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Prepare for the idle adventure of a lifetime, because Idle Token Quest is now complete and available for download for free on Android, iOS, and Windows 10!

Idle Token Quest is an idle role playing adventure game where you will fight your way through different worlds, going up against powerful enemies, collecting valuable loot, and purchasing awesome weapons and power-ups! You can use the two default characters, or create your own using the free My Tokens app. Tokens you create using your Ape Apps Account are linked to the game, and will adventure while you are away. The more Tokens you create, the more money you make!

Idle Token Quest is the ultimate companion game for My Tokens. Your virtual token avatars will become powerful heroes as they battle through the entire lineup of worlds and enemies from the game Level Up. You are also able to increase their power by equipping them with powerful Weapons, super fast Boots, and magical lucky Amulets!

In addition, all of your game progress is automatically synced to your Ape Apps Account, so you can take your token adventure with you on the go, or keep it open in a window hidden under your e-mail client while you are at work! The boss will never know that you just slayed an evil t-rex, which is way more important than filing another TPS report!

Idle Token Quest is a title that you definately do not want to miss. You can download it right now for free on Android, iOS, and Windows 10. It is also available on the Ape Apps Launcher, and even in your browser at Ape Web Apps. So what are you waiting for? Your poor My Tokens characters are just sitting there waiting for you to let them go outside and play! You don't want to make them cry, do you? Of course not, so download Idle Token Quest today!

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2y ago
Ok, so I know I just updated My Tokens a few days ago, but since I was already in "My Tokens Mode," I decided to keep at it and introduce an entire new class of Token character, the Minecraft-inspired Blockhead Token!

Available now in My Tokens v2.2.0 (which should be hitting all platforms soon), the new Blockhead Token is the second 3D modeled token class, and the first 3D modeled token to be textured. The texturing in the Blockhead Tokens is superior to that of the original two 2D token classes, as the textures are all stored as small .svg files that are downloaded from the server to the client's device and then compiled at runtime at any resolution, meaning the textures can be extremely sharp when compared to the existing My Token classes.

There are individual .svg files for each component, which the client device will layer on top of each other before creating the final scaled texture, when is then mapped onto the Token model. The token texture uses the following layout:

I am thinking of also making a way to export the final compiled layout of a Blockhead Token, or even letting people upload their own custom skins into My Tokens, although it wouldn't work with the existing Token classes. And since the Blockhead Tokens are ratio-equivalent to a Minecraft character, I was thinking I could even add an option to compile your created Token as a Minecraft skin that you could export and use in Minecraft. Of course, Minecraft skin textures are a lot lower resolution than a My Token character, so things might not look very good when scaled down like that, so we will see.

The two new 3D style of Tokens are significantly easier to maintain and create new parts for than the two original 2D versions. Of course, the Mini Voxel token is by far the easiest to create new content for, as it's just a few blocks in Voxel Paint at extremely low resolution, but the new Blockhead model is pretty easy as well. Just to show the complexity of the different types, let's look at the spacesuit overshirt model for the different Token types. Here it is for the mini-Voxel token:

Pretty basic. Here is the same Token part for the new Blockhead token:

A little more complicated, but still not bad. Now here is the sheet for the two original Token types (they are both combined into the same file):

You probably can't even see anything without downloading the file and zooming way in, but I have to draw different animation frames for each direction a Token can be facing. It takes forever.

Sadly when adding new Token parts, I still have to maintain the two original Token types. Going forward though, new games are going to be using the new 3D token models instead of the old 2D models. The first game to use a 3D token will be Token Kart, which I have been working on off-and-on over the months and will be using the Mini Voxel Tokens. I might also allow Voxel tokens to appear as colonists in some My Colony 2 maps, such as the Water World, which theoretically has an atmosphere they can breathe. As for the new Blockhead tokens, I want to create the next generation of the Death 3D engine with better performance and more capabilities, and the ability to use Blockhead tokens as characters. I am going to use the engine to create a 3D adaptation of the Deimos trilogy. I am also going to make a Gone Rogue 2, which will either use the Voxel or Blockhead tokens as characters, I haven't decided which yet.

Anyway, the new My Tokens update should be available soon on all platforms (available now on the Web or the Launcher), so check it out and let me know what you think!

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8mo ago
Beginning in mid January with the next update to My Colony and rolling out to several other apps in the coming months, My Tokens are an upcoming part of the Ape Apps accounts system that will add a bit of (optional) variety to several different games.

So, what are Tokens? Basically they are little avatars you can customize and make and save to your account. You can store however many you want to your account, but you can only set one as your primary Token. If you don't care about Tokens, you can have none.

Tokens can be used as your avatar/profile picture on the Ape Apps site and within the different apps, but their real feature comes with how they tie into different games. Take My Colony for instance. Right now when you have tourists come to your colony, they all look like the same dopey guy walking around with a camera in his face. Sort of boring.
With the addition of Tokens though, there will now be thousands of unique user-created tourists showing up to your colony from all across the galaxy. Note that this feature will be optional, and you can turn it on or off at any time. In a similar way, the visitors to your farm in My Land will also be replaced with user-generated Tokens.

One of the coolest implementations though will be in the upcoming game Death 3d. As I alluded to in this blog post, people will be able to play online multiplayer deathmatch games using their own custom Tokens as their characters. This game is essentially the reason I created the entire Token system, so that I would not have to manually create a bunch of deathmatch characters. You will also be able to play against global Token characters during offline single-player skirmish deathmatch games. There will be so many possibilities that you may never have to kill the same AI bot twice!

The Forum chat will also be getting some Token love. In addition to the regular text based chat, there will also be a new option to switch into "token chat" mode, which lets you chat like normal, but also walk your little token guy around a virtual room. It might evolve into a basic RPG type game at some point. Might be totally pointless on the main Ape Apps chat channel, but could have some cool uses on the RP Forums channel.

My classic game Level Up will also get it's own token upgrade in the form of an all new multiplayer arena mode, where you can go head to head and fight other players online, earning coins and experience to upgrade your online-only character. Also, I was playing the classic NES game Punch Out over the Christmas weekend and was thinking of making an over-the-top boxing arcade type game using Tokens as the characters. It would have both offline and online multiplayer and I could probably make it in just a couple of weeks or less, since Tokens would take care of most of the visuals. We will see.

Anyway, these are just some of the initial features coming with Tokens next month. If people like them I might add more stuff. I was thinking of adding a way to somehow send 'gifts' of some sort to other players through the token system. Like if somebody's Token visits your farm in My Land, you can click on them and give them a pumpkin or something which in turn can be used in My Colony or Level Up somehow. But I haven't totally thought it out yet. Like I said before though, everything Token related will be completely optional, since I know there are many people who don't like this sort of nonsense. But for the people who do, it will be just one small thing to sort of tie the different Ape Apps games together in a fun little way!
4y ago
Looks like you got lots of projects already lol But it seams a shame that this game idles in relative obscurity alest compared to my colony .
So here is a way to boost the game up to my colonys download rate .
Unlike my colony its not practical to keep adding resources or make it so you can have millions in citys so this limits using updates as a way to keep the game fresh .
So instead of more resources have in city quest alot of games use that method as well as updating to keep players .
really should not be hard to add in as quest would not need game engine writes a.
basic say having a quest for Rome to get something from Egypt ovesly this would mean having two regions - citys one Rome one Egypt then having one gift gifting the other what ever item the quest calls for .
Now this is just a example of a possible quest .
As a side note it could add in a new type of research points that give special teck out side of in city .
Say a water screw ( look it up ) very commin thing Egyptians used to lift water and only need wood to build it .
See each civilization would have its own special teck using commin resources like wood or wool and such that each knows how to make and the quest could consist of gaining this teck for what every one was questing .
Once teck and out side city research is gained then the questing city would gte that new building or maybe farm plant or trees native to the other region or what ever .

