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The IT Industries!

#1 2019-06-30 11:55:05
Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

How important are the IT industries? You know it, otherwise you may not to able to read this thread, and I will not able to type this topic on phone.
The settings in My Colony is in a futher future - The age of space colonization. IT technology and skills are neccessary. That’s the reason I am having this idea today.

Today I will present the building ideas, of caz, related to internet and IT stuff.

Current ideas

1. Small Server Building
This is a very important element to develop a better internet and mass-data management. This building is the most basic of all for everything. Provides 50 data usage cap and storage for software.

2. Cybercoin Mine (LIS only)
Wonder why there are some people can stay in their small workshop for the entire day? They are trying to mine the most valuable Cybercoins and sold them for profit.

3. Small server farm operation
A server farm can definitely earn some money using your servers. Occupies 25 data cap and consumes some microchips along the operation.

4. Galactic Stock Exchange
Open your colony business for investment! Input civics and a little shiny pennies, it will return you with more money.

5. Data Interceptor (LIS only)
Just a large hacker gadget to steal the informations bypass... You can have some money and research in your pocket if you are paitent enough.

6. Data Interceptor (Alpha Dacronians only)
An evil full-auto data stealth machine that will download every bypass information in a redicilously fast rate nobody ever reached.

7. Small software studio
This little studio will create softwares (and its updates) for all sorts of use.

8. NetSchool
Why you have to educate new generation in traditional way when you can make use of softwares and internet.

9. Advanced small reaearch lab
Based on the tiny small lab, it is upgraded with various new appratus and smart softwares that will boost your research greatly.

10. Online business office building
Who will make softwares when there’s no demand? This online business office building will provide demand for the softwares and you can make money from them!

11. Arcade centre
Where you can find all sorts of fun (remastered version of) classic arcade games.

12. Colonimulation Hub
Colonimulation is definitely a new entertainment experience to your colonists - Welcome to the simulation entertainment that is more realistic than VR!

13. Intergrated (or advanced) civics centre
With some new management gadgets installed with newest softwares, it will make civic services easier!

More ideas? Or some improvements? Just comment!

Scraped ideas

• Cybercoin exchange (LIS only)
Cybercoins are valuable virtual currencies, but just you cannot exchange these for money in United Earth. What you can do is sell them when their prices are high (and your men will do this for you) in the secret interstellar network.

• Cybercoins resource
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#2 2019-06-30 12:06:11
So the idea is around a new resource called cybercoin, which would be like cryptocurrency, am I correct ?
You can earn it through the internet and the buildings you thought about can bring cybercoins, research, civics, money.

I don't think I understand how you think about cybercoins. A new resource that would be tradable on a parallel market ?
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#3 2019-06-30 12:27:13
Sobeirannovaocc said:I don't think I understand how you think about cybercoins. A new resource that would be tradable on a parallel market ?

Regarding this question...
Seems I really need to rethink its purpose and nature. Give me some time sir (•ω•)
#4 2019-06-30 12:32:37
Conclusion: Cybercoins would be removed from the idea.
• Cybercoin mine will produce cash directly (for now)
• Cybercoin exchange will be removed from my idea list.
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#5 2019-06-30 22:55:36
You should edit your post accordingly then.

And what is what you call "data cap" ?
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#6 2019-06-30 23:38:25
Data capacity. Similar to the power system (since internet system is also an utility) , but it is only needed by some buildings. When usage exceeds a maxinum cap, only those buildings that needs the server will be disabled but not the entire colony goes down.

Or, may be a debuff that reduces the effeciency (by ratio how the usage exceeds the capacity) on those buildings that uses data cap when the data cap runs out.
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#7 2019-07-01 00:49:22
So speaking of entertainment, I have a rough idea here.

I have come with an idea of a new type of entertainment inspired by VR (and the film Player Number One) giving a more realistic expreience to people - Colonimulation - A online 5D simulation game for your colonists to enjoy...
Since complex mechanics involved that it requires many machines to opeate, the game would be performed in a building named Colonimulation Hub. This building uptakes data cap and of caz water for cooling the machines.
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#8 2019-07-01 05:47:24
My ideas, with concept art aid.
(The ideas will be added into the list at the top of the post later.)

#9 2019-07-01 12:18:13
A very well laid out suggestions post. This might be on the list for v0.90
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#10 2019-07-01 23:22:11
ideas updated.