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[API] Player Info

Update 20220330: This API has been depreciated in favor of the New Player Info API which gives additional information.
(replace bastecklein with desired username)

Returns JSON formatted array data containing a list of all user's colonies on the server.

"independent":"April 19, 2017",
"founded":"April 8, 2017",
"lastactive":"2019-10-10 21:06:08",
"name":"New Munson",
"independent":"October 14, 2018",
"founded":"April 12, 2018",
"lastactive":"2019-09-09 20:12:27",
"name":"Imperial Munson",
"founded":"September 2, 2018",
"lastactive":"2019-10-15 02:00:22",
... ]

From there, you can drill down even further using the Colony Info API on one of the charter codes.
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Danke !
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Hi @bastecklein , could you please make it so that it returns if yes or no this player exists. Even returning [] is fine as long as it returns "invalid user" if the user doesnt exists (current behaviour is to return [] even if user doesn't exist)
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I might have to make a new endpoint then if I change the default behavior
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I have made a new API @Sobeirannovaocc that now checks for existence of player on the server, as well as the last time they were online:

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