Quest would be simply thing to add and could be expanded on easily without massive new programming .
heck even add in short vidoes that pop up when excepting a quest giving a idea of how to complete it .
ps you never did add in horses lolol .
2y ago
I am putting together a little game to go along with the My Tokens app, that let's you gain gold and loot by running your little Token characters through a basic RPG type game. Beta link:

The basic concept is that your Tokens will run Idle through an RPG world fighting monsters at a cetrain speed, gaining you money. You can upgrade their weapon, boots, and amultet, all of which help you in different ways. Weapon makes them kill enemies faster, boots make them run through the levels faster, and amulet increases random money drops.

Anyway, It's just a quick little concept game I started putting together yesterday. I plan on building it out over the next couple of weeks and then releasing it to all platforms. So if you have some Token characters created on your account, go ahead and give it a try!
2y ago
OK, but I have a couple questions. how do I get my token onto idle token quest? and how do I save in idle token quest?
My Colony 2 v0.20.0 is out now on Web, Windows, and the Ape Apps Launcher, and should be hitting Android and iOS sometime later this week. I don't have any new structures in this release, and instead focused on cleaning up some of the issues from v0.19.0, and started laying the groundwork for future greatness! So what's new? Let's take a look!

To start off, many of the video settings in the Engine Settings menu no longer require an app restart in order to take effect. Realtime Shadows, Antialiasing, and DOF effect can now all be toggled on/off while in-game. I am working on making it so that all engine settings can be toggled on and off while the game is running, so stay tuned for that.

I started adding initial gamepad support to the game. Right now the gamepad only controls the camera and the Player Mode controls, but eventually I intend to have the game 100% playable with the controller. This will allow be to publish the game to Android/Fire TV devices, as well as the new Steam Deck device for when I finally port the game over to Steam.

The top-right toolbar has been expanded, and I might have to start adding UI toggle switches to let players turn more items on/off as they see fit.

The new buttons (starting at the left) are the Player Mode toggle, and the VR Mode toggle, both of which I will expand on in a bit. The VR Mode button will only appear on the Windows 10 or the Web version of the game, and will only be there if you have supporting hardware (like Google Cardboard viewer on an Android phone, or Windows Mixed Reality headset, or if you are playing the game on an Oculus stand-alone device).

You will also notice on the bottom-right mini toolbar next to the Clear Chat button is a new microphone button:

My Colony 2 now comes with built-in voice chat support. This is not a global voice chat, just a group chat for the people online in the current world. This was added as a way to communicate in the new VR Mode, but also works in all modes of play for players who just want to talk to each-other instead of type. The icon will turn green if your microphone is active, and red if your microphone is muted. Click on the microphone icon to mute/unmute. You will also see an indication that tells you which player is talking while they are speaking.

In v0.19.0, I added a rudimentary "Player Mode" that allowed you to click on a colonist and walk around the city from their point of view. This feature has been expanded in this release, and will continue to be expanded as time goes on. In v0.20.0, you no longer have to try clicking on a tiny colonist, there is a new Player Mode icon on the top toolbar. The first time you click on the Player Mode toggle, you will be asked to place your token. Now instead of assuming the body of an existing colonist, you actually join the world as yourself. You can pick any starting location you want, but after your token is places, you will have to physically walk to wherever you want to go.

Right now your token just looks like a standard colonists, except whose space suit is matched to your player color in-server. I plan to allow players to also customize their guy buy picking one of their Tokens from the My Tokens app.

Your Player Mode player location and movements are now synced to the server, and all players can see each other's guys walking around the world. In the coming updates, each player will have a personal inventory attached to their Player Mode character, as well as stats, equipment, etc, and Player Mode characters will be able to interact with each other, and maybe even do joint quests, depending on how far I take this. I also think it will be cool to let Player Mode characters enter vehicles, whether land, sea or air vehicles, and travel around the world in that manner.

Eventually there can be a whole Player Mode game within a game associated to MC2, but I also want the modding tools to have the ability to create a game that is 100% based on the Player Mode, so there is going to be a lot more coming to this feature in the coming updates. As always, suggestions are welcome!

Somewhat related to Player Mode, a new Virtual Reality Mode has been added to the game! This one is an even earlier and more experimental state than Player Mode, but players with supporting hardware can test it out today and leave feedback.

Eventually, the entire My Colony 2 game, both regular build mode and Player Mode, will be 100% playable from both the Gamepad and the VR interface. Right now it's basically a tech demo, although Player Mode in VR is pretty much equivalent to the non-VR player mode at this time.

To test out VR Mode today, you will need some hardware. The cheapest way to get into it is to get a Google Cardboard viewer, or one of the many Android VR headsets that are cheaply available on Amazon (you would need the Google Cardboard app installed as well). You will also have to use the PWA version of My Colony 2 ( as it does not work on the installed .apk. Playing on Android will also require you to have a bluetooth gamepad paired to your phone.

You can also try it from a stand alone VR Headset like the Oculus (meta) Quest 2. Just fire up the headset browser and navigate to the My Colony 2 web app. You will not need an extra controller on the Oculus, as the devices controllers work just fine.

There is nothing you can do in the standard build mode while in VR except scroll around, so you are best off switching your game into Player Mode before activating VR (as you can't do it while in VR yet). Once in VR Player Mode though, you can walk around the entire world as your Player Mode character. Even though you can't do anything yet, it's a pretty cool experience. With multiple players in a game with VR Player Mode and microphones activated, it can be a cool VR social experience. Especially in the future, if you can group up and go on a quest.

Keep in mind that more computing horsepower is required for VR Mode. On the Quest 2, I had to turn all engine settings down before starting up the game, as the Water World map in VR completely lagged my headset out, which was kind of disorienting. So if you are going to try VR Mode, please turn down graphics settings before entering the game!

If you have a VR Headset or Cardboard type viewer, give it a try and let me know! I think there is a lot of future potential for VR Mode in MC2.

Moving on, there are a few quality of life improvements in this update. Now when you click on the scrolling resources counter, it will switch to a static, non-scrolling list like in MC1.

I have also implemented one of the most long-standing feature requests to the game (besides pavement bulldozing), building progress bars!

Progress Bars were actually a lot harder than they seem like they should be, since MC2 is rendered in 3D unlike MC1, each resource bar has to be an object in the 3D world. To save performance, there is only 1 resource bar object that gets reused as you mouse around the world, and a new texture is redrawn with every tick update.

There are some modding improvements too. Mod Shop downloads are now checked for updates automatically on game launch and are automatically kept updated in the background. Also, support for Total Conversion mods has been unbroken, and these types of mods should be working again, both through manual import and from the Mod Shop.

So these are the major changes in this update. There is also a laundry list of bug fixes that I will not bore you with.

The next update will have to focus on content again since I did a non-content update this time. Moving ahead, I am going to expand Gamepad support to cover the full game, and get full building mode working in the VR mode. I also want to add new play experiences to the Player Mode, so if you have suggestions, feel free to let me know. Other than that, thank you for playing the game, let me know what you want to see next, and stay tuned for more!

2mo ago
H3110 guy$!

So as what @bastecklein said in the roadmap:
bastecklein said:v1.0.0 - Online Events Update

The v1.0.0 release is going to focus on a new feature I mentioned in another thread regarding online events. This is sort of like an online leaderboard feature where players can "compete" with one another by completing tasks for the evil Galactic Emperor and gaining experience points and rank. There are going to be two separate leaderboards, one for individual players, and one for federations. The tasks are broken into daily challenges and your score builds up throughout the month. At the end of the month, the player and federation with the top score wins, gets a payout according to what place they won, and the leaderboards reset for the next month. Winnings are going to be experience points gained for all players who complete events, and Imperial Credits, an online-only resource that gets paid out to the top three winners each month. There will be special buildings that you can add to your colony using Imperial Credits, to honor your victories. There will be no trading of Imperial Credits and you will not be able to buy them with an IAP. They are only to mark participation and victory in the Galactic Emperor challenges.

