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Hello guys!

Here I'll 'dump' some ideas of 'new' (ordinary) units (and buildings).
(T-) represents tiers. Higher tier of troops requires tech centers.

. Infantries
(T2) Grenadiers - If you want something more explosive, here you're!
(T1) Rifle Infantries - Fires enemies from a longer range.
(T2) A.A. Stingers - Cheap troops against flying stuff.
(T3) Heavy Marines - Armored troops for tough battles.
(T2) Jetpack Infrantries - Attacking from above? Seems a good idea.
(T2) Flamethrower Infrantries - Let the fire penetrate and burn the foes! Burn baby burn!

. Vehicles
(T1) Kamikaze Rover - These destructive rovers will definitely blow up everything on the way.
(T2) Mortar Light Tank - A light tank mounted with a mortar instead of a turret specialized for breaking defenses.
(T3) Artillery - When enemy has got reinforced defenses you'll need it. Enormous splash damage included.
(T3) Missile Tank - Slow, weak armored, but strong long range units capable to destroy both land and air units.
(T2) Walker - Basic meches, slow but tougher than the tanks.

. Ships
(T1) Gunboat - Sutible for scouting purpose. Large quantities of them also causes trouble.
(T1) Patrol Ship - Some basic navel units mounted with machine gun.
(T1) Torpedo Boat - Trouble with defenses on the sea? The mid range torpedoes will take 'em down!
(T2) Pounder Ship - Common navel units, mounted with a twin-barrel cannon.
(T2) Battleship - Heavy navel unit, however not anti-air.
(T2) Submarine - Hides underwater, and here comes the surprise attack! (Torpedo is the weakness)
(T3) Destroyer - Super strong navel unit that will give your navel battles advantage!
(T1) Landing craft - Carries troops and tanks across the water.

. Aircrafts
(T1) Light Chopper - Weak helicopter, but has the modest strength.
(T2) Gunship - Heavy anti-land missile gunship.
(T2) Dropship - Transport jet plane.
(T2) Interceptor Drone - It is capable for taking enemy aircrafts quickly.
(T2) Jet Raider - Rapid aircraft best for rapid raids, equipped with machine guns.
(T3) Jet Fighter - Won't need me to explain?
(T3) Bomber - Take it down before it gets too close, or else...
(T3) Firefly - Super-heavy gunship, with anti-air ability. Totally sky dominator.

. Buildings
(T1) Pounder Turret - It is slower, but effective against armoured stuff.
(T2) Sentry Gun - All-round turret, attacks both land and air.
(T2) Anti-Air Missiles - Strong anti-air missiles that easily takes weak aircrafts down.
(T1) Floating pillbox - Basic offshore defense.
(T2) Artillery Battery - Counter measures against long-range attacks.
(T2) Floating Mortar Platform - Like artilley battery, but it is offshore varient.
(T3) Lazer Cannon - Destructive close range defense
(T3) Plasma Artillery - Super strong single target artillery
(T2) Floating Flak - Offshore anti-air defense
(T1) Tech Centre - Unlocks T2 units and part of the resaearch
(T2) Experimental Lab - Unlocks T3 units and advanced research
(T3) Nuke Silo - Makes nuke warheads using uranium and launches them
(T1) Shipyard
(T1) Aircraft Hanger
(T2) Lazer Drilling Pad - Provides surplus cash, with minor Uranium production
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