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My Colony Short-Term Road Map to v1.0.0

Normally when I start a My Colony update, I don't have much of a plan or idea what I am going to be adding to it, I just start working on the game and what happens, happens. But as we quickly approach the 100th update for My Colony, which will be bumped to v1.0.0, I've decided to plan out the next few updates a bit in order to make the long-awaited (but largely meaningless) v1.0.0 update something slightly more special than normal. The next three updates are going to be larger than normal and might take a bit more time than usual, but they are going to be worth it. So here are my plans for the next three releases.

v0.98.0 - The Zolarg Update

This is going to be a major content update for the Zolarg, with at least 20 new Zolarg structures, but probably more. I will be pulling hard from some of the various Zolarg suggestion threads on the forum, plus some ideas of my own. This will probably be the slowest of the coming updates, as Zolarg artwork takes me longer to make than the others. Other than fixing any syntax bugs that come up through the automated reporting, I don't expect any new features in this update beyond the Zolarg content. The plan is upgrades to existing structures and greatly expanded later-game Zolarg content to bring the civilization closer in line to the Human civs.

v0.99.0 - Interface and Reptilian Update

For this release, I will be adding a lot of new Reptilian content, although not as much as the Zolarg are getting in v0.98.0. I still expect at least 15 new structures though, so it will still be big as compared to a normal release. In addition, the game will be getting a long-requested "Move Structure" function, allowing you to move a building you have already placed. Also, mobile players will be getting a new build-confirm interface, similar to what is on Desktop, that shows the cost of the structures you are placing, and allows you to rotate before building.

v1.0.0 - Online Events Update

The v1.0.0 release is going to focus on a new feature I mentioned in another thread regarding online events. This is sort of like an online leaderboard feature where players can "compete" with one another by completing tasks for the evil Galactic Emperor and gaining experience points and rank. There are going to be two separate leaderboards, one for individual players, and one for federations. The tasks are broken into daily challenges and your score builds up throughout the month. At the end of the month, the player and federation with the top score wins, gets a payout according to what place they won, and the leaderboards reset for the next month. Winnings are going to be experience points gained for all players who complete events, and Imperial Credits, an online-only resource that gets paid out to the top three winners each month. There will be special buildings that you can add to your colony using Imperial Credits, to honor your victories. There will be no trading of Imperial Credits and you will not be able to buy them with an IAP. They are only to mark participation and victory in the Galactic Emperor challenges.


So that is the plan for the next few updates. After that it will be back to the normal 3-4 updates per month, although some ideas I want to explore beyond that involve adding Crime to the game, and also off-world extensions to your colony. So stay tuned for more!
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