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THE GRAND SPACE SERIES Vol.2 <Random Events>

H3110 guys!

There’s a way to give more playability to the gameplay - By implementing the unpredictability. It not just give challenges to the gameplay, it also makes the entire gameplay more exciting and fun (maybe...)

Here’s my idea,
The Random Events.

When you’ll see your first random event? That will appear shortly after your consulate is built in your colony. Don’t worry about these events are difficult to overcome, all events have their trigger conditions. Every event will come in a constant manner, about every 30 minutes of gameplay.
In every random event you may need to make important choices, and some may not need.
And if choices are required to be made, you might have to face the consequences after making a choice.

Okay, here are part of my proposed events!

  • Roaming Trader
    A freelance trader will try to make a little deal with your colony.
    The trade will require a small amount of resource, one kind only. Successful trade will yield money and reputation, and will also bring in better traders later.
    Unsuccessful or rejected trade will bring no impacts.
    Trigger condition: Gov. level ≥1
  • Colonial Investment (Small)
    The colonial finance advisor have proposed an investment campaign for your colony, and now it only require your permission to perform it.
    Costs $1500.
    If permission is granted, there’s a 55% chance to profit $2500 (returns $4000), 25% chance to earn nothing (returns $1500) and 20% chance to loss $500 (returns $1000).
    Successful investment will also brings in higher yield investments.
    Rejection will have no impacts.
    Trigger condition: Gov. level ≥1<3 or 0 times of success in Colonial Investment (Small)
  • Pirate ATTACK! (Small)
    Code red! A small group of pirates are approaching!
    This event stands for 50 security threat (this will be explaind in Security and Crimes MKII).
    If your security is strong enough (remainding security point ≥50) , your colony suffers no loss and reputation is earned.
    If the colony don’t have enough security strength to defend, you have two more options:
    All colonists defend the colony together. This might cause casualties (at least one deaths), but earns little reputation.
    Evacuate all colonists and have 60% loss of all resources. Buildings will be damaged.
    Trigger condition:
    Gov. level ≥1<2
  • Rumors about the Government
    There’s rumors about the colonial government spreading in your colony.
    You have the following choices:
    Do nothing and have tempoary decrease in approval rating (-10%) and happiness (-10%).
    Launch a campaign to tell everybody it’s a fake news without evidence (Costs civics, amount = 0.5 × total population ).
    Trigger condition:
    Gov. level ≥1.
  • Visit of Commonwealth Officer
    The colony officer of your commonwealth is visiting your colony for evaluating your newly established colonial government, and you have limited time to prepare everything to welcome him before he comes. Try not to give a rude impression on other colonies and your host commonwealth.
    This event is an non-rejectable quest (Quests will be explained in Quest & Orders part), time limit is 20 minutes, you'll need to prepare 500 food, 15 rum and 50 civics in time so you can earn 500 civics and 1000 money with 50 reputation. If you failed to prepare... relationship with ALL commonwealth members get a temporary decrease of 65%.
    This is the FIRST event after you have established a government through the consulate and only take place once.
  • Birthday of Imperial Noble
    Under the name of Galactic Emperor, an Imperial Noble is celebrating the birthday and your colony is asked to prepare a 'small proportion' of gift, if you are willing to.
    This event is a quest, time limit is 15 minutes. Requires 150 civics to reject it; If you accepted you have to prepare 1500 rum, 2000 gold, 50000 food and 200 money. If you failed to prepare the present on time your colony will have -5% relationship with the Galactic Empire (Will further explain in Galactic Diplomacy).

Stay tuned for further updates!
More ideas are coming!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Soooo guys, would you like this game to have some random events to make it fun?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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