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Radioactive Industries!

H3110 guys!

I’m finding more possibilities using nuclear technology for performing wierd and crazy means of production.
And yup, I’m pretty crazy now.

Before talking my main ideas:
Nuclear waste idea redeveloped from @Luker124’s post:
Starship fuel idea takes reference from @Totillity1’s idea from his post: ; and also the game developed by Bast - My Starship.

Okay here it begins!

Nuclear waste (nw) -These radioactive and harmful waste are produced from nuclear reactors and alien class productions using uranium (except enrichments). Toxic level is 500, so you have better keep an eye on its quantity.
Starship fuel (sf) - Ordinary fuels like oil are not strong enough to achieve faster than light travel. Something stronger has to be used. Its life can be lengthened with uranium.

Notes: green building names indicates the building produces nuclear waste.
Ether Refinery - Refining oil with some uranium and crystalline will give one of the most expensive resource (as ether market is dominated by the evil Alpha Draconians) in the galaxy - Ether.
Crystalline Plant - Here’s the way you can obtain crystalline without bothering your rovers - You can actually grow crystals in a lab emviornment, which radiation used for catalysing the growth. Consumes rum and crystalline with some uranium.
Nuclear Waste Radioactive Decay Chamber - A lead-sealed chamber, which gives the standard (and the slowest) way to dispose nuclear waste safely.
Nuclear Fuel Regeneration Facility - Bring uranium back by fusion reactions using helium-3 and nuclear wastes.
Starship Fuel Refinery - A large refinery, which are specialized for synthesizing starship fuels using ether, uranium and helium-3.
Radioactive Food Enrichment Facility - It sounds evil and mad, but the food produced are safe as strict de-radiation process is performed and ensure there’s no harmful radiation left. Produces more food using nuclear waste and sugar.
Nuclear Decay Reactor - Decay of nuclear wastes also releases some energy. Make use of it to kill two birds with one stone by disposing nuclear waste and generate electricity.
Radiotherapy Centre
2nd Generation Alien Uranium Enrichment Facility - Make use of quantum technology and complicated quantum computing, to obtain much more uranium, while also converts nuclear wastes. (to know what’s 2nd Generation Alien Tech, please have a look in this post: )
MegaFood Lab - Make use of radiation to mutate crops into gigantic plants, which increases food productivity by at least 50 times! (P.S. food safety may not be secured) Consumes water and uranium.
Mutation Lab (Alpha Draconians) - (warning: evilness included) A secret facility, it looks like a spa centre, but actually it is a lab for performing mutation experiements. Consumes uranium to generate research.

More ideas are coming!

Promotion here, @Totillity1 has some awesome ideas about blackhole technology and more. Read his post here:
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I like your idea about a better uranium enrichment facility and especially like the crystalline plant.

Maybe rename the starship fuel to starfuel to avoid confusion with starships.

A little side not for you, bast intends for triantanium, ether and antaura to only be made by a specific species and not all of them
Westy266 said:A little side not for you, bast intends for triantanium, ether and antaura to only be made by a specific species and not all of them

Whoops, almost forgot that, thanks Westy.
Maybe change the human starship fuel recipe to:
Uranium + Helium-3 + Oil.

On the other hand, Alpha Draconian’s recipe for the fuel will be the recipe mentioned in my post - Ether + Uranium + Helium-3.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I’m thinking about Neutronium (nt) that can be converted into epic amount of resources of all variety by strong nuclear reactions.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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