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the discovery of space! (Idea for update 1.0.0


Using the region filesystem, adding a new area (like the starship game map), the "outside", with moons, comets, asteroid, meteorites. Pretty much clicking on a new icon, player will have a new over region map, all black, need to be explored (like colony war), with many thing accessible only after the site is reached by a starship.

This new area should be accessible through new structures, maybe on 2 or 3 level, with trade limit.

Base level: classic rocket launcher, base trade limit

Medium level: something like the starport, with a decent trade limit

high level: an insane structure, with insane starship storage, and insane trade limit (like 10B), like DS9.

The starship are need it for travel to the new zone, moving colonists (the only way to import worker) and for travel back to home the resources, because all new map don't have classic storage (they can't use the shared material in region map, the player need to ship colonist and material for build structure), each map should have a personal storage.

For the resourses, should be like a classic rover harvesting a rock. In this case the rover are the starship, and until are returning home, the player don't have the resources.

New map idea:
we can recycling most of the map, asteroid, ice planet (for comet), ecc

Bonus resources:
this is an other focal point, depending on the map, different zone should have different bonus material, like a zone with +500% uranium production, and other with 200% triantanium, or +1000% diamonds (yes, is a real thing).

For other structure idea, better talk to @GeneralWadaling, several space idea are very nice.

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