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This is an updated version of the now depreciated Player Info API. New version now returns an object detailing whether or not the account exists, what colonies are available, and the time that the user was last online.
{"exists":true,"colonies":[{"name":"Domination","charter":"0hZgBkjn","independent":"April 19, 2017","population":"288521","founded":"April 8, 2017","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-949442.jpg","lastactive":"2022-03-29 23:21:02","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Imperial Munson","charter":"8Ksj9SAy","independent":"December 5, 2019","population":"34943","founded":"September 2, 2018","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-900950.jpg","lastactive":"2021-12-21 14:31:40","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Zolargia","charter":"7qkXSuCr","independent":"June 12, 2017","population":"33733","founded":"March 10, 2017","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-616107.jpg","lastactive":"2021-12-21 14:33:26","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Pixelville","charter":"sjlK2GZ9","independent":"December 7, 2019","population":"8779","founded":"November 25, 2016","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-44837.jpg","lastactive":"2022-03-22 18:21:01","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Cap Test","charter":"Ik4MEoNu","independent":"0","population":"2193","founded":"December 3, 2021","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/0","lastactive":"2022-02-13 19:45:28","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Wetland","charter":"kfnejuF4","independent":"December 14, 2019","population":"350","founded":"December 16, 2018","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-975471.jpg","lastactive":"2022-02-07 22:01:15","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Booshland","charter":"82RdbsyZ","independent":"0","population":"18","founded":"March 6, 2022","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/0","lastactive":"2022-03-07 02:18:56","account":"bastecklein"}],"laston":"2022-03-29 23:21:02"}
From there, you can drill down even further using the Colony Info API on one of the charter codes.
2y ago
Update 20220330: This API has been depreciated in favor of the New Player Info API which gives additional information.
(replace bastecklein with desired username)

Returns JSON formatted array data containing a list of all user's colonies on the server.

"independent":"April 19, 2017",
"founded":"April 8, 2017",
"lastactive":"2019-10-10 21:06:08",
"name":"New Munson",
"independent":"October 14, 2018",
"founded":"April 12, 2018",
"lastactive":"2019-09-09 20:12:27",
"name":"Imperial Munson",
"founded":"September 2, 2018",
"lastactive":"2019-10-15 02:00:22",
... ]

From there, you can drill down even further using the Colony Info API on one of the charter codes.
4y ago
Hello guys!
(I’m the same person as @Wadaling)

Firstly and most importantly, I am presenting a big thanks to @bastecklein, for adopting my ideas from the following posts (written using my old account, @Wadaling):
• Human based ideas and other basis:
• Insectnoid based idea:

Okay let’s go straight into the topic.

As @bastecklein mentioned in his release notes for v0.90.0 update:
bastecklein said:To go along with the new utility, there are new IT related structures (and a new Information Technology build category) for each race, although most are early/mid-game Human structures at the moment. The next updates will build out the tree for the other races and add later game content as well.

bastecklein said:The next update will be Part 2 of the IT update, and will probably be mostly Zolarg and Alpha Draconian. Then there will probably be a Part 3 to top it off.

(for full notes, check it on )

Definitely, Bast and his epic team has lots of stuff to do on this new utility.

Prototype artworks here!

Technology / Research
Multimedia Infranstructure - Learn how to use internet utilities to establish a colony-wide multimedia broadcast system.
Insectnoid Mind Network (Zolarg) - Make use of the internet utilities to transfer...... thoughts. Allowing more efficient communication, governance, and management.
Proxy Servers (LIS) - The best way to perform secret activities without the need for cleaning browser history, while avoid tracking by the galaxy-wide internet secuity system of United Earth.
Mass Data Management - Learn how to improve internet utilities to manage more data, as well utilize it for more efficient industrial management purpose.

Official News Station - Keep your colonists informed. Paid to subscribe the home commonwealth channel, generating more civics than ordinery civic centres.
Imperial Propaganda Office - Direct upgrade of Official News Station... still broadcasts some news, but also broadcasts a very wide range of propagandas to influence your people... Generates lotta of civics, but costing more money, and it also consumes little amount of chips.
Sports Streaming Station - When you can’t have a stadium in your colony, why not just establish a sports event streaming station on a empty ground, and let your colonists spectating the exciting matches through the screen. Snacks and rums are provided to the spectators.
Cinema - This cinema will fetch all kinds of movies around the galaxy through the internet, and play them to the colonists (paid for the tickets)!
Semiautomatic Software Complier - Develop lots of software efficiently using AI technology.
Large Server Building (UE only) - When bandwidth demand in your colony grows, you definitely need a larger and more efficient server to meet the needs.
E-Sports Stadium - E-sports is definitely one of the most exciting sports event all-around the galaxy! This stadium provides the venue for all sorts of e-tournaments.
Online Black Market Office (LIS) - This upgraded black market bazzar can manage a larger amount of trade, while fetching more smuggled goods into the colony!
Electronics Chop Shop - Old scraps of electeonics are put here and recycled into microchips, to meet the demand for internet maintainence.
Hacker Camp (LIS) - Where professional gangs of hackers hide and launch viral attacks to steal software, intelligence, and most importantly, evil money.
Proxy Server Building (LIS) - Large servers are easily tracked by United Earth. Although provides less bandwidth than ordinery one it does provides a much safer internet services.

