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THE GRAND SPACE SERIES - Vol.4 Space Explorations

H3110 guys!

Space is borderless. There can be infinite possibilities in the space - From aliens to supernatural discoveries. So here I will introduce the idea of mine.
BTW, apart from reading mine, you can read the post also regarding the same stuff by @Ansom - , we both share the same concept.

New Technologies!
  • Advanced Astronomy
    Learn about the outside world around your little planet, as well how to explore it.
    A technology that requires Low Gravity Oil Production, Nuclear Physics and Basic Education.
  • Outer Galaxy Astronomy
    Learn how to build long range starships that will bring you beyond the borders of the galaxy.
    This tech requires Faster Than Light Travel and Superfuels.
  • Superfuels
    Learn how to produce fuels that is sustainable and super strong that allows starships hyperjump to the borders of galaxy in just a few seconds!

Advanced Astronomy is necessary for accessing to the space exploration, which unlocks the Agency of Extraterrestrial Exploration (AEE) (human), Space Command (insectnoids), or Expandition Department (Alpha Dracos). They are highest command centres for all kinds of space missions, and only this kind of buildings can launch a space mission - and unlock the space mission interface.

This is the comnon sense - In outer space the surroundings can be dangerous. You might need very skillful and smart mission crews in order to accompaish the missions safely - so here I’ll introduce two buildings - Astronaut Barracks and Astronaut Academy.
The Astronaut Academy will train your colonists to qualify the requirements to be an astronaut.
Qualified colonists can be hired in this special building - Astronaut Barracks. When they are hired here, their status will show Astronaut (idle), which means they are available for space mission.
One Astronaut Barracks hires at most 20 astronauts.

Because I planned it is available at the early mid stage, there is a need for a spacecraft construction facility other than the late-to-endgame stuff starships - Space Dock.
This is simply a shipyard that does not produce high tech starships, but it can build various early-to-mid-stage cheapy spacecrafts such as Shuttles and Space Probes.
Of course, I have some samples for the spacecrafts.
  • Small Classic Shuttle
    A small shuttle capable of performing small scale space missions near the planet.
    Durability : 10
    Crew : 5
    Storage Cap. : 100k
    Fuel : Oil, 500 per 100 km
    Fuel Tank Cap. : 2500
    Mining Power : 1
    Velocity : 3 mins/grid
  • Short range scout probe
    A small space probe specialized for scouting the surrounding regions.
    Durability : 6
    Crew : 0
    Fuel : Oil, 50 per 100 km
    Fuel Tank Cap. : 200
    Velocity : 0.5 min/grid
    Exploration time is shortened by 50%.
So what does the stats mean?
Durability means how long it can be used, counted by missions (i.e, single two way trips). Once the usage life has ended, those spacecrafts will require repairs that costs around 30~50% of their building price.
Crews means number of astronauts required to operate the spacecraft.
Storage Cap means how many booties, at most, can the spacecraft bring back.
Fuel shows the fuel type and consumption rate of it over distance.
Fuel tank cap determines how far the spacecraft can travel at most.
Velocity shows how fast the spacecraft can travel over a grid.
Mining power determines the type of resources that the spacecraft can extract.
Creating spacecrafts costs a-lot, so you are suggested to have high production rate of resources, especially microchips, steel and oil in order to launch more space missions.

Once you have idle team, idle spacecrafts, here you can start the missions!
Missions takes time. During missions using manned spacecrafts, you have to pre-supply the food and water just enough for the entire mission. Astronauts' status also shows Astronaut (on mission), at this status, they will not appear in the colony and consumes nothing. Their happiness and energy remains unchanged until they come back.
After a successful mission or combat retreat, they requires some rest and are not available for missions until they are 100%-prepared (100% energy, >80% health, >40% happiness).
Also, here are types of missions you can perform:
  • Exploration
    Always the first mission you perform. This reveals new regions in starmap.
  • Harvesting
    Some spacemap grids have asteroid belts, space scrap, planets, e.t.c, that allows you to harvest resources from them. May yield different resources.
  • Outpost construction
    If you wish to establish external supply lines for your colony, building outposts on resourceful locations can be a choice. Once a outpost is established the outpost will begin supply your colony with resources, with very minor resource consumption (depends on how far away the outpost is) than sending spacecrafts for one-time harvest, however the astronaut team that establishes the outpost will be gone forever and station at the outpost permanently.
    Outpost don't require any management, but you can upgrade them through the mission just below this.
  • Outpost Expansion
    This mission upgrades your outpost to output more resources, but will not have your team gone.
  • Combat
    Sometimes you may encounter pirate camps or spacebeast hives on the starmap and your spacecraft may get robbed or even taken down by these hostile things if your route is close to them, giving disturbance on exploration; and outpost supply and trade routes is also debuffed when these routes are too close too. In this case you may send astronauts or combat probes or even a fleet to clean them up. May cause death, death reports will be reported when the team/fleet returned.
  • Diplomatic
    Sometimes there are city state planets or space stations in the starmap. You can make friends with them, or bring them under your rule, or destroy it for tons of booties. Improve relations with them can help, because they can offer cheaper trades and they may even supply resources to your colony when they are asked to, everything depends on your prestige and reputation. Diplomatic missions helps you to increase your regional reputation.

Though they aren't part of the missions but missions helps build them up. Supply lines are established by outposts and runs all the time. Trade routes are established by city state planets and space stations (if they accepts your trade, they can cancel your trade route if you are hostile towards them). Spacecrafts also travels faster on these routes by 50%.
If you have a GBT built you'll have a International Trade Route on the starmap. Outposts near it will be benefited and they will generate more money to your colony.
All routes except the international trade lines has to be maintained transport vessels such as unmanned cargo conveys (very cheap and basic one) and galactic freight carriers.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
This is done now, if you have ant ideas and feedback, comment it below please.
Well, this is really a big stuff...
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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