So based on that, I’m now tryin’ to give ideas about the quests from the Galactic Emperor (or even more NPCs?)

Scenarios from Galactic Emperor (and his evil empire)
  • The Imperial Birrthsday
    The Galactic Empire is celebrating its birthsday and the Emperor is inviting all colonies to celebrating it together - if you are willing to help out.
    • Running Rum
      Since there will be enormous demand for alcohol drinks, the Empire is now requesting rums from all corners around the galaxy for the crazy rum fountains.
      Exports a specific amount of rums to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Feast Supply
      The Imperial Kitchen urgently needs some fresh food and rum supplies, nobody would enjoy an imperfect feast!
      Exports a specific amount of food and rum to the Galactic Emperor.
    • State of the ‘Art’
      How you can call this a ‘Festival’ when it goes without some special decorations and arts?
      Export a specific total amount of potteries, cloth, gold, diamond and paintings to the Galactic Emperor. Paintings yields the most score per unit.
    • Sweet Treats
      Imperial Ministry of Desserts is urgently asking for some sugar and food supplies because the Emperor needs some sweet treats!
      Export a specific amount of sugar and food to the Galactic Emperor
    • Event Venue Construction
      Thr Imperial Ministry of Festivals is asking your colony to build a special venue here as some fun events are going to take place here.
      You can build either a small, medium, large, epic or colossal festival plaza on your map. Larger one yields more scores. Will be removed once the scenario is over. This quest will only be issued once.
    • Local Arrangements
      To celebrate such grand festival, it’s time to have some special arrangements in your colony as the Imperial Ministry of Festivals have asked.
      Produce 100K civics cumulatively after this quest is issued to you. Yields lots of score.
    • Toys for the Naughty Boys
      The Galactic Emperor is having headaches because all his kids are asking for new toys as their festival gifts! The Imperial Ministry of Toys is now asking colonies for toys as the Emperor has ordered.
      Export a specific amount of toys to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Tourism Pressure Test
      The Galactic Ministry of Tourism is going to test the ability of your colony to serve the guests, so as to ensure the entire event does not goes wrong!
      Serve 25000 tourists cumulatively after the quest is issued to you. Has hidden Tokens Hide n’ Seek quest to further increase your score during the quest.
    • Festival Taxation
      The Emperor needs some extra fund for preparing this festival, and The Galactic Ministry of Taxation is now asking your colony to pay extra taxes to the Galactic Empire.
      Export a specific amount of money to the Galactic Emperor.
    • The Rite of the Birthsday
      The Galactic Emperor is asking for some Alien Artifects and Alien Relics for an important rite on the Imerial Birthsday.
      Export a specific total amount of alien artifects and alien relics to the Galactic Emperor.
      I’m Here to Serve You, Your Majesty.
      The Imperial Ministry of Servants is now recruiting new robotic servants to help around with the preparation, as well repair supplies for them.
      Export a specific amount of robots, microchips and aluminium to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Voluntary Transport Vessels
      The Empire’s own logistic system has overloaded due to the busy preparation and the Ministry of Logistics is now asking for some shipping vessals from some colonies as to reduce workload of the 5th Imperial Logistic Fleet.
      Export a specific numbers of starships to the Galactic Emperor.

The My Tokens web app has progressed to the point where it is now good for testing. If you want to try it out, you can see it here:

Make sure to sign in to your Ape Apps account.

I mentioned this in a Death 3d Blog Post, but here is the run-down on My Tokens. The App allows you to make little avatar characters called 'Tokens.' The avatars can be used with your Ape Apps account (look at my profile picture), and they can also appear in games. The will be coming to Death 3d first, but I also have plans to add them to Level Up, My Colony/Antiquitas, and My Land. There will also be a couple of new games coming out like Token Punchout (online boxing game with Token characters) and Token Quest (like an online RPG with token characters).

I plan on adding a 'Roaming' option, where you can opt-in to letting your Tokens appear in other random people's games. Those other people can then give stuff to your Tokens to take back to your own games, so it's sort of like a sharing thing. There will be more on that later.

I still have more clothing/face options to add to My Tokens, but I expect the official cross-platform release to happen in April sometime.
4y ago
H3110 guys!

Part of the contents may be outdated. New stuff is up to you to explore by yourself!

I found @bastecklein and his epic team have made an app named My Tokens. You can make your own spcial Avater which are collectively called Tokens using this app!
Here I’ll teach you how to create one for your ApeApps account.

To ensure your Tokens are saved into your account, Web version is suggested to use. Link here:

Before starting the tutorial, I shall explain something:

Why I should have a Token?
You might not regret it when you have made tokens for yourself:

• Your chat avater will use your Primary Token and can look like this:

• Your Roaming Tokens may appear in other games:

The Main Tutorial!
Once you have stated the app, log into your ApeApps Account.

Then you’ll see a list of samples/templates of Tokens, as follows. Click on NEW TOKEN.

The interface will ask you to name your token. The default name will be the name of your account. You can prefer rename it later.
The edit interface will look similar to this

Introduce the controls here:

Tokens that are neither primary and roaming has less chance to show up, but still you can see them in somewhere, such as in My Colony as tourists.
Token saved will show in your ApeApps Accounts.
(I’ve made lots)

Although my tutorial is a bit messy, but hope you’ll enjoy creating your own Tokens!
This is awesome, do you have any plans on rolling this out on the Quest? I have a Quest 2 of my own and i would absolutely love to play this on it. It would be awesome if maybe in the future you would have the ability to create your colony from 3D view!
I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but there is an amazing city builder game called Cities Skylines, and recently they announced that they would be bringing their game to the Quest 2.
That’s some gameplay that’s featured and is to be expected at launch. Which is just an example of what I kind of envision in my head. Of course I’m not exactly experience in what it takes to make My Colony be compatible with Quest 2, so no pressure or anything to actually attempt something like this. But just sort of throwing the idea of this out there!
Here are some of the issues that I've noticed with reptilians while playing them. This is my first time playing them seriously and I've had to start over three times in the past two hours because I encounter major issues with the game. Let me know if I'm just not playing the game right. I use an Iphone xr and I always update to the latest version.

Is it just me, or is immigration supposed to stop on the reptilian's immigration/trading gate once housing is full? The gate will produce colonists as long as you leave it on, housing or not, and it starts when you gain access to water. On my last colony, I had just started out and I was being pummeled with 400+ colonists.

Also, I see no education in sight while playing reptilians. They get so mad and sensitive about education, but there's none there, so any colony that starts with this race is doomed to be forever unhappy.

I also noticed that there are no techs for this race, so I'll chalk it up to the fact that reptilians are still undergoing construction.

Finally, for the most important issue.this is an issue that affects all races, but when we press import or export and the list of resources to export/import is shown, can you make it so that the screen sticks on the last resource you sold or bought so you don't have to scroll down the entire list each time you buy or sell a measely 100 resources? why must it be so tedious? My colony isn't about being tedious, it's about micromanagement. Granted, sometimes it is tedious, and a little bit of tediousness never hurt anyone, but when it get's to the point where you're pressing the same area on the screen over and over again in rapid succession for multiple minutes, that's too much. Pressing two buttons over and over again until your fingers hurt isn't micromanagement, it's idle tapping, something that bast has always said he didn't want to have in the game. If you want to make it so that there are limits and micromanagement involved in exporting/importing on certain buildings, then do it by some other method, not by turning my colony into an idle tapper because you need 10k ore and you can only buy 100 at a time.