Zolarg / Insectnoids
Mound of Scholars - (Although not related to the internet directly,) This mound will teach the broods all kinds of professional industrial skills for all sorts of advanced industrial production and research, as well internet utilities.
Insectnoid Hologram News Station - Believe what? Insectnoids somehow steal the hologram technology from Alpha Draconians and simplified their designs. Keep the broods informed with newest Zolarg propagandas and news, generating civics while consuming national subscription fees and microchips.
Interstellar Mind Connection Node - Contact the antennas on their head with the wires and connect to the communication network. That’s the way Insectnoids communicate with their cousins lightyears away, without any signal jamming.
Hologram Theatre - This entertainment facility makes use of multiple hologram projectors to play freshly uploaded amazing theatres from Zolarg Prime.
Vaults of Galactic Investment - Insectnoids cannot just rely on mints to get the money they need. It’s time to connect to the interstellar investment markets and earn big.
Mind Council of Scholars - Where scholars’ minds meet and discuss innovations and conduct researches using thoughts and resources from the mind network. Generates research, along with education services.
Insectnoid Computer Array - Yes, I’m not kidding. Insectnoids did built their own computer for research.

(More ideas coming soon! Stay tuned!)

More ideas?
Please comment!

Or access to and have some discussion!

#MyColony2 #VoxelPaint #VoxelModel #CommunityContents #MagicaVoxel #Scroll3D


Some months ago, inside the secret lab in the deep mountains.... Wait, wrong script.
Just a few monthes ago, our dev @bastecklein got hands onto creating a (sort of) next generation engine for upcoming games of Ape Apps. With some computer magic and pretty much hard efforts, the brand new engine Scroll3D was born, a new engine comes with elevation in terms of dimensions, from 2D to 3D.
The detailed story about creation of Scroll3D can be found in this post.

The currently under development My Colony 2 (MC2) is created using Scroll3D engine. So how it would look like? Here are some demonstrations from the recent in game footage.

Currently, the Scroll3D engine is capable of the followings, compared to the older Scroll2D engine:
  • More realistic light rendering.
  • Light emitting objects!
  • A better representation of height and elevation.
  • Diagonal movement of objects.
  • 3 dimensional details for objects.
You can see the 3D models are very blocky in shape. This style is called Voxel, which every model are built up block by block. In other words, you can say it is low pixel graphics but it is in 3D.
The reason bastecklein adopted this style is because voxel models are generally easy to make. This is a good thing for people who would like to contribute to the graphical designs of game objects in game development, or create mods for the games - that is also one of the major features of My Colony 2.

Games using Scroll3D engine, including My Colony 2, use .vpp files for object graphics in the game. So how you can create the voxel models?

Bastecklein has also created another app for creating voxel models in .vpp format - Voxel Paint.
This is a dedicated app for creating .vpp models for any Ape Apps games using Scroll3D engine. A simple and easy-to-use app, it allows you to create simple, small voxel models. More importantly, it is available on many platforms, from your desktop computer to your mobile devices.
You can try out the app a bit on the embed window above.

Voxel Paint can work in conjunction with another popular, totally free open source software that is also for creating voxel models, MagicaVoxel. MagicaVoxel, compared to Voxel Paint, has more convenient and advanced tools that can help making of voxel models easier, especially when you're trying to create larger models that would take days to make on Voxel Paint. However, it is so far only available on PC devices.
This is their official website where you will find the latest download version, and their Github page:
Models created using MagicaVoxel is in format of .vox, this format cannot be used in My Colony 2, it requires conversion in Voxel Paint using the Import .vox file function and then save it as usable .vpp files.
This is a screenshot of the user interface.

At this moment, the standard unit of a tile in Scroll3D engine is 16×16 voxels. Hence, when you're creating voxel models, please set canvas size/base area parameters as multiples of 16 (16×16, 32×32, 48×48, etc.) for proper designs.

Any voxel models in .vpp format you have created can be submitted on the Ape Apps forums, which upon submission of the post/comment the .vpp model preview can be rendered.

Just a few hours before this post, My Colony 2 reached v0.2.0 with a few basic gameplay features implemented successfully. It is far from completion, and some buildings need better models. However, there is also plentiful of space for adding shiny new good stuff and refining the current details, this is where bastecklein will need more cool thoughts, amazing ideas and fine suggestions from us. Of course, better or new voxel models!

As always:
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
bastecklein said:First up I will be doing quite a bit of work on the interface. I am thinking of replacing the bottom left corner menu that you get when you click on a building (with the build, sell, cancel, etc buttons) with a small row of icons that appears under the buildings when you click on them. Then there will be a new building stats screen with improved data, such as production per minute and some fun graphs and whatnot. Will also give info related to how many of each type of building you have and so forth.

bastecklein said:For vehicles, I will be adding the ability to group them together with keyboard shortcuts, and then calling them up with a keypress. For instance, you will be able to highlight a bunch of vehicles, press ctrl+4 to assign them to group #4, then when you press the '4' key, it will call up all of those units.

bastecklein said:Some buildings will become movable, in that they will be able to "pack up" into a vehicle, drive to a different location, and then "unpack".

