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Building Tools

Okay so pretty much this is some tools to help with building.

Bulldozing an area - Costs money based on the size of an area you want to bulldoze.

Favourites - There is another category in the build menu which you can add and remove buildings, this way you don't have to search for buildings you use a lot

Schematics - You can build something and use this to copy it. Costs civics based on the amount of resources the buildings cost (Your bots still have to build them and it still costs you resources) Maybe this could be an endgame research?

Teleport bots in buildings - There is a button next to the 'Return to center' button which teleports all bots that are inside buildings to the closest open space to the center (within 10 tiles). If there are no open spaces nothing will happen.

Airport - Requirements: faster than light travel, tourism - Some tourists will come from airports, a little immigration, and airports can transport rovers to any other airport for 1 starship per 100 rovers (across cities on region maps aswell, but for double price) - Uses: 50 wheels/min, 100 civics/min, 300 oil/min, 1 starship/min, 5 robots/min, 5,000 power, 400 workers - Produces: 30,000 money/min - Cost to build: 10 million oil, 5 million aluminum, 500 starships, 100 million money, 10 million civics, 25 million steel, 750 thousand robot, 25 thousand triantanium, 1 million charcoal, 1 million regolith, 500 thousand wheels - Built by construction drone

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