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THE GRAND SPACE SERIES - Vol.6 <The Great Artifacts>

H3110 guys!

In the ultra-wide galaxy, there might be something you can collect from outer space explorations and brings your colony great advantages from normal gameplay to the Galactic Emperor’s Quests planned by @bastecklein.

Here we goes!

  • Imperial Relics
    The Galactic Empire had a very long history since long, long, long time ago. Find out their old story and their powers from the artifacts and relics of the Empire!
    100% Collection Bonus - For every Imperial Quest finished, they yields 50% more points.
    • The Scepter of the Holy Powers
      Before the Galactic Empire goes evil, these scepters are the signs of power of the Old Holy Empire, enchanted with the holy powers as the myths said.
    • Lost Pages of Imperial Codex of Justice
      For ages, nobody would disagree the legendary Imperial Codex of Justice is the most perfect codex in the history. However most of the pages are lost during the Imperial War of Holy and Evil.
    • Legendary Imperial Saber of Imperial Generals
      The Imperial Sabers are approvements of bravery by the Emperor. Only the legendary generals can own this kind of stuff, it’s a tradition.
    • The Unholy Crown of the Evil Empire
      These crowns are proved used by Emperors in early days of Evil Era of the Galactic Empire. Only the Insectnoids knows how to forge these crowns - these crowns can be only forged using Antaura. However after the Alpha Draconians had enslaved the entire Insectnoid population the recipe for forging the crown had become a forgotten history since then.
  • Remains of Titan Civilization
    Titan civilization are one of the Ancient civilizations of the Galaxy as historians defined. The Titans, known as the Megasapians, was the strongest civilization in the old days because of their terrible strength their colossal body size. However their civilization came to the end after the rise of Galactic Empire. There are still something powerful from their old relics.
    100% Collection Bonus - Reveals Ancient Titan technology branch.
    • Amber Pendent of Titan Saints
      The Saints were supposed something like Titan priests. Every of them wore one of those Amber Pendents, which magically have powers of healing any physical injuries, it's truly an mythical artifact.
    • Fine Triantanium Chestplate of a Titan Mercenary
      Don’t think the Titans were only able to make rough, unpolised stuff. They were the masters of metallurgy that their skills of refining metals was something even the present-day Alpha Draconians cannot be as good as them - They were actually the one who have discovered triantanium alloy. Its quality is even better than those made by the modern major triantanium producer - The humans.
    • Warship Scraps of Titan Fleet
      You should be able to imagine how large their starships, their average warship size could be as massive as a present day NovaMariner Space Dreadnaught. the Although these scraps were not complete pieces, there are some useful shipbuilding technology to be rediscovered from those parts.
    • Neutronium Drills of Titan Outposts
      Yes, they were the second civilization in the galaxy that succeeded extracting pure neutronium and make them into alloys. Those neutronium drills can even penetrate materials and rocks harder than triantanium without much wearing off, it was the strongest (and the most expensive) drill in the Galaxy before the rise of beam drills (which is cheaper). Was commonly used in their mining industry.
  • The Human Relics of Space Expendition
    For long years ago since the Soviet Union launched their first satillite, Humans on Earth had launched lots of experimental space projects and left lots remains of those forgotten, discontinued, and dead projects scattered across the galaxy.
    100% Collection bonus - All space mission time are shortened by 75%.
    • Shipwrecks of Pioneer Colonist Ship
      Pioneer Colonist Ship, known as Pioneer MKI, is the earliest yet largest long-range space colonization vessels of human history since year 2031 and later modified into some other space vessels such as Pioneer Tanker and Pioneer Cargo Ship. However they are discontinued since 2051, the Global Economy Apocalypse of Earth, the governments are not able to finance constructing and running any of them now, and the blueprint was even lost after a little accident before United Earth restored the order. All of those remains are still adrift now, or had crashed on another planet somewhere in the galaxy. Despite there is only the shipwrecks left, their brilliant internal designs are irreplaceable - Those large ships have all sorts of facilities you may imagine, from farm to commercial centers.
    • Blueprints of Prototype Quantum Engine
      Once around 2036 and 2038, known as the Age of Quantum-mania, many scientists from various space colonies and Earth begin their insane competition building quantum hyperjump engines, which would be capable to hyperjump any space vessel to any corners of the galaxy. However this project got banned and scrapd after the Quantum Explosion of New Paris (a French controlled colony in Solar System) , which have turned the entire colony and even the planet into something like the type Abandoned World planets - Radiation hazards everywhere, overgrown of plants, and carcinogenic Ether leaking everywhere.
    • Abandoned MegaRover LCR-07
      Literally they are the prototypes of Mega Builder rovers. These big complex machines, assembled using nanogears, are used for mines and quarries and dig those minerals needed without the need of any manual controls, and are able to construct most facilities when given commands. However eventually they faced the same fate as the Pioneer Colonist Ships - they were also shut down in 2051 and left rusting for ages as the Earth provided no financial assistance and supplies for the colonies and space projects.
    • Sector-Range Space Telescope
      These robust and highly sensitive space telescopes were developed during 2020-2035 for space research. And since 2032, their importance raised as they are important for positioning in the galaxy and keep the colony vessels and fleets well-guided, until 2048, they were shut down and replaced by the brand new Galaxy Positioning System.
  • The Artifacts of Ancientbots
    Ancientbots were the cyborg research and industry servants of the Old Holy Galactic Empire. After the Holy Empire’s total defeat, Ancientbots were banished by the present-day Evil Empire and then chased by Alpha Draconians that wished to steal technology from their artifacts, which now only few of those artifacts scattered over the galaxy. The Ancientbots are supposed alive, but probably somewhere secret in the Far Lands.
    100% Collection Bonus - Reveals Ancientbot technology branch.
    • Crates of Prototype Artifacts
      Believe or what, these Ancientbots are the inventors and creators of the first generation Alien Artifacts. They involved very complex quantum knowledge and structures that a human brain needs an entire life to study them all! Study those bulky stuffs might help learn how to create artifacts - beginning with the raws.
    • Ancient Cube of Crafters
      Don't think it's an useless scrap metal cube, it's the mighty multitool cube of the Ancientbots! This Cube of Crafters can be transformed into any tools and gadgets you need, if you know how to use this little high tech cube.
    • Blueprints of 2nd Generation Ancient Tech
      The Ancientbots originally developed the improved version for all alien tech stuff, before they have finalized designs, the takeover of the Evil Empire forced them to gave up their blueprints. Although the Imperial Department of Engineers continued those projects, however due to extreme complexity of the blueprints that nobody but the Ancientbots can read, the projects were wasted and their blueprints were distributed and sold like lumps of useless papers.
    • Molecular Forge
      The molecular forge can make anything from anything you've put into it. This industrial innovation once brought glory to the Old Holy Empire, however because building one of them costed very expensive at that time which requires lots of rare materials, there was no new molecular forges built after it had invented for ten years.

Remarks - For every artifact you've collected, you will begin with some points at the beginning of every event.

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