And this is why we love you master!!!
6y ago
Hello guys!

As @bastecklein mentioned in his v0.90.0 update notes:
bastecklein said:...When I first started coding My Colony in 2016, I actually built it with the ability to have multiple utilities...

Multiple utility function did worked as you can see in the v0.90.0 update. So we can expect @bastecklein and his epic team will add more utilities (but I’ll expect at most three added) in the future updates.

So speaking of utilities....
I have searched for my old moldy posts written before, using my old account @Wadaling, and found some useful:
Security Utility
Public Transport (potential but not a good idea at all)

What utilities would you wish to add also?
bastecklein said:
bastecklein said:
bastecklein said:It's been an annoying problem for some time now.

But will it ever get better?

There is only one way to find out...

Let's go!
4y ago
Hello guys!

My Colony 2 (MC2) is currently under development which will utilize the brand new 3D engine.
In other word:
notes: It is a different game, not a direct successor of the current My Colony.

About the new 3D engine and Voxel Models
The first practical 3D engine utilisation was first tested in another game by @bastecklein, My Empire.
You'll found the models and textures in the new 3D engine looks quite blocky which the blockyness (...?) can be compared to Minecraft. The style is called Voxel.
One of the reasons for Bastecklein adopting voxel models is that it is easier for players to build their own model brick by brick, instead of entering hundreds of parameters to produce a single model.

This is a footage of My Empire. Looks promising, right?

MC2 and Voxel Models
One of the innovative change of MC2 over MC1 is the game supports more possibilities of modding, allowing players to customize their game from resources to buildings, from their attributes to their in-game appearance.
The render for colonists, rovers and buildings will also be voxel models - You can even use your own!

A demonstration of how the game could look like. Not an in-game render.

How to make your own voxel model
Bastecklein has also prepared an app dedicated for creating voxel models for new 3D games, including MC2, and their modding features:Voxel Paint.
Easy to use, it is accessible to anybody at different platforms, from your mobile to PC and laptops, either the web version or you can download the app if you wish to edit them offline.
Currently it is just a simple app, there are lots of rooms for improvement. If you think of something that can make Voxel Paint better, don't forget to drop your idea in the official Voxel Paint forum!

Hopefully you'll find this post helpful!
bastecklein said:You also need to keep in mind that the death star isn't going to just build itself. It takes $$$$

Dolla dolla bills ya'll! LOL! Thanks for the hard work Bastecklein.
6y ago
nonobosss said:so may be you forgot to build some important storage buildings. before complaining try to see what you did wrong first

I didn't do anything wrong. I spin up new colonies when I get bored from working on my Masters. I've been unemployed since February and this game has been one of my only diversions. I got hit by the tax, lost almost a trillion coin. Sucks, but okay. I can get that back. Resources being lost, that's something else. Since there were no storage requirements, I didn't build steel yards. With the 50 Advanced Ore, I have several millions steel capacity, no need to staff a steel yard. Brick warehouses, sure. Even quantum. Those don't store gold.

None of it really matters. The owner has shown his contempt for the userbase. Fine, no problems. I can find a new game. I've left my reviews on the MS store and the Android store. I've deleted my save games, and removed the clients.

I will find a game where the developer doesn't take a crap on the users and then get snippy if they protest.

The reviews:

My Colony was a great game, but after the developer punished the entire userbase for the actions of a few, players are leaving in droves. Don't bother.

bastecklein said:
The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived, the release of My Colony v0.50.0 - the fighting 50!

There was also a new Galactic Emperor tax levied. This is the Emperor's highest tax ever, coming in at 95% of everything over $750m, and 100% of everything over $10b. This was imposed because of the API hacker who auto-purchased every contract on the market, leaving some players with an ungodly amount of money. If you got your money legitimately, then I am sorry, but this is the way it is. You can thank the abusers for the tax.

bastecklein "If that causes you to ragequit then I am sorry to see you go but there is nothing I can do about it. If it causes My Colony to die as a game, then that is what happens."
6y ago
There shuold be a support button in the game and you could write whatever you want added in there.

The idea behind this is so more people can give suggestions.

You might be saying "what about the forum, you dumbhead" and I would say "some kids' parents don't allow them to go on a forum."

You might now be saying "what if they spam all over the place" and I would say "put a spam detector in there! There are spam detectors all over games like M*n*cr*ft S*rv*rs and R*bl*x and..."

This is a really good idea becuase more suggestions would make the game better for everyone.

I know the feeling when you have a bug to report and your parents don't let you sign up for the forum...

You now might be saying "It's not like the only people playing the game are 7-year olds!" But then I would say "But its not like the only people playing the game are teenagers!"

Now, you might be saying "It's not like 7-year olds know how to make suggestions," but trust me, most of know. You don't know that becuase no other game has ingame suggestions.

