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New gameplay mechanics, and the space expansion - THE GRAND SPACE SERIES. (Introduction)

H3110 guys!

Have yo ever think about something that, when we have occupied every space we can use on the planet, where we can seek for? And search for even more resources?
This time, we are going somewhere above the sky -
The Space.👨‍🚀
I am not kidding. Of cause this is the age of space colonization, but I think something is missing - Interaction with the outer space, and more space industries. This time we will develop into the space, and face the infinite possibilities of, and from the outer worlds.

There are
SEVEN NEW SYSTEMS I’ll introduce in the upcoming series of my posts:
  • Random Colony Events - Once you have built an consulate you have to deal with the matters not just with the commonwealth but also the outside world. There can be interstellar guests, great people, and famous merchants, or disasters, pirates, and more.
  • Security & Crimes - Accompanied with the random events, as PIRATES!!! may attack your colony you have to get yourself well prepared. Also, this is the new thing that contributes to governance. A low security level leads to crime outbreaks.
  • Orbital Construction - Yep, we are going into the space and build our epic orbital stations, huge starships, or even a Death Star (just kiddin)!
  • Outer Space Missions - Train your astronauts, prepare your starships, and begin exploring the outer space and search for good stuff!
  • The Great Artifacts - Want to have some epic things that you can show them to the entire galaxy? Collect the great artifacts! Besides they will be put into the showroom, it reveals new technology and buildings, as well bring your colony unique buffs!
  • The Grand Tournaments & Races - The evil Galactic Emperor wanted to have a series of galaxy-wide tournaments and events for long, so as to encourage the colonies to compete each other, in non-violence manner. In these events, you may earn resources as awards, and the most importantly, the new reputation resource that is required to build the epic wonders and ultimate functional buildings! (bast has his plan already :p)
  • Requests and Orders - So when there is no Grand Races, how you can earn a minor amount of reputation is through finishing the Requests made by NPCs and special visitors from Random Events. (bast has his plan already :p)
  • Galactic Diplomacy - Accompanies with Random Events and Quests, this allows other colonies to be one part of diplomacy... (similar thing is introduced in space missions)

And also, numerous buildings and new technologies...

It might be a largest series of ideas I have ever had... But if you want to express further ideas and improvements towards this, welcome for it!

For discussion!

Links of the posts here:
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Volume 1 - Space Industries (Basic) is finished!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Volume 2 about random events is finished!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
The new Security and Crimes part is finished!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
PART 4!!!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

Part 6 is completed!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
My Colony

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