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IT industries ideas Vol.3!

Hello guys!
(I’m the same person as @Wadaling)

Firstly and most importantly, I am presenting a big thanks to @bastecklein, for adopting my ideas from the following posts (written using my old account, @Wadaling):
• Human based ideas and other basis:
• Insectnoid based idea:

Okay let’s go straight into the topic.

As @bastecklein mentioned in his release notes for v0.90.0 update:
bastecklein said:To go along with the new utility, there are new IT related structures (and a new Information Technology build category) for each race, although most are early/mid-game Human structures at the moment. The next updates will build out the tree for the other races and add later game content as well.

bastecklein said:The next update will be Part 2 of the IT update, and will probably be mostly Zolarg and Alpha Draconian. Then there will probably be a Part 3 to top it off.

(for full notes, check it on )

Definitely, Bast and his epic team has lots of stuff to do on this new utility.

Prototype artworks here!

Technology / Research
Multimedia Infranstructure - Learn how to use internet utilities to establish a colony-wide multimedia broadcast system.
Insectnoid Mind Network (Zolarg) - Make use of the internet utilities to transfer...... thoughts. Allowing more efficient communication, governance, and management.
Proxy Servers (LIS) - The best way to perform secret activities without the need for cleaning browser history, while avoid tracking by the galaxy-wide internet secuity system of United Earth.
Mass Data Management - Learn how to improve internet utilities to manage more data, as well utilize it for more efficient industrial management purpose.

Official News Station - Keep your colonists informed. Paid to subscribe the home commonwealth channel, generating more civics than ordinery civic centres.
Imperial Propaganda Office - Direct upgrade of Official News Station... still broadcasts some news, but also broadcasts a very wide range of propagandas to influence your people... Generates lotta of civics, but costing more money, and it also consumes little amount of chips.
Sports Streaming Station - When you can’t have a stadium in your colony, why not just establish a sports event streaming station on a empty ground, and let your colonists spectating the exciting matches through the screen. Snacks and rums are provided to the spectators.
Cinema - This cinema will fetch all kinds of movies around the galaxy through the internet, and play them to the colonists (paid for the tickets)!
Semiautomatic Software Complier - Develop lots of software efficiently using AI technology.
Large Server Building (UE only) - When bandwidth demand in your colony grows, you definitely need a larger and more efficient server to meet the needs.
E-Sports Stadium - E-sports is definitely one of the most exciting sports event all-around the galaxy! This stadium provides the venue for all sorts of e-tournaments.
Online Black Market Office (LIS) - This upgraded black market bazzar can manage a larger amount of trade, while fetching more smuggled goods into the colony!
Electronics Chop Shop - Old scraps of electeonics are put here and recycled into microchips, to meet the demand for internet maintainence.
Hacker Camp (LIS) - Where professional gangs of hackers hide and launch viral attacks to steal software, intelligence, and most importantly, evil money.
Proxy Server Building (LIS) - Large servers are easily tracked by United Earth. Although provides less bandwidth than ordinery one it does provides a much safer internet services.

Zolarg / Insectnoids
Mound of Scholars - (Although not related to the internet directly,) This mound will teach the broods all kinds of professional industrial skills for all sorts of advanced industrial production and research, as well internet utilities.
Insectnoid Hologram News Station - Believe what? Insectnoids somehow steal the hologram technology from Alpha Draconians and simplified their designs. Keep the broods informed with newest Zolarg propagandas and news, generating civics while consuming national subscription fees and microchips.
Interstellar Mind Connection Node - Contact the antennas on their head with the wires and connect to the communication network. That’s the way Insectnoids communicate with their cousins lightyears away, without any signal jamming.
Hologram Theatre - This entertainment facility makes use of multiple hologram projectors to play freshly uploaded amazing theatres from Zolarg Prime.
Vaults of Galactic Investment - Insectnoids cannot just rely on mints to get the money they need. It’s time to connect to the interstellar investment markets and earn big.
Mind Council of Scholars - Where scholars’ minds meet and discuss innovations and conduct researches using thoughts and resources from the mind network. Generates research, along with education services.
Insectnoid Computer Array - Yes, I’m not kidding. Insectnoids did built their own computer for research.

(More ideas coming soon! Stay tuned!)

More ideas?
Please comment!

Or access to and have some discussion!

You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I've sent you a similar message to this in the conversation you made by accident.

Another structure type you could add to the IT industries idea is a new money and research production building.

Humans: R&D facility
This building would have a footprint of 20x20 and requires 25,000 whilst providing 500 entertainment by using the wonders of VR to allow virtual tours of the facility.
The structure would produce money equivalent to 20 investment banks and research equivalent to 10 centre for AI.
However, to combat these massive production rates the building will consume lots of ore, steel, gold, microchips, regolith, Helium 3, robots and software whilst also requiring lots of power and bandwidth.

Insectoids: Hive Mind Investments Centre (This would replace the insectoids investments centre)
This building is similar to the human version but instead of regolith and helium 3 it would require lots of antaura and antpaste.

Alpha Draconians: Insect Autopsy Facility
To continue the Draconians cruel control over the insectoids they decide to investigate the anatomy of there slaves to further inflict pain on them.
The building would use antanium and ether instead of the regolith and helium 3 like the human structure.

The idea for these structures is to have a high demand on the utilities and basic resources which the civilizations can produce lots of in exchange for an improved method of producing money and research.

I'd be happy for the rates and requirements to be changed to allow for a more balanced game

Westy266 said:Humans: R&D facility

That R&D facility should be the largest simulation centre I’ve seen.
And this also reminds me, safe experiments can be performed using simulation programs... without blow the lab up (as long you have lotta of water to cool the 350°C (estimated) simulation consule down)😂

Westy266 said:Insectoids: Hive Mind Investments Centre (This would replace the insectoids investments centre)
This building is similar to the human version but instead of regolith and helium 3 it would require lots of antaura and antpaste.

An Insectnoid investment bank? That sounds great - Paper pushers saves the day (when money and civics are scarce)
(P.S. I’m trying to modify stock market originally...)
However... Costing lots of antaura will make it only accessable at late stage. I’m either saying it is a bit too expensive.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Good ideas as always, and sorry if it breaks the myth, but you should know Bast develops the game mainly alone.

What is R&D ? And why would a VR center take 20x20 tiles? I think it's a bit much, as the Park is already big with 9x9 tiles. Maybe lower its size and characteristics.
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R&D means research and development. The structure would make research and money. The VR part is just how the structure also provides entertainment
Sobeirannovaocc said: But you should know Bast develops the game mainly alone.


Then he is definitely one of the most AWESOME dev I have known!

But... Poor Bast.😢
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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