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A special building to celebrate the launch of My Colony v1.0.0?

#1 2019-10-01 12:55:57
H3110 guys! (•ω•)

My colony will soon march to the v1.0.0 soon after a few updates.

So here I would like to ask a little question....

@bastecklein do you plan a special decorative building for celebrating v1.0.0? (^ω^)
Or even a special feature?
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#2 2019-10-01 13:24:17
So I was thinking of something in my head, but I don't have the details worked out yet. Maybe you guys can tell me what you think. There would be something for online games called the 'Galactic Emperor's Challenge' where Galactic Emperor would request some insane materials order with a huge lot size, and you have to try to fill his order and see what colony can come up with the materials the fastest.

There would be different leaderboard leagues, like Federation, MP Region, Commonwealth, and Individual. So in like a federation, each colony contributes supplies to the Galactic Emperor order and together they try to become the first Federation to fulfill the order.

Anyway, I thought it could be a good multiplayer addition, as well as give a purpose to some of the late game colonies that have ungodly amounts of resources and everything in the game built already.

But you guys can tell me what you think of such an idea, or offer improvements/suggestions!

I can also add a special commemorative building. I also thought about doing another Podcast for the occasion, maybe one on Discord where I have people from the community on as guests.

Anyway, let me know what you all think!
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#3 2019-10-01 15:54:28
Ooo I'd love to see a discord podcast that could be very interesting. I could probably help you set something up too.
The Galactic Challenge sounds interesting, it would be a good use for in game federations. Would there be rewards for the colonies involved?
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#4 2019-10-01 17:23:54
I am thinking the challenge would reset every month, and maybe it will be just for federations. Federations complete as many galactic emperor "orders" as they can, and get points for each one, based on the difficulty of the order. At the end of the month, the top three federations get a gold, silver, or bronze medal, and federations are ranked based on their medals. Then the challenge restarts for the next month.

Anyway i think something along those lines could not only add a purpose to federations and later game players, also give a use for the massive resource stockpiles of old colonies.
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#5 2019-10-01 18:03:17
For me actually I hope the Galactic Emperor’s Grand Orders (or the one in my unfinished The Grand Space Series, The Galactic Grand Race) will be able to pariciplate by every single player that those non-mature colonies may take the minor quests (on their own way) while other big players can take larger quests.
I hope from those events not only real honour is earned, there is a special currency that you can only earn exclusively from completing the quests and grand events, for building some exclusive awesome buildings, and even new awesome policies.

And yep, stay tuned on my Grand Space Series ideas that I am also attempting to expand the gameplay too, including outer space explorations e.t.c.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
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#6 2019-10-02 13:53:48

i just got an idea for the 1.0, regarding space, starships, and region filesystem.

ps. i will post it later in the in the corresponding section.
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