And now you might be worrying "what if bastecklein doesn't have enough time to look through the suggestions" and I would say "its not like the suggestions expire in one day; bast has all the time he needs to look at all of time."

And now you would say "but bastecklein only wants suggestions with artwork" and there could be an in game uploading artwork system.

And now you would say "Why would suggestions help the game" and I would say "Why is there a suggestions section in the forum, then?"

Now you might be saying "Why do you keep repeating this format of me saying something and you responding" and I would say "vote yes on the poll!"
6y ago
Hi Bastecklein,

I don't know if putting a cap on how many managers or upgrades on a business would be the solution because the investments in upgrades or managers are exponentially.

The main problem, I think, is that the revenues after upgrading or managers aren't balanced: if you need to make an investment in a business model, you need to return the money within a logic/normal timespan.

Take the Cargo Ship:
at 2 upgrade and 1 managers you have 1724 est.$/day.
After third upgrade of 348.000: 2059 est.$/day. Return of investment at 34 months (2,8 years)
After fourth upgrade of 504.600: 2415 est.$/day. Return of investment at 47 months (3,9 years)
After fifth upgrade of 731.670: 2788 est$/day: Return of investment at 65 months (5,4 years)
After sixth upgrade of 1.060.922: 3172 est. $/day. Return of investment at 92 months (7,7 years)
At this point it's cheaper to buy a manager at 1.035.000: 3359 est.$/day. Return of investment: 184 months (15 years)

At this point you can conclude that investing (more) in this business isn't worth it, because the return time goes straight up and given that the time in the game passes by days. Unless there is a breaking point in which the revenue goes exponentially up too. This you see after upgrading your lawn service: if you upgrade to level 15, the return time of your first 12 managers is less than a day.

This I noticed at most businesses.


bastecklein said:Well they are all balanced as the point of purchase. I think what I need to do is put a cap on how many managers you can hire at each business, and how many times each business can level up.
6y ago
bastecklein said:No I am unable to reproduce it yet. What version of the Launcher are you using? What Operating System? 32/64 bit?

im using version 1.1.15 of the launcher
my operating system is windows 10 64bit
and im using .68 of the game.
i can send you a copy of my save if that helps?
6y ago
bastecklein said:
ssj2071 said:I recently bought the premium version of My Colony on my iPhone SE and I just logged in to my ape apps account of the Facebook version of the game via Facebook, but the premium mode didn't carry over. If anyone could please help me with this issue, I would be grateful.

I fixed your account, it should work now. For some reason the premium flag did not get triggered, maybe there was a connection issue at the "moment of truth".

Thanks, and yes, it shows up now, it's just that when I logged in on Facebook yesterday right before this post, I had already been playing on premium mode for almost a week on my iPhone before I logged in on the Facebook version. But I just logged in on the Facebook version just now and it shows up this time. Thanks again, bastecklein.
5y ago
bastecklein said:
Tantepoes03 said:Okay, @bastecklein i made a new colony yesterday and i growth it to 250 people or something and it was automatically saving, but it just didn't do anyting it keep saying: Saving. So i closed My Colony and restarted it and it says Safe file corrupted again, so the cause is probably that the automatically saving sometimes freezes.

is this on iPhone by chance?

This happened to me just now with 3,500 population on my PC.
5y ago
bastecklein said:
Tantepoes03 said:Okay, @bastecklein i made a new colony yesterday and i growth it to 250 people or something and it was automatically saving, but it just didn't do anyting it keep saying: Saving. So i closed My Colony and restarted it and it says Safe file corrupted again, so the cause is probably that the automatically saving sometimes freezes.

is this on iPhone by chance?

no it's on my laptop so pc
5y ago
tinypixie said:
bastecklein said:
Tantepoes03 said:Okay, @bastecklein i made a new colony yesterday and i growth it to 250 people or something and it was automatically saving, but it just didn't do anyting it keep saying: Saving. So i closed My Colony and restarted it and it says Safe file corrupted again, so the cause is probably that the automatically saving sometimes freezes.

is this on iPhone by chance?

This happened to me just now with 3,500 population on my PC.

Same, also on pc the first time it happened i had like 5000 people in my colony
5y ago
bastecklein said:If you can load your colony in the Google Chrome browser on the web version of the game ( ), you can open the Developer Tools, go to the Performance Tab, and record a short (about 20 seconds) performance profile. It will indicate which functions are lagging out on your map

I did as you suggested and ran the performance test
Range: 0 – 1.2 min
69513 ms
30.0 msLoading
65447.8 msScripting
1104.5 msRendering
850.5 msPainting
568.5 msOther
1511.3 msIdle

currently i am at 1.8mil colonist.
5y ago
So the title says my problem is that when i try and save the whole game freezes and stays on "creating backup" forever. I don't know why this has started to happen, because the game worked fine just a few days ago. It is every time the game tries to save that it freezes, both when i do it manually and when to game autosaves. I really don't want to just start a new city because i've spent over a month on this one and have tons of ressources I don't want to lose. It is every time the game tries to save that it freezes, both when i do it manually and when the game autosaves. I really hope someone (Bastecklein) can help me and others with this.
5y ago
Platform (win10, ape launch, chrome..) and game version? You have already check firewall or other security program?