Here is a viable solution to the problem above with the exporting/importing:

What if you had the ability to assign each import/export building to an import resource and an export resource. Building multiple of these buildings would allow you to import/export multiple resources at once, but each building would only import/export 100 units(or higher for more advanced buildings) every worker round. After a certain amount of time, the contract will expire and you must renew it in order to start receiving resources again. However, you must pay the transaction costs up front, and if you for some reason need to stop the exports/imports from happening, doing so will cancel the contract, and you'll have to start another contract and repay the transaction fee again. This will allow you to create and micromanage several trade buildings at once, which would still be a challenge because you'd have to keep coming back and checking to see if a contract expired on each building, and you could have the more simpler buildings have shorter contracts, while more advanced buildings get longer contracts, and you could keep count via the worker rounds.

Now for the reptilians basic immigration/trade gate. I feel like it's hard enough to build one of these at the start of the game as is and so it should be able to be assigned to two exports and two imports at once. However, this is a special case only because reptilians need that import/export feature to survive. The humans stargate could also have more assignments as well being that it's pretty expensive. Bast can shape this idea to his liking, but the most important thing to keep in mind in my opinion is that repetition is not the same as micromanagement. Micromanagement requires thought and strategy, repetition only requires hand motion, and is no different than idle tapping.

Let me end by saying that I know that some people aren't going to like this ideas because it means that they can't just spam import/export millions of resource in the end of the game. However, to them I say this: If you can just spam export/import millions of resources in end-game via the stargate or some other means, is that really a challenge? No, it's still the same idle tapping that you have in early-game, except now it's overpowered when it used to be too weak. This feature lacks balance and therefore must be fixed to restore balance to the game. After all, my colony is all about micromanagement, so why not switch this idle tapping method out with a method that actually requires thought and strategy. That way, from early to end game, strategy and at least some measure of micromanagement will be required in exporting/importing.
3y ago

The standard way of finding idle bots and workers is left clicking on the bot icon, between the bulldozer and changing the transparency of buildings, which cycles through all idle units randomly.

This idea would be to introduce a right click option on the icon so you can see the total number of idle bots of each type. The list which this brings up would allow you to left click a unit on the list and would select all of the idle units of that type.

Let me know what you think
2y ago
To tie in to this months pending release of the My Tokens app, starting with My Colony v0.61.0, if you are logged in using your Ape Apps account and you have made some Token characters tied to your account, they will randomly appear in your colony through the various tourist gateways.

This is just a small fun customization and should also give a bit of variety to Tourism, adding more characters to the game without me actually having to manually create them all.

As of now, only your own personal Tokens will appear in your game, and they will show up randomly. The odds of a Token coming to your colony are relative to the number of Tokens created on your account, so that the more Tokens an account has, the more they will show up.

In the future, I plan on expanding this by allowing Tokens that other users have made and set to 'Roaming' show up in your colony. Eventually, you will be able to select a visiting Token, see who the creator is, and leave them a small message or an in-game gift which they will be able to take back to their owners' colony.

Token integration will be coming to the next Antiquitas update as well. I might make an engine setting where you can block them from visiting if you want to, although they are pretty much harmless. I suppose in Antiquitas though, they might look out of place among the Romans and Gauls, but hey, it's a game. Tokens are also going to be a fairly large part of the upcoming Death 3d. Already in Death 3d, if you play an offline bot-skirmish, the AI enemies will take the form of any Tokens you have on your account, adding a ton of variety to the deathmatches. I plan to add Tokens to both My Land and Level Up soon as well.

The My Tokens app should be released to all platforms by the end of the month, although it is currently live in an unfinished beta form at the following URL, for those who wish to create some new tourists for their colonies. Enjoy!
4y ago
First, i really don't care what you can believe or not, isn't really a my problem.

You should read all bast post (at least the topic opened by him), because you miss several info, and you won't listen other player...

You use a bad setup for the city, from what i can see you don't have the correct % for the utility... You don't even try to distribute houses evenly, based on the number of workers required.

Every 20-30s the game will check the map and change, so.. if you don't have the correct %, some houses will use the utility first, and other won't have any utility slots free.. This is not a bug. Is a bad map setup.

Even before the 1.0.0, keeping idle the game for long time, in city with pop, was a very bad idea. But in general idle the game without a correct setup, it's always been a bad idea, because the game in self isn't structured to be a idle game.

And in particular the update after the 1.0.0, make region game style very OP, and normal map problematic, but i have already communique the problem from the Beta, long time ago. And now.. the situation is very different, less problematic from the beta.

So.. in region map is very to handle the pop problem, just idle in a map without pop, isn't very hard to understood.

You can play the game like you wish, i won't give any "order", you can do whatever you want, its a your choice.
But.. if you use an not optimal setup, don't blame the game.
2y ago
This topic isn't meant to be a complaint, it's just my ideas of what could be done to improve on the existing planets' designs. I realize that bast isn't working very much on new content and I support that, since what he is doing now is better for the game than making new content. I just figured that I would cover all of the planets for my planet-hub topic. That way people can get my opinion of all the planets.

earthlike Planet specific ideas:

earthlike planet summary: I think that this planet is fine as it is. It's supposed to be a training planet that gives the user the perfect conditions to build a colony, so I think it should be left alone. There are some ideas that I have regarding all planets that also apply to this planet, but I don't have any ideas regarding this specific planet. I do believe that every race should have this planet type so the player can learn to play this race under the best conditions, with the exception of zolarg because they already have a world with the best conditions to grow, their just a harder species to manage overall. reptilians and LIS get the abandoned world, which is earthlike but doesn't have any ore.

Waterworld specific ideas:

Waterworld summary: This planet is really fun to play because you have to be carful how you design your colony layout. I wouldn't chancge anything about this planet and I'm not going to suggest anything because all of the ideas that I have bast is already going to implement soon. There are other ideas that pertain to all planets that apply here, but no specific ideas come to mind when thinking about this planet.

red planet specific ideas:

Red Planet Summary: I really like the simplicity of the map, and I like the laid-back feel that you get when playing it. I also like how quickly it allows you to grow your colony. There is not much more that I would like to see added to this planet aside from the general ideas that I have below that don't apply to any planet. This planet is very well-designed.

red badlands decorations: I think that the red planet map should generate decorations that resemble badlands structures, or weird rock structures that form because wind wears it down into awkward shapes. This should make the map aesthetically pleasing.

generated lake-bed rivers: per the dry lakebed tile idea below, i think that rivers of those tiles should be generated on red planet maps. This allows the red planet to become just like an earthlike planet once terraformed, with rivers that produce infinite amounts of water. It gives the map a more dynamic feel.

Dust storms: These planetwide storms can last for months and would make it more difficult to see your colony. Solar panels would stop working, but you could implement a windmil to take advantage of the storms and it would produce more during these storms than normally. You already have added the ability to block out light by subtracting alpha from an overlaying object to simulate night time. You could create another overlay object for storms and give it a reddish-tan hue. Then just add moving particle affects and wind sounds and your done. These should disappear once the planet is terraformed. There shouldn't be a damage factor to these storms as the dust is too fine to really wear anything down.

Dynamic Terraformation: I think that this planet type specifically could benefit from dynamic terraforming and should be the first to receive such a feature if added since it's one of the most played maps.

Lunar specific ideas:

Lunar Summary: Lunar world is my favorite map because you can jumpstart your colony before you even get your first immigrant. I like the fact that it's terraformable and the regolith challenge is fun as well. There are a few features that could be added to make this world more immersive though.

