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So as what @bastecklein said in the roadmap:
bastecklein said:v1.0.0 - Online Events Update

The v1.0.0 release is going to focus on a new feature I mentioned in another thread regarding online events. This is sort of like an online leaderboard feature where players can "compete" with one another by completing tasks for the evil Galactic Emperor and gaining experience points and rank. There are going to be two separate leaderboards, one for individual players, and one for federations. The tasks are broken into daily challenges and your score builds up throughout the month. At the end of the month, the player and federation with the top score wins, gets a payout according to what place they won, and the leaderboards reset for the next month. Winnings are going to be experience points gained for all players who complete events, and Imperial Credits, an online-only resource that gets paid out to the top three winners each month. There will be special buildings that you can add to your colony using Imperial Credits, to honor your victories. There will be no trading of Imperial Credits and you will not be able to buy them with an IAP. They are only to mark participation and victory in the Galactic Emperor challenges.

So based on that, I’m now tryin’ to give ideas about the quests from the Galactic Emperor (or even more NPCs?)

Scenarios from Galactic Emperor (and his evil empire)
  • The Imperial Birrthsday
    The Galactic Empire is celebrating its birthsday and the Emperor is inviting all colonies to celebrating it together - if you are willing to help out.
    • Running Rum
      Since there will be enormous demand for alcohol drinks, the Empire is now requesting rums from all corners around the galaxy for the crazy rum fountains.
      Exports a specific amount of rums to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Feast Supply
      The Imperial Kitchen urgently needs some fresh food and rum supplies, nobody would enjoy an imperfect feast!
      Exports a specific amount of food and rum to the Galactic Emperor.
    • State of the ‘Art’
      How you can call this a ‘Festival’ when it goes without some special decorations and arts?
      Export a specific total amount of potteries, cloth, gold, diamond and paintings to the Galactic Emperor. Paintings yields the most score per unit.
    • Sweet Treats
      Imperial Ministry of Desserts is urgently asking for some sugar and food supplies because the Emperor needs some sweet treats!
      Export a specific amount of sugar and food to the Galactic Emperor
    • Event Venue Construction
      Thr Imperial Ministry of Festivals is asking your colony to build a special venue here as some fun events are going to take place here.
      You can build either a small, medium, large, epic or colossal festival plaza on your map. Larger one yields more scores. Will be removed once the scenario is over. This quest will only be issued once.
    • Local Arrangements
      To celebrate such grand festival, it’s time to have some special arrangements in your colony as the Imperial Ministry of Festivals have asked.
      Produce 100K civics cumulatively after this quest is issued to you. Yields lots of score.
    • Toys for the Naughty Boys
      The Galactic Emperor is having headaches because all his kids are asking for new toys as their festival gifts! The Imperial Ministry of Toys is now asking colonies for toys as the Emperor has ordered.
      Export a specific amount of toys to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Tourism Pressure Test
      The Galactic Ministry of Tourism is going to test the ability of your colony to serve the guests, so as to ensure the entire event does not goes wrong!
      Serve 25000 tourists cumulatively after the quest is issued to you. Has hidden Tokens Hide n’ Seek quest to further increase your score during the quest.
    • Festival Taxation
      The Emperor needs some extra fund for preparing this festival, and The Galactic Ministry of Taxation is now asking your colony to pay extra taxes to the Galactic Empire.
      Export a specific amount of money to the Galactic Emperor.
    • The Rite of the Birthsday
      The Galactic Emperor is asking for some Alien Artifects and Alien Relics for an important rite on the Imerial Birthsday.
      Export a specific total amount of alien artifects and alien relics to the Galactic Emperor.
      I’m Here to Serve You, Your Majesty.
      The Imperial Ministry of Servants is now recruiting new robotic servants to help around with the preparation, as well repair supplies for them.
      Export a specific amount of robots, microchips and aluminium to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Voluntary Transport Vessels
      The Empire’s own logistic system has overloaded due to the busy preparation and the Ministry of Logistics is now asking for some shipping vessals from some colonies as to reduce workload of the 5th Imperial Logistic Fleet.
      Export a specific numbers of starships to the Galactic Emperor.

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