In any case:

bastecklein said:

When you get the error, is there an ! exclamation point after the word "response", or a period?

There are two different error conditions, and I made one have a ! and one with a . to differentiate between the two, lol.

bastecklein said:
Ok. If it happens again, the one without the "!" will print the actual error message into the JS Console, so if you could open the game in Chrome or something and look at the error console, any info would be helpful.

But if it is working now too, that is also good!
5y ago
Statquo86 said:
bastecklein said:If you can load your colony in the Google Chrome browser on the web version of the game ( ), you can open the Developer Tools, go to the Performance Tab, and record a short (about 20 seconds) performance profile. It will indicate which functions are lagging out on your map

I did as you suggested and ran the performance test
Range: 0 – 1.2 min
69513 ms
30.0 msLoading
65447.8 msScripting
1104.5 msRendering
850.5 msPainting
568.5 msOther
1511.3 msIdle

currently i am at 1.8mil colonist.
Could you point me where to click, i cant find performance tab?
5y ago
bastecklein said:Are you thinking like an in-game logo maker, or a deal that just lets you upload your own image file?

In-game logo maker is preferred by me. (but if some want to upload one for themselves, it’s okay too as they may need one, but may be in *.svg format)

To fetch some possible components for making the logo, I may try to draw example logos for some commonwealths.

Feel free to ask me for a hand-drawn design!
bastecklein said:MP is multiplayer spawn point. C is campaign spawn point, but it is not yet supported.

Thanks @bastecklein!
bastecklein said:
[*]Regional natural resource deposits (ore/gold/aluminum/etc) will now actually deplete when the colony is not active
[/list]So that second one is pretty important, since it is a departure to the way regions had been working, and some colonies might be built depending on the old behavior. However, the old behavior was obviously flawed, so I think that the adjustment was necessary.

You can expand this part? You mean the region bug related to harvest? (resources income remain unchanged, but the resources deposits remain intact)

bastecklein said:
[/list]New Structures Added
  • Online Black Market Office

This structure need to be reworked, or at least the Starships production need to be removed. Because this (very cheap) structure make obsolete the Ship Yard, and stupidly easy to grow star ship.
4y ago
@Sobeirannovaocc sorry I just now saw this, but this is already implemented and fairly simple.
You just replace the bastecklein with whatever username you need.
4y ago
bastecklein said:
bastecklein said:It's been an annoying problem for some time now.

But will it ever get better?

There is only one way to find out...
4y ago
H3110 guy$!

So as what @bastecklein said in the roadmap:
bastecklein said:v1.0.0 - Online Events Update

The v1.0.0 release is going to focus on a new feature I mentioned in another thread regarding online events. This is sort of like an online leaderboard feature where players can "compete" with one another by completing tasks for the evil Galactic Emperor and gaining experience points and rank. There are going to be two separate leaderboards, one for individual players, and one for federations. The tasks are broken into daily challenges and your score builds up throughout the month. At the end of the month, the player and federation with the top score wins, gets a payout according to what place they won, and the leaderboards reset for the next month. Winnings are going to be experience points gained for all players who complete events, and Imperial Credits, an online-only resource that gets paid out to the top three winners each month. There will be special buildings that you can add to your colony using Imperial Credits, to honor your victories. There will be no trading of Imperial Credits and you will not be able to buy them with an IAP. They are only to mark participation and victory in the Galactic Emperor challenges.

So based on that, I’m now tryin’ to give ideas about the quests from the Galactic Emperor (or even more NPCs?)

