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My Starship Scroll 3D conversion

I know I have a lot to do on my plate, but lately I have been considering a sequel as a a complete rewrite to My Starship, taking a lot of the feedback and lessons learned from the original, and making the game in 3D utilizing some of the models and other things that the great @GeneralWadaling has already provided in the past.

On one hand it would be easier just to update the existing game and try to make it 3D, but on the other hand, the current version of My Starship has a lot of issues, and a lot of design choices that I would not make again if I had to redo it all.

Anyway, it's just a consideration/thought at this point. If you could restart/remake My Starship from scratch, what would you add/change/do differently?
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(Already outdated. Newer ones are in the next comment, but please do read this comment first to know what it contains!

Here's some models for ships, hopefully these looks decent!
(And hopefully some ships have the correct ratio and scale lol)

Tell me if any further changes of models are needed!

Also introducing some new ships.
MC-177 Frontier Mining Vessel
A mining ship manufactured by Martian Industries for heavy duty mining operations.
BB76 Beaconburg Frigate
Frigate developed by LIS Beaconburg Arsenal for expanding space military strength, without "violating" the terms in the Treaty of Hoxton. De facto capital ship of LIS.
LSE M3A8 Orca Corvette
A patrol vessel designed by LIS Liberty Star Engineering. Backbone of LIS space fleet.
B-BJK Bijenkorfschip
Literal meaning "Hive Ship". The cruiser-carrier of Zolarg Empire.
C-CSX Clanschip
Multipurpose cruise ship capable of transporting an entire clan of insectoids.
G-IIM Meteoroide Graafschip
Meteoroid excavation ship most seen deployed by Spacebug Guild.
S-VXI Rumitesleepschip
Cargo ship of Zolarg Empire. It is actually a tug ship, but it can also transport cargo when act as a "train" locomotive.
Draconian Brig
Utility ship that carries drones and several drone control terminal, for various industrial, economic and maintenance purposes.
Draconian Corsair
Draconian frigate. These ships are often issued to privateer fleets owned by lesser nobles of Alpha Draconians.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
The following models has been updated.

Draconian Sloop
Draconian Cutter
Draconian Brig

You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Thank you so much @GeneralWadaling
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I have quite a few ideas for My Starship in 3D.

Online multiplayer?

Fleet mechanics and real-time combat:

With enough money/crew, you can pilot multiple starships around the galaxy (with one "head" ship containing your in-game manifestation) so you could do things like in-flight refueling or effective planet blockading. Most activities will be done in real time, including combat, but most of the fighting is loosely controlled or automatic so you don't have to worry about jumping between every one of your ships during a battle.

You may also encounter various NPC fleets throughout your travels, including all-purpose planetary fleets, United Earth Space Police, roaming pirates, freighter caravans, etc. which will engage with your own ships in various ways. You could also have various reputation meters with entities ranging from individual ships to entire civilizations, with higher reputation granting you bonuses such as trade discounts and combat assistance and lower reputation making you liable to attack. Reputation can be gained through missions or activities like destroying opposing entities' spaceships and lost by things like signing deals with an entity's enemies. In addition, some entities will have their own reputation meters towards one another for nuanced gameplay.

Star systems and geography:
FTL travel effect?
Hidden stars or planets that need specific coordinates or beacon-items to access (ancient alien tech?)
Magnetic anomalies or barriers preventing travel through a certain part of space
Capital ships?

Ability to set up various type-specific operations on unoccupied celestial bodies like asteroid mining operations, hidden shipyards on moons, spice harvesters on desert planets, etc.
Industrial operations can be blockaded, destroyed, or invaded by NPCs or other players
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