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bastecklein said:@Wadaling

4y ago
Hello! Wadaling (the madman) here.

I have some ideas for this game.

New classes of starships
Commercial Freighter - This type of ship has almost no arms, but it does carrying a quanitiy of industrial goods.
Armed Freighter - Valuables delivery requires security. This Freighter is equipped with arms and thick armour making it a difficult target for ordinery pirates to attack.
Light Warship - This type of starship is essential to national defense. You might found them patroling in their own territory, but if you attack them, you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE.
Repair Vessel - It provides repair services, as well selling some starship parts.
Research Vessel - Do you need some more awesome upgrade? You can obtain them there!

New Features
Crew Specialists - It may benefit your trip in various ways.
4y ago
Dudes, I've just updated new hand-drawing building artworks

4y ago

Will Internet Utilities featured?
(Referring to my post: https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=31612 )
4y ago
Sobeirannovaocc said:I love those drawings, as well as the ideas for a few buildings! To get along with the idea by Ansom, maybe rework a little to have simpler, cubic designs (of course keeping differences)
You know you could get one of those drawing tablets that connect to the computer, I'm sure you can get used to it fairly quickly.

I’m on it!

Rework under process.
4y ago
Hello guys!

Here I'll 'dump' some ideas of 'new' (ordinary) units (and buildings).
(T-) represents tiers. Higher tier of troops requires tech centers.

. Infantries
(T2) Grenadiers - If you want something more explosive, here you're!
(T1) Rifle Infantries - Fires enemies from a longer range.
(T2) A.A. Stingers - Cheap troops against flying stuff.
(T3) Heavy Marines - Armored troops for tough battles.
(T2) Jetpack Infrantries - Attacking from above? Seems a good idea.
(T2) Flamethrower Infrantries - Let the fire penetrate and burn the foes! Burn baby burn!

. Vehicles
(T1) Kamikaze Rover - These destructive rovers will definitely blow up everything on the way.
(T2) Mortar Light Tank - A light tank mounted with a mortar instead of a turret specialized for breaking defenses.
(T3) Artillery - When enemy has got reinforced defenses you'll need it. Enormous splash damage included.
(T3) Missile Tank - Slow, weak armored, but strong long range units capable to destroy both land and air units.
(T2) Walker - Basic meches, slow but tougher than the tanks.

. Ships
(T1) Gunboat - Sutible for scouting purpose. Large quantities of them also causes trouble.
(T1) Patrol Ship - Some basic navel units mounted with machine gun.
(T1) Torpedo Boat - Trouble with defenses on the sea? The mid range torpedoes will take 'em down!
(T2) Pounder Ship - Common navel units, mounted with a twin-barrel cannon.
(T2) Battleship - Heavy navel unit, however not anti-air.
(T2) Submarine - Hides underwater, and here comes the surprise attack! (Torpedo is the weakness)
(T3) Destroyer - Super strong navel unit that will give your navel battles advantage!
(T1) Landing craft - Carries troops and tanks across the water.

. Aircrafts
(T1) Light Chopper - Weak helicopter, but has the modest strength.
(T2) Gunship - Heavy anti-land missile gunship.
(T2) Dropship - Transport jet plane.
(T2) Interceptor Drone - It is capable for taking enemy aircrafts quickly.
(T2) Jet Raider - Rapid aircraft best for rapid raids, equipped with machine guns.
(T3) Jet Fighter - Won't need me to explain?
(T3) Bomber - Take it down before it gets too close, or else...
(T3) Firefly - Super-heavy gunship, with anti-air ability. Totally sky dominator.

. Buildings
(T1) Pounder Turret - It is slower, but effective against armoured stuff.
(T2) Sentry Gun - All-round turret, attacks both land and air.
(T2) Anti-Air Missiles - Strong anti-air missiles that easily takes weak aircrafts down.
(T1) Floating pillbox - Basic offshore defense.
(T2) Artillery Battery - Counter measures against long-range attacks.
(T2) Floating Mortar Platform - Like artilley battery, but it is offshore varient.
(T3) Lazer Cannon - Destructive close range defense
(T3) Plasma Artillery - Super strong single target artillery
(T2) Floating Flak - Offshore anti-air defense
(T1) Tech Centre - Unlocks T2 units and part of the resaearch
(T2) Experimental Lab - Unlocks T3 units and advanced research
(T3) Nuke Silo - Makes nuke warheads using uranium and launches them
(T1) Shipyard
(T1) Aircraft Hanger
(T2) Lazer Drilling Pad - Provides surplus cash, with minor Uranium production
4y ago
Ansom said:

Like... Doctor Who Cyberman.. 😜

I have other idea for robot:

Instead of independents, AI singularity: pretty much robot become like normal colonist.