Scenarios from Galactic Emperor (and his evil empire)
  • The Imperial Birrthsday
    The Galactic Empire is celebrating its birthsday and the Emperor is inviting all colonies to celebrating it together - if you are willing to help out.
    • Running Rum
      Since there will be enormous demand for alcohol drinks, the Empire is now requesting rums from all corners around the galaxy for the crazy rum fountains.
      Exports a specific amount of rums to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Feast Supply
      The Imperial Kitchen urgently needs some fresh food and rum supplies, nobody would enjoy an imperfect feast!
      Exports a specific amount of food and rum to the Galactic Emperor.
    • State of the ‘Art’
      How you can call this a ‘Festival’ when it goes without some special decorations and arts?
      Export a specific total amount of potteries, cloth, gold, diamond and paintings to the Galactic Emperor. Paintings yields the most score per unit.
    • Sweet Treats
      Imperial Ministry of Desserts is urgently asking for some sugar and food supplies because the Emperor needs some sweet treats!
      Export a specific amount of sugar and food to the Galactic Emperor
    • Event Venue Construction
      Thr Imperial Ministry of Festivals is asking your colony to build a special venue here as some fun events are going to take place here.
      You can build either a small, medium, large, epic or colossal festival plaza on your map. Larger one yields more scores. Will be removed once the scenario is over. This quest will only be issued once.
    • Local Arrangements
      To celebrate such grand festival, it’s time to have some special arrangements in your colony as the Imperial Ministry of Festivals have asked.
      Produce 100K civics cumulatively after this quest is issued to you. Yields lots of score.
    • Toys for the Naughty Boys
      The Galactic Emperor is having headaches because all his kids are asking for new toys as their festival gifts! The Imperial Ministry of Toys is now asking colonies for toys as the Emperor has ordered.
      Export a specific amount of toys to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Tourism Pressure Test
      The Galactic Ministry of Tourism is going to test the ability of your colony to serve the guests, so as to ensure the entire event does not goes wrong!
      Serve 25000 tourists cumulatively after the quest is issued to you. Has hidden Tokens Hide n’ Seek quest to further increase your score during the quest.
    • Festival Taxation
      The Emperor needs some extra fund for preparing this festival, and The Galactic Ministry of Taxation is now asking your colony to pay extra taxes to the Galactic Empire.
      Export a specific amount of money to the Galactic Emperor.
    • The Rite of the Birthsday
      The Galactic Emperor is asking for some Alien Artifects and Alien Relics for an important rite on the Imerial Birthsday.
      Export a specific total amount of alien artifects and alien relics to the Galactic Emperor.
      I’m Here to Serve You, Your Majesty.
      The Imperial Ministry of Servants is now recruiting new robotic servants to help around with the preparation, as well repair supplies for them.
      Export a specific amount of robots, microchips and aluminium to the Galactic Emperor.
    • Voluntary Transport Vessels
      The Empire’s own logistic system has overloaded due to the busy preparation and the Ministry of Logistics is now asking for some shipping vessals from some colonies as to reduce workload of the 5th Imperial Logistic Fleet.
      Export a specific numbers of starships to the Galactic Emperor.

H3110 guys!

Hi @bastecklein!
Just an idea about able to give reactions other than 👍🏻Good and 👎🏻Bad to the post and its replies, here are the reactions I wished to have in the forum:
😆 Haha
😢 Sad
🤔 Confused
🤝🏻 Thank You
😠 That’s too bad
😱 Shocked
🙋 +1

In addition, I wish they are in My Colony Tokens* style.

*(Know more about My Tokens here, if you don’t know about it yet. It’s an app developed by @bastecklein for making your own avater that applies in a series of Ape Apps services and games.)

Thanks for reading :p
H3110 guys!

Here first, may I congratulate to the successful Insectnoid update (v.0.98.0) and present a big, big, heartfully thanks to @bastecklein that bring us new insectnoid contents that will bring glory to the future of Zolarg Empire and its fellow swarms!

As @bastecklein planned, the coming v0.99.0, last update before the grand v1.0.0 launch version of My Colony, will feature the contents for the long forgotten Alpha Draconians and its evil Reptilians.
Here comes my ideas!

  • Stealth Teleporter
    This is one of the genious invenstions of Draconian engineers - The Stealth Teleporter can teleport anything except bulky starships from other colonies without being noticed and detected by any high-end anti-teleporting security systems.
  • Hologram Theatre
    Alpha Draconian goverment often put on funny (yet ironic) political themed shows that keeps your subjects in the deep illusion that nobody except the Draconian Commanders are always right.
    Serves 30 people.
    Produces little of civics but consumes softwares.
  • Radiated Crystal Farm
    With fine calculators to control radiation to optimize growth rate of crystals, nobody have to worry about crystal shortages. because this will churn out lotts of crystalline, though it’ll take some time.
    Consumes crystalline, micrograms of uranium, softwares and rum.
  • Slave Camp Bunker
    There was once a plague brought by the insectnoid slaves and it almost killed every Draconian colony. Since then some of the slave camps have built these Slave Camp Bunkers to keep the dirty bugs inside and away from the population strictly while there is good excuses for installing fortified defense that is 100% riot proof and advanced monitoring system to ensure your slaves working at all time.
    Produces some basic minerals needed by colony development and some food (don’t worry those food undergoes strict sterilization process).
  • Bugminator VII
    Look at this newest device to extract ant paste - If you zap a well-fed fat insectnoid slave, it’ll turn into lots of ant paste with some bit overcooked bug meat!
  • Draconian Corps Inc
    This is the colonial quarters of galaxy-famous military and industrial robotics company from Alpha Draconis - Draconian Corps Inc! Here your smart people deserves working here for low pay and assembles robots for you!
  • Draconian Academy of Engineering
    Advanced egineering is one of the important technology that leads to Alpha Draconians present day glory and excellence. Why not build one of the Academy here and have some even more value-adding education for your people!
  • Textile Camp
    Where your insectnoid tortured to ingest lumps of aluminium and keep fine metallic textiles producing!
  • Slave Circus
    Push the slaves into this circus and the Arbiters will punish your slaves all day to entertain your people with the deadly tricks that nobody survives!
  • 4th Dimensional Warehouse
    The 4th dimensional storage technology is just new to the galaxy, and this warehouse, though still in half-experimental stage, harnesses the power of dimensions to store a massive amount of resources!
    Requires lots of cooling water to operate.
  • Subterranean Slum
    A dirty cheap subterranean housing complex for housing lots of people.
  • Mess Hall for Slaves
    If the slaves can help you eat up the trash and produce more useful ant paste, why you have to teleport your trash away?
    Also consumes a trace amount of helium-3 along the way.
  • Offshore Slum
    A slum simply built with old cargo containers floating on the seas.
  • Court of Arbitation
    Upgrade for Square of Arbitation. This also produces money but takes up bandwidth and consumes rum.
    There’s a horrible fact that nobody ever returns after entering this place.
  • High Council of Arbiters
    A formal upgrade for Council of Arbiters for unlocking more policies as well better gifting amounts.
  • Hybrid MicroReactor
    A hybrid reactor that uses helium-3 and uranium to generate a totally evil amount of power!

