H3110 guys!

As @bastecklein mentioned in his post:
(ref: https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=33872)
bastecklein said:At the end of the month, the player and federation with the top score wins, gets a payout according to what place they won, and the leaderboards reset for the next month. Winnings are going to be experience points gained for all players who complete events, and Imperial Credits, an online-only resource that gets paid out to the top three winners each month. There will be special buildings that you can add to your colony using Imperial Credits, to honor your victories. There will be no trading of Imperial Credits and you will not be able to buy them with an IAP.

As the update after the upcoming update would be the v1.0.0, the Online Events Update, I would like to present my ideas reagrding the buildings that needs Imperial Credits to build one.

This quick artwork contains some of my ideas.

  • The Eden Park
    This is the modified Eden, from what the ancient scrolls told - Where any forms of life can live in harmony.
    Produces lots of food. Also providing a massive number of tourism capacity and entertainment capacity.
  • The Sapian Champion
    This epic tower will prove that our human glory in the galaxy!
  • The Insectnoid Champion
    This golden tower will become a memorable mark of the golden age in Insectnoid history.
  • The Reptilian Champion
    All hail our Overlords! This evil tower will show the galaxy our supremacy as we supposed to be!
  • Obelisk of Glory
  • Plaza of Galactic Fame
  • Park of Fortune
  • Hanging Gardens of Epicness
  • Gate of the Legends
  • Zenith Temple of the Only One