, and every member who wants to use the market pays a fee(which is used to keep the running the market) to the federation(except the president of the federation). the reason members would want to use these in-game markets is because they allow for the use of special federation trade routes(federations should also be allowed to establish trade routes if they possess starships) that are not available on the gbt.

RE:no federation bar

2018-12-12 23:38:58
bastecklein said:
username said:my game updated and when I checked it there was supposed to be a bar at the bottom of the statistics page that said federations, but there wasn't. I had not updated this game since version .73 or .74 . currently, my game says it is at version .77 after the update and I am playing on the ape apps web version.

It does not show up until you have government level 6
I just checked my colony and it has a lv 6 capital so I am not sure why I can't see the federation bar.


2018-12-11 22:56:03
Pixelers said:Federations don't have a leader
the dev said that federations elect a president to lead them, so I should probably change "leader" to "president"


2018-12-11 22:54:38
nunez499 said:What PvP?
the developer mentioned something about a special mode where players can compete with each other. I don't remember its name.

no federation bar

2018-12-11 22:00:49
my game updated and when I checked it there was supposed to be a bar at the bottom of the statistics page that said federations, but there wasn't. I had not updated this game since version .73 or .74 . currently, my game says it is at version .77 after the update and I am playing on the ape apps web version.


2018-12-11 21:48:34
I believe that federations should be able to sanction players if they choose to turn on pvp mode. the way this would work is the leader of the federation has the power to sanction any colony by clicking on their profile and pressing a sanction button. by sanctioning a player, you forbid your members from trading with them. if any of your members want to do business with them they will need to build a fraudulent bank in order to bypass sanctions. this new feature will help keep order in federations by keeping the rules enforced, and it also allows for fun roleplaying like perhaps a star wars empire federation that sanctions anybody who doesn't join the dark side.


2018-10-26 22:38:38
ape web apps, ver 74. whenever I leave my colony by clicking on a different tab, the music in my colony stops working. In order to get the music to work again, I have to turn it off then back on again in the engine settings.

allow players to build new buildings in other commonwealths

2018-10-06 00:31:49
so after the .73 update, each player can see what buildings they own, which reminded me of an idea I posted a while back. so my improved idea is that every player should have to option to build on other colonies. the buildings would be rented out to the host colony so they can expand. the only way to build in other colonies though is if they are a sub-colony, or if you have diplomatic relations with them. if you are building in another independent colony though, you will need to gain their permission before building. if you decide you don't want your factory anymore you can choose to sell it (or gift it) to the host colony for a price which must be agreed upon by the both of you. if the host colony stops renting your factory and you can't sell it to them, then power will be cut off from the factory and it will shut down.


2018-10-03 04:13:31
nunez499 said:Swallowed by NOZ lol.

Tgf merged with NOZ
QIGN merged with NUF
The Rebellion was disbanded.
Nuf still exists but isn't an actual fed.

Don't recall any other.
if that is the case, then the only other federation I should know about is the fff, as the leader of the federation, would you mind posting a comment about your federation, and what benefits it has. the last time I played I heard your federation was the largest and the oldest, has that changed?

new map, death star planet

2018-10-02 21:54:43
this planet is made out of steel and has no natural resources to speak of. the challenge is to be able to buy and sell on the gbt (or a gbt equivalent if you are a zolarg or reptilian colony) enough goods to create a profit and sustain your colony. players will come up with creative ways of using their start-up resources to gain their first coins and trade in the gbt.


2018-10-02 21:42:10
I believe there used to be 5 or six different federations last time I checked, with the biggest being the fff. does anyone know how what happened to the rest?


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