Instead of food, rum.

Structures: simply, symmetrical cubicles, simply, clean, without decoration, only functionality (easy to drawn)

No building focused on research, but each colonist increase a little bit the production, like a server farms, or borg, or daleks.. ecc ecc.

But essentially, when i prove new civilization here, i search new game style, because the civilizations can't be all the same, with only name buildings different, and the same game style.

Very nice ideas you’ve got here dude 😁 ( @Ansom )
I think now I have a illustration how I should design its colonists.

Speaking of it, I have some building designs for now. Want to have a look?
(It’s another topic in the forum)
And speaking of server farms, bast ( @bastecklein ) has adopted some idea from mine from this post (That’s my FIRST post!!!)
4y ago
Sobeirannovaocc said:Good idea but it is conceivable that machines organize in a society, with jobs, entertainment, diplomacy, government and even happiness (approval rating)? Those are big aspects of the game.
Maybe they could be semi-robots, like have an organic brain inside the robot. They could be enslaved creatures by the ancients and trapped in an immortal, robotic body. This would allow a bit of randomness in their comportment and make a civilization possible.

Wow, that will make stuff more reasonable. Thanks to your suggestions!
4y ago
cry8wolf9 said:Looks promising
Have you thought about making some of the image files? You can get information on how to do it here

Thanks @cry8wolf9 (^ω^)
Actually I have (very) poor computer drawing skills 😶 (and seems needs practise). So I think I’ll prefer hand-drawing presentation instead.
4y ago
Hello guys!

I have a little idea to present here...
The AncientBots!

Here are some arts for its buildings.




Remarks for buildings:

• The Ark is the landing craft of the AncientBots. Houses 5 people with little ability to supply food and water. Provides 5 power, and it can build some basic vehicles for this civilization (as every civilization needed).

• Guild is a civic centre.

• Printing pod provides population; as well, it can build a wider range of vehicles.

• Repair Bay and Parts & Services are ‘medical’ facility for them.

• Microfarm grows fuelcrop only, not food. Food must be obtained from Carbohydrates Extractor, consuming fuelcrops.

• Shipping Station gives both export and import function, but does not give tourists unlike its upgrade Shuttle Dock.

• Ancient Archives converts alien relics from Relic Recovery & Protection Agency into ancient instructions, which is a widely used consumable for mid-to-late stage for this civilization.

• Commerence Hub allows online trade.

• Data Bank is a internet utility. To know more about internet utilities please refer to this post for reference: https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=31612

• Molecular Mineral Refinery and Antimatter Mineral Enrichment can turn ore into more ore, along with minerals.

Remarks concerning AncientBots:

• How food and water are consumed by them? Just imagine they have a biochemical reactor that needs food and water to keep running. And all AncientBots has a brain, so food and water is still needed by them.

• Do you know they also drink rum as ‘entertainment’? These alcohol fuel will give them refreshments as well power ’em up - boom. Optimized status.

• AncientBots are the only civilization left who know to make artifects from the raws. So they have the Artifect Foundry.

4y ago
Wise to have better roads for insectnoids. (for non-premium players; and alumimium road actually don’t seem fit insectnoid style so we’ll need some more insectnoid-styled roads)
4y ago
Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

Security is supposed one of the challenges to rule a new established colony, however there is no such mechanism in this game yet. To give the game more challenges, here I will present my ideas about Security and Crime .

How a crime occuar? There are three conditions that determines the chance for a crime outbreak:

1. The colonist’s savings is below poverty line, the lower the savings, the higher the possibility for the colonist to perform a crime

2. Colonists has a bad opinion on your governance. (overall governance rating below 65% will begin increase chance for crimes)

3. Weak security, showed by security ratio (will be introduced below), when it is less than 100%. The lower the higher chance for a crime.

What is security ratio?
Security ratio is defined by the security staff on duty, security facility under operation, total population and running immigration/tourism facilities.

