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Oil and gas (wells vs deposits)

In mc1 oil was collected from tar pits and placed in barrels for sale, in MC2 however it would make more sense for oil and gas to be extracted from wells that have to be drilled deep into the ground. These wells would then connect to pipelines that will take the oil/gas to a refinery, powerplant, shipping barge, or another settlements storage facilities.

Oil and gas wells take a day to drill and they can be placed anywhere, however if there is no oil/gas under the well it will not produce anything, so players will have to conduct geological surveys to find oil/gas deposits deep underground before placing a well. Also players will have to use lots of steel and electricity when drilling for oil/gas since a drilling apparatus needs to be built using steel, and the it is powered by electricity.
Hmmm. I like it. What would be oil used for? Rocket fuel? Finally a use for Starships? haha
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~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
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