Hello guys!

Firstly, I have to present big thanks to the following people:

@bastecklein , who adopted my idea; with his epic team that brings IT industires alive in My Colony
@Sobeirannovaocc , who have noticed my idea and gave feedback and early-stage support to my ideas
@Invincible , the senior class player supported my insectnoid part of my ideas
@Westy266 , the senior class player who contributes and gave support to later part of the ideas

So, here are my complete set of ideas here.
Vol.1 - Basis of everything (adopted)
Vol.2 - Insectnoids (adopted)
Vol.3 - Entertainment Utilization
Vol.4 - More Utilizations, and Quantum Computers

Thanks for reading my ideas! If you have any problem, futher ideas, and feedbacks, please comment! Every trace of thoughts, imagination and creativity will create the best game in the world!