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Guide to My Starship (v0.14.0)

Hello Captains!

Here I am proudly presenting a fan guide for the starship game in My Colony Universe - My Starship.

Background of My Starship

My Starship takes place in the era that colonization of the 4 galactic powers - United Earth, League of Independent States, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians, gradually occupied most corners of the galaxy, which the galactic powers will have more interaction between. Trade, commerce, diplomatic missions, or war.
The new era of new possibilities are providing irreplaceable opportunities for those who dreamed to own a starship. Now, you're one of them - How would you write your legend as a starship captain?

What you can do in the v0.14.0 version of the game

This game has lots of planned features but not all of them have been implemented yet. You can check the overall development progress of the game here.

In v0.14.0....
  • You can accept contacts and missions (that could possibly change the galaxy) from planets to earn yourself primarily some handy cash... And reputation in a long run.
  • Trade resources to earn profit - which will also boost the industrial development of the planets!
  • If you wish to be a space pirate, here you goes - You can raid ships and plunder their cargos (if you can maintain the ship's integrity and they can surrender).
  • Are you a collector? Why not have a full collection of ships from all corners of the galaxy!

Out of fuel? Advices on fuel management!

In this game, you'll always need to keep an eye on your fuel meter. Transversing over the galaxy will need quite a lot of fuel.
And what would be the fuel? Uranium.
If your ship is out of fuel, you are immobilized. But if you're lucky, you'll find some uranium tanker ships (yet only United Earth has this type of vessels) coming to solve your desperate situation, offering you some cheap fuel deals when they bypass.
If you planned on a long range trip, you'll probably want to buy a bulk of fuel just in case. Or you can also refuel along your trip route if the planets can offer the fuels.

Resources in the game

Resources are still one of the core elements of the game. They are not only goods to make wealth, your starship will need some of them too.
Raw resources are indicated by [RAW] here. They can produce without industries.
  • Food [RAW]
    Who want some patties?

    Food, of course, are important - vital to anybody's survival. At this version, food is only a commercial good only needed by inhabited planets, but expect more in later updates - they will also be what your ship crews (and yourself) needed.
  • Water [RAW]

    Like food, they are vital basic supplies. And yes, water will also be one of the necessities on your starship in future versions.
  • Rum
    You jub?

    These strong alcoholic drinks are still popular in the galaxy. At this moment, a commercial good. In the future, starship crew happiness upkeep cost.
  • Uranium [RAW]
    Let's just top off my fuel tanks with some fresh uranium today.

    Every starship in the game uses nuclear engines for powering the ship up, Uranium will be used as a fuel. Always keep an eye on the fuel meter, you'll never want your ship adrift in the dark space alone.
  • Starship Parts
    Hey! Who have taken my hyperdrive away! That's reserved for a customer!

    Starship parts are necessary resources for upgrading your ship, as well constructing new ships in space docks of some planets.
  • Ore [RAW]
    One of the most common industrial raw material. What else I can say?
  • Gold [RAW]
    Gold. Not only they are valuable because they are shiny, but also a raw ingredient for creating modern electronic components.
  • Steel
    Basically processed ore.
  • Aluminium [RAW]
    A vital construction material for starting high tier industries.
  • Oil [RAW]
    Though they are less common fuel nowadays, they are still important for creating plastics.
  • Plastic
    In current version it is not yet used by any industries.
  • Microchips
    One of the vital construction material for constructing any industries, as well used in high end products like starship parts.
  • Spices [RAW]
    A recently added new resource with high price. Not sure what it is for.

Starships in the game

Every civilization will have different starships, from small cargo ships to military vessels. Here I'll introduce some concepts about them.

Let's begin with the statistics of a starship.
  • Hull Plating is the raw hitpoints of a starship. It will not regenerate, so if your ship is damaged you can only recover by having some repairs at space docks.
    If your hull integrity reached 0, game over.
  • Speed rating affects how fast your starship can travel, and also the fuel efficiency (since fuel consumption is counted by traveling time length instead of distance).
  • Fuel tank capacity is a special cargo space for fuel (uranium) only. Uranium in fuel tanks will not occupy rooms of the main cargo bay on the ship.
  • Cargo capacity shows the maximum cargo you can have on your ship, excluding fuel that are already inside the fuel tank.
  • Shields are primary, regenerative protection barriers of your ship. They can absorb a proportion of damage in combats as long as the shield does not go down.
  • Attack Rating refers to your attack strength in the combat.
  • Radar Range defines working radius for detecting nearby ships.
  • Communication Range defines how far you can recieve the rough information of the planet, primarily fuel availability on the planet.
  • Hanger Bay capacity defines how many minor vessels your ship can carry. Not yet used in v0.14.0.
  • Passenger Capacity defines how many guests you can carry in your ship - which affects the types of requests you can recieve.

Now, I'll introduce the special types of vessels.
  • Government Ships are ships that represents and defends a planet, or the civilization of it belongs if it comes from the capital city of a civilization. If you saved them from adrift, you'll earn some reputation especially on the home planet of the adrift vessel. If you raided them, you'll have a bad name.
  • Uranium Tankers are ships for primarily transporting uranium around the planets of its home faction. They will also respond to any adrift vessels they have spotted.

Last but not least, the special features of starships of each faction.
Ships of United Earth and League of Independent States usually have better hull plating than other factions, otherwise they have very average performance.
Most of Zolarg Empire's vessels may not have quality and requires more ship crews to run, however are more modifiable than others, and they can carry more cargo.
Alpha Draconian starships are small and lightly armored, but they are more nimble, equipped with more powerful weapons, and most importantly, all ships are equipped with regenerative shields. They are the least modifiable, though.

Industries on the Planets

The planets will build up industries according to primarily their available resource stocks and secondarily what they can produce at the moment.
Rum Distillery will always be built, however. No matter do they lack food and water or not.
If the planet produces ores, they will probably build a ore refinery to produce steel.
Some industries like Ore Fracking and Gold Synth. Labs can produces raw resources that the planet does not produce. Planets may choose to build them.
Sometimes they will try build other industries that they don't have the raw resources to run, but they are usually high tier industries.

The demand from the industry can affect the commodity prices on the planet.
Based on this, you can actually create extra business opportunities yourself. If you are able to invest some resources like ores, steel and microchips onto this planet, you can sell other resource on the invested planet for larger profit later when new industries have been constructed.

Time for some quests!

Doing contracts and tasks can be a good start. The initial cost only comes from the fuel, but you can earn big money if you can complete them on time and successfully.
Some quests can be unstable, though. There are possibilities of a additional follow-up quests, which it will be a good bonus additional. You'll also have chance to fail the quests as some accidents takes place. This can affect the fate of your journey - will it end it here with a death warrant, or there will be a twist?
The outcome of a quest will not be simply money payments. It will affect your relations with the stakeholders of the event, either positively or negatively.

Hopefully the guide can help you enjoying the game. Thank you.
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