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New entertainment, and this might be the largest entertainment event for all🚀

H3110 guys!

This is an idea for the largest entertainment event in the Galaxy - The Starship Race! 🚀

What’s Starship Race?
Starship race is a racing sports event using modified starships, performing extreme races at sub-lightspeed! This expensive race, has been one of the greatest tourist attractions!

Building Ideas!
Starship Race Live-streaming Station - Let your colonists (and tourists) enjoy the exciting starship race, on live! Earns lots of income, consumes tons of rum and food.
Starship Racer Quarters - Having your own team for the Starship Race! Your epic team will participate in the races and bring awards and mountains of cash back! Consumes starship fuel, starships and robots.
Starship Racing Mid-Station - This facility act as mid-stations for starship race, besides race live-streaming, it also provides expensive refueling and expensive repairs for the racing starships! And spectators can see the real racing starships and feel the strength of their blasting engines! Consumes starships, starship fuel, rum, food and microchips.
Starship Racing Terminal Station - What’s the greatest honour for participating in a Starship Race? It’s being chosen as the last station, Terminal Station! Here you can see the most exciting part of the race - Who’s the champion! Consumes lots of rum and food, more microchips and starship fuel, as well slightly more starships, along with cloth, for paving the red mat road of champion!

Remarks: To know where you can get the starship fuel, please read another post and find Starship Fuel Refinery.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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