More ideas will come in the post updates, so stay tuned!
H3110 guys!

As @bastecklein mentioned in his post:
bastecklein said:At the end of the month, the player and federation with the top score wins, gets a payout according to what place they won, and the leaderboards reset for the next month. Winnings are going to be experience points gained for all players who complete events, and Imperial Credits, an online-only resource that gets paid out to the top three winners each month. There will be special buildings that you can add to your colony using Imperial Credits, to honor your victories. There will be no trading of Imperial Credits and you will not be able to buy them with an IAP.

As the update after the upcoming update would be the v1.0.0, the Online Events Update, I would like to present my ideas reagrding the buildings that needs Imperial Credits to build one.

This quick artwork contains some of my ideas.

  • The Eden Park
    This is the modified Eden, from what the ancient scrolls told - Where any forms of life can live in harmony.
    Produces lots of food. Also providing a massive number of tourism capacity and entertainment capacity.
  • The Sapian Champion
    This epic tower will prove that our human glory in the galaxy!
  • The Insectnoid Champion
    This golden tower will become a memorable mark of the golden age in Insectnoid history.
  • The Reptilian Champion
    All hail our Overlords! This evil tower will show the galaxy our supremacy as we supposed to be!
  • Obelisk of Glory
  • Plaza of Galactic Fame
  • Park of Fortune
  • Hanging Gardens of Epicness
  • Gate of the Legends
  • Zenith Temple of the Only One
bastecklein said:
Please anybody who is having this issue, send the map to so I can observe it. I tried a patch with v1.1, but it was a blind attempt to fix based solely on what people have posted in the forum, as I have still yet to observe this issue for myself, other than the video somebody posted.

@bastecklein I send you an e-mail with three colony's with this issue. Hope you can get some insight in de bug! If you need any more information from me I'm happy to help!

Kind regards,
4y ago
Hello guys!

So speaking of war games like this. It can’t goes without campaigns.

Maybe I can share some ideas?

The UE storyline surrounds Commander Kelvin of Squad Falcon.

UE Campaign 1 - Operation Mantaray
Our supply line is intercepted, but we have got the coordinate of these thugs’ outpost. Destroy their outpost to ensure the safety of the supply line!
Objective: Destroy enemy lander.

UE Campaign 2 - Lockdown
A serious riot broke out in Prison Bermuda! The guards needs reinforcement! We have noticed the prisoners got secret weapon supplies from unknown source. Supress the riot, save the prison, and search for clues for who’s responsible for this riot.
Objective: Capture all critical strongholds.

UE Campaign 3 - Black Rose
From the intelligence obtained from the prisoners, the LIS mercenaries ‘Black Rose’ is responsible for both the riot in Prison Bermuda and interception of our ships. Now storm their headquarters and show them don’t ever mess with United Earth!
Objective: Destroy ‘Black Rose’ Jenny and her Mercenaries.

UE Campaign 4 - Battle of New Rotawood
LIS decided to take retaliation against our actions taken on their mercenaries, and their forces are heading to one of our strongholds, New Rotawood. Hold the line until we have reinforcements from Space Marines!
Objective: Protect the Fort before the Space Marines arrives.

UE Campaign 5 - Encircled
LIS launched another attack on our major colony H-53 Intigo, now the local forces are being encircled. They can’t hold any longer - Send the reinforcements as soon as possible to help the survival of their colony!
Objective: Destroy all enemy forces before the ally is terminated by LIS forces.

UE Campaign 6 - Scramble for Artifects
In the meantime to the battles, an new antiquity site has been discovered on a neutral planet G-45D, reserves lots of alien artifects. However, LIS forces get faster than us, already established an outpost for digging the artifects! Now we must catch up to get as much alien artifacts as possible before LIS depletes these important strategical resource!
Meanwhile, looks like there’s another empire (Alpha Draconians) looking for these artifacts...
Objective: Obtain 500 alien artifects before others get so, or destroy all enemy factions.
(as @bastecklein mentioned Reptilians will take a ‘little role’, Alpha Draconians will join this campaign. Yet maybe that’s not what @bastecklein means :p)

UE Campaign 7 - War for Uranium
The exploration fleet have discovered a new planet with lots of uranium deposits. LIS definitely also know about that, but luckily this time we are earlier than the LIS forces. Most importantly, establish an outpost as soon as possible, and ensure nobody is in our way.
The Supreme Commander said I can use the Uranium our forces get to build up Tier 3 troops.
Objective: Capture all Uranium mines and destroy enemy lander.