Here is how it defined:
Security Points/Crime Risk Points (×100%)

Factors affecting security ratio
• A colony begins with 52 security points.
• Security buildings gives various security points.
• One on duty security staff gives 15 security points.
• One population gives 1 crime risk points, while one illegal migrant history gives extra 1 crime risk points per case found.
• One landing pad/space port gives 5 crime risk points.
• Some tourism buildings also gives crime risk points, for example, casino gives 30 crime risk points.
• Banks are also places with high crime risk. One bank/money pit gives 25 crime risk points.
• Black market bazzar gives 30 crime risk points.
• Consulate (level one) gives 50 security points (increases by 20 per level)

Once there is a crime outbreak, the colonist being robbed will lose money. If a building is targeted, instead of colonists, the government lose money (or resources) , while the building will take damage.
Low security ratio also leads to illegal immigrations. Triggers when it is below 65%.
4y ago
I think lava world like map can be the penality for too-much atmo
4y ago
Ideas Vol. 2 (insectnoids) released! Check this out!

4y ago
Maybe someday we can make artifects ourselves out of some raw materials (I do mean, ores and minerals).
4y ago
Actually I wish there are faster aluminium generators. The snail speed it has, that’s how the mid-stage aluminiun generation is a ‘painful’ process.
4y ago
Hello guys!
The name is Wadaling.

When you are looking into details and stats of a colonist, you'll see one of the stats showing Commute Length. I'm not sure whether it's related to happiness of a colonist, but I'm very sure that nobody wants long commutes all on foot. (and in my active colony, most of my people got "too-long" commute length, ranging from 24-45 for those I've checked) I would like to have my ideas about commutes and transports here.

Basic mechanism of transport
How do transport system run, according to my idea. There would be new buildings that will help people travel to various locations, such as, home, workplace, entertainment facility, and medical facility. When colonists (actually I want to include tourists as well) enter this buildings (only when the predicted shortest commute route length is over 20), they will use the service to 'warp' to their desired destination (right into the building), this greatly reduces commute length (on foot). transporting needs time, and time length for transport depends on the building. Better buildings usually has faster transport speed. Meanwhile, to limit its ability (other than time), each transport building has its capacity, means, it serves a limited amount of passengers in the same time.
Note transport facility only do one-way transport only. If the colonist wanted to return home far away from the workplace, you may need another transport facility near the workplace as well.
(P.S. this might gives wheels another use)

My ideas about transports (Buildings)

Human race

1. Light bus depot
The most basic form of public transport. Serves at most 25 colonists in the same time. Slow transport speed, but it is much faster than walking. Consumes wheels during the run.

2. Bus depot
A direct upgrade of light bus depot. Still slow as the light bus but it serves a lot more colonists up to 300.

3. Metro access
You can't call your colony a 'city' if you don't have a mass transit system like this. A faster transport station than buses, serves 100 people, and it occupies less space. However requires steel and wheels for maintenance.

4. Tube transit access
You can actually go to every destination very quickly (just within seconds!) with the vacuum tube, although it serves up to 180 people only and consumes lots of power, however, it is better that its efficiency is way higher than the buses.

5. Local portal
You should be happy about you can get access to any facilities in a instant!

Insectnoid race

1. Wormriders mound
Take a ride on this huge worm and it will take you to the destination.

2. Roadroller
Don't get confused with the human roadwork vehicle, it is just a bus for insectnoids.

3. Underground shortcut tunnels access
These secret paths has secrets to get to a destination quickly. You might think it is insectnoid magic, but actually it is just slick metal tunnel.

4. 'worm'hole
Yeah, it is a wormhole, but it is a Worm-Hole. Okay?

More ideas?
Further suggestions?
Comments please!
4y ago
Sobeirannovaocc said:I like the idea! Would it be available for all civilizations? And how would it look like? Like abandonned, or maybe lava world?

Available to Insectnoids and Human; and bingo, I take basis on both and comes with this idea, but it is with low atmosphere density, however, hot but not hot as the lava world. You can find lakes out of brine tiles, and blue moss-blanketed ground, and little steam geysers for minor amount of water temporarily (50k per geyser). Minor amount of crystals can be found too, as insectnoids will need them to survive in low atmo environment, for food.

The planet starts with stage 1 terraforming (200k atmo).
4y ago
This will make resources transfer between commonwealth members a lot easier, I totally agree. Sharing of resources and assisting each other is one of the key features of online commonwealths.
On the other hand, I wish we can request resources in the commonwealth like that in galatic board of trade (when there’s insufficient resources in the bank), just in case; Meanwhile a monitor-able list of history of deposit and withdrawal of resources, so when there’s some people taking too much resources frequently, commonwealth leader can impose a ban on the member.
4y ago
Here comes the vol2!
4y ago


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