Jagged rock decos: Since a lunar planet has no atmosphere, it has no wind on it's surface to smooth and erode rocks, so you should see some really jagged rock formations. I think this would add some aesthetics.

craters: I think that large circular patches of darker terrain tiles should exist on the map. These terrain tiles would act the same as lakebed tiles in that they will become water tiles as atmosphere increases. Craters should be random sizes and distances between. I would even have them generate partially off of the map and across region maps to give a very appealing region view. This may might that craters could envelop most or all of some maps, and some maps might get no crater tiles at all, but that's the beauty of it. the player should also have the option to fill in a crater tile or water tile using regolith where they would otherwise use ore on other planets. The player should be able to turn regular tiles into crater tiles as well with the cost of money.

meteor showers: these showers would pummel structures below periodically. Any that land on empty tiles could generate regolith nodes and could have the chance to generate mini-craters that would fill with water upon terraforming, this is why I think we should have the ability to turn crater tiles to regular tiles, and vise versa. The damage from these meteors shouldn't be catastrophic, but it should cause some damage depending on the structure. These meteors should stop once atmosphere is above 1 mil.

Atmosphere leach: Since most planets like the moon aren't big enough to keep an atmosphere forever(there are exceptions), there should be a significant drain on atmosphere that must be compensated for. It could also be a benefit if a colony's atmosphere is too high though. A drain of 5k per minute would be a challenge at first, and you would have to beat that mark in order for condensors to operate.

Forest Planet ideas:

Forest Summary: I don't have much to say about this world, it's pretty straightforward albiet annoying at the start. Not really a big benefit to this world aside from the fact that you don't have to mess with the atmosphere at first until you get bigger. I'd honestly play abandoned before forest any day. Here are some ideas I have in mind though:

Rivers: this should be an addition. Any forest world requires lots of water in order for trees to grow.

mega trees: i think that mega-trees should generate on the map at first and begin to spread. Players could try to preserve these so that they'll have a huge supply later on. Once they they're gone, they're gone.

Asteroid planet ideas:

Asteroid summary:
I like the asteroid world. It's just like lunar, but harder since you don't have alu nodes. I used to play this world back before we had ways to get infinite diamonds. Might take a crack at it again to see how far I get. I have a few ideas regarding this world.

craters: the same concept as the lunar planet.

meteor showers: the same concept as lunar planet

Extreme atmosphere leech: asteroids are definately not large enough to keep an atmosphere for long. Because of this, they are drained by 50k per minute. 100 minutes is all it takes for an earthlike atmosphere level to drop to 0. Major benefit later in the game though when atmosphere is increased rapidly by pollution.

Awkward rotation: An asteroid has a very randomized shape in real life. it can be elongated, flat, and even spherical. Because of this, days and nights on this planet last for random times. Short nights lower colonist energy. Short days reduce happiness. long nights can increase colonist energy and long days can raise happiness. This amount increased or decreased would only apply if the length of a night or day goes past the minimum or maximum limits. if a limit is exceeded, the same amount of energy or hapiness is taken away or given, no matter how far past the limit a day or night is.

Abandoned World Ideas:

Abandoned Summary: I really like the abandoned world map, but my idea for a twilight themed abandoned world would add a mystic and ancient feel to the map. I'd like to see a much darker themed map than the light and cheery theme that it has now.

Rivers: aside form the twilight idea I would love to see rivers on this map.

Ice planet ideas:

Ice summary: I like the ice planet because it's a challenge to get through the crystalline bottleneck. I do have some ideas though:

glacial/ crystal decos: a slew of icy/crystalline decorations would look good for this planet.

unstable melting: When you heat up an ice planet, there's no telling where the oceans and rivers will form and where the actual land will be. Ice melts very unpredictably, so there should be no indication as to whether each tile is a lakebed or regular tile, but they should both still be there and have the same texture. It should be set up to where rivers will form as if randomly and instantly. This would be part of the real-life challenges of terraforming an ice planet, so would make sense here. Sometimes your colony gets destroyed just like in lava world, sometimes you get lucky.

Underwater crystal farm: This new building would need to straddle water and land and would be four-way rotatable so it can be placed in any orientation as long as the front 4 tiles are on water and the back 2 squares are on land. It is a 3x2 structure, and it consumes moderate amounts of water, crystalline, and alcohol to constantly produce large amounts of crystalline. The concept behind it is that some crystals grow faster in a water solution with the nutrients it needs to grow. Water also allows the crystals to grow much larger because gravity is much weaker in water as we all know. The fact that the structure would have to straddle land and water means that the planet will need to terraformed before a player can place on of these and get rid of their green crystals.

desert world:

desert summary: I don't have much to say about this map, haven't played reptilians that much. I do think that it could use some aesthetics though, just one flat plane of land is nothing to get all excited about. But here are some of the ideas that I have:

Yellow badlands decos: weird yellow rock forms, crackly ground, rough patches, and some shrubbery and cacti. These should randomly dot the landscape and would really up the aesthetics on this map.

Tar(oil) pits: instead of water flowing through the map, tar pits would give it a more desert feel, as you find these pits naturally in deserts. just like rivers on the earthlike planet yield infinite water, these pits should yield infinite oil. The major downfall with this benefit is that you need workers to collect the oil, and that can be pretty tedious and may slow down performance.

raise the atmosphere: Since deserts are supposed to be hot, we should raise the atmosphere to above earthlike. This also corrosponds to my thermal idea below. In addition to this, I would recommend adding a fully terraformed stage where atmosphere is reduce to between 5 mil and 15 mil. I'm not saying that deserts don't exist when atmosphere is at perfect levels because the saharrah wouldn't exist if that were true. It's just that since bast still hasn't added any thermal or moisture level factors to terraforming, I thought that lowering the atmosphere was good enough to simulate raising the moisture level and lowering thermal levels to make the planet cooler and wetter.

dry-lakebed tiles: I think that the dry lakebed tile idea would particularly help this planet as once it is terraformed from dessert to earthlike, you'll have rivers flowing through the landscape.
Sandstorms: Not to be confused with dust storms, the storms are much shorter, yet can be devastating to colonists and buildings. These storms should cause colonist sickness, slow down movement, and accelerate the decay of structures by a certain amount for the duration of the storm. Depending on the direction of the storm, walls placed on the map will block the storm from getting into your cities. It's best to surround your cities with walls so that you get as little exposure to the storms as possible, just an extra challenge. These storms should cease once atmosphere is reduced to earthlike and life is brought back to the planet.

Lava planet ideas:

lava summary: I liked this planet at one point, but I think it's rather pointless to play being that it doesn't have an end-goal and you're colony is never safe no matter how far down the atmosphere goes. My list of lava ideas on my planet hub topic should cover all of the ideas that I have for this planet, and they all still stand.

Fissure vents: These gigantic cracks in the planet spew forth ash and toxic gas into the atmosphere. Because of this, atmosphere is increased by 2 thousand atmosphere a minute, even if the atmosphere is reduced to between 5 and 15 mil, atmosphere will still pile up, requiring you to build more buildings that use up atmosphere to balance it out. The only thing that would need to be added is a passive loop that continuously counts down 60 seconds and then adds 2k to the atmosphere number value. Good luck terraforming this planet.

ideas for all existing planets:

Dry Lakebed Tiles: I've suggested this a few times, but basically dry lakebed tiles should replace water tiles in low and high atmosphere planets. These tiles can be built on, but watch out, because when atmosphere goes over 250k or falls under 30 million, these tiles will turn to water and any buildings on them will be destroyed. There should be an apparent difference in color shade or texture between regular tiles and the dry lakebed tiles. remaning Ice deposits should also turn into water deposits at the same atmosphere level.

Dynamic terraforming: I've mentioned this a couple of times too. It's simple, if atmosphere goes too low, the terraformed planet becomes barren, just as if it were a red or lunar planet; if atmosphere goes too high, then the planet becomes hotter, becoming first a dessert and then eventually a lava planet, with all the eruptions and lava spreading we know and love. . I also think that atmosphere requirements for all atmosphere stages for region games should be multiplied by the number of tiles on a region. This gives the player a longer playthrough and also encourages them to develop cities on every tile. I think that downside is worth it and it would be a fun challenge to work towards. I think that aside from the tiles changing texture, trees should generate across the map on empty space once atmosphere either rises past 5 mil or falls past 15 mil. I also think they should disappear while outside of those ranges.