UE Campaign 8 - Last Stand
Emergency! Admiral Tots of LIS is heading towards our most important stronghold Ageis with his best troops!
We have Sarge and Space Marines, but still I’m not sure how long we can hold the line, not even how we are going to defeat Admiral Tot’s forces.
Objective: Survive the attacks from Admiral Tots until the miracle comes.

UE Campaign 9 (final chapter) - Being Right or Loyal
After LIS’ defeat at stronghold Ageis, LIS retreated to their territory. Very soon, our squad recieved a new order from United Earth.
It’s not about LIS, but I’m told to destroy my home colony Athenia.
What should I do? Am I supposed to be loyal, or protect anything our country has?
Objective: Follow the plot and destroy all enemies.
Are you using the same account?
4y ago
Interesting, so will the servers work like in Minecraft? Or will we need to have a game file ? (if we aren't the server owner obvsly)

bastecklein said:powerful PC [...] should be able to handle quite a few players at once

Did you mean planets at once?
Also thats great because if the simulation is mostly handled by the server and the client only does displaying, it would lower the inequality between mobile and PC players (if i understood correctly).

And what about the global market ? I guess it will be amongst same-server players otherwise cheating will be very easy as we have access to the server.
Maybe server owners can setup some kind of special trade routes between 2 servers if they trust each other.

bastecklein said:I do like the idea of scrapping the region/city concept and replacing it with an entire planet concept, that just keeps loading new chunks as you scroll through the world. To me it is more realistic. And a single planet can now have multiple biomes, different resources in different parts of the world that you will have to build trade/transit networks to utilize.

I love it !
I know I'm a bit late to the party ... :P

We talk a lot about the modding aspect that might disappear, of course it's to consider but I think only a small portion of players would have used them. To me the most important issue is game performance. Decentralizing servers had the advantage of taking away much stress out of the client and gave the ability to redistribute some of the computations to the servers, making the client overall more fluid. If we revert to the centralized server, how is performance going to be impacted ?

I also agree with Vince here :
Invincible said:just being able to see everything you made as whole and not through the regional view gives a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

Regions is a workaround to bad performance for huge maps and a workaround shouldn't be a start-off solution for a new game (MC2).

Going decentralized does not necessarily screw trading and cooperation up, from the start I was thinking that server admins who trust each other could mod the game in order to setup unofficial trade routes between servers. Same for the chat (it could even be implemented in the official game, then you input the IP of the server you allow trade with), the two servers then acting as one, and we can setup a large network like that. I'm sure discord servers like NOZ and T1P would be able to do that and create a network of say 5 servers allowing 50 simultaneous players which is a good start considering the MC1 playerbase.

Going centralized does not necessarily mean needing regions otherwise bad performance, as stated by bast here, huge computations are not necessarily needed:
bastecklein said:You know DKMK100 I do like the idea of going back to the "colonizing" roots and feel, and not so much the city management feel as in MC1. I think MC2 will have a slower pace, in some respects, as far as progression goes. And maybe a more realistic feel to it, like what first settling a new world will really be like.

Get rid of the 100+ armies of rovers, 100+ same-type buildings, dozen of stargates "importing" tens of thousands of people a minute and you're left with a game just as enjoyable while being less resource-consuming (right?)

My conclusion is that (feel free to contest that) unless it's possible to guarantee performance changes to the point where the whole game from start to end can be played on an "infinite" map (and not regions) we stick to decentralized, otherwise let's centralize. To me that's what it comes down to, and building on the same map could be done just like multiplayer was (supposed) to happen either way (centr. or decentr.)

Something I must agree to, regardless of the game turning centralized or decentralized:

bastecklein said:trading resources over the GBT instantly really isn't realistic [...]. actually using Star Ships to build trade networks between colonies.[...] Maybe in MC2, Star Ships are the only real way to export/import/trade resources off of your planet. It makes logical sense. You build Star Ships and you can either then trade with Earth for rip-off prices bases on your starship cargo capacity, or you can set up networks with other players.

I like this idea. I don't know if that is what you are referring to but I remember this topic (2.5 years ago wow). Back then I wasn't expecting these changes to go live but they can be relevant now (summed up) :

Sobeirannovaocc said:the [space] station should actually be the starting point of a player. [...] after that you send space ships for every colony you start [...] travel times could be introduced [given the distance on the galactic map] [...] some techs to accelerate the travel time like researching better engines for the ships [...] When you buy on the GBT it can take time to get the resource, depending on the location of the other person's station. When you post a trade on the GBT the ressources are sent to your station. All the resources you buy on the GBT have to transit by your station. This will make players rely more on the commonwealth and the mother colony (bc closer) and rare resources that would only be produced by the zolarg for example will take time to come. [It will also add the need for greater anticipation. Maybe the space staion can be the company's HQ].

I also like the embassies where the other player has a dedicated space to build what they want.
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