Thermal factor: I feel like there should be some sort of challenge regarding keeping your colonists at a good temperature. Perhaps you could add a meter in statistics that indicates thermal level of the entire colony. Too hot or cold and your colonists will become sick and loose energy and hapiness. An earthlike planet, or any planet that's been terraformed to between 5 mil and 15 mil, will not affect the meter at least, but too much atmosphere and the meter will start to go up and too little atmosphere will start to subtract heat from the meter. You should be able to build coolers or heaters to supplement the loss or gain of temperature. Currently most planets start out at no atmosphere, which means that they will start out cold. Lava is the only planet that would add the the thermal meter at this time but I think that the desert type planet should have high atmosphere so it can add to the meter.

Regions acting as mc campaigns: Now, some people would disagree with me on this, but I think it's totally fair to call region mode and sort of "campaign mode." This is because with regions, you get a longer playthrough and it takes longer for you to develop the space given to you. I also think it's fair that region mode requires premium, as most well-developed apps offer a free trial(single map mode) and full version with campaign mode(region mode). Some of yall might disagree. but here are the main ideas that I have in mind:
- design random mandatory goals to have a chance to pop up for each tile a map occupies that grant the player money, research. civics, happiness, or other resources, kind of like quests. But these would be more like story-line quests. a medium map would contain four of these quests. These should take a decent amount of time to complete and should make the game progress slower.
- design smaller optional side-quests that pop up randomly occasionally and grant smaller bonuses.
- each tech should require a certain number of complete story-line quests before being unlocked, even if you have enough research. There would be only one quest per tile so this would encourage players to develop all the tiles to complete all of the available story quests.
-Make individual map progression depend on the completion of story quests. For instance, you can add a population cap that unlocks after the quest is complete, and for medium maps with four quests, you could increase the cap in increments to allow the player to develop further after each quest, but not indefinitely until all quests are complete.

Overall I think that these ideas for campaign mode should add a very interesting element to regions mode and would make it more worthwhile and entertaining to play and a player might be entertained for a very long time before becoming bored.

But anyway, those are my ideas. I wanted to go over each planet so that everything was covered in my planethub topic. I'll paste this link so yall can access it easily. Let me know what you think and which ideas you like/dislike.
3y ago
H3110 guys!

There’s a way to give more playability to the gameplay - By implementing the unpredictability. It not just give challenges to the gameplay, it also makes the entire gameplay more exciting and fun (maybe...)

Here’s my idea,
The Random Events.

When you’ll see your first random event? That will appear shortly after your consulate is built in your colony. Don’t worry about these events are difficult to overcome, all events have their trigger conditions. Every event will come in a constant manner, about every 30 minutes of gameplay.
In every random event you may need to make important choices, and some may not need.
And if choices are required to be made, you might have to face the consequences after making a choice.

Okay, here are part of my proposed events!

  • Roaming Trader
    A freelance trader will try to make a little deal with your colony.
    The trade will require a small amount of resource, one kind only. Successful trade will yield money and reputation, and will also bring in better traders later.
    Unsuccessful or rejected trade will bring no impacts.
    Trigger condition: Gov. level ≥1
  • Colonial Investment (Small)
    The colonial finance advisor have proposed an investment campaign for your colony, and now it only require your permission to perform it.
    Costs $1500.
    If permission is granted, there’s a 55% chance to profit $2500 (returns $4000), 25% chance to earn nothing (returns $1500) and 20% chance to loss $500 (returns $1000).
    Successful investment will also brings in higher yield investments.
    Rejection will have no impacts.
    Trigger condition: Gov. level ≥1<3 or 0 times of success in Colonial Investment (Small)
  • Pirate ATTACK! (Small)
    Code red! A small group of pirates are approaching!
    This event stands for 50 security threat (this will be explaind in Security and Crimes MKII).
    If your security is strong enough (remainding security point ≥50) , your colony suffers no loss and reputation is earned.
    If the colony don’t have enough security strength to defend, you have two more options:
    All colonists defend the colony together. This might cause casualties (at least one deaths), but earns little reputation.
    Evacuate all colonists and have 60% loss of all resources. Buildings will be damaged.
    Trigger condition:
    Gov. level ≥1<2
  • Rumors about the Government
    There’s rumors about the colonial government spreading in your colony.
    You have the following choices:
    Do nothing and have tempoary decrease in approval rating (-10%) and happiness (-10%).
    Launch a campaign to tell everybody it’s a fake news without evidence (Costs civics, amount = 0.5 × total population ).
    Trigger condition:
    Gov. level ≥1.
  • Visit of Commonwealth Officer
    The colony officer of your commonwealth is visiting your colony for evaluating your newly established colonial government, and you have limited time to prepare everything to welcome him before he comes. Try not to give a rude impression on other colonies and your host commonwealth.
    This event is an non-rejectable quest (Quests will be explained in Quest & Orders part), time limit is 20 minutes, you'll need to prepare 500 food, 15 rum and 50 civics in time so you can earn 500 civics and 1000 money with 50 reputation. If you failed to prepare... relationship with ALL commonwealth members get a temporary decrease of 65%.
    This is the FIRST event after you have established a government through the consulate and only take place once.
  • Birthday of Imperial Noble
    Under the name of Galactic Emperor, an Imperial Noble is celebrating the birthday and your colony is asked to prepare a 'small proportion' of gift, if you are willing to.
    This event is a quest, time limit is 15 minutes. Requires 150 civics to reject it; If you accepted you have to prepare 1500 rum, 2000 gold, 50000 food and 200 money. If you failed to prepare the present on time your colony will have -5% relationship with the Galactic Empire (Will further explain in Galactic Diplomacy).

Stay tuned for further updates!
More ideas are coming!
H3110 guys!

That’s an idea that have just flashed in my mind.
What if, we can hire someone to boost the colony development?
That may not be a very refined idea, but I’d like to introduce it here (^ ^)

Here comes the:

The Specialists is a special class of colonists. They don’t count into the overall population, but they are counted into the Specialist Slots.

Let’s begin with the Specialist Slots, which defines how many specialists you may own. The Specialist Slots are provided by consulates and capitols, in my prototype ideas. A higher level consulate/capitol can provide more Specialist Slots.
You can hire (if vacent slot available) or replace (when there’s no vacent slots) specialists anytime, but they cost civics to hire and maintain.

Now let’s introduce my ideas about the Specialists!
(remarks: the second trait of the specialists requires upgrades.)
  • Quest Keeper
    • Accomplishment Presentation - Increase score awards for every accomplished Quests by 5%.
    • Quest Negotiator - You can switch a quest to another random one. Once per day.
  • Innovation Engineer
    • Semiauto Production Line - Production rate of industrial resources increase by 5%.
    • Factory Designer - Cost for construction of resource buildings is 15% cheaper.
  • Welfare Officier
    • Social Affairist - Colony happiness is increased by 5%.
    • Charity Campaign - Unhappiness caused by low wages and poverty is decreasesd by 10%.
  • Colonial Foreman
    • Overseer - Production rate of resources is increased by 5%.
    • Industry Logistics - All buildings with jobs provided provides 2 more jobs. Maximum efficiency of the buildings is increased by 15% (does not affect buildings that requires no workers).
  • Economist
    • Currency Policy - Economy buildings produces 30 more money per production cycle.
    • Economy Stimulation - Money production of all buildings are increased by 5%.
  • Taxation Officier
    • Tax Conversion - When taxing your colonists, tax yields is increased by 10%.
    • Property Tax - All buildings produces 10 surplus money per minute.

More specialist ideas will come soon!
Hello guys.

Just a simple idea for the game My Starship.

A reputation overview, as well what reputation affects.

Reputation overview shows your reputation among existing factions.
Example factions:

Major Factions
  • United Earth
  • League of Independent States
  • Zolarg Empire
  • Alpha Draconians
Minor Factions
  • Twilight Syndicate
    The notorious criminal syndicate known for their illegal operations throughout the galaxy, from smuggling to hijacking ships.
  • New Galactic Imperialists
    The secret organisation who are ambitious to restore the ancient Old Galactic Empire. You will never know where these conspiracists are headquartered, but you can recieve their secret quest anywhere by chance.
  • Blue Comet Mercenaries
    One of the major mercenary agency of the galaxy which they are also known as ‘Peacekeeper Merc’.
  • City States of the Outer Rim
    The planets on the Outer Rim are usually forgotten by the rest of the Galaxy. Knowing they cannot just do nothing, these planetary city states formed an alliance to help each other, as well hope they can get noticed by others.

At the beginning of the game, players will start with reputation bonus with their home main faction.
The relations is shown in arbitrary numbers. As always, larger the (positive) value better your relation with that faction. While in negative numbers, it means you have a bad profile.
There's a threshold for a neutral reputation, around the value of -10 to +10. The threshold will keep you from some troubles if your reputation drops.
If your reputation among a faction dropped below -40 you'll be blacklisted from most services provided by that faction. At below -80 you'll be regarded as a criminal or enemy in their territory, which their military vessels will attempt to attack your ship (unless conducting peaceful missions which you'll have a temporary access).

United Earth +83 (Honoured)
League of Independent States -4 (Neutral)
Zolarg Empire -45 (Blacklisted)
Alpha Draconians -92 (Listed as wanted)

Now let's see how would the reputation affect the gameplay.
In terms of trading, planets a faction you have maintained a good reputation will offer discount to your purchase, and they'll be willing to pay more when you're selling things to them.
Good reputation also results in a few more benefits including more-profitable missions, cheaper repairs and refuel, and unblocking faction unique items.

Here are some factors that will affect reputation among factions.
Quests is still being a main factor - which these missions often involved some galactic affairs, from diplomatic missions to conspiracy of war and revolution. The outcome of the mission will not just impact relations with the involved planetary government, but also the faction. Either positively or negatively.
Failed to complete a quest can also degrade your reputation. So make sure you're able to complete the quest.
A bulk purchase or mass sale will also help developing some reputation, it is a more secured way as there are very few cases you'll make people mad... for instance when you are depleting their critical resources like food, water and uranium.
In case you have earned a notorious reputation among some factions, negotiation is always an option. They may ask you to pay fines, imprisonment, asset confiscation, or just a mission to redeem your crimes. If you're able to fulfill the demands, they'll consider lifting blacklist or death/prosecution warrant.
I'm also introducing a special contract called War Contract. This is signed with a faction, which your client will ask you to fight target faction in a series of high-pay missions. While it can boost your reputation among a faction, it'll also degrade your reputation in another faction. When the war is over you'll be at least blacklisted by the enemy faction. Depending on the reputation before the war and how much damage you have caused, you might even get listed as wanted.

Okay, here's all.
So what do you think?
I was unable to make a My Token, even while logged in. It told me it saved. It didn't. So I was unable to use a My Token on this game. I'm hoping it develops nicely; you guys have some nice other games!

I'm running Firefox, if that matters for the My Token thing (which I'd not have tried except for this).
3y ago
tautaula said:I was unable to make a My Token, even while logged in. It told me it saved. It didn't. So I was unable to use a My Token on this game. I'm hoping it develops nicely; you guys have some nice other games!

I'm running Firefox, if that matters for the My Token thing (which I'd not have tried except for this).

Were you logged into both apps (My Tokens and Epic Adventure) using the same Ape Apps Account?
3y ago
Idle Token Quest auto-saves, and to get your tokens in the game, you just need to be signed into both apps using the same Ape Apps account.
8mo ago
The problem solved itself but I wanted to report this anyway. Maybe it's useful information for @bastecklein.

So my colony is pretty big, about 900k colonists on 460×460. I'm playing on the web version and haven't had any performance issues so far. Anyway, yesterday I left the game idle to finish building some 800 aluminum generators and 200 ultra deep dig sites, like I did many times before. After an hour or so I came back to check if everything was in order.

Except it wasn't. The game freezed every 2 seconds for about 1 second. Rovers had finished building the aluminum generators but had not yet started with the dig sites. They were stuck on "Moving" but did not move a tile. I selected all bots and instructed them to move to the dig sites. They lagged their way there and started building, slowly. I suspected the bug might have something to do with the construction sites or a path finding issue. So I just let the game idle for another 2+ hours to finish building.
When every building was finished and all bots were idle again, the lag and freezes stopped completely. Performance as good as ever, but I have no idea.
4y ago
niet. :P

the creator or someone important once said that would turn this game into more of an idle game.
idling in this game usually packs the consequence of food and water running out if population can grow.
believe me i've once lost 3k population after a 30 minute meeting
some resources are true idle ones like a foundry that makes steel.
some are micromanaging like ore mines.
it's the micromanaging that keeps a player attentive and ensures food and water are always made in surplus.
so by removing elements of micromanaging colonies dying due to being played like an idle game would cause issues....
4y ago
I suppose my return to both of your replies is this.

The game doesn't run in the background. I only runs when you have it open. You would still have to be watching the game to have it even function. By that definition, I don't really call it an idle game. To me an idle game is one I can leave closed for a week and come back to do a few clicks and then close it again. You already have to leave the game open and run for a few hours at times as it is late game for your aluminum generators and the like to build up resources, so if you're saying doing that makes it an idle game, then it's already there.

As for the factories and buildings that automate resources, you can't always build those on every planet. Or you're not at the point where you can yet, and the automation becomes something useful early on and then less used later. There are already several structures that are essential early on and then get replaced by better or more convenient ones late game, so I feel it wouldn't be an issue.
4y ago
H3110 guys!

Space is borderless. There can be infinite possibilities in the space - From aliens to supernatural discoveries. So here I will introduce the idea of mine.
BTW, apart from reading mine, you can read the post also regarding the same stuff by @Ansom - , we both share the same concept.

New Technologies!
  • Advanced Astronomy
    Learn about the outside world around your little planet, as well how to explore it.
    A technology that requires Low Gravity Oil Production, Nuclear Physics and Basic Education.
  • Outer Galaxy Astronomy
    Learn how to build long range starships that will bring you beyond the borders of the galaxy.
    This tech requires Faster Than Light Travel and Superfuels.
  • Superfuels
    Learn how to produce fuels that is sustainable and super strong that allows starships hyperjump to the borders of galaxy in just a few seconds!

Advanced Astronomy is necessary for accessing to the space exploration, which unlocks the Agency of Extraterrestrial Exploration (AEE) (human), Space Command (insectnoids), or Expandition Department (Alpha Dracos). They are highest command centres for all kinds of space missions, and only this kind of buildings can launch a space mission - and unlock the space mission interface.

This is the comnon sense - In outer space the surroundings can be dangerous. You might need very skillful and smart mission crews in order to accompaish the missions safely - so here I’ll introduce two buildings - Astronaut Barracks and Astronaut Academy.
The Astronaut Academy will train your colonists to qualify the requirements to be an astronaut.
Qualified colonists can be hired in this special building - Astronaut Barracks. When they are hired here, their status will show Astronaut (idle), which means they are available for space mission.
One Astronaut Barracks hires at most 20 astronauts.

Because I planned it is available at the early mid stage, there is a need for a spacecraft construction facility other than the late-to-endgame stuff starships - Space Dock.
This is simply a shipyard that does not produce high tech starships, but it can build various early-to-mid-stage cheapy spacecrafts such as Shuttles and Space Probes.
Of course, I have some samples for the spacecrafts.
  • Small Classic Shuttle
    A small shuttle capable of performing small scale space missions near the planet.
    Durability : 10
    Crew : 5
    Storage Cap. : 100k
    Fuel : Oil, 500 per 100 km
    Fuel Tank Cap. : 2500
    Mining Power : 1
    Velocity : 3 mins/grid
  • Short range scout probe
    A small space probe specialized for scouting the surrounding regions.
    Durability : 6
    Crew : 0
    Fuel : Oil, 50 per 100 km
    Fuel Tank Cap. : 200
    Velocity : 0.5 min/grid
    Exploration time is shortened by 50%.
So what does the stats mean?
Durability means how long it can be used, counted by missions (i.e, single two way trips). Once the usage life has ended, those spacecrafts will require repairs that costs around 30~50% of their building price.
Crews means number of astronauts required to operate the spacecraft.
Storage Cap means how many booties, at most, can the spacecraft bring back.
Fuel shows the fuel type and consumption rate of it over distance.
Fuel tank cap determines how far the spacecraft can travel at most.
Velocity shows how fast the spacecraft can travel over a grid.
Mining power determines the type of resources that the spacecraft can extract.
Creating spacecrafts costs a-lot, so you are suggested to have high production rate of resources, especially microchips, steel and oil in order to launch more space missions.

Once you have idle team, idle spacecrafts, here you can start the missions!
Missions takes time. During missions using manned spacecrafts, you have to pre-supply the food and water just enough for the entire mission. Astronauts' status also shows Astronaut (on mission), at this status, they will not appear in the colony and consumes nothing. Their happiness and energy remains unchanged until they come back.
After a successful mission or combat retreat, they requires some rest and are not available for missions until they are 100%-prepared (100% energy, >80% health, >40% happiness).
Also, here are types of missions you can perform:
  • Exploration
    Always the first mission you perform. This reveals new regions in starmap.
  • Harvesting
    Some spacemap grids have asteroid belts, space scrap, planets, e.t.c, that allows you to harvest resources from them. May yield different resources.
  • Outpost construction
    If you wish to establish external supply lines for your colony, building outposts on resourceful locations can be a choice. Once a outpost is established the outpost will begin supply your colony with resources, with very minor resource consumption (depends on how far away the outpost is) than sending spacecrafts for one-time harvest, however the astronaut team that establishes the outpost will be gone forever and station at the outpost permanently.
    Outpost don't require any management, but you can upgrade them through the mission just below this.
  • Outpost Expansion
    This mission upgrades your outpost to output more resources, but will not have your team gone.
  • Combat
    Sometimes you may encounter pirate camps or spacebeast hives on the starmap and your spacecraft may get robbed or even taken down by these hostile things if your route is close to them, giving disturbance on exploration; and outpost supply and trade routes is also debuffed when these routes are too close too. In this case you may send astronauts or combat probes or even a fleet to clean them up. May cause death, death reports will be reported when the team/fleet returned.
  • Diplomatic
    Sometimes there are city state planets or space stations in the starmap. You can make friends with them, or bring them under your rule, or destroy it for tons of booties. Improve relations with them can help, because they can offer cheaper trades and they may even supply resources to your colony when they are asked to, everything depends on your prestige and reputation. Diplomatic missions helps you to increase your regional reputation.

Though they aren't part of the missions but missions helps build them up. Supply lines are established by outposts and runs all the time. Trade routes are established by city state planets and space stations (if they accepts your trade, they can cancel your trade route if you are hostile towards them). Spacecrafts also travels faster on these routes by 50%.
If you have a GBT built you'll have a International Trade Route on the starmap. Outposts near it will be benefited and they will generate more money to your colony.
All routes except the international trade lines has to be maintained transport vessels such as unmanned cargo conveys (very cheap and basic one) and galactic freight carriers.
Thanks @GeneralWadaling , actually it might be too much for a standard idle game, but I think MBE2 can be more than just your typical idle game. I do plan to continue updating this one because I think the engine has serious potential. I kind of wanted to do for the mobile idle game what My Colony did for the mobile builder game, make one that is a bit more advanced without the constant IAPs.
1y ago
for the achivement it is in the game but if for your quest you need to be connect all days and be like day-quest it will never add but for help and ressource yes
(can you give some example to look)
it is achivement no quest if for you it is quest ok
I found another bug in the Fire Stick version of Gone Rogue. The Kill Zombies for Brunphstan quest can't be accepted or dismissed. I'm going to start a new game and see if it happens again.

Update -- The quest window still appears even after starting a new game. A persistent bug.
3y ago

“I love you 3000.” - Tony Stark

Tony Stark Forever! This token is for Tony Stark. 😭

P.S. this token may not look like Stark 😶
Hello @bastecklein !
A few issues I would like to share about My Empire.

Terrain yield balance
While I am playing this game, I figured out no matter AI or player, the one who has a large plot of forest around a city will have OP boost on both food and production.
While mountains worths too less productions, often just 1🔨. Rendering mountains not a very favourable location for settlement.

So I am suggesting the followings:
Nerf forest yields to 1🍎 1🔨.
Boost mountains basic yield to 2🔨.

Veterancy and Experience
Right now we can't see whether the unit is veteran or not.
Additionally I am suggesting some further veterancy ranks that can be earned through combats.
So here are the ranks in a nutshell:
(+0) - Not veteran. (Not shown)
(+1) - Veteran unit.
(+2) - Elite veteran unit.
(+3) - Heroic unit. (Highest possible rank)

Texture modding capabilities
Just in case some players wants to apply their own texture models of units or cities. Imagine someone can have a planet colonization texture set?
Maybe we can choose what city texture can be spawned too. Right now we have 5 default types - Mediterranean, Asian, European, Islamic and Nordic.
(Hmmm. Speaking of that, I also plan to add more types to cover more architecture styles, like Slavic architecture, ancient Aztec city, tropical paradise, Mongol tents, etc.)

Somehow the game is stuck
So far I have seen two ways the game got stuck.
The first one being endlessly waiting for an AI to complete action.
The second one being the visual blackout (but UI components remains unaffected), I cannot select any city or unit.
Though I don't know what had caused that, but this really disrupts gameplay. Sometimes I cannot reach modern era due to that.
Hopefully this can be fixed. I played it on mobile, HTML5 version.

High RAM workload put on mobile devices
I have checked the device performance a bit. My 2-year-ago device has a 85% RAM workload when playing HTML5 version of My Empire. Probably this is due to 3D rendering? Or other factors?

Not all AIs use Token avatars
That happened on mega map gameplay, which among 15 AI empires 2~4 of the AIs does not receive any Token avatars.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this can make the game much better!
Currently in the beta of My Tokens (, I am testing the ability to have the app be able to also export a My Colony 2 style Voxel Paint model of your tokens...

...which will create tiny MC2 style voxel models of your token characters:

Anyway, I still have a bit of work to do to get them to come out right, but using these new capabilities, I should be able to have My Tokens characters show up as colonists in MC2 games, or use them in other future Scroll3d games that use the .vpp artwork.

Anyway, if you have My Tokens synced to your Ape Apps account, try the current in-beta release and see how they are coming out as Voxel Paint files!
1y ago
Just for reference, the token I currently use as my avatar renders from this:

to this:

1y ago
Playing on Android. When trying to load my save normally and by "launch as player" I start logging in and then I'm bounced back to the main menu and told that the server has rejected my access token and to contact a server administrator for a reset. Unable to load into the world at all.

This is version 0.18.0 and was started in 0.18.0
4mo ago
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